Wright County Board Minutes

JUNE 9, 2015
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Daleiden moved to approve the 6-02-15 County Board Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Changes were petitioned to the Agenda as follows:
• Remove Consent Agenda Item H, Surveyor, “Refer GIS Coordinator Hiring Salary to 6-10-15 Personnel Committee” (Kelly).
• Add Consent Agenda Item I, “Cancel 6-10-15 Personnel Committee Meeting” (Kelly).
• Add Consent Agenda Item J, Surveyor, “Position Replacement: Senior Survey Technician (Kelly).” The GIS Coordinator is being filled internally by the Senior Survey Technician, so that position needs to be backfilled.
• Add Item For Consideration B, “Wellhead Protection Plan Amendment, Part 1, for the City of Rockford” (Potter)
• Add Item For Consideration C, “Refer Compost Facility Equipment to the Building Committee” (Daleiden)
• Add Item For Consideration D, “Refer to Ways & Means Committee Discussion RE: Parrish Levy Property In Otsego” (Potter).
Steve Jobe, Surveyor, said the Senior Survey Technician may be filled internally. He asked that the Board authorize replacement of whatever position is vacated. Sawatzke said that position vacancy will need to follow the normal process of being placed on the Board Agenda. Borrell moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Sawatzke, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda with the removal of Item H and the addition of Items I and J.
Refer Sheriff City Contract Rate To Ways & Means Committee
Request reappointment of Connie Lounsbury to a three-year term to the Wright County Personnel Board of Appeals effective 7-01-15
Schedule Capital Improvement / Finance Committee Meeting for 6-30-15 at 9:00 AM
Approve Claims as Listed in the Abstract, Subject to Audit, for a Total of $ 404,614.21, with 125 Vendors and 230 Transactions
Approve 2015 Maintenance Agreements Between Wright County and Six Cities
Action On Rezoning Request: DELORES GALLUS (Woodland Twp.) – on a unanimous recommendation, the Planning Commission recommends approval of the request to rezone the north 20 acres from AG General Agriculture to A/R Agricultural-Residential
Position Replacement: 1. Corrections Officer (due to resignation eff. 6-14-15)
Cancel 6-10-15 Personnel Committee Meeting
1. Position Replacement: Senior Survey Technician.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented his Agenda items. Daleiden moved to approve a Plat, “Sugar Snyder Tart Addition (Corinna Twp.).” The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Hiivala requested approval to advertise for applicants for appointment to the Clearwater River Watershed District (CRWD) Board of Managers. Wright County has two members on the Board of Managers. The term for Jeffrey Golden ends August, 2015 and he is not seeking reappointment. Husom moved to accept Jeffrey Golden’s resignation and move forward with advertising in newspapers in the Clearwater and Annandale areas. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke. Daleiden requested the notice be posted on the Wright County website. The motion carried 5-0.
Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, said Doug & Heidi Kelm (Silver Creek Township), have requested placement of a mobile home under Wright County Ordinance 85-2, Supportive Care to the Frail, Elderly or Disabled Ordinance. Kryzer said the request meets all requirements set forth through Human Services and Planning & Zoning. Kryzer asked that approval include emphasis that this is a temporary mobile home placement and that the mobile home must be moved 60 days from passing of the person. It was discussed that the 60-day requirement may be extended if weather conditions (winter) prohibit moving of the mobile home. Borrell made a motion to approve the request by Doug & Heidi Kelm (Silver Creek Township) to place a mobile home at 5839 112th St. NW, Maple Lake MN (PID #216-000-072203) with the understanding that when it is no longer needed for medical hardship, the mobile home must be removed in a timely manner (60 days) noting that this requirement is dependent on weather. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried unanimously.
As requested by Commissioner Potter, discussion followed on the Wellhead Protection Plan Amendment, Part 1, for the City of Rockford. Joe Jacobs, Wright SWCD, said the City of Rockford is amending their Wellhead Protection Plan for drinking water supply wells. Periodically, the State requires a city or public water drinking supply be reviewed to make sure it meets State and Federal standards. Several of the wells tested had traceable amounts of tritium, which is an element that does not occur naturally. He said tritium is not a health hazard but a marker for the age of the water. Anything prior to the 1950’s has no tritium levels. The MN Department of Health has assessed the State’s drinking water. A meeting will be held on 6-09-15 at 6:00 P.M. at the Rockford City Hall (as part of the regular scheduled council meeting) to discuss issues and concerns with this portion of the plan amendment. This was provided as an informational item.
