Wright County Board Minutes

OCTOBER 18, 2016
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Borrell, Daleiden, Husom, and Potter present.
Husom moved to approve the 10-11-16 County Board Minutes, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Borrell requested that the culvert on County Ditch 31 be addressed under Timed Items, Auditor/Treasurer, Item A5.
Daleiden moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Husom asked for clarification on Item A1, Reappoint Bruce Anderson To The WCCA Board Of Directors, 3-Year Term (10-09-16 to 10-09-19). Potter moved to approve the Consent Agenda minus Item A1, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0. Husom asked whether the person being reappointed is Senator Bruce Anderson. Daleiden said it is. Daleiden moved to approve Item A1, seconded by Husom, and the motion carried unanimously.
1. Schedule Sealed Bid Opening For Public Works Building Remodel RFP On 11-15-16 @ 9:45 AM
1. Extended Hours For DMV (Department Of Motor Vehicle)-Informational Only
1. Approve Claims As Listed In The Abstract, Subject To Audit, For A Total Of $533,475.67 With 145 Vendors And 231 Transactions
1. Approve Procurement Card Transactions For The Period Ending 9-25-16 For A Total Of $21,420.61
1. Position Replacement
A. Case Aide
1. Refer To The October 26th Technology Committee:
A. CIP Projects/Requests
B. Project Prioritization
C. Email Retention
D. RSI Call Reporting
1. Authorize Signatures On Documents Related To Acquisitions For Bertram Chain Of Lakes Regional Park:
A. Phase 11 Purchase Agreement
B. Robert & Ladonna Lamm Purchase Agreement
1. Refer To Building Committee The Paving Of The Sheriff’s Support Services Building Driveway, Along With Patching Of The Asphalt At The Recycling Center
Approve September Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report
Hiivala referenced the bar graph on the first page of the Report. He said the County is close to the prorated budget for expenditures. The graph shows that Revenues are currently short as property taxes are not due until October. Regarding Revenues, Hiivala said under Item 5300 for State Aid monies that paperwork has been submitted for the completed Highway Building project, but have not yet been reimbursed. Hiivala said Revenues under Item 5500, Charges for Services, are up 4.72 percent, mostly due to Planning & Zoning and Boarding of Prisoners fees. Under Item 5700, Earnings on Investments, Hiivala said there was a modification to that program that required an update, so he did not do an adjustment to write off the premiums when he buys investments. This revenue will decrease somewhat. This entry reflects Gross Receipts.
Hiivala said the County is within one percent of prorated expenses. The County is seeing significant savings in Personnel Line Items. Sawatzke asked why the graph shows that 2015 Actual State Grant Revenues (5300) were about $5 million higher than 2016. Hiivala said it is because the County has not yet been reimbursed by the State at this point in time for projects such as the new Highway Building. He added that amounts to millions of dollars.
Sawatzke then referenced Page Two of the Report that 2016 Expenditures are higher than 2015 by about $5 or $6 million. He asked if that was due again to expenditures from the new Highway Building. Hiivala said they were not included in this presentation as those had already been expended. The expenses shown on the graph are related to other construction projects. Daleiden moved, seconded by Potter, to approve the September Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report. The motion carried 5-0.
Approve City of Maple Lake Tax Forfeit Resolution
Hiivala said the City of Maple Lake has adopted a resolution requesting that the County Board recommend that the Minnesota Commissioner of Revenue convey to the City the following three tax forfeit parcels by quitclaim deed:
1) PID # 110-045-000020 (stormwater pond)
2) PID # 110-045-000030 (lift station site)
3) PID # 110-053-000010 (ditch access)
Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said these parcels should have been conveyed to the City as part of the development process. Potter moved to adopt the City of Maple Lake Tax Forfeit Resolution #16-59. The Resolution carried unanimously on a roll call vote.
Request To Have County Board Set A Date And Time For The County Canvassing Board For The General Election.
