Wright County Board Minutes

JANUARY 20, 2015
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Husom moved to approve the 1-13-15 County Board Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
Borrell moved to approve the Agenda as presented, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
Daleiden moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Husom. Sawatzke asked Tony Rasmuson, Interim County Assessor, whether action requested on Item D is similar to what has been completed in the past for property that has incurred fire damage. Rasmuson said that is correct. The motion to approve the Consent Agenda carried 5-0:
Approve Pay Equity Report
Schedule Employee Recognition Ceremony on 3-10-15 at 10:00 A.M. (the 12-16-14 Agenda incorrectly reflected setting the Ceremony for 3-03-15)
Approve Abatement, PID 216-000-092200, Benjamin Schwartz
Local Option Abatement for taxes payable 2014 for $1,124. Reduce 2015 value to $73,600 (Land Value). Brent & Jenna Kantola PID #218-000-281101
Approve Renewal of 2015 Tobacco Licenses for:
1. City of Cokato: DG Retail LLC DBA Dollar General Store #10460
2. City of Monticello: Tramjoy, Inc. DBA Cruiser’s Gas & Goods
3. Township of Corinna: Two Friends of Annandale, Inc. DBA Hitching Post at Lake Center
4. Township of Silver Creek: Hasty Truck Stop, Inc. DBA Olson’s Truck Stop
Position Replacement:
1. Child Support Officer
2. Information Systems Specialist
Tony Rasmuson, Interim County Assessor, recognized Lori Thingvold for attaining the designation of Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessor (SAMA) from the Minnesota State Board of Assessors. This is the highest level of accreditation that can be attained. Thingvold was congratulated on her accomplishment.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the 1-06-15 Continuation of Public Hearing Redetermination County Ditch 38 Minutes for approval. Daleiden moved to approve the Minutes, seconded by Borrell. The Public Hearing on the Redetermination of County Ditch 38 has been continued until 1-27-15 at 10:45 A.M. in the County Board Room. The following change to the County Ditch 38 Minutes was accepted to the motion by Daleiden and Borrell: page 4, last sentence should read, “The meeting was continued to 1-27-15 at 10:45 A.M. in the County Board Room” (Husom). The motion carried 5-0. The 1-06-15 Continuation of Public Hearing Redetermination County Ditch 38 Minutes follow:
The Ditch Authority met at 11:00 AM in the Wright County Board Room with Commissioner Borrell, Daleiden, Sawatzke, Potter and Husom present.
Also present was Kurt Deter from Rinke Noonan, Minnesota Viewers; Ron Ringquist, and John Dotolo, Brian Asleson; Wright County Attorney, Mike Young; Wright County Ditch Inspector, Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, Kerry Saxton, Soil and Water and Janice Edmonson; Auditor’s Office.
The meeting was called to order by Bob Hiivala at 11:03 AM. Hiivala asked that Kurt Deter give a brief update as to where the ditch authority is at with the approval of the Viewers’ Report and what needs to be completed at the hearing today.
Kurt Deter stated the purpose of the redetermination hearing was to update the benefit rolls. At the last meeting it was recommended that the Ditch Authority continue the public hearing until further information could be gathered on the area located on Lachermeier Lane. The area in question was part of Windgate at Carrigan Lake Plat in the City of Waverly.
Deter also stated that at the previous Public Hearing, the Graham and Ellen Sones property was addressed and needed to be discussed further regarding the establishment of the ditch outlet.
Ron Ringquist then gave the following update regarding the Viewer’s Findings:
I received the plans for the Subdivision and area in question from Bolton & Menk. The plan shows the storm water pond out-letting to the west into a wetland. The wetland in question has a culvert connecting the wetland into the storm sewer and out-letting to the east and into the CD# 38 watershed. Therefore, I would not recommend a change to the viewers’ report.
I also re looked at the property Montrose is acquiring. Due to the commercial use of the northern 1/3 being commercial, the benefit does not change significantly. Without a final plat showing lot sizes and use, I would not recommend a change in the total benefits.
Ringquist also stated that as far as the outlet to the ditch, there were no benefits accessed to the wetland area. So, from a viewing perspective, no change would be made to the total benefits of this project. The assessment on the Sones’ property was for the upland acres, not the wetland area.
