Wright County Board Minutes

JANUARY 26, 2016
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Husom moved, seconded by Daleiden, to approve the 1-19-16 County Board Minutes as presented. The motion carried unanimously.
Daleiden moved, seconded by Potter, to approve the Agenda as presented, and carried 5-0.
On a motion by Borrell, seconded by Husom, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Refer To Personnel Committee Revisions To Wright County Personnel Policy 512 Personal Appearance Of Employees
1. Approve Claims As Listed In The Abstract, Subject To Audit, For A Total Of $377,214.54 With 115 Vendors And 178 Transactions.
1. Position Replacement
A. Accounting Clerk
B. Office Technician I
C. Social Worker
Approve City Of Monticello Tax Forfeit Land Resolution
Potter moved to adopt Resolution 16-05, Recommending that the Minnesota Commissioner of Revenue Convey to the City of Monticello Tax Forfeit Property PID # 155-183-000010. Daleiden seconded, and the motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.
Request Permission To Attend An Out Of State Conference June 5th-8th, 2016
Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, explained that this conference by the Public Risk Management Association was approved for the 2016 Administration budget. Dahl said he will report back upon his return. Potter moved, seconded by Husom, to approve the request, and the motion carried 5-0.
Adopt Three Separate Resolutions Authorizing Signatures Of Contract And Agreements Related To Grant Awards Through The Parks And Trails Legacy Program
Mattice said the Wright County Parks Commission authorized him to apply for grants through the Greater Minnesota Parks and Trails Commission in October 2015. The Parks Commission recommended funding the three projects. The DNR requested that the Wright County Board adopt the three following Resolutions to authorize Mattice to sign contracts on behalf of these projects. The County Board has authorized Mattice to do so on other projects in the past.
A. Bertram Chain Of Lakes Phase 10 – Acquisition
Mattice said this project involves finishing the passive use areas of the park. Daleiden moved, seconded by Potter, to adopt Resolution 16-06 authorizing Mattice to apply for funding and execute contracts on behalf of the Phase 10 Acquisition of Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park. Potter and Sawatzke commended Mattice and Parks staff for an outstanding effort. Potter said Wright County Parks has been awarded a little more than $2.8 million in funding. The Resolution passed with a unanimous roll call vote.
B. Bertram Chain Of Lakes Phase 1 – Development
Mattice said Parks received a $700,000 funding recommendation and acceptance from the DNR. This Resolution is exactly the same as the previous Resolution, except that it is for a different Phase of the project. Mattice said the County has $200,000 in the Capital Improvement Plan Fund for 2016 and 2017. The grant will expire after 2017. Mattice said the grant will go toward changing cabins at the beach, restrooms, road work, the picnic shelter, rental chalet, septic system, and utilities. Mattice said the changing areas were partly funded by the YMCA. The County will use the YMCA portion of approximately $100,000 as part of the required matching funds. Borrell moved, seconded by Daleiden, to adopt Resolution 16-07 authorizing Marc Mattice to apply for funding and execute contracts on behalf of Phase 1 - Development of Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park. The Resolution passed 5-0 on a roll call vote.
C. Robert Ney Park – Outdoor Recreation/Environmental Specialist
Mattice said Parks was awarded a grant for an Outdoor Recreation / Environmental Specialist. Half of the funds for this position will be awarded in the State Fiscal Year 2016, which started last July. The other half will be awarded in FY 2017. Mattice said there will be two grant agreements for this position. The Resolution presented today is for the first half of the funding. He will bring the Resolution for 2017 grant funds after the legislative session. Mattice said no County dollars are involved.
Mattice said he partnered with Stearns County to make this a regional program. This will be a prototype for Greater Minnesota for building partnerships to connect people to the outdoors. He plans to have someone hired for this position by July or August of this year. The position will be based out of Ney Park, but will also do programing along the North Fork of the Crow River, Collinwood, Ney, Otsego, and Bertram Parks, as well as Stearns County parks. Daleiden moved, seconded by Potter, to adopt Resolution 16-08 authorizing Marc Mattice to apply for funding and execute contracts for the Recreational / Environmental Program Specialist Position project. The Resolution passed 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Update On Demolition, Removal And Cleanup Of Allone Potter’s Life Estate At Robert Ney Regional Park. Acknowledge Estimates, Discuss Alternatives And Take Appropriate Actions.
Mattice said in December 2015 the County Board authorized no more than $15,000 for the demolition and removal of the house, garage, and outbuildings on this property. Two estimates were obtained. Mattice said they amount to $29,500 and $28,100.
