Wright County Board Minutes

SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Borrell, Daleiden, Husom, and Potter present.
Borrell moved to approve the 9-13-16 County Board Minutes, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: 9:03 A.M., “Recognize Retirement Of Jo Carpenter, Jail” (Capt. Pat O’Malley). Husom moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0.
Potter moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Daleiden, and the motion carried 5-0.
1. Claim - Madden, Galanter & Hansen, LLP $3,663.64
1. Authorize Signatures On Addendum To Local 49ers Memorandum Of Agreement Of April, 2015, Extending Their Ability To Work Four Consecutive 10 Hr Days/Workweek To 9-30-16
1. Refer To Ways & Means Committee - Otsego Levee Update
1. Approve Claims As Listed In The Abstract, Subject To Audit, For A Total Of $443,434.57 With 127 Vendors And 222 Transactions.
1. Approve Procurement Card Transactions As Listed In The Abstract, Subject To Audit, For A Total Of $20,779.24 With 4 Vendors And 193 Transactions.
1. Refer to the Technology Committee:
A. OpenGov
B. RightFax Update
C. IT SAN Purchase
D. CIP Projects/Requests
E. Project Prioritization
Recognize Retirement Of Jo Carpenter, Jail
Capt. Pat O’Malley presented a retirement plaque to Jo Carpenter in appreciation of her service to Wright County.
Carpenter was hired in 1988 as a Correction Officer and was promoted in 1989 as the first Program Coordinator for the Jail. O’Malley said the programs at the Wright County Jail have come about because of Carpenter, and she is known State-wide for the work she has done. Carpenter expressed that she is proud to be a member of the Wright County Sheriff’s Office, which is an Office highly respected by other agencies.
Update On County Ditch 38 From Ditch Inspector
Hiivala provided a written report from the Ditch Inspector. County Ditch 38 has been redetermined. Repair work proposed is near a culvert. They are working with landowners and the DNR. This was provided as an informational item.
Approve August Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report
Hiivala reviewed summaries highlighting the status of revenues and expenditures. Daleiden moved to approve the August Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0.
Approve Joint Ditch 14 Repair Claim For $25,754.44
Hiivala requested approval of a Joint Ditch 14 claim that would normally be paid through warrants. However, it was missed as it was an attachment to an email. Meeker and McLeod Counties will be billed for their portion of this Joint Ditch claim. The cost will be assessed to the Ditch System and paid for by the benefited landowners. Daleiden moved to approve the claim for $25,754.44 to Dude’s Tiling, LLC, Murdock MN. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 5-0.
Approve 9-08-16 Owners Committee Minutes
At today’s County Board Meeting, Hawkins provided a brief update on the status of four outstanding issues with the new Highway building.
1. Roof: An independent company needs to visit the site to verify the proposed solution will work. This will be done at the roofer’s expense.
2. Overhead Door Thresholds: Epoxy will be used on 1-2 doors to see the performance over the winter. The vendor will be expected to correct all doors. The vendor will not be paid in full until outstanding issues have been resolved.
3. Grates: Hawkins said the direction was given to have the grates corrected. He has no update on this item.
4. Water Lines: The County Board discussed the problems associated with 21 hose reels that need replacement in order to be properly fitted to the size of hoses needed in the fleet maintenance and vehicle storage areas. Cost of replacement is estimated at $25,000. Daleiden referenced the fact that the contractor has installed the same type product in shops in other counties, and none of them had water lines as small as what was installed for Wright County. He felt the vendor should have questioned the size due to their experience with installation.
Daleiden moved to approve the 9-08-16 Owners Committee Minutes and the change order to install the proper hoses. Sawatzke said the architect indicated what hose reel needed to be used but did not include the hose size. Apparently, the contractor didn’t notice the water component so it was not included in the bid. The specified reel was installed, resulting in the undersized hose that was used. After discussion, it was the consensus of the Board that Daleiden and Brian Jans, Highway Department, will work out a solution. That solution will be presented to Sawatzke and Potter for approval (Owners Committee Members) instead of to the full County Board. The Owners Committee has the authority to approve up to $20,000 but the Board agreed Sawatzke and Potter can approve the change order for $25,000. The motion was seconded by carried 5-0.
The 9-08-16 Owners Committee Minutes follow:
The meeting was brought to order at 10:07 a.m., and Francois introduced Mark Opsal as the new project superintendent who will help wrap things up on this project.
