Wright County Board Minutes

AUGUST 2, 2016
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Borrell, Daleiden, Husom, and Potter present.
The following correction was made to the 7-26-16 County Board Minutes: Page 3, Advisory Committee/Advisory Board Updates, Item 2, change from “Marty” to “Martie” (Husom). Borrell moved to approve the 7-26-16 County Board Minutes as corrected, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Consent Item K1, “INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, 1, Authorize Signatures On Updated Contract With AGC” (Tagarro); Items For Consid. B, “Schedule Committee Of The Whole Meeting RE: Transfer of Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Department to the Emergency Manager’s/Sheriff’s Department” (Kelly). Potter moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried unanimously.
Daleiden requested Item A1, “Accept 2016 Auction Report And Set 2017 Auction Date For 6-24-17” be pulled for discussion. Borrell moved to approve the balance of the Consent Agenda as amended, seconded by Daleiden, and the motion carried 5-0.
1. Authorize Signatures On The Memorandum Of Agreement With AFSCME For The Public Health Nurse Attraction & Retention Salary Range
1. Refer Parcel Conveyance Of Parcel In Franklin Township To Ways & Means Committee
1. Schedule Committee Of The Whole Meeting On 9-20-16 From 1:00 - 4:00 PM For Union Presentations of Contract Negotiations Proposals
1. Refer CIP Plan Review To Capital Improvement Finance Committee On 8-10-16
1. Authorize Signatures On Contract With Green View, Inc. For Highway Department Janitorial Services, Eff. 7-25-16 To 12-31-16.
1. Approve Claims as Listed in the Abstract, Subject to Audit, for a Total of $681,235.35 with 169 Vendors and 228 Transactions
1. Position Replacement:
A. Social Worker
1. Authorize Signatures On Agreement Forms For Emergency Management Performance Grant 2016
1. Position Replacement:
A. Corrections Officer Position, Effective 9-01-16
1. Authorize Signatures On Updated Contract With AGC For Maintenance Of Phone System
Daleiden referenced Consent Item A1, “Accept 2016 Auction Report And Set 2017 Auction Date For 6-24-17” and requested the County look at selling more items online for better exposure and potentially increased revenues. He said the auction revenues have been steadily decreasing over the years. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said a few items are being sold online but not a large volume. The decline in revenues from the onsite auction could relate to some items being sold online. Daleiden suggested selling a couple of retired Sheriff vehicles online to determine whether it is more profitable. Daleiden moved to approve Consent Item A1 with the caveat that the County look into online alternatives for selling items. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Courts Architectural Services Request For Proposals
Kelly requested approval of the draft RFP for Courts Architectural Services. Potter moved to approve the RFP, seconded by Daleiden. Proposals will be due in September, and an onsite visit will be planned. Discussion followed on Commissioners touring other Court facilities. Borrell would like to see facilities that are not top end, such as in Crookston. Judge Kate McPherson, 10th Judicial District, said Pine County has a basic Courts facility focused on function. The National Center for State Courts Report suggests including a shell of two courtrooms in the Wright County’s Courts facility. McPherson said Washington County did shell out space in an effort to save in the future. That may be another facility to tour. Sawatzke referenced a document prepared by Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director, outlining various courthouses that have been constructed recently and the architects involved. That document could be used to develop a list of potential sites to tour. The motion carried 5-0.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Courtroom Bench Remodel Designs were discussed. Preliminary Cost Estimates are Courtroom 1, $19,950; Courtroom 2, $12,900; Courtroom 5, Option A, $12,900; and Courtroom 5, Option B, $21,900. The consensus of the Building Committee was to await input from Monica Tschumper, Court Administrator, on Courtroom 5. At today’s Meeting, Tschumper said options will be discussed at the 8-02-16 Bench Meeting. They are committed to the most fiscally responsible option. Potter moved to approve the 7-27-16 Building Committee Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Daleiden, and carried 5-0. The Minutes follow:
I. Courtroom Bench Remodel Designs
Kelly presented background information to the group at the meeting and outlined the nature of the goals for the design initiative. It was stated that the goal was to provide a solution for modifications to courtrooms 1, 2, and 5 to accommodate a second clerk in the most efficient and economically feasible way. Joel Dunning (Wold Architects and Engineers) presented the proposed specific changes and options in each room.
