Wright County Board Minutes

AUGUST 30, 2016
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Borrell, Daleiden, Husom, and Potter present.
The following corrections were made to the 8-23-16 Board Minutes on Page 1, 2nd to last paragraph: Change all references to “Xcel Energy” (Sawatzke); correct 2nd sentence to read, “Sawatzke said the easement should be worth more than a dollar” (Sawatzke). Borrell moved to approve the 8-23-16 County Board Minutes, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Item For Consid. B, “Schedule Court Facility Related Meetings” (Kelly). Potter moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried unanimously.
Daleiden moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Husom, and the motion carried 5-0.
1. Approve Claims as Listed in the Abstract, Subject to Audit, for a Total of $187,326.14 with 140 Vendors and 208 Transactions
1. Position Replacements:
A. Child Support Hearing Officer
B. Office Technician II
C. Office Technician II
1. Accept the findings and recommendations of the Planning Commission for the following rezoning:
A. KEVIN BUTCHER (Franklin Twp.) Planning Commission unanimously recommend to rezone the property from A/R Agricultural-Residential back to AG General Agricultural
Proclaim 8-30-16 As “Kyla Mauk Day” In Wright County, Recognizing Mauk For Completing Her Reign As 2015-2016 Princess Kay Of The Milky Way
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #16-50 proclaiming 8-30-16 as “Kyla Mauk Day” in Wright County, recognizing Mauk for her reign as the 2015-2016 Princess Kay of the Milky Way. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote. Mauk said she appreciated the honor to serve and will always be a dairy advocate.
Adopt Resolution Authorizing The Public Sale of Tax Forfeit Properties on Tuesday, 10-04-16 at 1:00 p.m.
Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, presented changes to the tax forfeit property listing based on staff and Tax Forfeit Committee recommendations. These include:
1. 118-034-002270, 8304 Needham Ave NE., Otsego. Add Special Conditions of Sale that reflect that the property is being sold in “as is” condition and that the purchasers will be issued a bill of sale for any abandoned personal property remaining on the premises.
2. 155-033-001040, 7 Fairway Dr., Monticello. Add Special Conditions of Sale that reflect that the property is being sold in “as is” condition, that the purchasers will be issued a bill of sale for any abandoned personal property remaining on the premises, and that the City has declared the house to be uninhabitable.
3. 218-000-151401, 14224 85th St. SW., Stockholm Twp. The Minimum Bid Price will be changed from $150,000 to $171,000.
4. 155-500-101412, 601 Elm St., Monticello. This property includes a house that needs to be removed. Asleson is working with the City of Monticello as a site for a practice burn. Expenses will be about $10,000 (Fire Department and Brad Fyle Demo Work). The minimum bid price will be set at $20,000 to cover some of these costs. Sawatzke asked about Special Assessments against the property. Asleson explained that the City will have the opportunity to reassess the special assessments.
5. 103-156-002010, 100 Roberts Court, Buffalo. Husom said the Value reflects $10,000 but the Minimum Bid Price is $21,000. Asleson will follow up with the Assessor who recommended the Minimum Bid Price.
Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution #16-51 approving the public sale of tax forfeited properties on 10-04-16 at 1:00 P.M. The motion was seconded by Potter. Discussion led to forms of advertising for the sale of tax forfeited properties. Currently, properties are listed on the County’s website. The suggestion was made to utilize location signs for more exposure. The motion was amended to include approval of the demolition of property at 601 Elm St., 155-500-101412. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Action On Medical Hardship Mobile Home Request, 4729 County Road 7 NW, Maple Lake MN
Riley said notice was sent to neighbors directly affected. HHS has submitted the form necessary reflecting appropriate need. A septic permit has been issued to service the existing home and the mobile home will be tied into it. One written public comment was received relating to the status of the septic system. Riley said an inspection of the system will be completed. The setback requirement is 30’ from the side property line (not from the grass). Daleiden moved to approve the Medical Hardship Mobile Home request, noting that it is temporary and must be removed when no longer needed for the medical hardship. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried unanimously.