Sawatzke stated relative to the assessments located in the City of Waverly and Montrose, in the past the County has assessed the City instead of the individual parcels. Ringquist stated that the cities were notified that the properties were included. We did look at the city of Montrose and the commercial property, so if the city was to acquire it and annex it, it is the recommendation of the viewers to make one assessment to the city verses the individual parcels. Sawatzke said otherwise there may be parcels that would receive double assessments, once from the City and once by the drainage system. Ringquist said it was his understanding that the viewers did not assess a lot of City parcels. However, by parcel number, we should be able to identify those parcels within the city limits. Deter added that it is allowable by Minnesota Statute 103E.315 which states the property within the jurisdiction of a municipality, whether owned by the municipality or by private parties, may be assessed as benefits and damages to the municipality.
Kerry Saxton, from Soil and Water, was present to discuss the north part of the ditch in regards to where the ditch legally ends. Saxton stated he believes that the evidence he has to present will affect the benefits, in that, the ditch may not end where it says it does in the viewers’ report. Borrell pointed out that in October of 2013 the Ditch Authority, by board action, all ready determined the location and extent of the ditch.
Saxton went on to present photos of the ditch system, which he feels supports the fact that the ditch does not extend to the wetland. Saxton stated that it does not make sense that the ditch would go to the wetland and then stop.
Hiivala pointed out that the Ditch Authority has hired viewers to go out and establish benefits on this drainage system. Once the Viewers’ Report is approved, the next step would be for the Drainage Authority to appoint an engineer to investigate where the ditch was established and create a profile of the ditch.
Saxton pointed out that the Ditch Authority can order the ditch establishment to the wetland, but if you ever try to clean it out, it is going to be a problem and interfere with wetland laws and regulations.
Deter stated that he felt that where the ditch ends is an issue that the Ditch Authority will have to contend with in the future, but today that issue is not in front of the board. Today’s hearing is to approve the viewers’ report. Today’s hearing is to set the assessment rolls.
Ellen Sones stated her concerns regarding the ditch establishment to the wetland on their property. Sones mentioned that she had sent a letter to the MN. Board of Water & Soil Resources (BWSR) regarding the issue. Sones stated her concern was not the assessment, but the protection of the wetland. Deter stated that no clean out or digging on the wetland area would occur without notifying the proper authorities and getting the proper approvals.
After much further discussion, it was determined that the profile of the ditch would have to be determined in the future and that the actual elevations would have to be done.
Potter asked if there were others present who had questions regarding the redetermination of County Ditch 38 and the viewers’ report. Benefitted landowner, Bruce Ohme, was present and wanted to know if Clementa Ave SW was part of the assessment. Ohme stated that Clementa is now a paved road and owned by the City of Montrose. Ringquist determined that Clementa was listed as an assessment under Marysville Township.
Deter stated that if the road benefits need to be corrected from Marysville Township to the City of Montrose instead, then there would need to be a Continuation of the Public Hearing. The City needs to be notified so that they have an opportunity to be here for the sole purpose of determining the benefits of the road. Also, the viewers can make corrections to the report to change the individual parcels within the city limits to one assessment to the municipality, prior to the next hearing.
Husom made a motion to continue the Public Hearing on January 27th at 10:45 AM, so that the Viewers can determine the proper road authority on Clementa Ave and correct the City parcels listed individually as one assessment to the municipality. Daleiden 2nd the motion. The vote carried 5-0.
The meeting was continued to 1-27-15 at 10:45 A.M. in the County Board Room.
