Wright County Board Minutes

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Daleiden moved to approve the 9-23-14 County Board Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried unanimously.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Items For Consideration E., “Building Committee” (Daleiden). Potter moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Borrell, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
Position Replacement:
1. IT Lead Developer.
Commissioner Daleiden petitioned onto the Agenda discussion regarding the Building Committee. He inquired whether discussion on the Public Works Building will be on the next Building Committee Agenda. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said Buetow & Associates is reviewing plans from when the Public Works Building was remodeled in the mid 1990’s and also subsequent changes to that design. The Engineer wanted to review that information prior to a site visit. Daleiden said he wants this project to continue moving and that is why he asked for an update today.
At the request of Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, Daleiden moved to approve the following assessments to be levied against benefited landowners on ditch systems for expenses incurred from October, 2013 through September, 2014. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried unanimously.
County Ditch #7 (655); $283.32 (SWCD)
County Ditch #8 (656); $125.00 (Beaver Dam)
County Ditch #10 (658); $65,514.02 (Wenck/Blackstone Contractors)
County Ditch #13 (660); $151.10 (Ditch Inspector)
County Ditch #22 (669); $383.41 (Informational Meeting/SWCD)
County Ditch #31 (677); $423.90 (Informational Meeting/SWCD/Ditch Inspector)
County Ditch #34 (679); $505.03 (SWCD/Ditch Inspector)
County Ditch #41 (684); $251.84 (SWCD)
Joint Ditch #3 (686); $3,737.38 26.458% Wright County (Meeker County)
Joint Ditch #4 (653); $1,501.62 25.95% Wright County (Carver County)
Joint Ditch #11 (688); $636.02 30.07% Wright County (McLeod County0
Joint Ditch #15 (692); $9,496.32 94.56% Wright County (Whitcomb/SWCD)
General Ditch $62,884.34 (Drainage Modernization $58,711.86/Rinke Noonan Retainer $4,000.00/Ditch Inspector $172.48)
Notation: Assessments that are $25 or less (by parcel) will not be sent any letter. The assessment will be added to their 2015 tax statement. Interest rate = 2.33% 1 year assessment - Assessments paid by November 30, 2014 will NOT be added as a special assessment on the 2015 real estate taxes.
Assessments over $500.00 (by parcel) and not paid by November 30th will be placed on the 2015 tax statement with an interest rate of 2.33% payable over the next 3 years.
Hiivala referenced the notation included with the ditch assessments approved and requested that the County continue with the interest rate of 2.33% for assessments over $500.00, spread over the next three years. Borrell moved to approve that request, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Hiivala requested direction on how the County Board would like to prorate general ditch assessments. He stated that the assessments this year did not include any of the general ditch expenses. Sawatzke requested that Hiivala research County Board discussion/action when Kurt Deter was hired to determine the funding source of his retainer. He did not want to do something differently than may have been decided in recent past. Hiivala said this item can be tabled as he is not allocating any expenses this year. He recalled at the time this agreement was signed, there was a positive cash balance in the general ditch fund. The fund was created to avoid comments that the County has ditch expenses that are in the negative. Money was transferred into this fund to allow for these expenses. He will bring the minutes forth for review, but said the fund may have been identified for drawing these expenses from. Sawatzke said there was also discussion regarding the drainage computer system and how that should be funded. He was unsure whether action was taken or a conclusion made. He said review of the minutes will provide that history so that action is not taken that is contrary to what was decided at that time. Borrell suggested that Hiivala or his staff also contact other counties to find out their processes. Hiivala said the minutes from when the Board approved the Houston Drainage DB reflect that the acquisition would be through grant funding and Budget 100, Professional Services. The ongoing maintenance cost of $4,000 would be spread against ditch systems. He did not think the minutes reflect whether that is by parcel or by ditch system. Potter moved to table this item to allow Hiivala to obtain more information. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
A County Ditch 31 Meeting was held on 9-11-14. At today’s County Board Meeting, Hiivala said ditch minutes will need to be accepted by the County Board as Ditch Authority. Borrell explained that the consensus reached at the County Ditch 31 Meeting was to wait on the redetermination at this time. Some work will be completed by landowners to clear out a portion of the Ditch on the bottom end. There are some issues that will need to be addressed at the west end of the Ditch. Hiivala asked whether landowners were given direction on excavating at their own expense. Daleiden said that is for the landowners to work out themselves. Borrell understands the landowners are ready to proceed with the work. Borrell asked whether the Board needs to take action to grant the cleanout. Sawatzke thought that would be the case if the cleanout involves any digging or removing. Borrell said the County Ditch Policy allows a Commissioner to approve up to a certain dollar value for cleanout. He was unsure whether other action would set precedent. Hiivala said the goal is to not have to bring this type of cleanout to the Board. If the consensus is to allow work on ditches, the Board Minutes can reflect that. He said there should be follow up to make sure a ditch system is not improved. Borrell made a motion to approve the Ditch 31 Minutes with the recommendation that cleanout be completed on the east end of Ditch 31. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0. The Ditch 31 Minutes follow:
The Ditch Authority met at 4:00 PM at the Woodland Township Hall for an Informational Meeting with Commissioner Borrell and Daleiden present.
