Wright County Board Minutes

NOVEMBER 24, 2015
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Potter, Daleiden and Borrell present.
Borrell moved to approve the 11-17-15 County Board Minutes. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
Husom moved to approve the Agenda, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0.
Borrell moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Daleiden, carried unanimously.
1. Approve Renewal of 2016 Tobacco License for: Township of Silver Creek: Olson’s Truck Stop.
1. Approve Claims as Listed in the Abstract, Subject to Audit, for a Total of $250,359.75 with 204 Vendors and 402 Transactions.
1. Position Replacement:
A. .5 FTE Office Technician 1 position
1. Position Replacement
A. Accounting Clerk
1. Accept the Findings and Recommendations of the Planning Commission for the following Rezoning:
JUDITH BRYAN (Corinna Township)- Felger moved to recommend approval of the rezoning to the County Board of Commissioners the property from AG General Agricultural and S-2 Residential-Recreational Shorelands as regulated in Section 503, 603, 605 & 612 of the Wright County Zoning Ordinance as follows: approximately 9.5 acres of the property lying west and south of Grover Avenue NW (includes the existing homestead, mobile home and buildings) to R-1 Urban-Residential and S-2 Residential-Recreational Shorelands; and the remainder of the property, approximately 14 acres, that is lying east of Grover Avenue to A/R Agricultural-Residential and S-2 Residential-Recreational Shorelands. Bravinder seconded the motion. VOTE: CARRIED, Pederson and J. Thompson voted nay.
Approve Continuing Disclosure Contract With Ehlers
Hiivala stated that in the past, Ehlers provided the Continuing Disclosure service at no cost when there has been outstanding debt (annual requirement). As Ehlers was not retained during the last bond issuance, quotes were obtained from Springsted and Ehlers. Ehlers quote is $3,300. Hiivala recommended proceed with the Continuing Disclosure Contract with Springsted at a cost of $1,000. Sawatzke moved to approve that recommendation, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
2016 Bond Issue Update
The recommendation from Terri Heaton, Senior Vice President at Springsted, is to defer the bond sale to January, 2016, for the Highway Building project. This is based on the number of bond sales scheduled for 12-14-15. The consensus of the County Board is to proceed as recommended.
Sawatzke moved to approve the 11-18-15 Personnel Committee Minutes, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0. The Personnel Committee Minutes follow:
I. Intake & Assessment Unit Request For 67-day Temp Social Worker In 2015 (12-21-15 to 12-31-15) (HS Board)
II. Intake & Assessment Unit Request For 67-Day Temp Social Worker in 2016 (beginning 1-04-16 and ending after 67 days have been worked) (HS Board)
III. Performance Appraisal – Jami Goodrum Schwartz, HHS Director
Recommendation: Based on three reviews received, the Committee recommends a rating “Exceeds Expectations.”
(End of 11-18-15 Personnel Committee Minutes)
Adopt Resolution For Hearing On Proposed Assessments
Husom moved to adopt Resolution #15-74 scheduling a Public Hearing to review and assess three court ordered septic installation/inspections for 12-15-15 at 9:30 A.M. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Adopt Resolution in Support of Request from City of Maple Lake to Acquire Two Tax Forfeit Parcels
The City of Maple Lake would like to obtain and market two tax forfeit parcels to encourage business development in the community. The City had approximately $80,000-$90,000 in cancelled special assessments for these parcels. The City has limitations on buildable area and setbacks. The Assessor’s Office values the properties at about $40,000 each. Taking into account the special assessments, that would bring the value to virtually nothing. Asleson said the City’s intent is to market the properties at a nominal value in hopes of spurring development. The City adopted a resolution in support of this action. Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #15-75, seconded by Husom, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Potter, Kelly, and McPherson met yesterday on the development of an RFP for Court modifications. The goal is to work through the list of modifications requested by Courts and determine what can be reasonably be accomplished prior to moving Courts to a new location in the future. Daleiden said they must also look at the cost to remodel the space vacated by Courts. Once the RFP is drafted, it will be presented to the Building Committee and then to the County Board. Sawatzke said that court buildings constructed elsewhere could be used as a cost model. Courts will be required to comply with E-court on 7-01-16. Sawatzke moved to approve the 11-12-15 Building Committee Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0. The Building Committee Minutes follow:
I. Development of RFP for Courts
McPherson distributed a document entitled Necessary Modifications Based on Target Date for New Courthouse- DRAFT. This Document provides an overview of remodeling needs at the current location based on the length of time the current facility would continue to be utilized. There was considerable discussion on the timeline and proposed renovations.