(End of Public Hearing Redetermination County Ditch 38 Minutes)
A Tax Forfeit Committee Meeting was held on 1-06-15. At today’s County Board Meeting, Hiivala said the Committee met to review a request from a company to buy a tax forfeit parcel located in South Haven that is perpetually for sale. Potter said the Assessor’s Office will need to review the value prior to the Committee considering the request, according to Statute. Borrell referenced the minutes which reflect, “Commissioner Borrell was not in agreement to the reduction of the price of the building unless it would be reduced and taken back to a public auction.” He said he is in favor of the sale as long as long it is presented back to the public. He supports action to remove the property off from the tax forfeit rolls, but said it would be preferential treatment if the County does not disclose the reduced value information. Another individual or business owner may be interested at the reduced value. Hiivala said that since the Tax Forfeit Committee Meeting was held, it was discovered the request could not have been honored per State Statute. The Tax Forfeit Committee can meet, lower the values, and then offer the property for public sale. Potter asked that any other tax forfeit properties that would fall into this category be reviewed at the same time. Borrell moved to approve the Minutes, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0. The 1-06-15 Tax Forfeit Committee Minutes follow:
The committee met on January 6th 2015 at 8:30 am in the Auditor/Treasurer conference room, with the following individuals present: Bob Hiivala, Denise McCalla, Brian Asleson, Alicia Gillham, Shawne Lindenfelser, Michael Potter, Charles Borrell and Tammi Vaith.
Bill & Sherly Madigan from Serenity Path were also present.
Bill & Sherly Madigan requested the tax forfeiture committee to reduce the price of parcel 115-010-007090. They explained they are a non-profit organization and would like a reduction so they can free up more funds in order to fix the building up to code.
Commissioner Borrell was not in agreement to the reduction of the price of the building unless it would be reduced and taken back to a public auction. Potter seconded that motion.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m.
(End of 1-06-15 Tax Forfeit Committee Minutes)
On a motion by Borrell, second by Daleiden, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, for a total of $197,713.60 with 232 vendors and 293 transactions.
A Building Committee Meeting was held on 1-14-15. At today’s County Board Meeting, Potter commended Human Services Director Jami Goodrum Schwartz for bringing forth options on utilization of the standing kiosks. It was decided that three Varidesks will be purchased and placed in an open area allowing access by more employees. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said the total for three Varidesks including anti-fatigue mats is $1,200.
Discussion followed on the Sheriff’s Impound Lot. Capt. Todd Hoffman said there was discussion at the Building Committee Meeting regarding the plans that will be provided by Liman Post & Beam, whether they are considered permit or engineered plans. The plans through Liman Post & Beam are CAD drawings; they are not considered engineered plan drawings or permit type plans. Liman Post & Beam would finalize the drawing of the building. An architect would be utilized to obtain certified engineered permit type plans at a cost of up to $2,500. Hoffman confirmed with Planning & Zoning and Buffalo Township that those types of plans are not needed at their meetings but elevation plans will be. Those are the type of plans that Liman Post & Beam can provide. Capt. Hoffman said the request is to expend up to $500-$1,100 for CAD drawings including elevations and up to $2,500 for permit engineered plans. Daleiden said the permit engineered plans are not needed at this point. That can be addressed in the future when this item is discussed.
Daleiden made a motion to approve the 1-14-15 Building Committee Minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Husom.
Borrell asked for the estimated size of the building. Capt. Hoffman said it is roughly 11,000 sq. ft. Borrell asked for clarification on why the proposed building width is 78’. Capt. Hoffman explained 78’ is what was provided through the online tools. Builders he consulted with indicated that the 78’ building width lies within the standard truss width. This width also was chosen based on how the space will be utilized, including accommodation for larger units. Potter said some of the space is for changing out of the squads. Capt. Hoffman said there is not an area added for this change out. The Recreational Services Division will provide space for work on sleds, boats, etc. and squad conversions.
Borrell asked how close the proposed Sheriff impound lot is to the Law Enforcement Center (LEC). If the County elects to relocate Courts or any other County offices to this area in the future, he does not want the impound lot location to limit future development. Sawatzke said there are areas for expansion on that property which he thought would be primarily to the south. Capt. Hoffman said the LEC was constructed so expansion would move south toward the Highway Department. Plans are not to expand to the north because of the location of the well fields and geothermal. Potter said the DLR Report from 2004 should reflect that detail. Sawatzke said the Report is relative to Courts. If the LEC requires expansion at some point in the future, that could be accomplished by moving north or northeast. Daleiden said there is plenty of room to the east as well.
Borrell supports Liman Post & Beam drawing up specifications that will be used for bids. However, he wants those specifications reviewed to assure that there is not a specification included that makes it higher priced for another builder. Capt. Hoffman said the plans drafted by Liman Post & Beam will be presented to the Building Committee for approval before they are sent to the Architect.
