Wright County Board Minutes

JUNE 21, 2016
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Borrell moved to approve the 6-14-16 County Board Minutes, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0.
Husom moved to approve the Agenda, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Borrell, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Madden, Galanter & Hansen Claim, May 2016
1. Refer To Building Committee Modification To The Human Service Center Room 127
1. Approve Renewal of Annual On Sale (including Sunday) and Off Sale Liquor License for Two Friends of Annandale, Inc. DBA Hitching Post at Lake Center
2. Approve Renewal of Annual On Sale (including Sunday) Liquor License for Normano’s LLC DBA Norm’s Wayside
3. Approve 6-13-16 Wright County Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting Minutes
1. Approve Claims As Listed In The Abstract, Subject To Audit, For A Total of $315,630.83 With 168 Vendors & 232 Transactions
1. Position Replacement: A. Highway Maintenance Worker
1. Refer To Personnel Committee The Pre-Backfill Of IT Office Assistant
1. Accept the findings and recommendations of the Planning Commission for the following rezoning:
A. KEVIN BUTCHER - (Franklin Twp.). Planning Commission unanimously recommends approval of the rezoning of approximately 26 acres from AG General Agricultural to A/R Agricultural-Residential
1. Authorize Signatures On MN DOC Work Release Contract, Eff. 7-01-16 Through 6-30-17. Renewal Of Existing Contract With No Changes.
CEDS Presentation and Resolution
Northagen said the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is part of a planning process that the Federal Economic Development Authority (EDA) assists with to allow for funding. Benton, Stearns, Sherburne and Wright County do not have a Regional Development Commission (RDC) to represent them and do the CEDS on their behalf. The CEDS Strategy contributes to effective economic development in America’s communities and regions through a locally based, regionally driven economic development planning process. History and background information material was provided.
Northagen said discussions have occurred for over 2 years on how to handle the CEDS and Quad County processes. The solution being brought forward is to partner with the CMJTS as the core body for the four counties for the EDA and CEDS process.
Chaffee introduced CMJTS staff including: Tricia Bigaouette-Finance Director, Leslie Wojtowicz-Workforce Development Division Manager, and Tim Zipoy-Workforce Development Coordinator. An overview was provided of the handouts, “Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Region 7W Counties of Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright Counties” and “Minnesota Association of Development Organizations (MADO) Comprehensive Development Strategy for Greater Minnesota.” The CMJTS can utilize governance structure and employ staff to develop the new CEDS. The EDA Partnership Planning Grant Program can provide short-term planning funds for CEDS. The initial grant through the Federal EDA will be for $100,000 and requires a $50,000 cash match. For the first year, contributions have been identified from Xcel Energy-$7,000 and Initiative Foundation-$10,000. This leaves a $33,000 match from the Quad Counties. Years 1 and 2 would require the cash match; Year 3 would include additional funding from CMJTS; and Year 4 the cash match would be covered by CMJTS. If the resolution is approved, Wright County would contribute the following amounts as a cash match in the event the planning grant application is approved: Year 1 = $8,250; Year 2 = $12,500; and Year 3 = $7,500. Grant expenditures would include a full-time economic development coordinator, phone service, and supplies totaling the $100,000 figure. CMJTS would cover in-kind contributions and housing the economic development coordinator on site. Stearns and Sherburne Counties have approved the Plan, and it is being presented to Wright and Benton Counties today for approval. A resolution of support was provided from the City of Monticello.
Northagen said that discussion included how best to request funding from Counties, whether on a per capita or equal share basis. The consensus of the Counties was to proceed on an equal share basis. Sawatzke provided history, stating that at one point there was discussion by the 7W group on creating a separate office for CEDS or having one of the counties include this under their EDP. From an administrative standpoint, it was too costly to have a stand-alone office. The proposal would be a means of streamlining. Borrell requested that the County Board be updated on the results to evaluate what it has done for Wright County. Chaffee will provide an annual report.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #16-36 seconded by Husom, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote. Funding for 2016 will be from Budget 100, Professional Services.
Adopt Resolution Approving Central Minnesota Housing Partnership As Administrator For The Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Program (RRDL) In Wright County
Central MN Housing Partnership received funding for the 2016-2017 Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Program. This is the second term of applying for a grant. The first grant received for rental rehabilitation in 16 counties was $2.5 million. This year, a grant was received for $1.5 million with the possibility of additional funding from administrators who don’t use the funds. Neuerburg request approval of a resolution designating Central Minnesota Housing Partnership as the administrative body for the Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Program in Wright County. The Program is designed to keep a low to moderate income property in the County affordable.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #16-37, seconded by Husom. The next time this is presented, Daleiden requested information on where the funds were used and how much rent is being charged. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
At 9:30 A.M., the bid process closed for the Wright County exterior lighting retrofit project. Alan Wilczek, Facility Services Director, opened and read the bids:
Loberg Electric, Inc.; Olson & Sons Electric, Inc.