Approve Minutes Of Owners Committee Meetings, 7-07-16 and 8-04-16
Potter moved to approve the 7-07-16 and 8-04-16 Owners Committee Minutes, seconded by Borrell. Daleiden referenced the $2,025 change order to extend electrical receptacles to the hose reel. He viewed this as poor planning on the Engineer’s part. Sawatzke stated there are several large outstanding issues including the roof, grates, concrete near thresholds, and hose reels. The next Owners Committee Meeting will be 9-08-16. The motion carried 5-0.
The 7-07-16 Owners Committee Minutes follow:
The meeting was brought to order at 10:30 a.m., and Ken Francois was asked to share information.
1. Change Order Update [Attachment 1]
There were a total of three change orders presented. PCO #164 ($1,234) was for the makeup air units in the vehicle storage area. This was to change the breaker size to a 40 amp and to upsize the wiring of both makeup units #2 and #3. PCO #127 ($1,027) was to add cedar trim at the perimeter of ceilings. PCO #193 ($775.00) was for compressed air piping and added valves, which were needed in order to keep operating if there were ever the need to isolate an area within the building. The projected total of change orders was $3,036. There was a consensus that the change orders were necessary and were recommended for approval.
2. Budget Review [Attachment 2]
Overall, Francois said that the project is currently 10.5% under projected costs, and the building cleaning costs came in just under $20,000, when they were estimated to be closer to $35,000.
3. Project Update [Attachment 3]
Francois said that there are still a handful of issues remaining, and Chris Larkin (project superintendent) is working on them. Kraus-Anderson will be meeting with Central Roofing about the problems/defects that have been identified in the roof. A 30-year warranty was secured with the bid, and currently there are ripples and bubbles that are appearing in the surface, which is supposed to be fully adhered at this time. There are probably some areas where the membrane will have to be ripped off and redone, and Sawatzke commented that that will amount to seams where otherwise there wouldn’t have been any. Francois said that there will be brand new rolls, so there will be no more seams that they would have had initially. There are too many areas that need to be fixed, so it makes more sense to redo it. A letter was sent rejecting the final product, and Wilczek said that there are huge portions of the roof membrane that need attention. Perhaps because of the winter conditions, the final product did not turn out as intended. The owner was out here last week to personally survey the problem, and he is fully involved with Wright County on this issue. They will come to a resolution, and all have agreed that the final product, at this point, doesn’t look good. They all want a good product for the county, both in functionality and in appearance. There is a 30-year warranty for this roof. It is functioning well, but it needs to be replaced. The 30-year warranty is prorated, so they want to make sure that the product is good from the beginning. This will be fixed at no extra charge.
The office doors in the front office end of the building will be getting new door jambs as the door latch was cut in the wrong place. New jambs have been ordered for the strike location, and the company will be working around the office schedule. Work will take about one-half hour per door.
The overhead garage doors continue to be an issue, with the concrete slab underneath the point of contact sloping toward rather than away from the inside of the shop area. There are a couple of options to consider, including cutting out or grinding out some of the concrete in order to change the slope. Sawatzke asked if the plans had been correctly drawn up, and Francois said that plans called for it to be flat for that six inches, but it was not constructed according to the architectural drawings. This won’t affect operations, but they still don’t want water coming in under the doors and flowing inside. Sawatzke said that if that happens, the water will freeze when the temperature drops. Francois said that this is why he is pressing this issue and asking them to fix it. Fleet services still has not moved into the new building.
Another problem encountered in both the fleet services and storage areas is that the metal plates for the trench drains (and/or the ledges they rest on) just inside the outside garage doors are defective, and some grates have fallen into the trenches when heavy equipment has driven over them. The problem might have been caused when the grates were packaged and caused the ledges on which they are to rest become misshaped. A representative from the company will be flying in from Boston to take a look at this problem and to help suggest a solution. Either the grates too small or the opening is too large. They will try to figure out how to make it operational. In the meantime, plates have been secured over the grates they are concerned about so that trucks can enter the building without damaging either the tires or the cavities.