Discussion ensued regarding other options to remove the buildings and materials. Mattice said only one shed will remain. There is about 700 cubic yards of demolition material on the property. Potter moved to authorize Mattice to proceed with the lowest bidder. Borrell seconded. Sawatzke asked Mattice to obtain additional bids. Potter amended the motion to authorize Mattice to obtain additional bids and proceed with the lowest one. Borrell seconded, and the motion carried 5-0. Kelly said he recommended funding the additional money required from the Professional Services 100 budget item.
January 11, 2016 Wright County Parks Commission Meeting Minutes
Mattice presented the 1-11-16 Parks Commission Meeting Minutes. No action was requested.
Daleiden said recently there have been rumors about a lawsuit against the DNR regarding their drainage work at Pelican Lake. Apparently someone was saying the DNR had no right to do so. Daleiden said he has been assured that there is no truth to that rumor whatsoever.
Second Annual Region 7W Transportation Committee
Potter said the Second Annual Region 7W Transportation Committee met with St. Michael and Albertville city leaders on 1-21-16 to go over future plans for the region. The Metropolitan Council maps indicate potential expansion of the urbanized boundary in the next ten years, which could possibly affect the City of Monticello. Potter said this is not certain, but depends on population growth and how the Federal Government views the situation. He will make the information available to anyone who is interested, and will pass it on to Monticello City Administrator Jeff O’Neill.
Great River Regional Library Board
Potter said the Library Board met recently regarding negotiations. They reached an agreement, which will be sent to the rank and file to vote.
Central Minnesota Mental Health Center Board
Husom said the Central Minnesota Mental Health Center Board met last night. They distributed a strategic plan. The new director will begin 2-01-16. She said the meeting was positive. Sawatzke said over the last three months, there has been a $500,000 increase in their cash balance. The issue with the new billing system appears to be resolved.
DNR Buffer Mapping Initiative Webinar
Sawatzke said that Husom, Borrell and he attended the DNR Buffer Mapping Initiative Webinar on 1-20-16. He said judging from the information received, this will be a large endeavor, and will create work for the County, the DNR, and the Soil and Water Conservation District. Sawatzke explained that all public ditches will need a 16.5 foot buffer ditch, regardless of whether redetermination has occurred or not. The DNR will send out a map in a few months. Sawatzke said the webinar will be available soon on either the DNR or the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources website.
Wright County Historical Society
Sawatzke said the Historical Society has a new curator, Lori Nohner.
Bills Approved
Abbott Northwestern Hospital 228.89
All Wheels Recovery Inc 222.00
Allina Hospitals & Clinics 150.00
Ameripride Services 170.93
Anderson/Conrad 100.00
Anoka County Fiscal Services 14,579.00
Aramark Services Inc 7,062.42
B & D Plumbing & Heating 314.00
Badoura State Forest Nursery 2,988.00
Bestfriends Veterinary Clinic 1,002.16
BP Amoco 482.60
Buffalo Township 1,276.90
Buffalo/City of 70,730.40
Centra Sota Coop - Buffalo 5,590.00
CenturyLink 968.28
CenturyLink (Hwy Use) 231.65
Climate Air 348.70
Core Professional Services 800.00
Corinna Township 1,124.80
Culligan of Buffalo 150.00
Deputy Reg 77 1,120.00
ECM Publishers Inc 115.00
Eich/Kurt 125.00
First State Tire Recycling 2,270.40
Fred Pryor Seminars 198.00
GCS Service Inc 667.41
Grainger 721.85
Greenview Inc 446.40
Howard/Jolanta 100.00
Jerry Huston 1,458.27
Laurent/Michael 128.04
MACA 800.00
Managing People at Work 127.00
Marco 643.00
Milana P Tolins LLC 100.00
Mini Biff LLC 177.83
Minnesota Monitoring 612.25
MN Counties Computer Coop 4,563.00
MN Department of Health 200.00
MN Department of Labor & Industry 487.50
MNn Juvenile Officers Association 480.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 129.95
Morrow/Terry 100.00
Office Depot 1,551.12
Otsego/City of 100.04
Premier Biotech Labs LLC 220.68
Progressive Handling Inc 652.59
Ramacciotti/Frank 100.00
Richards/Thomas W 200.00
SHI International Corp 1,973.74
Simplex Grinnell LP 543.47
Southside Township 795.60
St Michael/City of 200,000.00
Star Tribune 169.00
Taser International 439.30
Tennant Sales and Service Co 327.51
Total Printing 470.45
Towmaster 208.84
Vanderlinden/Michael 100.00
Victor Township 585.00
Warning Lites of MN Inc 304.50
West Payment Center 925.79
Windstream 221.32
Wright County Highway Dept 34,472.83
Wright Hennepin Coop Elec Assn 5,865.11
Wright Hennepin Electric 543.84
Xcel Energy 1,309.67
19 Payments less than $100 842.51
Final total $377,214.54
The meeting adjourned at 9:34 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal Feb. 15, 2016.