Court room #1: The proposal includes removing the existing witness stand and utilizing the current clerk location for the witness. Two new clerk stations would be installed in the general location of the current witness box and immediately adjacent to the bench. Potter commented that he generally likes the layout, but has concerns with the witness being immediately next to the Judge with an open passageway behind the bench (current clerk location). Judge McPherson agreed that it is not ideal, but would be acceptable for a very short term as the project moves forward. If the new building would be delayed, it would need to be reworked as it is not a long term solution.
Court room #2: Dunning presented the current conditions of the room and discussed a couple of ideas that were ultimately removed in earlier subcommittee meetings. Originally it was proposed to place the second clerk station on the same elevated surface as the first, requiring a ramp up to the clerks and a step down to the well. This solution would keep the clerks at a more elevated height for easier sharing of documents with the Judge. It was decided however, in consideration to cost and flow of the area, that it would be best to leave the existing on an elevated level and place the second clerk at floor level. The existing wall between the two stations would be modified and cut lower so there would be an ease of sharing documents between the two. Judge McPherson commented that they may want the wall of the second clerk to extend further (than is shown in the plan) along the side of the work station to provide more of an enclosure.
Court room #5: Dunning presented the proposal for the room with the comment that the doorway behind the existing clerk has an elevated volume of traffic/usage. There were two concepts provided to modify the room with the first being a desk addition to the side of the existing clerk station at 5” lower than the existing.
Option two would remove the existing clerk station and install two new stations at floor level. Although the second option is more expensive, it also allows shortening the total length of the two stations and creating more clear space in front of the doorway (the first station can be shortened due to removing the side wall and combining to one shared work surface if replacing them both at floor level). To accommodate the additional height for the clerk to reach the bench, the wall of the bench would be cut out to a lower height for easier sharing of documents. Potter & Daleiden asked what the Judge preferences would be and Judge McPherson said Monica Tschumper would still prefer to speak with the staff to get input before a decision is made. The general consensus in the group was that the second option seemed to be better fit than the first, but would await input from the rest of the courtroom staff.
Dunning commented that the cost of completing the proposed changes would be similar whether done with furniture or fabricated millwork. He would assist in obtaining pricing from both furniture vendors and millwork companies to determine actual costs and lead times. Daleiden asked what the next step would be in the project and Kelly stated that it would be to recommend moving forward with the work pending final decision on the courtroom #5 options. Dunning and McPherson commented that everyone is working together to identify the best solution and are making concessions to accomplish the short term goals of the group. Dunning commented that it would likely take from a few nights to a week per courtroom to complete install, depending on if a room could be closed for any daytime work or if all had to be completed after hours. Judges Tenney and McPherson identified a week in September and a week in December that would be available to work during the day as staff will be offsite. Dunning noted that it might be 2 – 3 months before the work would commence due to fabrication, but wasn’t sure at this point with the current workload of the companies in the trades being busy. Judge McPherson noted that she would like to see the costs for completing the work afterhours vs daytime hours and make the determination based on that review. There is a potential way to complete during the day, but it would be more disruptive to the operation of the courts. Judge McPherson commented that she is pleased with everyone’s cooperation in the planning and appreciates the work that has been completed in getting viable options together quickly.
Recommendation: Daleiden recommended approving the modifications with a total cost not to exceed $60,000. Potter agreed.
A final decision on the courtroom 5 option A vs B to be determined after Tschumper speaks with staff.
II. Modification To The Human Services Center Room 127
Wilczek provided an update on the status of the room 127’s north emergency exit door and moveable partition. The partition finishes have been selected by Health & Human Services and the system is ordered. The delivery / install timeframe has not yet been received from Hufcor. The north door specs are being bid and the project is expected to be awarded soon.
Recommendation: No recommendation other than keep moving forward.
III. Annex Restroom
Wilczek provided an update on the project and the status of the architect’s work. Product mfg. recommendations were sent to Tiffany Townsend (Nelson Architects) after discussion Hatfield and she is working on reviewing finish options for the project. After finish packages are completed and reviewed, the project will be ready to release for bid solicitation.