The motion to approve the 1-14-15 Building Committee Minutes carried 5-0. The 1-14-15 Building Committee Minutes follow:
I. Request for New Office Space and Standing Kiosks at the Human Services Center.
Schwartz presented the remodeling request for the Human Services Center (HSC). The purpose is to create new office space for four new positions (two supervisors and two social workers). Schwartz distributed the following documents (see attachments):
a) HSC Remodel Requests – January 2015;
b) Letter from Seth Malwitz, County Information Technology Technician, regarding a quote for the installation of Network cables;
c) Drawing of Remodel A;
d) Proposal from Intereum for Remodel A in the amount of $2,379.33;
e) Proposal from Intereum for Remodel B in the amount of $3031.91;
f) Drawing of Remodel C and D in the amounts of $2,441.95 and $6,629.97 respectively;
g) Proposal from Intereum for Remodel C and D.
Schwartz referred to the Drawing of Remodel A and the Proposal from Intereum for the same. She said the goal is to remodel the existing mailroom into an office for the Office Manager. The new Fiscal Technology Supervisor (FT Supervisor) would use the Office Manager’s former office. This arrangement will keep both the FT Supervisor and the Office Manager close to their respective staff. The remodeled mailroom office will still house the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) computer. Staff will still need access to this computer. Mail duties that are currently accomplished in that space will be moved to the central storage area. Schwartz said Drawing A illustrates the relocated mailroom and newly created office space.
Schwartz summarized the first document, HSC Remodel Requests – January 2015. The second new supervisor will be in a space now occupied by Public Health (PH) staff as noted on the Intereum Proposal marked B. The PH staff currently in that office would move to a cube. There is only one work space in the Remodel B plan. The Intake person would move into that space, and a door will be added to afford privacy for clients. This relocation also opens up space for other staff. The office of the intake person would be on one side and a work area on the other.
Schwartz directed attention to both the Drawing and Intereum Proposal for Remodel C and D. She said the three “hotel” stations on the back wall would be equipped with laptop docking stations for staff to use. Schwartz said she is concerned about getting an influx of requests for standing work stations in cubes, as it is an expensive option. Standing stations can also address temporary medical issues, and these would allow people to work there as needed. The standing work stations will also accommodate the needs of interns, clients, and other people who come into the HSC. Most employees at HSC have laptops.
Gillman said standing work stations do not always work in cubes because overhead storage bins prevent the desks from being raised to their full height. Also, staff often only wants to stand part time.
Daleiden asked if the standing work stations will be height-flexible. If not, staff may complain that they are ergonomically incorrect. Dahl agreed. He said the flexible work stations are a solution to accommodate people of varying heights.
There was a discussions of the dimensions needed to fit in the cubes at the HSC.
Schwartz said the standing work stations are cheaper than providing flexible work stations for individual employees. She is asking the County to pay for the remodeling, the costs of which are noted in the attachments. Human Services would pay for equipment such as computers, docking stations, and flexible work stations. Kelly recommended that the remodeling be funded under Budget 100 Site Improvements.
Daleiden recommended moving forward with the remodeling proposals for the Human Services Center, funded under Budget 100 Site Improvements. However, he said quotes are needed for the flexible-height work stations before it comes to the Board for approval.
Recommendation: Approve Remodeling Proposals A – D for the Human Services Center, funded under Budget 100 Site Improvements. Obtain price quotes for three Varidesks prior to coming to the County Board for approval.
II. Sheriff Impound Lot.
Hoffman said grading costs came in at $94,605, lighting for the Impound Lot was $79,160, the fencing quote was $39,815, and the septic quote was $4,000. Hoffman said it would cost about $175 per year to pump the septic tank. The well will be about 100 feet deep. He has been working with Liman Post & Beam on the building estimates. Hoffman distributed the following documents (see attachments):
a) Law Enforcement Center Impound Lot Support Services Building;
b) 12-23-14 WCSO Support Services Building Draft Plan Revision 1;
c) Certificate of Survey, Exhibit A;
d) Site Plan, Exhibit B;
e) Site Plan, Exhibit C;
f) Site Plan, Exhibit D.
