Wright County Board Minutes

MARCH 29, 2016
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Borrell moved to approve the 3-22-16 County Board Minutes as presented. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, asked to revise the 3-22-16 County Board Minutes regarding the 3-09-16 Personnel Committee Minutes. He clarified that the request was for the top of the salary range, or $81,640 (versus $81,000). Borrell amended his motion to approve the 3-22-16 County Board Minutes with the change. Page 12, Item II, Lines 3 and 7 should read, “($81,640).” Daleiden seconded. The motion carried 5-0.
Daleiden moved to approve the Agenda, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Potter, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Approve Request From City Of Otsego To Waive The 30-Day Notice To Amend The TIF (Tax Increment Financing) Plan For TIF District No. 1 For P&F Machining, Inc., Great River Centre.
1. Close Wright County Administration Office at 4:00 P.M. on 4-18-16 To Conduct Active Shooter Training.
1. Approve Charitable Gambling Application Form LG220, Arthritis Foundation Upper Midwest Region, Stockholm Karting Center, 13185 US Hwy. 12 SW, Cokato MN 55321 (Stockholm Twp.)
1. Approve Claims as Listed in the Abstract, Subject to Audit, for a Total of $278,211.55 with 221 Vendors and 419 Transactions.
1. Approve Renewal of 2016 Tobacco License for:
A. City of St. Michael: Fox Hollow Golf Club.
1. Position Replacement
A. Financial Worker
B. Social Worker
1. The Wright County Parks Commission Recommends To The Wright County Board of Commissioners:
A. Acceptance of the 2015 Wright County Parks Department Year End Report.
B. Adoption of the Collinwood Park Master Plan.
1. Recommend approval of the renewal of an existing Revocable License by Wright County to provide one parking space, located at 1901, HWY 25 N, Buffalo, MN 55313 for the purpose of parking a Government Owned Vehicle that is used to provide transportation for Veterans living in Wright County Area to the St. Cloud VA Health Care System for medical Care. This License is deemed effective April 1, 2016 and shall automatically expire on September 30, 2016.
Kelly presented a Retirement Plaque to Barb Gabrelcik, County Recorder, in recognition of her 38 years of service. Gabrelcik thanked the County Board, Kelly, other Department Heads, and her staff for their support.
Approve February Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report
Potter moved to approve the February Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0.
Authorize Purchase of DS200 Ballot Counter from ES&S (Election Systems & Software)
Hiivala said currently the County owns M100 machines. The M100 utilizes a card that holds data for ten precincts. He received a quote for a pre-owned DS200 Ballot Counter. The DS200 takes a card that has the capacity to store data and read ballots from all County precincts. Hiivala said he would like to put the DS200 in place now due to potential legislative changes.
The DS200 model under consideration was used in only one Canadian election. The cost for the machine is $4,750 (after a $1,000 credit), with an additional $95 for shipping and $90 for an extra jump drive. Hiivala said he would have budgeted for this item in 2017. The DS200 may become the new industry standard. Daleiden moved to approve the purchase of the DS200 Ballot Counter for a total of $4,935, funded from the Capital Projects Fund. Husom seconded. The motion carried unanimously.
Informational Only: Mail Balloting
Hiivala said the cost of elections will go up. The County’s elections equipment is aging, and precincts will have to buy new machines. Other County Auditor/Treasurers are encouraging smaller precincts to transition to a mail balloting solution. State Statute stipulates the criteria for eligibility for mail balloting. Hiivala said his Department will offer this option to small precincts in the County. The cost share will have to be determined. His Department is reaching out to these precincts to see assess their interest in mail balloting. There is no cost to the County at this time.
There was a discussion regarding two small city precincts in the County who already have mail balloting. Dayton and South Haven are two additional precincts in the County that are eligible for mail balloting, as are Townships. Hiivala said this would be an alternative to purchasing new equipment. This is an informational item only.
Recommend Approval for Launette Figliuzzi, the Wright County Veterans Service Officer, to Attend the National Association of County Veterans Service Officer (NACVSO), Inc. Annual Accreditation Training Conference & Business Meeting from 5-14-16 to 5-20-16 in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Figliuzzi said this is part of her annual credentialing and accreditation. The expense is fully funded by the approved State Grant from the Minnesota Office of Veterans Affairs. The only cost to the County would be her normal wages. Borrell moved to approve Figliuzzi’s travel and attendance at the NACVSO Annual Accreditation Training Conference & Business Meeting, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0.