Virgil Hawkins, Highway Engineer, presented his Agenda items. The first is to award Bid Pack #1 for the Highway Department Building Project. Bids were opened on 5-21-15 and the recommendation is to award the contracts to the following bidders:
Work Scope; Contractor, City, State; Contract Amount
03-A Concrete; Donlar Construction Company, Waite Park, MN; $964,000
03-B Precast Concrete; Fabcon Precast, LLC, Savage, MN; $1,132,998
04-A Masonry; Axel H. Ohman, Inc. , Minneapolis, MN; $424,600
05-A Steel Package- Erection; Maxx Steel Erectors, Inc. , Maple Lake, MN; $151,000
05-B Steel Package-Material Only; Central Minnesota Fabricating, Inc., Brooklkyn Park, MN; $682,500
31-A Earthwork & Utilities; New Look Contracting, Inc., Rogers, MN; $749,950
Total Recommended Bid Package #1 $4,105,048
Alternates are not included in Bid Package #1, but will re-evaluated after the bid opening for Bid Package #2 bid on 7-01-15. Daleiden made a motion to approve Bid Package #1 as presented, seconded by Husom. Borrell said he would abstain from the vote as he did not vote for the bond. The motion carried 4-0 with Borrell abstaining.
Hawkins said a bid opening occurred on 5-28-15 for the Rockwood Avenue NW Bridge Replacement Contract (SAP 086-599-026), Southside Township Bridge No. 86533. Project funding will be from the Town Bridge Program and Township funding ($20,000 maximum). The following bids were received:
Contractor; Bid Bond 5%; Base Bid
Structural Specialties, Inc.; X; $474,727.00
Robert R. Schroeder Construction Co.; X; $601,094.19
Redstone Construction, LLC; X; $641,380.50
Engineer’s Opinion of Cost $559,727.25
Daleiden moved to award the Rockwood Avenue NW Bridge Replacement Contract, SAP 086-599-026, Southside Township Bridge No. 86533, to Structural Specialties, Inc. in the amount of $474,727.00. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said a response was received from Sherburne County on the Tri-County Regional Forensic Lab. The email from the Sherburne County Administrator reflects “that the Sherburne County Board has little interest in changing the funding formula of the Lab for the following reasons:
1. The recommendation earlier this year from the Tri-County Regional Forensic Lab Board was to base the formula on population as it has since 2008.
2. The Sheriff asked his investigator staff about the services provided to date by the Tri-County Lab and they were extremely happy with, among other things, the quick turnaround of information in terms of property crimes and DNA analysis.
3. Using population is the fairest way to fund the lab – how do you budget based on utilization which will vary at any point in time.
4. If the formula was based on usage, are you a partner or just a customer?”
Sawatzke referenced the response received from Sherburne County and the four points outlined. He made the following comments as they relate to each item:
1. He said that since 2008, he has heard that if population doesn’t correspond with usage the formula can be discussed in the future.
2. Sawatzke questioned what Sherburne County’s response to question 2 has to do with the funding formula.
3. Sawatzke estimated that 98% of services government buys are based on usage. He said budgeting can be figured out.
4. Sawatzke said Wright County partners with other agencies to provide services such as Central MN Mental Health Center, the East Central Juvenile Detention Center, and a number of other organizations where funding is provided not based solely on population. Funding for the Great River Regional Library is based 1/3 on population, 1/3 tax capacity, and 1/3 on cardholder usage. Potter said that formula is a means to make it fair and equitable. He said with other organizations, it is unusual to only use population to determine funding and not have usage as a component.
Husom said each of the member Counties (Anoka, Sherburne, and Wright) are having individual discussions. She felt it would be advantageous to meet together to have discussion and hopefully come to an agreement. Daleiden said there will be an opportunity to have discussion at the AMC District 5 Regional Meeting. Sawatzke said this would be a side topic at that meeting. Sawatzke said when the funding for the Lab was discussed previously, he was referencing a 90-day out clause. In review of the Agreement, he found it is a 180-day out clause.
Kelly provided a suggested date of 7-01-15 to tour the Tri-County Regional Forensic Lab. Husom made a motion to approve a tour of the Lab on 7-01-15 at 2:00 P.M., seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
At the request of Daleiden, Husom moved to refer the Compost Facility Equipment to the Building Committee. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
On a motion by Husom, second by Daleiden, all voted to refer Parrish Levy Property in Otsego to the Ways & Means Committee.