Hayes said the square footage of the building would be 17,550, or 225 feet by 78 feet.
Hoffman said the cost estimates for the Support Services building are $540,000 with an approximate 5 percent contingency. That includes all the heating, electrical, a four inch concrete floor with foam insulation underneath, natural gas heat, fluorescent lighting, finished walls, restrooms to code, trench drains, flammable waste trap, insulated walls, a mezzanine, and a commercial fire wall. Hoffman said Liman Post & Beam (Liman) are willing to enter the project into their Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system. If the County Board approves the next step to get bids for the project, Liman will do the bid specifications and drawings on the condition that if they win the bid, they will not charge the County. If Liman does not get the bid, they will charge the County approximately $500 to $1,000. The total project cost is approximately $760,000.
Hoffman said this building will meet the needs of the Sheriff’s Office. There isn’t a lot of room for growth, but with the equipment the Sheriff’s Office has at present, the needs in the future would be primarily to replace current inventory. Hoffman said the Evidence Unit is the only area that may need more room because laws require the Sheriff’s Office to retain evidence forever. Hoffman said he initially thought only one-third to one-half of the building would need to be heated. The only area that could be cold storage is marked on the building draft plan listed previously. Hoffman said he now prefers the flexibility to heat different parts of the building versus 100 percent temperate heat. He said the plan includes two natural gas boilers.
Daleiden asked whether the plan has to be presented to Buffalo Township. Jobe said Sean Riley, Planning & Zoning Administrator, advised them regarding information the Township would require. Hawkins said Engineering completed a grading plan. They are ready for bids. Since the grading for the Impound Lot and the Support Services building should cost less than $100,000, they can request two or three bids and get started as soon as possible in the spring.
Hoffman said the building quote also includes a mezzanine over the squad changeover area. The next step is to request the approval of Buffalo Township, and begin working with Liman. Hoffman said the plan includes three heat zones.
There was discussion regarding how the back parking lot would be lighted.
There was discussion regarding whether the building should be constructed for card key versus hard key access. The advantages of the card key system are ease of use and entries are monitored. Hard keys are less expensive to install, but may be lost, and entries cannot be tracked electronically.
Jobe said he didn’t know what the Township regulations are regarding the fence around the Impound Lot. There was discussion on ways to screen the Lot with a berm and trees.
Hoffman said Purchasing will look at the cost of a card key system, cameras, and an alarm system. Daleiden confirmed that part of the recommendation will include working with Liman to develop a schematic design with costs not to exceed $1,000. The drawings will need to meet all the Planning & Zoning requirements and address wind resistance. If Liman wins the construction bid, there will be no charge for the drawings.
Hayes said the County Board sets opening dates for formal bids two weeks in advance. Once Hayes gets the drawings, he will have Building Inspector review them. Daleiden directed Hayes to work with Planning & Zoning to get permission from the Township Board and place the item on the Planning Commission docket in February. Jobe said Buffalo Township meets the second Monday of the month at 7:00 P.M.
Hawkins said he can get quotes for the separate grading job for the new Public Works building. Assuming the cost is under $100,000, grading could be done on the Impound Lot in April, and the fence installed after that. He will get three quotes once the plan is finalized. He said the construction plans should be wrapped up within a week.
Hoffman said the size of the new Impound Lot will be the same as the current one, or roughly 4.1 acres fenced. The new Support Services building will be on the outside of the fence.
Daleiden said they need to obtain the cost to move vehicles from the present Impound Lot. Hagerty said some of the vehicles can be driven.
Dahl asked whether they want a card key lock for the entrance to the Impound Lot. Hoffman said they currently have a combination lock that is not convenient.
Recommendation: Authorize the following:
1) Liman Post & Beam to draft project specifications at a cost not to exceed $1000;
2) Coordinate presentation to Buffalo Township Board and the County Planning Commission with the County Planning & Zoning Department.
3) Purchasing will obtain the cost of installing card key locks, an alarm system and cameras to the project;
4) Verify the exterior lighting plan;
5) The Sheriff’s Office will obtain quotes to move vehicles from the existing Impound Lot.