Others Present: Mike Young, Wright County Ditch Inspector; Jan Edmonson, Auditor’s Office and several benefited landowners from County Ditch 31.
The meeting was called to order by Commissioner Borrell at 4:06 PM. Commissioner Borrell gave an overview of where the Informational Meeting left off, which was conducted back in November 2013. A strong support for looking into getting a couple of clean out estimates was made by the landowners at the last meeting. Once the estimates for a clean out were received then the landowners wanted to have one more informational meeting to determine if a redetermination of benefits should be ordered or if a clean out should be conducted instead. Borrell stated that he did not have official estimates on a clean out, but had spoken with a couple of people and it would cost approximately $2.00 a foot for open digging and $4.00 a foot where there would be tree and or brush removal.
Borrell stated that since the last meeting in November, Larry Broll had offered to do a clean out on County Ditch 31 at no expense. The clean out would be from the Schmidt property south of Co Rd 30 through the Babatz property then west to approximately Ron Broll’s land. Borrell also pointed out and thanked the landowners, Yagers, Diers, Bakebergs and Nikkos for completing a partial clean out on the ditch from County Road 8 to Fillmore about four years ago.
There was then much discussion, by the landowners, regarding the condition of other areas of the ditch in addition to the scope of work that will be done and the effect it will have on areas downstream. Landowners were also concerned about a “Band-Aid” approach to the partial clean out of the ditch and if many years from now they would be facing the same flooding problems they have today. Borrell stated that he does not consider the partial clean out a “Band-Aid” approach, as the clean out will resolve a lot of issues on the ditch for approximately 15 to 20 years from now. A redetermination could still be a possibility at some point in the future.
Borrell briefly went over a review of a redetermination process. Benefited lands have not been updated for decades, some for over a century. A redetermination will increase the total benefits to reflect modern land values. By doing this, it becomes possible to increase the ceiling on permissible repairs. Repairs are paid for in proportion to each properties share of the total benefits assessed against all land. It is very likely that the actual proportionate benefits accruing to properties throughout the watershed have changed over the years. Some lands have become relatively more valuable than others. Some lands benefit more by modern drainage practices than other. The redetermination of benefits brings the share of properties into line with their current share of the total benefits. A redetermination does require the establishment of minimum 1-rod (16.5 ft) buffer strips of perennial vegetation along drainage ditches. Commissioner Daleiden pointed out that the primary purposes of these buffer strips are to improve ditch bank stability and reduce ditch maintenance by setting back tillage from the top of the ditch bank, and to trap sediment. Reducing ditch maintenance would be an advantage of ordering a redetermination.
Borrell wanted to let everyone know that the part of ditch 31 that runs along Fillmore will be addressed at a later point. Borrell plans on meeting with the landowners that are affected by this area, at a separate time. There are several regulations that must be addressed in this area, due to the land not being touched for 25 years.
Borrell then made a recommendation to the landowners that since Larry Broll is willing to complete a partial clean out, at no expense, that they table the redetermination for now due to the cost involved, and that they proceed with the clean out. Borrell then asked for a show of hands, as to who agreed with this recommendation. A strong support of landowners wanted to proceed with the clean out and not order a redetermination at this time.