The door on the engineering testing room will be fixed so that the handle is at the correct height.
Operators are currently working on the card readers in the designated doors throughout the building. Francois said that there will be 100 tags for vehicles that will allow them access into the fleet storage area through the overhead doors when fully locked. The vendor is still in the process of programming them. Access groups can be set up for use of the tags, similar to how the groups were set for interior and exterior door access throughout the building. The gates will accept a programmed key card, and tags will also be mounted inside the vehicles. If a vehicle is unable to enter a locked gate during business hours, a video/intercom system can be activated in the front office to open the gate(s) and allow admittance. At this time, the overhead garage doors are timed to close 30 seconds after opening.
Interior fencing will be installed in vehicle storage on Tuesday.
They have been experiencing some difficulties with the Hotsy wash bay system, as it doesn’t appear to be correctly interfacing with the outside air damper. Hot water is not yet available, so they are hoping to get that figured out today.
The monument designed for the north entrance to the parking lot is scheduled to be placed in the next two or three weeks, and the lettering will come later.
Francois said that Larkin has been working with the various contractors on the punch list that was drawn up by the architects. Once each item is taken care of, he will sign off on it and then have the engineer sign off until all items are completed. Francois said that all posts and garage doors have been galvanized so that they won’t need paint.
4. Other:
Wilczek asked about the rebates that were first available when lighting design changes were made to meet the rebate criteria, and Francois said that this will have to be done before the final sign off occurs. Once the books are closed, it becomes much tougher to collect the rebate. He will need invoices on the light fixtures for proof of expenditure.
Larkin, the project superintendent, will be on site until approximately July 18, and then he will be in and out as he moves on to another project. Larkin stated that electrical and mechanical work was done this week and the architects have some hardware ordered for other issues. The painter will be back to do some touchup work, and then work should be 95-98% done this week. Anything open after two weeks from then will be tracked and fixed so as not to interfere with Highway business going on inside the building. Both Francois and Larkin will be the contacts for this.
Wilczek asked if the cameras were all installed, and Larkin said that they were installed in some areas but wasn’t sure where they all were. There are still some things to correct with the supplies that were received. Sawatzke asked about the final landscaping and whether the large pile on the north side of the building would remain where it is. Hawkins said that this is actually part of the gravel that the Highway Department will be mining during the next 10 years. Some regrading will be done and pavement markings will be put down in the parking lots next week, weather permitting, and parking spaces have been marked in the fleet storage area and will be striped close to that same time. The turf and landscaping still need some attention, and New Look will be taking care of this. The area around the building appears to be filled with rocks and needs more top soil. Francois said that they will have to come back and he will make sure that they take care of it.
Tagarro said that the AV work is running a bit behind, but he is hoping to touch base with the electrician to start finalizing all the work necessary to complete the connections from the servers to the screens in the conference rooms.
A minimum of five percent (5%) will be withheld from final payments until all work is satisfactorily completed.
5. Set Meeting Date:
A tentative meeting date for the next Owners Committee was set for Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. Sawatzke indicated that he would like to get updates on the final progress of this project. He said that he is not overly concerned about the quality of the work, but that a few items don’t seem to have easy solutions.Francois said that he would give an update at the next meeting.
(End of 7-07-16 Owners Committee Minutes)
The 8-04-16 Owners Committee Minutes follow:
The meeting was brought to order at 10:30 a.m., and Francois introduced Pat Sibley as the new project superintendent who will help wrap things up on this project. Former project superintendent Chris Larkin was called to substitute on another project site.