Update Regarding Planning Efforts of the Crow River Regional Trail
Mattice provided an update on the Joint Partnership with Three Rivers Park District, and Wright and Carver Counties regarding the Crow River Regional Trail (Trail). The PowerPoint presentation on the subject was distributed at the meeting and later attached to the online Board packet. The Trail will be approximately 32 miles long, and will connect users to the Crow River. The Trail goes through the Cities of Rockford, Delano, Hanover, Otsego, Dayton, Minnetrista, and Independence. The Trail will also cross into the City of Rogers in Hennepin County before moving north to Otsego and Dayton. Mattice said conversations with the Cities are forthcoming regarding operations and maintenance of the trails, and to determine cost share. He said the goal is for Greater Minnesota to achieve Regional Designation, so that Cities may apply for construction funds. This was an informational item only.
As Recommended by the Wright County Parks Commission, Authorize the Parks Department to Apply for Regional Designation for: Crow River Regional Trail, Crow River System of Parks, and Stanley Eddy Park Reserve
Mattice said the Wright County Parks Commission reviewed a variety of options toward achieving three Regional Designations: the Crow River Regional Trail as explained previously, the Crow River System of Parks, and Stanley Eddy Park Reserve.
The second designation request is for the Crow River System of Parks. Mattice said this is an unusual concept. There are nine County parks with river accesses and camping that run along the North Fork of the Crow River from the County’s western border to the eastern boundary. Once Regional Designation is achieved, the County can apply for Legacy Funds in the future. He explained that the Crow River Regional Trail follows the main branch of the Crow River, while the Crow River System of Parks primarily follows the North Fork of the Crow River.
The third designation request is for Stanley Eddy Park Reserve. Mattice explained that this land has always been maintained as a park reserve with limited recreational facility development, unaltered ecosystems, and biological diversity. Mattice said the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission will agree that Stanley Eddy Park Reserve meets their criteria for cross sections of outdoor recreational facilities. Mattice said less than two percent of original vegetation remains in Wright County that existed when the land was settled. All 879 acres of Stanley Eddy Park Reserve are included in that inventory. Mattice said the only expenses to the County would be his time to apply for the Designation. If designated, Mattice said they would develop sustainable trails in the Park Reserve with grant funds.
Potter moved to authorize the Parks Department to apply for Regional Designation for the Crow River Regional Trail, Crow River System of Parks, and Stanley Eddy Park Reserve. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
Regional Designation Support Resolution - Crow River System Of Parks
Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution 16-18, seconded by Potter. The Resolution carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Regional Designation Support Resolution – Crow River Regional Trail
Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution 16-19, seconded by Borrell. The Resolution carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Regional Designation Support Resolution – Stanley Eddy Park Reserve
Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution 16-20, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Resolution Of Support For The Crow River Regional Trail - Three Rivers Park District
Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution 16-21, seconded by Borrell. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Resolution In Support Of Bonding Money For Parks And Trails
Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution 16-22, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Borrell asked to remove his statement on Page 2, Paragraph 5, Line 2, of the Minutes which reads: “Borrell suggested that a Public Health Nurse assess these clients.” He said later in the discussion he came to agree with Husom, who felt doctors are the most appropriate professionals. Potter moved to approve the 3-22-16 Committee Of The Whole Minutes as amended, seconded by Borrell. The motion carried 5-0. The Committee Of The Whole Minutes follow:
County Coordinator Lee Kelly referenced his memo of 3-18-16 to County Commissioners regarding Supportive Care to Frail Elderly or Disabled Ordinance (see attached memo and original Ordinance). He said there appear to be three options regarding this Ordinance, originally passed in the 1980s, and amended in 1998:
1) Repeal the Ordinance;
2) Modify as requested by the Health & Human Services Department (see attached red-letter and strike-through versions respectively); or
3) Make no changes to the Ordinance.
Kelly said the requests for the temporary placement of mobile homes on single family parcels for the purpose of providing home care to the frail, elderly or disabled arise on average once every one or two years. Kelly said the Ordinance was intended to allow people to keep their elderly family members nearby versus placing them in nursing homes. Locating mobile homes on single family lots ordinarily does not comply with zoning Ordinances. The process included Health & Human Services (HHS) staff conducting assessments of the elderly person in question to determine their medical need for the accommodation.
HHS Director Jami Goodrum Schwartz (Schwartz) referenced the strike-through version, Subdivision 3, Sections i and ii (Application Procedure), which eliminates the phrase “Wright County Human Services Agency” from the Application Procedure verbiage. Instead, the clause would read:
i. Application for a permit shall be made to the Wright County Office of Planning and Zoning for the purpose of an onsite inspection of the property.