Government Center: $69,788; $99,400
Human Services Center: $27,632; $32,074
Historical Society: $3,518; $4,770
Loberg Electric, Inc.; Olson & Sons Electric, Inc.
Add Alternate #1 HSC Soffit: $340; $900
Add Alternate #2 Hist. New North: $2,548; $3,350
Add Alternate #3 Hist. New Poles: $15,216; $12,586
Add Alternate #4 *GC NE: $619; **
*Add Alternate #4 was established due to the Engineer drawings misrepresenting a fixture that is not currently in place on the NE corner of the Government Center. Scope includes installation of a new fixture at the same elevation as the existing facing one.
**A representative from Olson & Sons Electric, Inc. stated that Add Alternate #4 is included in the Base Bid for the Government Center.
Wilczek requested the bids be laid over to the next Board Meeting to allow validation. Potter moved to lay the bids over for one week, seconded by Daleiden, and carried 5-0.
Award Low Bid For CSAH 35/CR 134 Roundabout To New Look Contracting
The bid opening for Contract #1603, CSAH 35/CR 134 Roundabout Project (SP 086-070-010) occurred on 5-27-16. The recommendation is to award the Contract to the low bidder, New Look Contracting, Inc., of Rogers, MN, in the amount of $962,784.00. MnDOT has approved the DBE percentage. The Engineer’s estimate is $835,825.85. Project funding is local levy, $450,000 in federal funding, and $85,000 from the City of Buffalo. Hawkins said an additional $100,000 in HSIP funding will be available. Potter moved to award the Contract to New Look Contracting, Inc., seconded by Daleiden, and carried 5-0.
Resolution Approving Agreement 1002560 & Amendment 01468-1 With MnDOT For Traffic Control At TH 55 & CSAH 3
The Amendment and Agreement provide for removal of the existing RICWC system (rural intersection control system) and approval of Agreement 1003560 for MnDOT to construct a traffic signal system at TH 55 and CSAH 3 with 100% State funding. Husom moved to adopt Resolution #16-38, seconded by Daleiden. Discussion followed on the crashes and fatality at this intersection. Borrell referenced the intersection of TH 55 and CSAH 6 as a comparable. Hawkins said review of that intersection would be by MnDOT. The motion carried 4-1 on a roll call vote, with Borrell casting the nay vote.
At the last Board Meeting, the consensus was for staff to present additional information at today’s meeting. Kelly referenced the requested material, including a bonding scenario and a County Court Facilities Cost Analysis. In addition, a letter was received from John Hoffman, Chief Judge Tenth Judicial District.
Wilczek stated that the data provided in the County Court Facilities Cost Analysis entails projects ranging from 2006 to 2016 and reflects costs at today’s dollars. Architects contacted agreed that using a 5% compounding rate of growth would bring the projected figures close to today’s dollars. Wilczek stated a 3%-6% range would be a good range to use. The figures presented include construction costs but do not include architect fees and soft costs (additional 15-20% for soft costs). Because of the time frame to compile the data, he did not provide in-depth information on potentially shared MEP’s with other buildings. Crow Wing is a project that did not include a jail facility as part of the stand-alone structure.
Another factor in determining costs is whether systems are shared (HVAC, electrical, etc.). In response to Sawatzke, Wilczek said the Jail/LEC complex has its own HVAC system but there may be the potential to connect to electrical service. He would need to verify this. Wilczek said the general consensus from those contacted is that the cost for courts construction would be slightly over $300/sq. ft. Sawatzke said for a 90,000 sq. ft. building that would equate to about $33 million including soft costs.
Kelly stated the next step will be to authorize staff to finish the RFP document for architectural services. There is a meeting set up with Wold next week on costs and design for remodel of the current Courts area based on a three-year occupancy. Sawatzke said his expectation is that the remodeling costs will be well below the $1.5 million figure discussed previously. He also would like the future Courts Facility to have matching components or be complimentary to the Jail/LEC and include some consistencies (i.e., same type of restrooms). KKE Architects was hired for construction of the Jail/LEC, and he understands they have been bought by another firm. He asked that Wilczek contact the representatives that worked on the Jail/LEC to discuss systems and whether they were built with the expectation to connect to a courts building.
Discussion led to bonding and timeline. Sawatzke referenced Scenario A which includes a 2007A refunding. Kelly stated that is to attain better rates. Sawatzke did not think the County would complete bonding in 2017 for courts. Kelly stated it will probably be the later part of 2017 with the first payment due in 2018. That will be decided as things move ahead. Sawatzke said if the expectation is a 3-year timeframe, then construction would start in the spring of 2018. Husom understands it would be the spring of 2017. Sawatzke does not want the process hurried so as to avoid errors and omissions. Kelly said in casual discussions with Wold, there would be 8 months plus of design. The absolute earliest start date will be late spring to summer of 2017.