The committee discussed the needs identified in the medium range timeline which would assume new building occupancy in 2021. To operate until 2021 in the current facility it is estimated that 3 jury trial courtrooms would need to be developed at the NSCS standards. This would include items addressed in the document such as ADA provisions, 12 person jury boxes, larger judge benches, improved workspaces for clerks and increased technology in the courtrooms. Changes and upgrades to the HVAC systems may be necessary. The bench will discuss this proposal with John Hoffman, Chief Judge of District 10.
Discussion moved to the scope and content of the RFP. In addition identifying the cost to address the remodeling needs the consensus was that the RFP should include considerations for transitional costs and a plan to allow for Court functions to continue while renovation work is being completed. Additional departments may need to be relocated to provide additional space for Court operations. Remodeling costs for relocated departments must also be considered along with the cost to repurpose the current courts area after a new facility would be opened.
There was discussion on the need to select an architectural from with experience in designing Courts facilities. A request for qualifications section should be included in the RFP.
Recommendation: Commissioner Potter, L. Kelly and Judge McPherson will meet to draft the RFP.
(End of 11-12-15 Building Committee Minutes)
Daleiden referenced Item 1 of the Building Committee Minutes. He said the request has increased from exterior lighting for the Health & Human Services Building to include the Historical Society and Government Center. At a minimum, Daleiden expects approximately $9,400 in rebates. The Historical Society should be updated on the status of the installation of exterior lighting. It was suggested that Brad Hatfield, Facilities Manager, work with the Historical Society to set up interim lighting. Daleiden moved to approve the Building Committee Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0. The 11-18-15 Building Committee Minutes follow:
I. Health & Human Services Center Exterior Lighting Retrofit (Laid over from 8-12-15 Building Meeting)
Dahl said the project also includes lighting at the Historical Society and the Government Center. The goal is to improve visibility of lighting and conserve energy. They received a variety of suggestions from individual electricians regarding how to proceed. Dahl distributed a copy of an engineering services proposal from Emanuelson-Podas, Consulting Engineers (see attached). Dahl said they offer a number of services, including advising the County on the appropriate vendor for the project.
There was discussion of a potential rebate. Dahl said it could be as much as 50 percent, but the rebate process is complicated, and the exact amount cannot yet be calculated. Dahl said there is no need to contract with Emanuelson-Podas for management services as County staff can perform that function. Dahl said the combined total design fee for the three sites as one project would be $11,100.
Daleiden said he would like to postpone a recommendation until the Facilities Services Director is hired, as that position could coordinate this project. Daleiden said he can’t justify the request without knowing the potential rebate. Dahl said he will provide the Committee with more detailed rebate information.
Recommendation: Lay over until the 12-16-15 Building Committee meeting, and provide potential rebate information.
II. Assessor’s Office Remodel & Expansion (Laid over from 8-12-15 Building Meeting)
Triplett discussed the quote from Ernst General Construction, Inc. (see attachment). Discussion ensued regarding the four items listed, and the needs of the Department. Hoffman indicated the Sheriff’s office could use the cabinets that would be removed. Daleiden said he would like clarification in Item 2 regarding relocation of the cabinets. He added that Items 3 and 4 are not under consideration at this point in time.
Recommendation: First, clarify with Ernst Construction, Inc. regarding how the demolition of existing cabinets in Item 1 relates to relocation of cabinets in Item 2. Then proceed with Items 1 and 2 per the quote in the amounts of $3047 and $550 respectively.