Borrell then asked the landowners to indicate on the sign in sheet anyone who would be willing to help out with the clean out on the ditch. There are a lot of trees and some rocks that will need to be removed. Larry Broll has asked for volunteers to help with some of the work. Borrell is hoping that the clean out would occur this fall.
There was no further discussion and the meeting was adjourned at 4:50 PM.
(End of 9-11-14 Ditch 31 Minutes)
A County Ditch 22 Meeting was held on 9-16-14. At today’s County Board Meeting, Borrell said it is undecided whether a redetermination will be completed at a later date. On the east end of the Ditch there are many trees. There is a landowner (located on the north lateral of the Ditch, on the west side that goes toward CR 8) that has agreed to clean part of the Ditch. Borrell said the recommendation is to authorize him to do that. On the east end, bids will be obtained to determine the cost of cleanout. At that point, landowners will decide whether to proceed with a redetermination or complete repairs. Borrell made a motion to approve the Ditch 22 Minutes with the recommendation to allow one of the landowners to do a partial cleanout on the north lateral on the west side of the Ditch. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0. The County Ditch 22 Minutes follow:
The Ditch Authority met at 4:00 PM at the Woodland Township Hall for an Informational Meeting with Commissioner Borrell and Daleiden present.
Others Present: Mike Young, Wright County Ditch Inspector; Jan Edmonson, Auditor’s Office and benefited landowners from County Ditch 22.
The meeting was called to order by Commissioner Borrell at 4:09 PM. Commissioner Borrell gave an overview of where the Informational Meeting left off, which was conducted back in November 2013. At the prior meeting a possibility of a redetermination was briefly discussed. The County Board could order a redetermination if it determines that the original benefits do not reflect reasonable present day land values or that the benefited or damaged areas have changed. However, Borrell stated he would never do that without speaking with the landowners first. One of the benefits of doing a redetermination is it results in an amended benefit role and creates a sense of fairness by creating a system whereby every acre of land in a watershed that receives benefits pays for that benefit. One disadvantage of a redetermination can be the process for assessing damages for the required buffer strips. The landowner is compensated according to present land valuations, however if there currently are trees and shrubs covering the area, the landowners will not get compensated for top agricultural land.
Borrell then introduced Mike Young, Wright County Ditch Inspector. Young had completed an onsite inspection of most of County Ditch 22. Young had used his equipment to determine the elevation of the ditch and the feet between culverts. Young provided a map with the elevations and the number of feet between culverts. Young stated that there is blockage in the area between the 2nd culvert on the ditch to CR110 and Clementa Ave, which is about 3,680 feet.
Borrell then reminded the landowners that MN. Drainage law makes repair of systems mandatory. On County Ditch 31 landowners got together to clean out parts of the ditch. Larry Broll has offered to clean out a section, of Ditch 31, at no cost. Landowner, Josh Engelmann then spoke up and said he is willing to clean out a section of Ditch 22 on his property. There was then much discussion, by the landowners, regarding the condition of other areas of the ditch in addition to the scope of work that will be done and the effect it will have on areas downstream. Borrell stated that he had not gotten an official quote for an entire clean out of Ditch 22. However, with the number of total feet, Young had figured out on the ditch and the verbal quote he had gotten from a couple of people, an estimation of an entire clean out would be close to $75K. Engelmann thought maybe it would be a possibility for the landowners, who were most affected by the clean out, to get together and come to some agreement as how to pay for the cost, without using the percentage of benefits on the current roles, since they are so unfair.
Borrell stated that there seems to be two issues. First, there is some work that needs to be done right away on the ditch and second, long term this ditch is a candidate for a redetermination. The benefit roles are unfair and the total benefits on this ditch are only thirty eight hundred dollars. There are areas not assessed into the system and are presently receiving benefits or utilizing the system.
Borrell briefly went over a review of a redetermination process utilizing a Power Point Presentation, which covered the following topics:
• Who owns the Public Ditches
• Key Definitions of a redetermination
• Why Redetermine Benefits?
• How Benefits and Damages are Redetermined
• Systematic approach to redeterminations
• Examples of a redetermination
• The Redetermination Process
• The Cost of a Redetermination
• Maintaining the Ditch
Commissioner Daleiden emphasized the fact that because of the shortage of Minnesota Viewers, you are looking at 3 years before any major repair work will be done on the ditch. If we order a redetermination, you can still clean out areas of the ditch, but it would be a band-aid approach.