1. Project Update
Corrective work still remains to be done on the roof of the Highway Building. The manufacturer and Central Roofing would like to roll out an area to see if they can make the wrinkles disappear and do a core cut to see if the under layers are staying in place. They usually cut down a couple of inches where the wrinkles were marked. Sawatzke asked about the wisdom of cutting into the roof if there is no wrinkle after the rolling and wondered how the membrane was going to lie flat if it has already stretched enough to cause wrinkles. It seems logical that parts of the membrane will overlap and be more susceptible to failure in the future. The roof will still be covered by the warranty, so it might be okay to give it a try. Jans said that the thought this approach might work on the smaller areas but possibly not on the larger areas. Potter agreed and said that it didn’t seem to make any sense to cut a hole in areas that appear to adhere. Francois said that the total roofing job was bid at about $600,000, and there is a significant amount being held back, somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,00-$180,000, and no payments have been made since May 2016. No more money will be paid until the problem is corrected. If they are unable to get the roofing membrane to re-adhere by rolling it, the backup plan is to fix the wrinkles and replace the full sheets of membrane, which is about 60-70 percent of the roof. Francois will keep the others posted with information, which should be available sometime after this coming week when the roofing people will be doing some work on site. Potter expressed his desire to be on site when the roof is tested and would like some lead time to see it in action. Sawatzke commented that he thought some of the smaller wrinkles might be satisfactorily addressed, but he has reservations about the larger ones. Francois said that there will be a number of people representing Wright County when this testing occurs.
There have been concerns about the thresholds of the overhead garage doors because the concrete pad slopes down from several inches outside the door thresholds to several inches on the interior side of the doors. The concern is that a driving rain or melting ice/snow will find its way into the building, and in the worst cases, will pool at the threshold and freeze the doors shut when the temperature drops. There have been numerous discussions about how to fix this situation to avoid potential problems and poor sealing of the doors, but replacing the concrete or reshaping it were not favorable solutions. Opsal said that he has been involved in various situations, similar to this one, where using epoxy on the threshold took care of the problem and was a good permanent solution. The epoxy can be put down and shaped to create a good seal and direct the proper flow of moisture, and he has seen it work in freezers and coolers, in both exterior and interior locations. The surface needs to be scratched and then the epoxy is applied and actually becomes harder than the original concrete. Francois said that he would like to see a sample or two before this action is taken, but at this time it sounds promising. There are thresholds for 18 large overhead doors and one smaller overhead door that need to be fixed. Jans said that this solution sounds good, because there would be no interference with the in-floor heating that is already in place under the concrete. Opsal said that this has been used in all kinds of projects, including ones of this kind, and he has found that it is stronger than concrete. Further payments to Donlar will be withheld until this problem is corrected.
The drainage grates that were put in the floor close to the overhead garage doors in both the fleet maintenance and fleet storage area will need to be replaced because they have not been able to withstand the weight of the heavier vehicles. These grates are in place over the floor drains, and the concrete trenches do not work effectively with the grates. The problem becomes more complicated because of the in-floor heating that is nearby the concrete trenches in the fleet maintenance area, and repair/replacement work could damage this system. They are still searching for an acceptable solution, but no time frame has been given for a fix. For the vehicle storage area, a larger area of concrete might have to be cut out and rebar might have to be cut and drilled in, which would be pretty labor intensive. These grate/drain systems have been installed on many different projects, and this is the only one with problems. At this point, they are hoping to install the same style of drain trenches, but ones that will safety accommodate the grates. Work should begin in the storage area soon.
Precast panels for the monument sign are in place at the entrance/exit to the main parking lot, but the metal npanels are still several weeks out.
New Look is scheduled to come out this afternoon and plans to strip a couple inches off the current landscaping area and replace the gravelly soil with black topsoil, which is what was supposed to be put down in the first place. They plan to sod rather than re-seed. One area of concern is potential damage to the irrigation lines that are buried in the ground. All areas that have been seeded will be sodded, and dead trees/bushes will be replaced.
There was discussion about the size of the 21 hose reels that need to be replaced in order to be properly fitted to the size of hoses are needed in the fleet maintenance and vehicle storage areas. The problem seems to have originated because the bidder did not first see them in the specs, and then a size smaller than is needed was bid. The manufacturer of the reels (Graco) won’t take them back because they are not in the original boxes, and the cost of replacing them with the reels with the proper sized fittings will probably run close to $25,000. The current reels could probably be resold on an auction site, but it is unlikely that the selling price will be close to what Wright County initially paid for them. Hawkins has talked with other counties with new buildings, and they all used the same company, Pump & Meter, and the sizes of the fittings were varied and all larger, and no one had 3/8” or1/2”, which is what was provided for Wright County. Jans said that he has tried to accommodate these reels by using shorter hoses for less weight, but that hampers the effectiveness and use of the hoses. The longevity might also be negatively affected because heavier loads would wear them out faster. Several of these reels might have some value for use by the Parks Department, but even if that were the case, it would only be a few. Sawatzke said that we might be better off getting rid of the reels right away for a better return on the value. Perhaps they can be advertised on an online auction site with a reserve. No definite conclusion was reached.