(End of 1-14-15 Building Committee Minutes)
Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, requested the Board authorize signatures on the 2015 Park Caretaker Agreement with Green View Inc. for the period of 1-01-15 to 12-31-15. The Agreement provides Wright County with contract caretakers for Beebe Lake, Otsego, Clearwater/Pleasant, Bertram Chain of Lakes (new in 2015), Robert Ney, and Fairhaven Mill. This is included in the 2015 budget. Borrell moved to authorize signatures on the Agreement, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
Laid over from the last Meeting was the acceptance of the monetary offer for acquisition of 662 sq. ft. for ROW and 541 sq. ft. of temporary easement area by the City of Buffalo for the Central Avenue Street Project. Kelly said this relates to the TH 25 Project. At the last Board Meeting, questions arose regarding easements, location, utility boxes, etc. Present for discussion today was Dan Wilson, Wilson Development Services, and Brad DeWolf, Project Engineer for the City of Buffalo. Potter said last week the ownership of a utility box at the corner of TH 25 and CR 35 was questioned. He has since learned that the box is owned by MnDOT. He said another question that arose related to the disruption of parking space
Wilson said the box for the signal lights will be replaced. A trail/sidewalk will be constructed along TH 25. He said the request being considered today primarily relates to the City’s request to acquire additional land from the County for this purpose. In addition, the plans are to make a wider cut at the corner. Sawatzke asked whether Wilson if there are any Wright County assets or infrastructure, outside of the land, that is within the ROW. Wilson said there is not.
Potter asked what period of time the parking lot will be disrupted. DeWolf responded the goal is to minimize the disruption to the parking lot and to keep it open to the public. They will be extending the sidewalk/trail, the signal cabinet will be new and in approximately the same location, and there will be some grading and restoration work done near the trail and sidewalk. Potter clarified that this does not include a turn lane, as a turn lane would impact the County’s assets. This is a softening of the corner because of turning truck traffic. Discussion followed on the use of the County parking lot to access the funeral home parking lot. The funeral home lot is small and parking is orientated one way. Most or all of the traffic will flow out of this lot at one time via the alley (funeral procession).
Daleiden moved to approve acceptance of the monetary offer for acquisition of 662 sq. ft. for ROW and 541 sq. ft. of temporary easement area by the City of Buffalo for the Central Avenue Street Project. The motion was seconded by Husom. The motion and second were amended to include authorizing signatures on the easement document. The motion carried 5-0.
Duane Northagen, Executive Director for the Wright County Economic Development Partnership (WCEDP), requested approval of a Wolf Auto Parts loan request of $30,000 from the Wright County Enterprise Loan Fund. The business is proposing to move from their present 4,500 sq. ft. leased facility in Montrose into a newly constructed 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Waverly by the end of January, 2015. The $638,000 project costs were funded with a loan package in September, 2014. The Citizens State Bank of Waverly, the SBA, and the Initiative Foundation were the funding sources for the project. The $30,000 loan request will be used for working capital and equipment needs. When the project was funded in late August, 2014, it was projected there could be a need for additional capital for equipment and working capital. Now that the project costs have been funded or formally earmarked, there is a need for additional loan dollars to address the cash flow needs of the company. The WCEDP Finance Committee is recommending approval, and the WCEDP Board approved the request. Potter asked whether the expansion will include more employees. Northagen said it will. When the WCEDP first starting working with Wolf Auto, they had four full-time employees and one half-time employee. There are now nine employees with the anticipation of an additional three employees in 2015. He said this is Waverly’s first industrial business in recent history. Sawatzke asked about collateral. Northagen said the County would follow the Bank and the SBA for normal assets. In addition, there are personal guarantees of the business that include the stipulation that there is a limit on the amount of payment to the principals of the company during the term of the five-year loan. Sawatzke asked what specific equipment is being acquired with this loan, specifically how much is working capital and how much is equipment. Northagen said about $15,000 will be used for racking to store inventory and about $17,500 is for five vehicles they will obtain through the insurance company. He said it does not involve working capital. Sawatzke asked whether this request follows the guidelines of WCEDP and whether equipment is one of those categories. Northagen said that it does. He spent considerable time reviewing the request to make sure it adhered to the guidelines. Sawatzke said his concern is for future requests where short term financing is needed and a new facility or equipment is not involved. He felt requests for operating funds may be questionable. Northagen said when the financing package was first put together, the Enterprise Loan Fund was looked at for gap financing. The reason that was not used was because of the longer time frame associated with the three-step process. Otherwise this request would have been part of the primary package last July. Potter said this business started in 2010 and is already expanding. There is demand for the product. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said he has reviewed this request. The action needed is to authorize signatures on the documents. Borrell moved to approve the Wolf Auto Parts loan request of $30,000 from the Wright County Enterprise Loan Fund. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
The Owners Committee Meeting #3 was held on 12-03-14 relating to the Public Works Expansion Project. Sawatzke reviewed the minutes of that meeting and noted there were no action items. He requested the minutes be corrected to reflect that he was in attendance. Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Daleiden, carried unanimously.