Recommendation: Daleiden recommended to keep moving toward getting the bids for consideration of completion, likely in 2017.
IV. Public Works Deferred Maintenance & Remodel
Wilczek provided updates on the status of the architect work, the consultant work, and the shop area modifications. The consultant has completed their initial visual assessment and will next be completing field verifications to confirm the conditions noted in plans are in place. The roof will be opened to view the system and the wall will be opened to view the window type. The architect supplied the first draft of the interior remodel and was communicated with Parks, Surveyors, and Extension. The Surveyors group had a few changes to the plan from the first draft and Tiffany Townsend (Nelson Architects) is revising. The drawing will be reviewed for code compliance and sent back. Wilczek will distribute to departments as well as Potter & Daleiden for review upon receipt. The overhead door project will be moving forward with Overhead Door Company of the Northland. They are the contractor who can meet the project scope (masonry & door work) within the approved NTE of $20,000. The dust collection bids are under review and will be awarded to the contractor best fitting the needs of the system for the approved NTE $40,000.
Recommendation: No recommendation except to continue progress toward completion.
V. Compost Facility Storm Damage Repair
Wilczek provided an update on the site including the engineering review and the debris removal. The review was completed by TKDA (the original firm who worked on the site design) on Tuesday, July 26. They will have a complete report delivered within approximately 1 week, however did provide some limited feedback on the conditions of the site upon completion of their review. It was noted that there is significant corrosion to all wall panels and girts, limited corrosion to the trusses, significant corrosion to the roof purlins, minor wear and cracking to the concrete walls, evidence of the roof system leaking, and generally mild or no corrosion to the vertical wall columns. Potter noted that the tipping floor has been a good staging area for materials and valuable to the site in the past, then questioned what other areas could be used for storage? Stephens commented that it has been very nice to use the area but thinks there would be a way to operate without it. There was discussion between Daleiden, Potter, and Stephens about the potential use of the Fine Treatments Building, and it was pointed out there is equipment still in place that would have to be removed. Stephens commented that there has been a value assessment done on the existing equipment in the past. Wilczek noted that after reaching out to a couple of groups, there hasn’t been success in getting the damaged wall panels removed from the site.
Recommendation: It was recommended by Potter and Daleiden to wait for the full engineering report to come back, submit to the insurance group/adjuster for review, and have discussions about the plans for the site when all of the facts are gathered. It was also recommended by Potter and Daleiden to reach out to a scrap metal group to see if they would come to the site and get the wall panels rather than utilizing a contractor to cut/haul/ dispose of them.
(End of 7-27-16 Building Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Husom moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Potter, and carried 5-0. The Minutes of the Personnel Committee Meeting follow:
I. Request to Hire an IT Position Above 12% of the Beginning Hiring Range
A new Sr. Developer FTE was approved 1/1/2016 as part of the 2016 budget. We are currently on the second recruitment cycle to fill this position. Received two (2) applicants this cycle and identified one (1) finalist. The candidate has 27 years of experience. He is requesting the top of range or to be at the top of the range within a year. Request to offer position above 12% of the minimum of the salary range.
Recommendation: Approve request to offer above 12% of the minimum of salary range.
II. Performance Review – Adam Tagarro, Information Technology Director
Recommendation: Based on four (4) reviews received, the Committee recommends a rating of “Meets Expectations”
III. Performance Review – Virgil Hawkins, Highway Engineer
Recommendation: Based on four (4) reviews received, the Committee recommends a rating of “Exceeds Expectations”
(End of 7-27-16 Personnel Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Daleiden moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Borrell. The Everbridge product was referenced. Although more expensive than CodeRed, it will be a more reliable means of disseminating information to the public. Residents must sign up for notifications. The motion carried 5-0 to approve the 7-27-16 Technology Committee Minutes which follow:
I. Everbridge Mass Notification
Presented by Hannah Woods, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Public Health
The county is looking at replacing the current Emergency Notification System which is CodeRed. This system is for notifying county citizens of emergency situations such as; evacuation notices, weather alerts, active shooter events, public safety events. The current system is completely unreliable and often nonfunctional. Problems consist of booting us out of the system and failing to deliver messages.