1. Change Order Update [Attachment 2]
There were a total of eight change orders presented for a total of $14,953. PCO #195 ($1,648) was to cover the cost of lowering the breakroom cabinets for easier access and to install a filler from the soffit to the top of the lowered cabinet. The cabinets had been installed as drawn, but the ceiling height caused them to be at an inconvenient height. PCO #198 ($3,775) was to install additional 20’ fence sections at the gates to prevent vehicles from driving around the gates (where there is no obstruction). PCO #199 ($1,125) is to cover the cost of replacing a single pane window with a sliding window with a lock in the parts room. PCO #200 ($513) was to change the outlets in the welding bay to GFI outlets, the necessity of which Francois said is up for discussion, but the inspector’s interpretation prompted the change. PCO #202 ($3,791) was necessary to install below-grade safety loop wiring at the exterior gates, so that it doesn’t shut on itself. PCO #203 ($1,125) covered the cost of adding a light in the engineering/testing/shaker room located in the fleet storage area. PCO #205 ($2,225) was to extend the electrical receptacles down to the hose reel beams for the retractable power reels. PCO #206 ($751) covered the cost of adding two speaker horns in order to achieve adequate fire alarm coverage in the hallway and fleet storage area. There was a consensus that the change orders were necessary.
2. Project Update [Attachment 3]
Some additional IT items still need to be addressed, such as some jacks that need to be redirected. Theoverhead interior door in the sign shop is not able to be closed from the fleet area, unless an individual reaches inside the room while standing in the fleet area, and this would not be a good practice. The likely solution is probably to install a closing switch/button on the outside of the sign shop, near this door, so that the door can be closed after exiting the sign shop. Cordell stated that he would like to keep the sign shop secured. Meyer expressed his concern that the timing on the overhead garage doors should be shortened from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. Research is still being done to help alleviate the problem of poor signal for cell phones at the new facility. Tagarro said that coverage is not good and the cost is probably going to be significant to correct the problem, perhaps as high as $50,000. Cell phones and the two-way radios are two separate projects. Most of the architectural/cosmetic punch list items are being addressed and are going well, with many of them completed. There are still a handful of items to cover, but most of them are related to New Look, the landscape contractor. Francois has been working on getting New Look to use some good top soil and to get the area reseeded. He is also checking on what can be done with the catch basin and the price of taking care of that.
The roof needs corrective work, and the manufacturer and Central Roofing offered three different options, one of which is invalid according to Francois. The other two options are being reviewed in order to figure out which is the best way to move forward. Francois said that he would like to get started on a final solution and see what is best in order to keep the warranty intact.
The aluminum door jambs are supposed to be sent to Empire House, perhaps next week, and then the work will be done during the week of August 8th. This should take about two days to complete.
Donlar is going to provide a sample for the overhead door thresholds in the fleet area, so a decision will have
to be made to see if that is satisfactory. If not, they’ll have to do some more research and figure out how to correct the problem caused by a slope going into the building from the threshold under the door. The company has proposed bolting down a plate to take care of the slope, but Sawatzke commented that this would not be a good long-term solution, and Jans agreed. Francois said that they can review it and then still reject it if it doesn’t seem satisfactory. Lind said that there is still an option of grinding the surrounding surface down or replacing the sections.
The manufacturer’s first suggested solution for the failed drain trenches did not work. Hawkins said that Jans came up with a possible solution, but it was rejected by the Josam company. Francois agreed that there are two options, either cut concrete out for a larger ledge or provide a deeper ledge for a deeper grate. Currently, this is back in the manufacturer’s hands. The grates are going to need to be able to bear more weight than they are capable of at this time.
Representatives from the Hotsy wash bay system company will be out here Wednesday next week to check on a number of things that might be interfering with the proper performance of the system. They hope to be able to resolve the issues soon so that the car wash can be operated.
The monument sign has been installed, but the metal panels are still three weeks out. After the metal panels are installed, the lettering can be added.
New Look is scheduling a time to replace the top soil that was put down in error. They will strip the current covering and replace it with good soil and then reseed. Someone from the company is also coming out to reset the timing of the irrigation system. Wilczek said that it needs to keep running every two hours for germination, and Francois said that he will double check to see if the system has a rain sensor to help avoid watering during rainfalls, which is generally not a favorable impression to the public, and not a good practice in general.