III. Law Library Security
Dahl said Colleen Norgren, Law Librarian, approached him with a request to add a panic button in their office. He distributed a document from Wright Hennepin Security (see attached). He would like to expand the number of partitions to accommodate future requests from other Departments. The cost to upgrade the alarm system and provide security coverage for the Law Library would be $1,890. Dahl said there would be an added cost for additional monitoring. Potter said he would like to know that amount. Daleiden said the additional monitoring cost should be included in the proposal presented to the County Board.
Recommendation: Approve expansion of Government Center alarm system per Wright Hennepin proposal dated 11-09-15 in the amount of $1,890 with inclusion of additional monthly cost for monitoring, funded from Site Improvements, Budget 100.
IV. Rolling Files For Court Administration
Kelly said Court Administration was given access to space in the old jail and repurposed rolling files. They recently requested additional space in the same area, which Kelly approved.
Courts then asked the County to install shelves in the space. Kelly said there are isolated shelf parts in the new space allotted for Courts. Kelly said he contacted Mid-America Business Systems for a quote to utilize the existing parts and providing the balance with new parts (see attachments). The 11-16-15 quote to install an existing mobile system and adding shelving components to complete it totaled $18,876.91. Kelly said he did not intend to imply that the County wanted the entire rolling file system rebuilt.
Kelly referenced the second page of the Mid-America Business Systems quote. He said the green elements are system parts in the County inventory, consisting primarily of shelves. The vertical stands to put the shelves together are mostly missing. Daleiden said Court Administration could utilize the shelves that are currently in the additional storage space. He did not want to provide furnishings. Potter agreed.
Recommendation: Deny. Provide the additional space, but not the finishing or shelves. Court Administration may use the shelf parts currently in the space.
V. Hydration Stations
Kelly discussed several options to provide hydration options to an existing drinking fountain in the lobby of the Government Center, as well as one in the Health & Human Services Center. Kelly said the options for in-wall fountains are $1400 to $3500. The second floor Annex has a drinking fountain with a gooseneck faucet. Potter said that would accomplish their goal. Kelly said the gooseneck faucet is the most cost-effective fix.
Recommendation: Obtain information on the cost of new gooseneck faucets, including installation costs.
VI. Public Works Building Roof
Kelly distributed a letter from B&B Sheet Metal & Roofing, Inc. (B&B), dated 10-27-15 (see attached). Hatfield explained how the roof is constructed. The B&B letter reports that condensation occurs due to inadequate insulation.
Discussion ensued regarding roof replacement options. Daleiden expressed concern about condensation. He asked to see photos taken by B&B during the on-site visit. Hatfield said he would request them. Daleiden said he wants assurance from B&B that their solution will solve the problem. Hatfield said
Building Maintenance could monitor the roof over the coming winter to see if condensation or leaking occurs. Daleiden said there are two problems: 1) The buckling of the roof; and 2) Condensation.
Recommendation: Obtain photos and additional information from B&B Sheet Metal & Roofing, Inc. Monitor the roof over the winter. Refer to the second Building Committee meeting in January 2016.
VII. Erosion Control - Sheriff’s Support Services Building
Hoffman distributed two documents with color photos from the new Sheriff’s Support Services Building, as well as an email dated 11-13-15 from Hoffman to Susan Vergin, Assistant County Coordinator (see attachments). Hoffman said the request is for $6,000 for rock bedding to prevent erosion away from the building. The photos show exposed insulation on the west side of the building. The second photo shows erosion due to the lack of a gutter system against the north wall. The second page of photos shows a septic tank cover that is too low. If it is not raised up, the septic company informed Hoffman that storm water will run into the tank. Each riser costs $30. They need two risers.
Hoffman directed attention to the last photo showing the front of the building. Erosion continues, despite the conbit the Highway Department laid down. Blacktop or a v-curb will be necessary in the next year or two to stop the erosion.
Meyer said the two bids (for the rock and the risers) are for materials only. Highway Department staff will install.
Recommendation: Approve purchase of rock in the amount of $6,000 to prevent soil erosion at the new Sheriff’s Support Services Building, and two risers for the septic tank, not to exceed $500.