Advisory Committee/Advisory Board Updates:
1. SWCD. Borrell said that at the 6-08-15 SWCD Meeting, information was provided on proposed EPA regulations which would expand the Clean Waters Act definition for Waters of the United States. The status is that the EPA has come with their final proposal. It will move to a 60-day hearing period and then be finalized. Borrell said it is disappointing that opposition by counties and citizens has basically been ignored and the proposal was changed very little. Exemptions will include drainage ditches in uplands and drainage ditches in lower ground where water is not contributed to anywhere else. Borrell said this action will basically allow the EPA to take over everything.
2. Transportation Alliance Fly In. Potter attended the Fly In and was able to meet with Legislators on TH 55, I-94, and TH 12. He said that Legislators understand that the areas involved have experienced population growth, and that the roadways are gateways to northern Minnesota and will be utilized as an evacuation route during a nuclear incident. Funding through FEMA was discussed. Federal Highway Trust Funds may return to the core function of providing funding for roads and bridges. Funding for other things would then be moved to a separate category. Potter said attending the Fly In provides an opportunity to meet with Legislators to keep Wright County’s projects at the forefront.
3. EOC Drill. Sawatzke said an EOC Drill was held last week. Another is scheduled for 7-07-15. He asked that the County Board Agenda for that day be kept to a minimum if possible, as he and Commissioner Husom will be participating in the Drill.
4. Bertram Chain Of Lakes Park. Sawatzke said the beach opened at Bertram Park on 6-06-15. Husom attended the Lake Sylvia Annual Meeting, the Purple Martin Fest, and then drove to Bertram Park. She said weather conditions may have affected the numbers at the Purple Martin Fest and the opening of the beach.
5. Open House – CR 3/TH 55 Project. Husom said the Highway Department will hold an Open House on the Project at Southside Township on 6-10-15 from 4:30-6:30 P.M.
6. Open House – CR 134/CSAH 35 Roundabout Project. The Highway Department will hold an Open House on the Project at the Buffalo High School on 6-15-15 from 4:30-6:30 P.M. A presentation is scheduled for 5:30 P.M.
Bills Approved
AGC Networks Inc $1,824.70
Alexandria Technical College 800.00
American Databank LLC 554.80
Annandale Rock Products 484.10
Anoka County Sheriff 27,165.25
Aramark Services Inc 14,880.46
Black Box Resale Services 5,176.00
BP Amoco 187.74
Buffalo Plumbing & Heating 1,780.95
C & C Embroidery 977.00
CDW Government Inc 2,208.08
Cenex Fleetcard 983.44
Central MN Mental Health Ctr 261.85
CenturyLink 138.71
Chamberlain Oil Co 578.60
Civicplus 256.39
Clark/Kaitlyn 250.00
Climate Air 315.90
Commissioner of Transportation 842.37
Contech Construction Product 2,995.20
Core Professional Services 800.00
Croteau Plumbing 465.96
Dell Marketing LP 1,070.04
Duraco Inc 290.97
Emergency Automotive Tech Inc 9,189.25
Gabriel/Cathleen 100.00
GCS Service Inc 192.42
Grainger 391.94
Granite Pest Control Services 209.45
H M Cragg Co 1,575.00
H&R Const Co 3,575.00
Hagen, Christensen & Mcilwain 73,200.58
Hesse/Sunny 166.50
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 1,476.02
Integrated Fire & Security 5,490.00
Intereum Inc 6,118.04
Laplant Demo Inc 1,155.60
Lenneman/Tyler 114.99
Marco Inc 3,002.30
Menards - Buffalo 442.43
Mend Correctional Care LLC 920.88
Midwest Protection Agency Inc 1,737.83
Midwest Safety Counselors Inc 504.05
Milana P Tolins LLC 100.00
Mini Biff LLC 135.66
Minncor Industries 970.00
MN Supreme Court 762.00
Net Transcripts Inc 141.29
Office Depot 791.49
Precision Prints of Wright Co 198.79
Royal Tire Inc 375.89
Russell Security Resource Inc 508.00
Scuba Center 461.00
SHI International Corp 4,807.00
Suburban Emergency Assoc. PA 136.18
Thrifty White Pharmacy 1,706.98
Varidesk 435.00
Victor Township 447.20
Walmart Community RFCS LLC 1,208.37
Windstream 180.33
Woodland Township 881.50
Zacks Inc 764.44
Zuercher Technologies LLC 1,695.00
23 Payments less than $100 1,204.01
Final total $192,760.92
The meeting adjourned at 9:52 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal June 29, 2015.