3. Budget Review [Attachment 4]
Sawatzke said that he would like to see the overall project budget updated to get an idea of how many funds might be remaining when compared to the original estimates. Francois said that current expenditures are still under budget. He suggested that most companies carry a balance for about a year for the things that come up as the building is inhabited, and Potter agreed that this sounded reasonable. Sawatzke said that any money left over from this project will be used for changes/upgrades to the building next door (former Public Works/Highway/Parks/Surveyor Building). He added that funds used for improvements should come out of the building bond fund.
Additional expenditures from this point forward include but are not limited to items such as chairs, clocks, conference tables, chairs mats, bulletin boards, mail slots, and shelving.
Some of the big items continue to present a challenge, and it was agreed that getting it right from the beginning was important and preferable to fixing it in the future.
Tagarro said that all the AV work is now done and they are waiting on the network connections to be completed.
4. Set Meeting Date:
A tentative meeting date for the next Owners Committee was set for Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. Both Sawatzke and Potter agreed that they would like to have another meeting to see how the issues have been addressed and, perhaps, resolved.
(End of 8-04-16 Owners Committee Minutes)
The meeting recessed at 9:37 A.M. and reconvened at 10:05 A.M.
Recommend Award of the Following Bid:
Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park - Four Season Rental Facility, Part 2 of the Phase 1 Development Project
Mattice stated the Facility will provide space for events such as family reunions, school groups, receptions, and business functions. This is the only four-season facility in the Wright County Parks System. The bid opening held on 8-19-16 included the following bid. There were six inquiries but only one bid package was received.
Bidder; Base Bid; Alternative, Maintenance Free Deck and Railings; Total Bid
Larson Building; $395,300; $7,250; $402,550
The recommendation from the Bertram Lakes Advisory Council is to award the bid to Larson Building for $402,550. Discussion followed on whether this expense is included in the Parks budget. Mattice explained that the budget includes a remodel of an existing building. However, a building inspector and an independent party both recommend removal of the building. The Parks budget will be discussed today during budget sessions. Mattice stated that three other portions of the Phase 1 Development Project will be discussed, including the beach house, the picnic shelter, and trail work. It will need to be decided whether to use additional CIP funds for the Facility or scale back the Project to delete the picnic shelter and trail work.
Potter moved to approve the bid plus alternate from Larson Building at a total cost of $402,550. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Potter moved to approve the Building Committee Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Daleiden, and carried 5-0. The Building Committee Minutes follow:
I. Courtroom Bench Remodel Designs
Wilczek presented information that a decision was made by Tschumper and staff to keep the existing courtroom 5 clerk workstation at the existing elevated height and add the second station to the side at floor level. Wilczek noted that the decision will be communicated to Wold Architects for design consideration. Tschumper reminded the group of the August 5th letter from Judge McPherson that courtroom 1 design options were not suitable and there will not be modifications to that room at this time. She indicated there would be an ongoing effort to be creative with the calendar and use of that particular room. The group spoke about the timing of the project and that it would depend on material availability. Potter & Daleiden indicated there are a number of local cabinet & furniture shops that could potentially complete the work in a short timeframe. Wilczek indicated he would be speaking with Wold to discuss.
Recommendation: Daleiden and Potter recommended continuing to move forward with the project and completing the work to courtrooms 2 & 5, preferring to use local shops to make the modifications if possible.
II. Modification To The Human Services Center Room 127
Wilczek provided an update on the status of the room 127’s north emergency exit door and moveable partition as well as the building’s east exit door. The projects are awaiting delivery of materials and the doors are planned to be completed at the same time as the wall. Delivery is expected in roughly 3-4 weeks. Goodrum Schwartz asked about the work scheduling and Wilczek indicated the work would be completed on a Friday evening & Saturday as to not disrupt the functionality of the space during business hours. Wilczek will notify Goodrum Schwartz in advance of scheduling.
Recommendation: Update only, no recommendation.
III. Annex Restroom
Wilczek provided an update on the project and the status of the architect’s work. The full bid document set has been delivered by the architect and reviewed by Wilczek. There are several changes to notes and specs that will be modified and resubmitted. Upon completion of the modifications, the set will be ready to go for bid.