(End of 11-18-15 Building Committee Minutes)
Husom moved to approve the 11-18-15 Ways & Means Committee Minutes, seconded by Sawatzke. Discussion followed on the Parenting Through Divorce Program services provided by Mary Ann Peterson since the late 1990’s. Sawatzke said these services have been outstanding and that he has received positive feedback from those that attended sessions. Divorcing parents are required to go through the Program, and it ultimately provided benefits to their children. An online version has recently become available. It is also being researched whether adjacent counties will provide services such as Peterson provided. The motion carried 5-0. The Ways & Means Committee Minutes follow:
I. Ordinance Codification (Laid over from 10-14-15 Ways & Means Meeting)
Kryzer distributed a handout (attached) reflecting suggested changes to the draft codification of Wright County Ordinances. Additional proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance will be brought to the County Board on 12-01-15. These changes relate to the sign ordinance, building code updates, and a fence amendment.
As requested at the last Committee Meeting, Kryzer sent notice to department heads requesting they bring forward ordinances which should be added/deleted from the draft. Two departments responded and there were no changes made to the draft.
The process for Ordinance updates moving forward includes an annual update through American Legal Publishing at a cost of $100/year.
Recommendation: Move forward with suggested changes to the draft.
II. Contracts: Ag Inspector, Drainage Inspector, Parenting Through Divorce
A. Ag Inspector.
The Committee discussed the 2015 contract with Eric Heuring. Last year, the Ag Inspector was asked to create relationships with township, city and county leaders as part of the contract. Asleson has worked with Heuring on several situations involving violations and assumes those situations have been corrected.
Recommendation: Kelly was directed to send a letter requesting an annual report from the Ag Inspector to include information on activities or actions taken over the past year.
B. Drainage Inspector.
The Committee discussed the contract with Mike Young as Drainage Inspector. Hiivala said the Drainage Inspector has been proactive in his work and is utilizing the Drainage DB Software as a method of documenting information.
Recommendation: Kelly was directed to send a letter to the Drainage Inspector requesting an annual report.
C. Parenting Through Divorce
Mary Ann Peterson has submitted notice that she will no longer teach the Parenting Through Divorce Program, effective 1-01-16. Kelly learned that Courts is required to refer parents that are going through a divorce to one or more parent education programs (see attached State Statute 518.157). Effective in 2015, the University of Minnesota Extension Office offers a “Parents Forever” Online Course (attached). Extension Educators must be trained if the course is taken on site. Kelly is seeking information on if there is a local Educator that is trained and whether there are additional resources through Courts.
Kelly was directed to contact bordering counties to find out program offerings and whether Wright County residents can attend.
Recommendation: Compile a resource list of course offerings which can be provided to those who are required to complete the program.
III. Motor Pool – Fleet Vehicles
The Committee reviewed a recap of the General Motor Pool usage for 2015 (attached). Kelly requested approval to purchase additional vehicles in 2015 ($40,000 budgeted), either through the State Contract or local dealers. The goal is a standardized fleet.
Recommendation: The Committee requests updated recap information at year end to include depreciation and insurance costs prior to authorizing additional vehicles. Kelly should contact neighboring counties to obtain information on their fleet vehicle program.
(End of 11-18-15 Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
1. Wright County Emergency Services Council. Husom attended a meeting on 11-18-15 in Cokato. New protocols have been established for use of back boards in emergencies. The Council is looking to cities and townships to turn in emergency contact information which will be supplied to Dispatch. The group is promoting Heart Safe Communities and the goals are education and saving lives. One effort may include the location of AED’s on city websites. The radio programming deadline for the 800 MHz is approaching. The EMS Regulatory Board is looking at national vs. state standards for recertification. There has been concern amongst smaller fire departments and being able to attract individuals due to the amount of training required.
2. Solar Garden Meeting. Sawatzke and Borrell attended the Meeting on 11-19-15 in Rockford. Sawatzke said a couple of interesting facts learned is that there are 204 potential solar garden sites in Wright County, with 120 in some sort of official process. Wright County is targeted because solar credits can only be purchased in an adjacent County (Wright County is located next to Hennepin County). He also learned that there is the potential this effort may continue without government subsidy in as early as one year.
3. River Rider. Sawatzke and Borrell will attend a River Rider Meeting today. The goal will be for it to be the last meeting.