A Personnel Committee Meeting was held on 1-14-15. Husom moved to approve the Minutes, seconded by Sawatzke. The motion carried unanimously. The 1-14-15 Personnel Committee Minutes follow:
I. Dispatch Staffing
Hoffman said they have a seasoned group of dispatchers. One concern has always been to have trained temporary dispatchers to fill in for vacations or medical absences. Changes in technology and process over the years have made it more difficult to find good temporary dispatchers. Complicating the situation is that temporary dispatch candidates are not often willing or able to spend one day per week training when they already have another job. Hoffman said the request is for a permanent part time position to fill several long term medical leaves in the near future.
Hagerty said the Board and Union previously agreed to extend the period of time a temporary employee may work for either the Jail or Dispatch from 67 days to 120 days per year.
Kramber said the average number of hours dispatchers take off for vacation per year is 137, and 71 hours for sick time. The dispatchers work ten to twelve-hour shifts. A permanent part time person would cut the cost of covering full time employees on leave by half.
Kramber said the Sheriff’s Office has a temporary employee who has been training for seven months, one or two days per week. Hoffman said it is easy for temps to forget procedures when they only work once a month. A permanent part time position would work on a more regular basis.
Sawatzke asked how a part time person working twenty hours per week will help when two full time positions are out at the same time. That would leave sixty hours to cover per week. Hoffman said the part time person may work five days or more in a week when they are short staffed.
Kramber said a permanent part time position opening may draw more candidates than a temporary one.
Sawatzke said a temporary employee working 10 to 12 hours per day could work for six months out of the year. Sawatzke expressed concern about the 20 hour per week classification. He suggested having the temporary employee work full time for up to 120 days.
There was discussion about whether the County’s dispatch protocol is similar enough to other counties to attract other dispatchers to work on a temporary basis for the County. Habisch said the lingo and protocol are the same, but the mapping software is different.
Sawatzke said since the current temporary dispatch person would actually be working more than 20 hours per week, would it be feasible for him to continue in his temporary employee status? Bigelow stated to Hoffman that the Union could be concerned with the benefit issue if the job description says 20 hours per week, but the position actually works 40 to 48 hours per week.
Hagerty said they could retain the temporary employee’s status as a seasonal employee and come back to the Committee in the future if the need for a permanent part time position remains.
Sawatzke said no action needs to be taken at this time. He added that 120 days allows 1440 hours of work, which is eight months if the temporary works 40 hours per week. If the temporary employee works overtime, the duration of their assignment will be less.
Recommendation: No action taken at this time.
(End of 1-14-15 Personnel Committee Minutes)
A Ways & Means Committee Meeting was held on 1-14-15. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the Minutes. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0. The 1-14-15 Ways & Means Committee Minutes follow:
1. Jail Medical Contract – Health Technician Position
Additional information was not available at the time of this meeting. This item was laid over to the next Ways and Means Committee.
(End of 1-14-15 Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
Kelly said there is a Committee Of The Whole Closed Session on the Court Security Report scheduled for 1-27-15 at 11:00 A.M. As discussed earlier in today’s Board Meeting, there will be a continuation of the County Ditch 38 Public Hearing on 1-27-15 at 10:45 A.M. For that reason, he requested the Committee Of The Whole Closed Session be rescheduled to 1-27-15 at 11:30 A.M. Sawatzke moved to approve that request, seconded by Husom, carried 5-0.