Schwartz outlined the following additional proposed changes:
1) The original section under Section 3. iv regarding an assessment fee would be struck from the Ordinance;
2) The original Subdivision 4 (Home Care Assessment Process), Sections i-v would be removed;
3) The original Subdivision 5 (Consideration by Board of Commissioners) would eliminate Section ii, which reads:
a. The Agency’s screening team shall submit a summary of the standard home care assessment results and the team’s recommendation to the Wright County Board of Commissioners.
4) The original Subdivision 7 (Periodic Review) would be eliminated entirely.
Schwartz said HHS no longer does health care as part of their services. The assessment documents referenced in the Ordinance are no longer used. Schwartz said HHS staff uses the MnCHOICES assessment tool now. She added that there are more services available for the frail, elderly or disabled populations now than when the Ordinance was originally adopted. Schwartz said it is better to have the client’s medical provider join in the discussion with County Planning & Zoning because they usually know the person better than HHS staff.
Sawatzke said the reports HHS provided in the past regarding these requests were valuable. He asked who would conduct the assessments in lieu of HHS. Schwartz replied that the medical provider would assess the person. Sawatzke said he thinks the assessment meets a need and is useful.
Social Services Supervisor Richelle Kramer said there are a total of five such mobile homes for the elderly and frail in Wright County at this time. They are assessed annually. Schwartz said HHS would like to be removed from the assessment part of the process, as they may not know the circumstances as well as the client’s doctor. When the Ordinance was originally adopted, a Public Health Nurse went to the mobile home with a Social Worker.
Public Health Director Carol Schefers said when the Ordinance was originally put in place, HHS was a home care agency and provided those type of services. HHS is now doing elderly waivers instead of home care. Assessment documents were shorter in the past. Schwartz said MnCHOICES documents are longer and very labor-intensive. They are more useful for determining the need for other assessments.
Sawatzke expressed concern that eliminating the HHS assessment step and requiring only a doctor’s note would drive up the number of requests to place mobile homes on single family properties. Borrell said if a neighbor complains that the mobile home isn’t being used as stated, Planning & Zoning will ask them to remove it.
Discussion followed regarding available tools other than the MnCHOICES assessment. Schwartz said it takes three hours with the client and another three hours of background checking to complete the MnCHOICES assessment. Planning and Zoning Administrator Sean Riley said his Department can’t provide a report to the
County Board regarding the client’s medical needs. The Board must be shown that a legitimate medical reason exists in order to place the structure.
Daleiden suggested that HHS, Planning & Zoning, and Attorney Greg Kryzer from the County Attorney’s Office work together to determine an alternative assessment process. Husom said she believes that doctors are the most appropriate professionals to make this kind of determination. Schwartz said she and her staff will investigate whether the MnCHOICES assessment is mandated, or if there are shorter alternatives.
Sawatzke said he likes the checks and balances that exist with the current program. He directed staff to correct a few typographical errors, make the assessment timeline more reasonable, and determine the best assessment method. Kelly said any changes to the Ordinance will have to go through the public hearing process.
Recommendation: Planning & Zoning and Health & Human Services staff will meet with Greg Kryzer from the County Attorney’s Office and present a recommendation to the County Board within 90 days.
(End of 3-22-16 Committee Of The Whole Minutes)
Husom moved to approve the 3-23-16 Personnel Committee Minutes, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0. The Personnel Committee Minutes follow:
I. Request for Reclassification of Property Tax Administrator/Chief Deputy Auditor Treasurer Resulting in New Salary Range
Request reclassification based on consultants rating of position taking into consideration addition of Assistant Finance Director, impact of decision making and technical aspect of position. Position will be reclassified to pay grade 21.
Recommendation: approve request for reclassification of Property Tax Administrator/Chief Deputy Auditor Treasurer to pay grade 21.
II. Request to Hire Right-of-Way Agent/Engineering Assistant
Retirement of current Right-of-Way Agent/Engineering Assistant on May 31, 2016. Request to begin hiring process before retirement date to allow cross-training with new employee before current incumbent retires to ensure seamless transition and to keep projects moving forward and on track (i.e. CSAH 3 and two (2) federal projects).
Recommendation: approve request to post position before vacant for possible overlap and cross-training between current incumbent and new employee.
III. VISA Sponsorship
Discussed consideration of H-1B Visa sponsorship.