Recommendation: Update only, no recommendation. It was noted by Daleiden & Potter the project will be considered for 2017.
IV. Public Works Deferred Maintenance & Remodel
Wilczek provided updates on the status of the architect work, the consultant work, and the shop area modifications. The architect’s plan is nearly final, pending a couple modifications and is moving to bid documents. Chur, Jobe, and Mattice have agreed with the current plans and configuration. The consultant’s full report of the findings and recommendations for the roof and windows has been submitted, however there is a meeting scheduled for 8-30-16 to discuss the findings and go through the recommendations. There are multiple options for the sloped roof and window replacement plans based on the findings to this point, and Wilczek needs to meet with Inspec to discuss those options. More details will be available following that meeting. Jobe presented a proposal to Daleiden & Potter, looking for approval to move forward on shop bench & misc. office furniture purchases to fit the current workspace that will not be modified. The total cost was noted to be $2000 for workbenches and approximately $6000 for office area work surface with underfiles (similar to what the new HWY building office installed), a conference room table, and chairs. Chur indicated that Extension does not need any cubicles in their work area and Wilczek noted they will be eliminated from the architectural plans.
Recommendation: It was recommended by Potter and Daleiden to move forward with the purchase of the work benches for the shop area and the conference table & chairs. Daleiden indicated he would like to explore the work surface & file furniture further, and would be stopping at the site to review with Jobe. Potter & Daleiden recommended that Wilczek keep moving forward with the drawings and report roof & window recommendations for discussion at the next building committee meeting.
V. Compost Facility Storm Damage Repair
Wilczek provided an update on the site in that MCIT has delivered their loss report and recommendations through Tim Dahl. It was noted the payout value if repaired was $117,800. Wilczek has connected with Marcus Construction of Willmar, MN and will be meeting with their representative at the site on 8-30-16 to obtain a construction bid to repair. Marcus Construction is the local certified company for Varco Pruden buildings. After their proposal is delivered, a discussion will be needed to decide a plan for the site. At that time, the engineer report, the MCIT report, and the construction bid will be in hand for discussion and a final decision.
Recommendation: It was recommended by Potter and Daleiden to wait for the Marcus Construction bid to arrive before moving forward. It was discussed by the group that likely a meeting of the whole will be appropriate at that time and will be recommended when all information is delivered.
(End of 8-24-16 Building Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Husom moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Potter, and carried 5-0. The Minutes follow:
I. Request to Reclassify Senior Engineering Technician-Traffic to Traffic Engineer
Request to approve reclassification of one (1) Senior Engineering Technician FTE specific to traffic engineering expertise to a Traffic Engineer classification. The responsibilities related to traffic engineering have evolved over time requiring revisions to the job description to accurately reflect the essential duties of the position and the minimum qualifications necessary to perform those duties.
This request is being brought before the board for consideration outside of the scheduled as defined in Policy 101 Position Classification and Reclassification due to the upcoming retirement of the current employee responsible for traffic engineering duties.
Recommendation: Approve request to reclassify one (1) Senior Engineering Technician FTE specific to traffic engineering responsibilities to Traffic Engineer.
II. Performance Review – Steve Jobe, County Surveyor
Recommendation: Based on three (3) reviews received, the Committee recommends a rating of “Meets Expectations”.
(End of 8-24-16 Personnel Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Daleiden moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Borrell, and carried 4-0. The Minutes follow:
I. LiveWright Website
Presented by Mikaela Robertson, Public Health Health and Human Services have requested a website for the Live Wright initiative, as a collaboration effort by Public Health with partners in the area to promote healthy living in Wright County. The reason behind requesting a website, separate from the Wright County public website, is the need for LiveWright to have an identity as an entity, representing a number of agencies and partners, and for these organizations to continue to have a shared sense of ownership over Live Wright. Tagarro explained this requested has been vetted through IT and Administration departments, with a recommendation for creating a governance document, which should include a disclaimer and agreement for partners to maintain the website.