After further discussion, the majority of landowners requested time to think about ordering a redetermination verses an entire clean out. They felt they were not ready to make a decision one way or the other today and would like to conduct one more informational meeting in the future. Landowners also wanted some more information prior to the next meeting in regards to how big the water basin is for this ditch. Also, Young has agreed to inspect the south lateral on the ditch, prior to the next meeting.
There was no further discussion and the meeting was adjourned at 5:51 PM.
(End of 9-16-14 Ditch 22 Minutes)
At the recommendation of Hiivala, Daleiden moved to authorize the transfer of $1,500,000 from the General Fund Reserves to the Capital Projects Technology Fund ($600,000) and the Capital Projects Levy Stabilization Fund ($900,000). The motion was seconded by Potter and carried unanimously. Hiivala said this transfer will be done as a September journal entry.
On a motion by Borrell, second by Potter, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, for a total of $1,068,020.37 with 128 vendors and 182 transactions.
Sean Riley, Planning & Zoning Administrator, said there is an open seat on the Planning Commission due to the resignation of Jerry Pettit (District 5 appointment). The appointment will be to fill out the term that started on
1-14-14 and will expire 12-31-16. Borrell moved appoint Dan Bravinder to the Planning Commission to fill out the term from 1-14-14 to 12-31-16, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
Sarah Chur, Regional Director, University of MN Extension Service introduced Rod Greder, Extension Educator, and Brittany Eich, 4-H Program Coordinator, who were recently hired in the Extension Office. Both were welcomed.
Chur introduced Bethany Kozitka who spoke on her experiences as a member of 4-H. She is currently a member of the 4-H Club in Howard Lake. She is going into her 14th and final year in the 4-H Program. Kozitka provided information on how 4-H has impacted her life and the skills she has attained being part of the Program. She is a Wright County Ambassador, the Wright County Federation President, and a Minnesota 4-H Ambassador. National 4-H week is a time when the goal is to promote 4-H and get information out to the public (through newspaper articles, #iam4h, or wearing green or 4-H apparel on Monday of 4-H Week). Kozitka said 4-H participants learn various skills including public speaking and the ability to do demonstrations. They also have the opportunity to travel and network with others. Kozitka is a college freshman and pursuing an ag education with leadership degree. She hopes to return to the 4-H Program because of the impact it has made in her life.
Borrell moved to adopt Resolution #14-60 declaring October 5-11, 2014 as National 4-H Week in Wright County. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
A Building Committee Meeting was held on 9-24-14. At today’s County Board Meeting, Potter moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0. The Minutes of the Building Committee Meeting follow:
1. Buhler Assessment Report of the Compost & Recycling Facility.
An Assessment of Equipment Viability Report (Report) was completed by Buhler of the Compost & Recycling Facility (Facility). The Report reflects what the Facility has very limited marketability, but specific pieces of equipment may have some value including a couple of electrical components. Stephens reported that Buhler was hired to decommission a facility in Florida, which took several years. Some of the equipment was scrapped and other material was marketed within the compost industry and other industries. The individual that assisted Buhler with decommission of that facility has contacted Stephens with an offer to provide similar service to Wright County.
The fire suppression system at the Wright County Facility is inspected annually and it passed inspection in 2014. The Report reflects that 95% of the existing control system is outdated. It is suggested that an upgrade or repair of the system be completed before parts are unavailable. Stephens said SCORE funds pay for the inspections but is unsure whether those funds can be used for upgrades or repairs. Copies of the Report and the IFS fire alarm/sprinkler pump inspection invoice were distributed (see attached).
The Facility has not been operated in its intended capacity since 1997. Stephens said the entire Facility is being used to some extent by various departments.
Discussion led to the sale of the equipment. Asleson said that Statute reflects that any equipment sold over a $15,000 threshold must be advertised in a newspaper or trade journal. If the equipment remains unsold, then a broker can be employed. Asleson’s opinion is that selling individual pieces of equipment under $15,000 meets Statute. Anything over the threshold should be sold on the open market.