Tagarro said that he had received some quotes for antennas and other necessary equipment for the communication system for both the two-way radios and the cell phone systems. Various equipment for the computers/servers/information technology systems was under budget, but the additional costs to improve the quality of the signals for the radios and cell phones could use up most of the remaining allowance. He would like to wait for a quote from Granite Electric before making a decision on who to hire for the cell phone boosters. He can move ahead with the 800 MHZ for radios, but he will get more prices on the cellular portion of it and then move ahead. He still hasn’t seen a bill for the cameras in and around the building, but that expense wasn’t supposed to come from this portion of the budget. There are still some issues with the humidity in the server room. The air conditioning unit is so large that it cycles fast and cools the air down to the designated temperature before the humidity drops to an acceptable level. A reheat coil has been ordered and should be here next week, which will allow the system to cycle longer and dry more air out.
There are a few other areas inside the building that show signs of leaking, and this is most likely coming from those areas in the roof that are not sealed or from where the cap needs to be adjusted. Originally, the wrong cap was put on around the edges, and a new one was ordered. When the problems with the roof itself surfaced, a decision was made to wait until a final solution for the roof was determined before further work was done. Francois said that the wall is a mineral wall and should not mold, but he will look into it further. Spray insulation won’t mold either. Opsal said that areas will be recapped, and he would let the owners know about them.
2. Change Order Update
There was one change order presented. PCO #205 ($2,584) was the quote received to cover the cost of modifying the handrails on the mezzanine to create more clearance for hoisting bigger items up to this area. Without the adjustment, there are only two feet of clearance, which limits the usefulness of both the crane and the storage area.
3. Budget Review
A summary of the expenditures to date was distributed, which is running under budget. There are still a few purchases that need to be made which aren’t included in the remarks, but which will affect the bottom line. It is anticipated that the total project will be completed under budget, even after additional items are purchased and certain improvements are made.
No date has been scheduled for fixing the grates/drains in the tempered storage, but Francois will get the information out when he receives it. The flooring will be fully cured before it is sealed, and it will probably need a couple of seals. Meyer commented that he has been working with Brad Hatfield and his staff of Building Maintenance, and they have been very cooperative, helpful, and good to work with. Holmquist expressed her appreciation of their quality of work and their promptness and willingness to address the various issues that arise on an almost daily basis.
4. Set Meeting Date:
A meeting date for the next Owners Committee was set for Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 10:00 a.m., to be held in C-200 in the new Highway Building. This will be a good time to get an update on continued progress on the outstanding issues.
(End of 9-08-16 Owners Committee Minutes)
Approve Service Agreement With Dakota County For “One-Stop” Permit System
The Agreement was brought to Technology Committee and reviewed by the Attorney’s Office. Daleiden moved to approve the Agreement, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Approve Of Retaining Kevin Casserly And Dwight Dahlen To Perform Appraisals For Purposes Of Tax Court
Two proposals for appraisals for 2014 tax court valuation appeals were received. The first is with Kevin Casserly for PID #118-096-001010, a commercial/industrial property in the City of Otsego. The second is with Dwight Dahlen for PID #118-057-001010, a bank property in Otsego. Asleson made the following corrections to the Casserly proposal on page 3: Casserly’s license will expire 8-31-19 and the document was prepared 9-14-16. Daleiden moved to approve the retention of Casserly and Dahlen to perform appraisals for tax court purposes. Themotion was seconded Husom and carried 5-0. Funding will be from the Professional Services Line Item.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Daleiden moved to approve the 9-14-16 Building Committee Minutes. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0. The Building Committee Minutes follow:
I. Courtroom Bench Remodel Designs
Wilczek presented information that Wold Architects has identified two local millworkers with interest in the project. The pricing from them is expected back soon with installation timing to be discussed when the millworker is selected.
Recommendation: No recommendation, status update only.