Daleiden requested the Board of Adjustment appointment be laid over to the next Board Meeting as he has not contacted all prospective candidates. It was the consensus that this item be laid over for one week.
Advisory Committee/Advisory Board Updates
1. Clearwater River Watershed District. Husom attended a meeting last week. The group is continuing their projects throughout the winter months. One project relates to phosphorus reduction for Cedar Lake.
2. “Wright County Cares” Community Forum. The Forum will be held on 1-22-15 from 7:00-8:30 PM at the Buffalo High School Performing Arts Center. Husom was able to watch the forum in Anoka County held last February (available on YouTube). Last year, Anoka County had the highest incident of heroin deaths in the State. A Sergeant that spoke at the Anoka Forum said that in one of their drug raids, heroin collected was 93% pure. She said in some parts of the U.S., heroin is only 10% pure. She encouraged residents to dispose of narcotics by bringing them to a collection site. People may have narcotics in their homes from past surgeries. A drug collection box will be available at the 1-22-15 Forum at the Buffalo Performing Arts Center.
The meeting adjourned at 10:09 A.M.
Bills Approved
Albertville/City of $2,810.60
ALCOPRO 520.00
AMI Imaging Systems Inc 14,994.00
Anoka Co. Fiscal Services 4,520.00
Aramark Services Inc 7,229.65
Assn Of Metro. Cty Officers 175.00
Association of MN Counties 27,164.00
Beaudry Propane Inc 2,042.80
Borrett/Jim 100.00
Boyer Truck Parts 369.84
Buffalo Auto Value 1,010.51
Bureau of Crim. Apprehension 120.00
C Walker Trucking 3,725.00
CDW Government Inc 285.77
Centra Sota Coop - Buffalo 3,341.67
CenturyLink 564.32
CenturyLink 1,245.28
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP 16,000.00
Climate Air 322.74
Compass Minerals America 14,649.78
Corinna Township 806.00
Corporate Payment Systems 2,490.40
Culligan of Buffalo 539.41
Department of Public Safety 8,310.00
Donald Salverda & Associates 600.00
Envirotech Services Inc 4,830.00
Greater MN Parks & Trails 900.00
Greenview Inc 1,562.60
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 499.20
Houston Engineering Inc 4,000.00
Klein Heating and Cooling 102.00
Laplant Demo Inc 332.50
Loberg Electric 382.70
Marco 2,959.78
Martin-McAllisters Consulting 2,700.00
MDRA 414.00
Menards - Buffalo 1,146.10
Mend Correctional Care LLC 213.19
Midway Iron & Metal Co Inc 942.59
Midwest Protection Agency 1,797.75
MN Bureau of Crim. Apprehen 300.00
MN Chemical Company 4,406.00
MN CLE Inc 357.00
MN Department of Health 200.00
Monticello Towing LLC 125.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 150.21
NADA Appraisal Guides 178.00
National Assn of Cty Eng. 1,150.00
National Assoc. of Counties 1,926.99
Nokomis Shoes 1,875.00
Office Depot 1,019.75
Office of MN It Services 2,100.00
Pakor Inc 289.94
Pearson Education 815.32
Peterson/Wallace 100.00
Philippi/Chase 120.00
Prairie Lakes Youth Programs 140.00
Reitsma/Stoffel 1,350.00
Rinke-Noonan 714.50
Rockford Township 1,063.25
RS Eden 1,914.77
Russell Security Resource 4,290.70
Safelite Fulfillment Inc 503.95
Simplex Grinnell LP 512.95
TASC 1,185.00
Thrifty White Pharmacy 721.94
United Parcel Service 117.53
Veolia Environmental Serv. 12,911.69
Verizon Wireless 9,220.35
Voss Lighting 1,712.80
West Payment Center 1,172.01
Windstream 395.43
Wright Henn. Coop Elec Assn 5,856.30
Wright Hennepin Electric 175.17
Young/Mike 1,039.88
20 Payments less than $100 882.99
Final total $197,713.60
The meeting adjourned at 10:09 A.M.
Published in the Herald Journal Feb. 9, 2015.