Current situation:
1. Yearlong contract with CodeRed
2. Cost of $13K/year split among Public Health, Sheriff and Nuclear
3. Old vendor CityWatch was bought by CodeRed in 2014
4. Current system is a big headache for Public Health Dept.
Three (3) different companies were looked at; Rave Public Safety, CivicReady and Everbridge. Everbridge is the company the county is interested in with a cost of $28,900 for the 1st year which would include unlimited use, multiple notification methods and a market leader in mass notification and very highly rated and utilized by local and state government such as; Dakota, Carver, Ramsey, Rice and Steele Counties.
Recommendation: Look into switching to Everbridge for 2017. Obtain funding from various departments including CIP funding
II. OpenGov
OpenGov is a cloud based financial reporting system. Our current financial system, IFS, generates financial reports as PDFs and which are then emailed to departments. This method is very time consuming. OpenGov will generate web based reports in a matter of seconds and distribute to departments much quicker than the current IFS system. OpenGov is also built to share financial data with the public in an easy to use format. OpenGov would be most useful for the Auditor/Treasurer Department for financial reports. The use of the product for non-financial data would be available for other departments in the future at no additional cost, but has not been evaluated. Tagarro stated that if this product is only deployed in the financial area, impact on IT would be minimal. The Sheriff’s Office and Health & Human Services expressed that they could find value in the tool for tracking their financial data. Daleiden encouraged Hiivala to expand the proof of concept to the Sheriff’s Office.
Action: Hiivala to demo with the other departments
III. ARMER Radio Charges
Discussion Tabled
NOTE: Cost per radio has gone from $75 to $85 for 2017
IV. Office 365 Update
BCA has finally approved the use of Office 365. IT would like to fund the 1st two (2) years with CIP money. This would include Professional Services and Training for all county employees. The 1st two (2) years would be used to evaluate the proper license levels and determine more accurate ongoing costs. Further discussion tabled
Action: Information Only
(End of 7-27-16 Technology Committee Minutes)
Kelly requested a Committee Of The Whole (COTW) Meeting to discuss the transfer of the Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Department to the Emergency Manager’s/Sheriff’s Department. This was discussed previously by the COTW. Potter moved to schedule a COTW Meeting on 8-10-16 at 1:00 P.M. in the Commissioners Conference Room. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
1. Emergency Services Board. Borrell attended a meeting last week of the Emergency Services Board where Armer Radios were discussed. Some of the smaller counties favor funding by population and not by usage. Those counties referenced the Crime Lab funding which is based on population. Daleiden responded that Wright County disagrees with the funding formula of the Crime Lab.
2. Wright County Fair. Borrell said each day of the Fair experienced record-breaking attendance except Thursday. The estimate is over 68,000 total which is up about 2,000 from last year. Borrell acknowledged the volunteers and their contributions to make this a successful event. Sawatzke announced Borrell and his wife received the Century Farm Award. There were four others that received the Award as well. Sawatzke attended Senior Day and is appreciative of the volunteer work by John Peterson and Amy Burg who were selected as 2016 Outstanding Senior Citizens.
3. Dike in Otsego. Daleiden said there are major issues with washouts just before the dike and there are trees growing near it. Spraying will be completed on part of the area this year. This will be a topic at budget sessions.
4. MAGIC (MN Assn. of Governments Investing for Counties). Sawatzke attended a recent meeting. A report given reflects interest rates may remain low into the foreseeable future. The expectation is that rates will not change short term due to the Presidential election and the economy. The MAGIC Fund has been in existence since about 1990 and for the first time the $1 billion threshold was broken ($1.6 billion). Wright County had about $5 million invested last quarter. Prior to that, Wright County chose to use other investment tools.
5. Pelican Lake LSOHC (Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council) Tour. Sawatzke stated this is scheduled for 8-03-16 and will include a tour of sites and what is being done to reclaim property.
6. Highway 25 Coalition. Potter spoke of lobbyist efforts associated with attaining funding through the FASTLANE Act, which is part of the FAST Act. The lobbyist, David Turch and Associates, also works with the St. Cloud APO, and Stearns and Sherburne Counties.