Stephens said it has been suggested that the HHW Program be moved to another location. He referenced the Highway Department Shop Remodel/Expansion Project and suggested that project be completed prior to the sale of the Facility. The hanger and tipping floor are utilized for off-season Highway Department equipment and it may not be in the best interest to quickly market the property. Stephens was in contact with the Highway Engineer regarding PCA structural requirements for a HHW facility. The Highway Engineer conveyed to Stephens that it may be premature to include this with the Highway Department Shop Project. Potter concurred. He said the former Stemper property has identified as a possible site location for the impound lot and the HHW Program.
Recommendation: It was the consensus that Stephens contact the person who assisted with the Florida decommission. The person will be invited to look at Wright County’s Facility to see if there is an interest in providing a proposal reflecting a synopsis of the process and the cost. This would be at no cost to the County. The person would be invited to the next Building Committee Meeting. Stephens will work with the Highway Department to determine the condition of the loaders at the Facility. Stephens will research possible avenues for selling the Zuk (used to turn windrows).
(End of 9-24-14 Building Committee Minutes)
Kelly presented a draft resolution setting the 2015 draft budget at $106,105,070 and the draft certified levy at $53,050,696 (4.9% increase). The County Board will hold a meeting on 12-04-14 at 6:30 P.M. for public comment on the draft budget and levy. Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution #14-61 setting the draft budget at $106,105,070 and the draft certified levy at $53,050,696, seconded by Potter. Board members concurred that they will continue to look for ways to reduce the draft figures. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
On a motion by Potter, second by Borrell, all voted to appoint Launette Figliuzzi as the Veterans Services Officer, effective 10-27-14.
Daleiden brought forth the topic of the Tri County Regional Forensic Laboratory. He said Husom indicates that the Tri County Regional Advisory Board will be discussing a more equitable way to distribute costs between member counties in January, 2015. Husom said she brought up a request to look at the funding formula at the August meeting of the Advisory Board. She understands a committee might be appointed to review this. Her understanding previously was that the funding formula would be looked at by the Advisory Board six months after the Lab received its DNA certification. In response to Sawatzke, Kelly informed the Board that the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) includes a 180-day out clause.
Sawatzke made a motion to place the Tri County Regional Forensic Laboratory on the 6-30-15 County Board Agenda. The topic will be to discuss removing Wright County from the JPA if some sort of action has not been taken on the funding formula by the Tri County Advisory Board. Sawatzke said there needs to be resolution or the Board needs to discuss whether to buy services elsewhere or utilize the BCA. The motion was seconded by Borrell. Husom referenced the 8-12-14 Tri County Regional Forensic Laboratory Advisory Board Committee Meeting Minutes which reflect:
“A discussion took also took place regarding the approval of any further costing formula. Attorney Frantz will review the Joint Powers Agreement and provide an interpretation of the approval process. Sheriff Stuart stated that we will schedule a meeting in mid-January 2015 to discuss the costing formula in accordance with the Joint Powers Agreement.”
The motion to place the Tri County Regional Forensic Laboratory on the 6-30-15 County Board Agenda carried unanimously.
Advisory Committee/Advisory Board Updates:
1. Sawatzke said the River Rider Board met last Tuesday. The attorney advised that three things must be accomplished before River Rider ceases. These include a private audit through Larson Allen (anticipated for October/November), an audit performed by MnDOT following the private audit, and finalizing of things with unemployment (anticipating about nine months).
2. Potter attended a 2040 Transportation Plan meeting in Sherburne County last week. The Met Council was involved because of urbanized boundaries, which Wright and Sherburne Counties are a part of. It was a Wright and Sherburne presentation which outlined what is included in the plan and what the MET Council understands is included in reference to urbanized boundary expansion. Identified were the I-94 expansion, the CR 19 Collector/Distributor (2nd Phase), and the Naber Avenue Bridge in Wright County. In Sherburne County, referenced were Hwy. 10 and rail crossings.