4. Great River Regional Library (GRRL). Potter attended a meeting last week. A tour occurred on the automatic book return machine in St. Cloud. The GRRL voted to cease discussions with Sartell’s request for a new library until the request meets the GRRL’s requirements. The GRRL will discuss the $390,000 in undesignated funding at their January meeting.
5. Safe Schools-Rockford. A meeting was held last week. Discussion involved safe routes to school and the potential of a School Resource Officer next fall.
Bills Approved
Allina Health System $261.19
Anderson/Conrad 350.00
Annandale Rock Products 253.18
Anoka County Fiscal Services 5,744.52
Bergquist/Kevin 100.00
Black Box Resale Services 401.00
Boyer Truck Parts 3,173.27
Buff N Glo Inc 201.75
Buffalo Clinic 197.28
Buffalo Hospital 566.53
Buffalo/City of 1,140.00
CDW Government Inc 1,482.14
Center Point Energy 125.81
Centra Sota Coop- Buffalo 15,311.90
Central Fire Protection 244.00
CenturyLink 4,964.09
CenturyLink 1,542.73
Climate Air 1,704.34
Courtview Justice Solutions Inc 3,500.00
Dell Marketing LP 1,182.69
Deltaware Data Solutions 536.25
Dematteis/Mario 100.00
Deringer/Sean 1,060.00
Dibben/Martyn 150.00
Durst/Jerald L 100.00
Dynamic Recycling 2,719.00
Emergency Automotive Tech 14,446.64
Engel/Dale L 350.00
Ernst General Construction Inc 10,553.00
Feddema/Tom 288.50
French Lake Curb Co 5,680.00
Gabriel/Cathleen 600.00
Grainger 196.59
Hagen, Christensen & Mcilwain 24,093.22
Hewlett Packard 5,194.26
Howard/Jolanta 200.00
HR Specialist Employment Law 249.00
Janikula/Tracy 220.72
Jeddeloh & Snyder PA 600.00
Karels Towing 203.00
Knife River Corp - North Central 513.13
Kustom Signals Inc 397.30
Laplant Demo Inc 1,541.24
Laurent/Michael 196.59
Leckey/Melanie 150.00
Loberg Electric 1,663.45
M-R Sign Company Inc 4,094.89
Marco Inc 177.00
Martin-McAllisters Consulting 1,800.00
Marysville Township 1,304.80
Menards - Buffalo 680.18
MN Dept of Health 158.00
MN Monitoring Inc 1,368.50
MN Native Landscapes 3,500.00
MN Sheriffs Association 400.00
Moon Motorsports 6,811.99
Motorola Inc 13,527.45
Mountain Stream Sports & Apparel 254.09
Net Transcripts Inc 610.93
Netmotion Wireless 1,721.25
North Star Awards & Trophies 494.75
Northern Green Expo 650.00
Nyquist/Brent 4,203.08
O’Reilly Auto Parts 119.97
Office Depot 1,382.17
Omann Brothers Inc 3,039.98
Purick/Ryan 400.00
Ramacciotti/Frank 200.00
Rasmuson/Anthony 257.88
RCM Specialties Inc 1,824.00
Reynolds/Thomas 4,203.08
Rinke-Noonan 200.00
Royal Tire Inc 1,989.87
Setter/Randi 200.00
Standard and Poor’s Ratings Serv 16,500.00
State Supply Co 122.27
Suburban Emergency Assoc. PA 217.14
T & S Trucking 3,150.00
Taser International 8,022.59
Tomar Electronics 28,730.00
Traffic Marking Service Inc 460.00
Transignal 1,380.00
United Parcel Service 157.83
Verizon Wireless 9,522.96
Voss Lighting 459.20
West Payment Center 175.00
Westside Wholesale Tire 554.64
Windstream 220.66
Wright County Surveyor 280.70
Wright Hennepin Coop Elec Assn 5,088.72
Wright Hennepin Electric 1,552.22
Xcel Energy 894.56
Zoll Medical Corporation GPO 330.00
Zuercher Technologies LLC 1,200.00
24 Payments less than $100 1,319.09
Final Total: $250,359.75
The meeting adjourned at 10:27 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal Dec. 14, 2015.