7. River Rider. Sawatzke referenced an email received about 3-4 weeks ago from MnDOT, and a verbal response was that things were near completion. Potter was told a month ago that an update is forthcoming.
8. Central MN EMS. Husom attended a meeting on 7-29-16. Discussion included stable funding sources to help support local EMS and their certifications. Funding through seatbelt enforcement has declined with 94% of people complying. Funding dropped from $209,000 in 2011 to $78,000 for 2017.
The meeting adjourned at 10:18 A.M.
Bills Approved
Albertville Body Shop Inc $14,854.83
Allina Health Systems 673.26
American Databank LLC 169.80
Anoka County Fiscal Services 5,258.00
Aramark Services Inc 16,324.08
Autumn Ridge Landscaping Inc 42,814.60
B & B Sheetmetal & Roofing 7,106.84
Boyer Truck Parts 114.18
BP Amoco 668.43
Brother Mobile Solutions Inc 119.00
Buffalo Auto Value 433.40
Burdas Towing 371.00
CDW Government Inc 918.11
Cenex Fleetcard 1,417.71
Center Point Energy 318.78
Centra Sota Coop - Buffalo 31,635.07
CenturyLink 176.67
Chamberlain Oil Co 501.80
Cokato/City of 1,531.15
Commissioner of Transportation 3,911.44
Core Professional Services PA 800.00
Corinna Township 1,184.40
CXTEC 545.15
Dell Marketing LP 1,944.96
Dental Care Associates of Buffalo PA 263.40
Donlar Construction Company 41,951.93
E2 Electrical Services Inc 33,937.39
Erickson/Susan 105.00
Expert Automotive & Towing Inc 173.00
Feddema/Tom 213.00
Fluid Interiors 337.06
Forestry Suppliers Inc 140.79
Fransen Decorating Inc 23,723.40
Granite Electronics 1,042.62
Hanover/City of 1,206.20
Henderson/Paul & Cynthia 100.00
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 882.79
Howard Lake/City of 1,172.75
Interstate Automotive 125.00
J&B Equipment Company 24,548.00
Janet Shaddix & Associates 1,697.45
JK Landscaping 22,622.00
Junction Towing & Auto Repair 215.00
Keeprs Inc 625.89
Kendell Doors and Hardware Inc 10,435.37
Marco 2,541.26
Marco 6,117.83
Midway Ford 37,854.73
Minnesota Monitoring Inc 966.00
MN Counties Computer Coop 113.82
MN Department of Health 100.00
Mulcahy Nickolaus LLC 5,922.30
Multiple Concepts Interiors 1,997.00
National Camera Exchange 2,249.85
New Look Contracting Inc 68,290.08
Northstar 1,573.70
Office Depot 1,278.15
OSI Environmental Inc 100.00
Overhead Door /The Northland 7,969.55
Performance Kennels Inc 103.20
Powerplan OIB 2,642.37
Pump & Meter Service Inc 22,779.00
Ratwik, Roszak, & Maloney 2,218.75
Rockford Township 2,222.20
Rupp, Anderson, Squires, Waldspurger
Ryan Chevrolet 1,436.25
SafeAssure Consultants Inc 5,211.00
Safelite Fulfillment Inc 227.00
Schluender Construction Inc 6,100.00
Select Account 1,609.30
Setter/Randi 100.00
Sherwin Williams Co 261.92
Silver Creek Township 1,543.90
Sprint 4,584.41
Sprint 3,162.84
St Cloud Stamp & Sign Inc 259.51
Stepp Mfg Company Inc 238.23
Tekton Construction Company 52,025.32
Thrifty White Pharmacy 3,342.38
Twin City Garage Door Co 34,276.00
W D Larson Companies LTD 276.00
Weidner Plumbing and Heating 23,916.62
Wigren MD/Carl 1,860.00
Windstream 184.50
Wright County Highway Dept 62,764.19
Wright Hennepin Coop Elec Assn 5,061.97
24 Payments less than $100 1,041.89
Final total $681,235.35
The meeting adjourned at 10:18 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal Sept. 5, 2016.