Recommendation: Research employer requirements to qualify for sponsorship including prevailing wage issue. If appropriate, bring request for H-1B Visa Sponsorship back to Personnel Committee in January 2017 for consideration for filing by the April 1, 2017 deadline.
IV. Performance Appraisal – Sean Riley, Planning & Zoning Administrator
Recommendation: Based on three reviews received, the Committee recommends a rating of “Meets Expectations.”
(End of 3-23-16 Personnel Committee Minutes)
Daleiden moved to approve the 3-23-16 Technology Committee Minutes, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0. The Technology Committee Minutes follow:
I. Boardroom Audio/Video
Youtube is still being evaluated for audio/video in the Boardroom, but there have been issues with audio. It has been decided to use Wirecast instead of XSplit to provide the stream to Youtube. Livestream will be retained through April for testing purposes.
The current overall audio setup has a lot of distortion, but the current control system works well. Existing equipment is outdated and/or not set up properly. Would like to look at updating both audio and video. Tagarro recommended getting estimates from several vendors for upgraded equipment and put in 2017 Budget.
Recommendation: Proceed with pricing and options for updating the audio/video system.
II. Wireless Project Update & Future Discussion
Wireless installs have been completed and are working well except for some mobile devices and tablets in the Sheriff’s Office. IT is working on getting the problem fixed. Overall people seem pleased. The project came in under budget by approximately $8K. Password for the wireless access will be changed monthly. As of now there is a two hour time out.
IT would like to get a site survey done for next year’s expansion for new access points that would provide better coverage. The completed wireless project was for upgrading existing access points. IT could use the remainder of the under budgeted dollars for the Professional Services cost of the survey.
Recommendation: Proceed with getting estimates for survey.
III. Server Room Updating
IT would like to pursue replacing the tile flooring in the Server Room. The tiles are delaminating and coming apart, creating a tripping hazard. The raised flooring and tile are approximately 25 years old. The raised flooring and gap against wall is there to distribute cooling air to the servers, but with new additional servers being placed the configuration is causing air flow not to work efficiently.
IT would like to replace some old server rack equipment with new equipment along with replacing the cooling system and flooring in the Server Room. The Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology (MNOET) is helping to fund the cost of the new cooling system. The cost for new tiles range from $25 to $60 per tile depending on quality and proprietary requirements.
Recommendation: Proceed with getting pricing for server room improvements
IV. Misc:
Commissioner Daleiden ask about the progress of outstanding projects in IT. The response was no significant gains have been made. When one project gets closed, two more appear.
The new Records Management Analyst – Scott Larson starting 3/24/2016
The new Senior Systems Engineer – Brian Malinski starting approx. 4/11/2016
Todd Hoffman said the Sheriff Department is having a hard time adjusting to the TSS rotation. Thought it is a good idea to cross train the Technicians, but misses having a dedicated Technician for the department.
IT (Seth Malwitz) will be doing a County wide Help Desk Survey with questions like: how are we perceived, what do you like and don’t like about the current Help Desk process.
IT is revamping the job description for the Lead Developer.
(End of 3-23-16 Technology Committee Minutes)
Kelly provided an overview. Sawatzke received a letter from Stearns County regarding a discussion of term limits for Watershed District Managers. The standard term for Committee appointees at Stearns County is nine years. Sawatzke said that Wright County Watershed District Managers do not have term limits. He did not have a strong opinion either for or against term limits for these appointees.
Husom will discuss this with the Clearwater Watershed District Board at their meeting the second Wednesday in April. Sawatzke said if the Stearns County Board feels strongly one way, he will go along with them. If they are split, he is not inclined to establish term limits for the Watershed District Managers in Wright County. Potter moved to refer this item back to the Clearwater Watershed District for discussion, asking them to forward a recommendation to the Wright County Board regarding their preference. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
Daleiden said someone contacted him about buying this property. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy County Attorney, told Daleiden the property must be appraised, advertised for bids, and a minimum bid price set. He said the County Assessor should be involved as well. Asleson said if the property remains unsold after advertising for bids, the County may employ a broker. If the County re-advertises for bids, there would be no need to hire an appraiser. Asleson suggested that the Board refer the matter to Committee to discuss price, and then advertise for bids.
Daleiden moved to refer the property at 4030 Naber Avenue in St. Michael to a closed session of the Ways and Means Committee. Borrell seconded, and the motion carried 5-0. Potter moved to schedule the closed Ways and Means Committee meeting for 4-05-16 at 1:00 PM. The motion carried 5-0.