II. Public Works Deferred Maintenance & Remodel
Wilczek provided updates on the status of the architect work, the consultant work, and the shop area modifications. The architect’s fit plan was approved and the construction documents are being created for bid. They are expected to be delivered by the end of next week and will go to bid when complete & reviewed.Wilczek presented the schematic design report on the windows and the roof options from Inspec. Although there are three options for roofing and two options for window types, the recommended options are to replace the windows with manufactured units (not storefront systems like existing) and remove & replace the entire roof system to the deck with metal panels. Daleiden, Potter, and Wilczek discussed all of the options in depth and agreed to be most confident in replacing it completely with a newly designed system. Inspec would then be responsible for the oversight of installation and the ongoing, long term performance because it would be 100% their design and installed per their spec. Wilczek also presented a proposal for window design, bidding, and construction administration services with a total cost from start to finish of $8,800 including site visits, installation oversight, and documentation. Another recommended project from Inspec is to spray foam the thermal bridge behind the soffit, above the wall and below the roof deck on the west and east walls. There is currently outside cold air transfer in this area condensing on the deck when it meets the warm air, causing dripping into the perimeter offices.
Mattice requested approval to move forward with new racking for the Extension storage area and the mezzanine above the old HWY parts room at a total amount of $5600. Wilczek and Jobe presented a proposed cost of $5,580 for the modification of the mezzanine structure to remove a support column and install components to clear-span the distance. The higher than expected cost was explained by the installation company as requiring a certified welder to field-weld the clips on the beam to install. Mattice & Daleiden presented furniture ideas as requested by the Extension office staff. Wilczek will note them for inclusion in the plan.
Recommendation: It was recommended by Potter and Daleiden to move forward with the design and installation of a new metal roof system (Option C - Metal in the report), replacement of the windows with manufactured units (as opposed to storefront) along with construction administrative services, and completion of the repairs to the flat roof at an estimated $3,000. It was also recommended to move forward with the Mattice proposal for racking, order the mezzanine structure parts only, and obtain bids for the spray foam project.
III. Compost Facility Storm Damage Repair
Wilczek provided an update that Marcus Construction has viewed the site several times and has said they are planning to deliver their proposal on 9/16/16. Wilczek explained that after discussions with Jim Bach of Marcus Construction, it was identified the scope of the project will include two options: 1) remove the three walls and roof of the tipping floor space as to leave it as an open concrete area going forward 2) remove the three walls and roof, then rebuild. The message from the demolition and construction groups was that even though some of the columns and roof trusses did not appear to have corrosion to the point of losing structural integrity, the process of removing the roof and the significantly corroded purlins, girts, and wall panels would not be reasonable if one was trying to save some columns and trusses. It would be more cost effective and a better plan to remove it all and rebuilt it with new metals.
Wilczek presented the proposal for the installation of a security camera at the compost site as previously requested by Daleiden. The scope of the project includes a camera near the pile and a camera on the west side of the recycling facility to record people driving in. The total costs from Loberg Electric and Russell Security including all cabling, materials, installation, and electrical work is $7,477. The cameras would record on an on-site recorder and be networked to the current county system for viewing.
Recommendation: It was recommended by Potter and Daleiden that a meeting of the whole would be appropriate and should be planned to have discussion on the site storm damage construction and facility use plans. It was also recommended for Kelly to inquire if one of the funds related to the compost facility could be used to pay for the installation of the cameras and move forward with installation.
(End of 9-14-16 Building Committee Minutes)
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Husom, all voted to schedule the meeting for 11-29-16 at 6:00 PM.
Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said a Committee Of The Whole Meeting, Closed Session, was held on 9-14-16 to discuss a restoration order received from the DNR on Ditch 31. John Kolb, Rinke Noonan, provided the following recommendations for the County Board:
1. Hire Rinke Noonan to represent the Drainage Authority
2. Follow recommendations of counsel as explained during the Closed Session
3. Have counsel contact the DNR to respond to negotiate on how to move forward Asleson said Kolb has contacted the Attorney General’s Office and is in the process of obtaining approval for an intake restrictor which will raise the water level about 2’ during the time negotiations are taking place with the DNR. Asleson expects to hear back from Rinke Noonan in about a week. Sawatzke asked that the record reflect that Borrell strongly advocated for his constituents during the Closed Session. Husom moved to approve the three recommendations, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
1. Wright County Fair. Borrell stated there will be a Wright County Fair Appreciation Dinner on 9-24-16.
2. Jail Tour, Polk County. Borrell said several of the Commissioners and staff toured the Polk County Courthouse in Crookston on 9-19-16. They were impressed with the facility and the innovations in the Courtrooms. Sawatzke was looking for simplicity and saw several money saving ideas relating to narrowed hallways, not having individual restrooms for judges, and not using natural light in courtrooms. Borrell referenced the use of the hallway as a ramp to address handicap accessibility and using flush mounted microphones in juror areas.