Daleiden moved to work on the RFP for the architect for the Courts Facility, seconded by Potter. Borrell suggested a road tour of some of the other courts facilities in the State. Sawatzke thought 4-5 should be selected to visit. The motion carried 5-0.
The meeting recessed at 10:21 A.M. and reconvened at 10:28 A.M.
Eradication/Management of Wild Parsnip
Reports were provided by Heuring and Saxton on the eradication and management of wild parsnip. Heuring spoke of his efforts to contact property owners and supply them with informational packets (flyer from MnDOT on the cultural and biological aspects of wild parsnip reflecting when to spray and mow) and a pamphlet from the SWCD. Wild Parsnip needs to be continually monitored. Those contacted have been compliant and the Railroad has been spraying as well. Areas of concern this year are the CR 7 and CR 8 corridors as well as TH 12. Heuring holds a license to spray.
Borrell spoke of efforts to eradicate Wild Parsnip from his property. He asked whether mowing at the incorrect time spreads the seeds. Heuring said Wild parsnip can be spread by mower decks. It takes a couple weeks for the plant to flower and produce viable seed. If the plants are flowering, it may not be a good time to mow. Borrell suggested potentially imposing ditch mowing restrictions similar to what is done with road restrictions.
Heuring said efforts last year were beneficial in the Goose Lake/62nd St. NW area. The area was heavily infested and this year there are only about 6 plants. Saxton said the SWCD has been in contact with the Railroad in an effort to have them complete spraying. More people are needed that are interested and willing to spray. Wild Parsnip is a biennial plant and the seed will last for 5 years. Rosettes lie below the grass the first year so it is difficult to see them while spraying. When a plant is mowed, it will send up another stalk.
Borrell asked whether there should be a coordinator or central command for management efforts. Sawatzke referenced the Wright County Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) Meetings. The most recent meeting held was on 4-12-16. Saxton said one of the problems relates to a lack of funding for these efforts. They attempt to coordinate management efforts. Grants include BWSR ($15,000 until 12-3-18) and Local Weed Management Fund ($20,000). The DNR does not have a large budget to eradicate. Although spread by mowing, it can be spread by other large equipment, earth moving equipment, and 4-wheelers. Saxton had a test area along TH 55 and it took about 3 years to get it under control. It will still take further checks to make sure it hasn’t returned.
Steve Meyer, Highway Maintenance Supervisor, said the Highway Departments currently has two licensed people spraying as a total package for thistle, poison ivy, wild parsnip and brush. They burn or spray up to the railroad or right-of-way line. The Highway Department, SWCD and Ag Inspector work together to identify areas. Relating to possible mowing restrictions, the Highway Department mows by driveways for safety reasons or they receive complaints. Sawatzke suggested that property owners could weed whip in the areas of their driveways.
Heuring spoke of a volunteer who hand pulled over 10,000 plants. Husom said that person should be invited to township meetings. Those who do not spray could consider this as a means of eradication.
AIS Update
Saxton provided an overview of an AIS Budget Handout reflecting a total of about $403,000 available in 2016 (includes carry over dollars from 2015 of $163,600.76). AIS education has been targeted. Roving inspectors make up about $130,000 in the budget. No landing is inspected 24 hours. More effort is expended with Clearwater Lake and Lake John as they are infested with zebra mussels. Boaters are being instructed to decontaminate or dry out boats. A decontamination unit was purchased by the County for $18,000 and about 65 boats have been decontaminated. If a boat comes from an infested lake, it is suggested it is decontaminated. The problem lies in that zebra mussels can be in motor housings and on trailers. Discussion followed on rolling filters between Lake John and Lake Sylvia at an estimated cost of $500,000 for 2-3 filters. Lake Sylvia residents may fund half. A grant has been applied for through the Initiative Foundation, and the SWCD has contributed $50,000 toward the project. This rolling filter cleans itself and heats water. With that type of system, there will be maintenance. The DNR will be cautious about permitting and will likely want a government agency involved. Saxton said that would be the County. Saxton said $100,000 has been budgeted for weed treatment efforts with 50% cost share for up to two species. Saxton plans to provide future updates on AIS.
1. Howard Lake Good Neighbor Days. Good Neighbor Days will be held June 24-26. The Fairgrounds will host many of the events but the pork chop dinner will be held at the Fire Department Building. Shuttle services will be provided.