This website is going to be funded through Public Health SHIP grant. If the funding expires, the website will cease to exist.
Recommendation: Approve Public Health with creating and maintaining Live Wright website.
II. ACom Accounts Payable Solution
Presented by Bob Hiivala and Lindsey Meyer, Auditor/Treasurer Department
Hiivala informed the committee that Auditor/Treasurer Department has been actively evaluating an Accounts Payable solution, ACom.
Meyer stated that other counties’ solutions have been considered as well. A while back RTVision was considered as a potential solution, until their solution development took a turn to focus on business processes, not desired by Wright County. Kandiyohi and Lyon counties are currently working on implementing ACom solution. The solution is flexible to either be housed on-site or in the cloud. It provides document management and approval workflows, in addition to electronic checks feature. Committee members questioned the appeal of this solution over current county-owned Electronic Document Management System (OnBase). Hiivala responded that this solution could be deployed faster than developing solution from scratch.
Committee members discussed an enterprise initiative of leveraging County investment into the two major Electronic Document Management platforms (SharePoint and OnBase), flexible enough to handle multidepartment needs. Strobel recommended for this solution be added to the list of vendors/solution to be vetted through during the “E-Claim/E-Invoice” project. The project been placed on hold a while back per Hiivala’s directive due to two other projects taking priority over it. Committee discussed projects prioritization. The “E-Claim/E-invoice” project has been re-prioritized, being next in order to complete, before the “Credit Card Acceptance” project.
Action: Information only.
Office 365 Update
Nelson reminded committee that it is a new way to buy Microsoft Office. It is subscription based and brings additional features. Currently this initiative is in the analysis phase. Hiivala stated that the county is going to be moving with purchasing Office 365 starting in 2017. Budget numbers are still being worked on.
Action: Information only.
IT Staffing Requests for 2017
Telecom Specialist: Tagarro stated that the need for additional staff has been identified with newly discovered information this year about lack of expertise in 800MHz/ARMER radio equipment. We’ve discovered that we have equipment without any support agreements on it, neither do we have any experts/staff to be dedicated to support the system. In addition, Wright County has over 800 land phones, and a very complex phone system in need of on-going maintenance.
Systems Engineer: Tagarro stated that this request is based on the prediction of growth for Wright County, as additional buildings and equipment are being added. There is a need for an additional infrastructure support person.
Discussion followed.
Action: Information Only
(End of 8-24-16 Technology Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Husom moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried unanimously. The Committee Minutes follow:
I. Conveyance of Parcel in Franklin Township
Asleson contacted Dick Grinley who is representing the family with a shared interest in the parcel. Grinley informed him that his client would be interested in purchasing the County’s interest in the property. Asleson recommended the meeting be closed to discuss the asking price for the County’s fractional interest in the property (PID number 208-200-204400). The meeting was closed at 8:46am under MN statute 13D.05(c).
Recommendation: Asleson will contact Mr. Grinley to discuss the sale of the County’s interest in the property.
(End of 8-24-16 Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said the Request For Proposals (RFP) for architectural services for the Courts Facility are due on 9-12-16. He asked that the Board set dates for the Committee Of The Whole for tours, review of RFP’s, and architect interviews.
Husom moved to set Committee Of The Whole Meetings for the purpose of touring court facilities in Benton and Carver Counties. Potential dates include 9-13-16, 9-19-16, and 9-22-16. Monica Tschumper, Court Administrator, will make contact in an effort to schedule the tours. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
Potter moved to schedule a Committee Of The Whole Meeting on 9-27-16 at 11:00 A.M. to review RFP’s. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
The following dates were provided as potential dates for architect interviews: 10-13-16 (all day); 10-20-16 (all day); and 10-19-16 (start at 11:00 A.M.). Tschumper will check what dates work with the Judge’s calendars. This information will be brought to the next Board Meeting.