3. Otsego Levee. Daleiden said the levee has been cleaned up to meet the Corp of Engineers standards. A person from Cokato was hired for the work. The plan is to spray the area in the future.
4. Solar Tour. Sawatzke said Commissioners were unable to attend the tour on 9-16-16 of the Dickinson Solar Project. It was the consensus that Sawatzke should make contact to see whether a tour can be arranged for the County Board.
5. AMC Fall Policy Conference. Potter attended the Conference last weekend and filled in as the Chair of the Transportation Policy Board. He also attended the Board of Directors Meeting. Potter will provide Borrell information he obtained on the One Watershed One Plan. Another meeting was with a DNR person relating to pollinators and mowing of ditches. Not mowing would conflict with safety factors in ditches.
6. MEADA Coalition. Husom attended a meeting last week. The Drive Wright Program is a diversion program where people who have been ticketed attend the class so the ticket is not placed on their record. They have received great feedback on topics covered through the Program such as distracted driving. Husom said MEADA has $500 grants available to schools for anti-drug and alcohol programs. Daleiden suggested using the funding to distracted driving programs as well. Husom said Safe Communities is looking into legislation to deal with distracted driving.
Bills Approved
3 D Specialties Inc $58,455.60
American Tower Corporation 441.58
Ameripride Services 897.77
Annandale Rock Products 1,892.81
Aramark Services Inc 8,374.44
Arctic Glacier USA Inc 512.88
Borrell/Charlie 395.00
Boyer Truck Parts 230.60
Braun Intertec Corporation 1,453.75
Buffalo/City of 106,349.60
CDW Government Inc 552.89
Central Fire Protection 111.50
Chamberlain Oil Co 1,342.75
Contech Construction Product 11,205.12
Culligan of Buffalo 103.10
Databank IMXLLC 7,575.00
Engel/Dale L 200.00
Ernst General Construction Inc 21,185.99
Excel Systems 3,800.00
Farm-Rite Equipment Inc 3,671.44
Farrell/Joyce B 2,011.20
Garlock North 498.20
GBR Inc 140.00
Granite Pest Control Services 117.00
Green Interiors 450.00
Gustafson Trailers 5,271.75
Hancock Concrete Products LLC 13,909.67
Hasty Silver Creek Sportmens 3,748.00
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 100.39
Hoekstra/Alan R 2,005.60
Hosch/Stephen T. 2,191.52
Johnson/Mark A 367.50
Larson Associates Inc 6,100.00
Loberg Electric 852.43
Lynn Peavey Company 200.00
Martin-McAllisters Consulting 500.00
Martinson/Jim 125.00
Menards - Buffalo 143.64
Mend Correctional Care LLC 27,529.33
Meritide Inc 1,099.03
Metro Group Inc/The 10,689.68
Mini Biff Inc 147.12
Minnesota Monitoring Inc 756.00
MN Assn of County Surveyors 300.00
MN Corrections Association 295.00
MN Department of Corrections 30,132.75
MN Dept. of Labor & Industry 3,039.08
MN Fall Expo 100.00
Monticello Towing LLC 150.00
Moon Motorsports 131.88
Morries Parts & Service Group 168.25
Night Vision Depot 3,620.00
O’Reilly Auto Parts 251.58
Office Depot 468.41
Office of MN IT Services 2,100.00
Omann Brothers Inc 1,031.50
Performance Kennels Inc 283.20
Potter/Michael J 188.50
Ridley/Glenda 382.25
Rinke-Noonan 200.00
Royal Tire Inc 831.44
Safelite Fulfillment Inc 227.00
Seton Identification Products 533.10
Setter/Randi 100.00
St Cloud Stamp & Sign Inc 118.58
Suburban Tire Wholesale Inc 1,074.86
Thompson/Janet A 400.00
Thomson Reuters West Publishing 1,258.29
Traffic Marking Service Inc 67,795.21
Verizon Wireless 11,551.01
Voss Lighting 824.00
W D Larson Companies TD 597.51
Waste Management of WI-MN 2,329.83
Windstream 418.84
Woods Edge Apples 156.00
Wright Hennepin Electric 3,310.73
Xcel Energy 127.96
28 Payments less than $100 1,232.93
Final total $443, 434,57
The meeting adjourned at 10:17 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal Oct. 10, 2016.
Wright County
Warrants Approved For Payment 9/15/2016
Us Bank-procurement Cards $20,779.24
Final Total 20,779.24
Published in the Herald Journal Oct. 10, 2016.