3. Potter attended a 7W Transportation Committee last Friday where the five-year work plan was discussed.
4. Husom attended a Central MN Mental Health Board Meeting on 9-29-14 where the 2015 budget was approved. Discussion at today’s County Board Meeting involved the crisis hotline and the disparity in the funding formula between Benton, Stearns and Wright County. Sawatzke said Wright County funds over three times as much as Benton County and utilizes just over 1/3 of the calls for service that Benton County does. Husom said the County is required to provide this service. In addition to the crisis call, there could be a crisis team that responds including sending deputies if needed. Sawatzke is unsure whether there is anyone else that could provide the service. Husom said it would be expensive for the County to staff a crisis hotline (24/7). Sawatzke said that is why it takes $250,000 to fund the current service. He understands the crisis center is moving forward with becoming a non-profit organization. This is based on the recommendation provided at that meeting that there could not be a JPA. Husom said that will result in the County no longer being able to appoint someone to that Board. The attorneys involved will meet and make a recommendation possibly at the November meeting. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said he has been part of the email exchange between the attorneys from Stearns, Benton and Sherburne Counties. Statutes reference having regional mental health centers but it is not required to be a public entity. Asleson felt a JPA might be a possibility. Sawatzke and Husom both understood from the attorneys at the Central MN Mental Health Board Meeting that was not an option. Asleson will review the Statute and email exchange. Asleson informed the Board that the county attorneys that are involved do not represent the Central MN Mental Health Board. Their involvement was to exchange ideas. He will forward information to the County Board.
The meeting adjourned at 10:24 A.M.
Bills Approved
3 D Specialties Inc $214.48
Allina Health 185.00
Allina Health System 110.28
ANCOMCommunications Inc 362.42
Anoka County Sheriff 26,661.62
Aramark Services Inc 7,925.74
Assurance Fire Protection Inc 275.00
Bean/Jodi 144.00
Berg/Stephen L 585.00
Black Box Resale Services 111.00
BP Amoco 1,612.71
Bryant/David J 430.00
Buffalo Auto Value 667.71
Burdas Towing 125.00
Cars On Patrol Towing 275.00
CDW Government Inc 34,640.00
Centra Sota Coop - Buffalo 50,284.25
Climate Air 397.86
Compass Minerals America 3,572.85
Craguns Lodging/Conference 2,143.65
CSD 200.00
Delano Rental Inc 547.25
Dell Marketing LP 13,693.77
Domestic Abuse Programs 250.00
Election Sys. & Software Inc 6,401.42
Felger/Kenneth 353.00
Gabriel/Cathleen 200.00
General Office Products Co 4,455.00
Gopher State One Call 208.90
Grainger 875.76
Granite Electronics 180.00
Grossinger/Gary 480.00
Hardings Towing Inc 225.00
Hardrives Inc 819,283.32
Hegle Door Co 379.25
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 132.68
Hirman/Alex 209.50
Integrated Fire & Security 6,964.65
Interstate Automotive 125.00
John Deere Financial 414.17
Karels Towing 418.00
Koala Dental Care II LLC 395.00
Kustom Signals Inc 180.00
LaPlant Demo Inc 606.68
Lawson Products Inc 139.23
MACA 100.00
Marco 2,686.00
Marco Inc 5,184.78
Martin Marietta Materials 107.65
Menards - Buffalo 107.41
MN Assn of Co. Probation Of 490.00
MN Epilepsy Group PA 263.27
Office Depot 355.70
Omann Brothers Inc 1,958.30
Otsego/City of 106.03
Patchin Messner Dodd Brumm 2,362.50
Performance Kennels Inc 103.20
Peterson’s Towing & Recovery 1,084.00
Primary Products Co 1,075.00
Purick/Ryan 300.00
Rasmuson/Anthony 154.12
Rinke-Noonan 200.00
Royal Tire Inc 251.71
Seachange Printing/ Marketing 331.37
State Supply Co 226.13
Stericycle Inc 643.16
Suburban Emergency Assoc PA 129.54
Suburban Tire Wholesale Inc 798.64
Suites At Waterfront Plaza 358.26
Thompson/David 490.00
Towmaster 15,001.00
Truck Utilities Inc 1,098.95
Voss Lighting 411.60
Waverly/City of 123.15
Windstream 180.09
World Medical Gov. Solutions 107.67
Wright County Highway Dept 39,768.81
Wright Hennepin Electric 2,085.37
29 Payments less than $100 1,335.81
Final total $1,068,020.37
The meeting adjourned at 10:24 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Oct. 20, 2014.