2. Daleiden said the Board discussed a property at their last meeting and provided a property owner the opportunity to clean up the parcel prior to the County hiring to have it done. Daleiden viewed the property last week and took pictures. He will do that again next Monday afternoon prior to this topic being discussed at Tuesday’s Board Meeting.
3. State Audit Meeting. Sawatzke said a meeting was held with State Audit staff on 6-15-16 because of the timetable the State Auditor had to meet. Information on the Audit Exit is available for review. It was the consensus that the Board will not hold a Committee Of The Whole Audit Exit Meeting.
4. Bertram Chain Of Lakes. Sawatzke referenced an event held on 6-18-16 relating to the new YMCA Camp Manitou Open House. He understands approximately 600 people attended, in addition to those that were at the public beach.
5. River Rider. Potter attended a 7W Transportation Meeting in St. Cloud on 6-24-16. He spoke with Sue Siemers at MnDOT who indicated that the audit has been completed and the County should be receiving a report within two weeks.
6. Wright County Economic Development Partnership. Potter attended a learning luncheon in Delano. Sil-Pro is a business that had a major expansion. If this continues, they may be one of the major employers in the County. The Greater MSP helped to facilitate the expansion.
7. Bonding Conference. Potter attended the conference on 6-14-16. Discussion included the southwest light rail.
8. MEADA. Husom said a number of grants were provided to schools last year. Post cards on the Social Host Ordinance were sent to parents of middle school and high school students.
9. CRWD. AIS and targeted fertilizer projects continue. They are planning a road tour with an invitation to local governmental units. The tour will probably be held in August.
Bills Approved 6/21/16
Abbott Northwestern Hospital $191.04
Allina Health 881.18
Allina Hospitals & Clinics 2,502.00
Annandale Rock Products 1,974.24
Anoka County Fiscal Services 11,472.00
Applied Concepts Inc 7,350.00
Aramark Services Inc 15,698.48
Arctic Glacier USA Inc 173.88
AT&T 175.00
B & D Plumbing & Heating 3,200.00
Bob Barker Company Inc 2,100.30
Buffalo/City of 24,978.28
CDW Government Inc 4,130.00
Centra Sota Coop- Buffalo 34,991.89
CenturyLink 564.32
CenturyLink 1,363.41
CenturyLink (Hwy use) 232.17
Climate Air 10,814.42
Constellation Justice Systems 16,162.00
Custom Towing LLC 250.00
CXTEC 351.63
Dell Marketing LP 719.94
Evans/Karen 144.00
Figliuzzi/Launette 368.00
GCS Service Inc 617.59
Glunz Constr. Septic Service LLC 130.00
Grainger 964.77
Green View Inc 21,787.34
Hagen, Christensen & McIlwain 12,485.54
Herald Journal Publishing Inc 270.57
Hesse/Sunny 117.00
Hiivala/Robert 684.49
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 1,109.12
Huffcutt Concrete Inc 29,250.00
Jobe/Steven 122.00
Junction Towing & Auto Repair 1,187.00
Keeprs Inc 429.17
Klatt True Value Electric 198.43
Knife River Corp. - North Central 132.60
L3 Communications Inc 2,552.55
Loberg Electric 114.15
M-R Sign Company Inc 628.30
MACA 100.00
Maple Lake/City of 1,006.25
Martin Marietta Materials 2,426.68
Menards - Buffalo 185.97
Metro Group Inc/The 5,502.00
Miller/Nathan 379.50
Mini Biff LLC 1,064.40
Minnesota State Auditor 29,553.04
MN Bureau of Crim. Apprehen. 240.00
MN County Attorneys Association 125.00
MN Elevator Inc 14,141.62
MN Native Landscapes 2,794.00
MN Pollution Control Agency 496.24
MN Sheriffs Association 760.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 288.30
Net Transcripts Inc 429.01
Northland Chemical Corporation 205.76
Office Depot 1,304.18
Peterson’s Towing & Recovery 102.00
Potter/Michael J 855.33
Prinsco Inc 384.00
Ratwik,Roszak,&Maloney 2,297.72
RCM Specialties Inc 3,276.00
Ridley/Glenda 387.00
Rinke-Noonan 868.10
Royal Tire Inc 2,205.80
RTVision Inc 1,894.75
SHI International Corp 4,663.00
Suburban Tire Wholesale Inc 4,246.28
Thomson Reuters West Publishing 183.75
Thrifty White Pharmacy 2,336.53
Total Printing 142.00
Towmaster 124.40
Vaith/Tammi 670.09
Verizon Wireless 10,845.84
Wright Hennepin Electric 1,344.53
Xcel Energy 128.90
19 Payments less than $100 852.10
Final total $315,630.83
The meeting adjourned at 11:29 a.m.
Approved for Payment 6/20/16
US Bank $7,842.73
Published in the Herald Journal July 11, 2016.