1. I-94 Corridor Coalition. Potter attended an I-94 meeting on 8-26-16. The City of Becker and Becker Township may join and had representatives at the meeting. The Joint Powers Agreement will have to be reviewed. Information was provided from David Turch & Associates on potential Federal Transportation funding sources. The Coalition will meet once a month on Thursday mornings in the future to meet the schedule of MnDOT representatives. The City of Monticello will be the fiscal agent.
2. Central MN Mental Health Center. Husom attended a meeting on 8-29-16. The HR Director is working on matching job titles with responsibilities, a new FLSA law effective in December relative to salary criteria, and exempt vs. non-exempt employees. Sawatzke said the new Director is bringing forth items that the Board was not aware of previously. The fund balance has gone from $2.5 million to $3.6 million in 10 months.
Bills Approved
Alternative Business Furniture Inc $304.59
Anastasi/Andrea 1,255.00
Aramark Services Inc 16,499.53
Bayerl/Nathan 125.00
Beaudry Oil Co 359.80
Berg Bag Company 335.00
BP Amoco 630.42
Braun Intertec Corporation 7,281.00
Buffalo Hospital 796.55
Burdas Towing 301.00
CDW Government Inc 2,859.25
Centra Sota Cooperative - Buffalo 1,290.17
Central Fire Protection 153.75
Central McGowan Inc 529.59
CenturyLink 544.60
Climate Air 324.20
Cokato Motor Sales Inc 44,200.00
Commissioner of Transportation 175.00
Culligan of Buffalo 125.10
Dell Marketing LP 515.36
Eagle Point Corporation 1,300.00
Expert Automotive & Towing Inc 185.00
Frontier Precision Inc 113.40
Gabriel/Cathleen 100.00
Garlock North 1,245.50
Grainger 344.76
Granite Electronics 441.55
Granite Pest Control Services 214.00
Greder/Rod 233.09
Hancock Concrete Products LLC 8,120.32
Hecksel Machine Inc 12,900.00
Hedlund Plumbing 210.00
Huston/Tarah 117.10
IDC Automatic 989.56
Integrated Fire & Security 759.73
Intoximeters Inc 194.50
Janzen/Melissa 594.95
Jerde/Katelyn 244.85
Kantola Productions LLC 3,995.50
Kelzer/Ashley 205.70
Kryzer/Greg 100.00
L3 Communications Inc 3,068.75
Lacount Sales LLC 240.55
Mailfinance 504.84
Marco 114.97
Marco 3,460.82
Marco Technologies LLC 655.50
Martin Marietta Materials 548.79
Mend Correctional Care LLC 379.50
Metro Group Inc/The 3,829.36
Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Inc 8,484.33
Minnesota Monitoring Inc 10,163.25
MN Counties Computer Coop 2,690.59
MN County Attorneys Association 256.00
MN Transportation Alliance 385.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 721.31
Multi Health Systems Inc 399.60
Net Transcripts Inc 507.45
North Star Awards & Trophies 164.85
Office Depot 1,797.85
Office of MN IT Services 2,100.00
Power Distributors LLC 237.46
Procise Solutions Inc 385.00
Rasmuson/Anthony 130.00
Ratwik, Roszak, & Maloney 4,354.65
Regents of the University of MN 3,201.29
Rivard Companies 1,765.00
Rockford Township 1,079.50
Russell Security Resource Inc 250.00
Ryan Chevrolet 148.46
SHI International Corp 220.00
Sprint 4,781.28
Sprint 2,997.09
St Cloud Stamp & Sign Inc 103.79
Suburban Tire Wholesale Inc 3,795.00
Taser 435.00
Total Printing 532.50
Towmaster 630.66
Voss Lighting 264.00
Walmart Community RFCS LLC 121.10
Warning Lites of MN Inc 137.39
Windstream 184.44
Wright County 4-H 140.00
Wright County Highway Dept 635.13
Wright Hennepin Coop Elec Assn 2,345.36
Wright Hennepin Electric 4,898.58
Xcel Energy 802.70
22 Payments less than $100 1,063.03
Final Total: 187,326.14
The meeting adjourned at 10:53 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal Sept. 19, 2016.