1. River Rider: Sawatzke said they are waiting for a final report related to the audit, and a refund check from the State. He will email the attorney today requesting an update, and will copy Daleiden.
2. Central Minnesota Mental Health Center Board: Sawatzke attended the meeting last night. He is very impressed with their new Director. They had a good month financially. The numbers were up significantly. The organization has also hired a new Human Resources person.
3. Transportation Hearings: Potter said he sat in on several Transportation Hearings at the State Capitol last week, and attended a Highway 25 Coalition meeting on Friday. Information regarding the Highway 25 Coalition will be made available to Asleson shortly.
4. Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Joint Powers Board Workforce Center: Husom attended the National Association of Workforce Boards Conference in Washington D.C. recently. The opening session was with Vivek Wadhwa, a technology entrepreneur and academic. He provided information regarding advances in technology that could potentially solve global problems via robotics, synthetic biology, 3D printing, and more. Husom will provide additional information in subsequent weeks.
Bills Approved
Abbott Northwestern Hospital $173.54
Accurate USA 122.50
Advanced Graphix Inc 3,920.00
Ag Neovo Technology Corporation 160.00
Aramark Services Inc 16,039.64
Archonix 6,130.00
Association of MN Counties 500.00
Bach/Theron J and Susan L 11,000.00
Bankers Advertising Co Inc 437.02
Beaudry Propane Inc 1,762.40
Bersie/Bruce 124.99
Bluetarp Financial Inc 319.99
Bob Barker Company Inc 1,003.60
BP Amoco 391.87
Bryan Rock Products 904.71
Buffalo Auto Value 503.80
C & C Embroidery 698.75
Cariveau/Kristy 341.00
Center Point Energy 1,865.20
Centra Sota Coop - Buffalo 13,534.66
CenturyLink 3,170.70
CenturyLink 1,264.81
Climate Air 2,912.17
CST Distribution LLC 1,151.64
Dell Marketing LP 348.77
Design Elect. Inc-Cold Spring 2,371.25
Emergent Networks 1,352.00
Gabriel/Cathleen 400.00
Glunz Construction Septic Serv. 130.00
Grainger 364.45
Granite Electronics 15,264.00
Hardings Towing Inc 250.00
Hendricks/Bryan 147.00
Hermes/Richard 973.00
Integrated Fire & Security 358.55
JLR Garage Door Service Inc 1,625.00
Jordan/Mark S and Carol R 2,400.00
Karels Towing 164.00
Kraus Anderson Construction 57,311.28
Kustom Signals Inc 112.66
Loberg Electric 2,107.48
M-R Sign Company Inc 142.48
Marco 1,759.12
Mckesson Medical-Surgical 1,234.26
Menards - Buffalo 245.03
Midstates Equip and Supply 23,634.00
Miller/Richard 125.00
MN Assn of County Officers 335.00
MN Bureau of Crim. Apprehension 740.00
MN County Attorneys Association 440.00
MN HTCIA 360.00
MNn Law Enforcement Explorers 2,000.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 383.37
Net Transcripts Inc 1,184.05
Norment Security Group Inc 253.78
Northern Safety Technology 168.90
O’Reilly Auto Parts 104.42
Office Depot 2,022.68
Performance Kennels Inc 118.20
Premier Biotech Labs LLC 231.75
Ramada Plaza Suites Fargo 296.14
Ray Allen Mfg Co LLC 299.93
Royal Tire Inc 299.98
Select Account 1,573.10
Service Fire Protection Inc 2,136.00
Sign Man of MN Inc/The 300.00
Sprint 4,443.13
Sprint 2,960.46
Stericycle Inc 316.29
Suburban Emergency Assoc. PA 210.32
T & M Towing and Snow Plowing 585.00
T & S Trucking 12,881.25
Thrifty White Pharmacy 1,912.13
Total Printing 515.00
Tracker 2,585.00
Trimin Systems Inc 28,350.00
Verizon Wireless 9,759.44
Waverly/City of 313.90
Windstream 184.53
Wright County Auditor Treasurer 5,014.14
Wright County Highway Dept 3,261.95
Wright County Journal Press 554.19
Wright County Surveyor 300.00
Wright Henn. Coop Elec Assn 5,745.49
Wright Hennepin Electric 526.57
Xcel Energy 1,507.51
Zep Sales & Services 317.20
26 Payments less than $100 1,468.43
Final total $278,211.55
The meeting adjourned at 10:42 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal April 18, 2016.