Members Also Need To Be Appointed
Hiivala suggested Thursday, 11-17-16 from 2 P.M. till 4 P.M. for the Canvassing Board, although he said it would not likely take that long. He said two Commissioners are needed. Husom and Sawatzke agreed to attend. Daleiden said he would be the Alternate. Husom moved to set the Canvassing Board for 11-17-16 from 2 P.M. till 4 P.M., attended by Sawatzke, herself, and Daleiden as the Alternate. Potter seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
Authorize Temporary Help For Elections
Hiivala said he did not budget for temporary help in 2016. The number of absentee votes is increasing. His staff is working at capacity now. Hiivala said temporary help will not have the Certified Judge status required to do the elections work needed. Daleiden moved to approve overtime for Auditor/Treasurer staff during the General Election. Potter seconded. Sawatzke asked how much would the overtime cost? Hiivala said he estimated about five thousand dollars. The motion carried unanimously.
County Ditch 31
Borrell said he spoke with Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, regarding getting approval for a temporary weir from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the Ditch at Fillmore Avenue. Borrell said he asked Mike Young, the County Ditch Inspector, to order the weir. Borrell also followed up with Attorney John Kolb from Rinke Noonan, who had not yet heard back from the DNR. Sawatzke said he did not think the weir should be ordered until a favorable response from the DNR has been received. Borrell said the weir costs about $6,000.00.
There was discussion regarding other short-term options. Sawatzke did not like spending $6,000.00 for a short term solution if the measure hasn’t been approved. Daleiden said if the DNR doesn’t approve the weir, they will only be satisfied with pulling out the culvert and replacing it at a different elevation. Borrell said he will check to see if Young placed the order. Perhaps it could be canceled. He asked for direction. Kryzer said he believed the ultimate Restoration Order Date may be in the Spring of 2017. He did not have the document with him. Kryzer advised the Board to discuss this at a closed session, as this is a matter pending litigation.
Asleson said Kolb told him previously that he strongly recommended that the weir be ordered and installed. Sawatzke said Asleson, Kryzer, and Borrell can discuss this further, and, if necessary, recommend a closed session next week.
Borrell said the other issue is that the culvert is not the restricting point for the Ruckles Lake wetland. There is a natural berm between the culvert and the lake. The water level in the culvert is very low. The water level on County Road 30 is two feet higher. Borrell recommended that the County Surveyor record the elevations. Kryzer said he recommended discussing the matter during a closed session. Potter moved to schedule a closed session of the Committee Of The Whole on Monday, 10-24-16 at 3 P.M. Borrell seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
Update RE: State Auditor Lawsuit
Asleson said last Wednesday the Attorney’s Office received notification from attorney Scott Anderson that Rebecca Otto, Minnesota State Auditor, appealed the District Court decision to the Court of Appeals. The deadline is sometime in November. In addition, on the same day, Otto filed a Petition For Accelerated Review with the State Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has not yet made a decision, and they are under no timeline to do so. Asleson said Anderson believes the Supreme Court may hear this case.
Asleson said the County has the opportunity to file a Cross-Appeal, which they discussed with Becker County. The Cross-Appeal would address the only issue the County lost at District Court, which is the ruling citing that auditing the County is a core function of the State Auditor’s Office. The Cross-Appeal would allow the Counties to appeal that ruling again, either at the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court. Asleson said the issue has to do with staffing and funding. He said the County’s legal counsel may also join in the Request for Accelerated View, because it would be more economical for the case to go directly to the Supreme Court, rather than initially to the Appeals Court.
Asleson said Anderson told him there is a Joint House/Senate Subcommittee On Claims at the State legislative level for claims not otherwise dealt with under State law. Anderson thought it might be a good idea for Wright and Becker Counties to apply to the State for reimbursement of legal fees. He spoke with attorneys from Becker County, and they plan to file a joint request. Asleson asked for approval of the process from the County Board. He said invoices received for legal costs to date total $32,468.54. Becker County has been invoiced a similar amount. Asleson said the total is about $65,000.00 in legal fees between the two Counties.
Daleiden moved to apply to the Joint House/Senate Subcommittee On Claims for reimbursement of legal expenses incurred in the State Auditor lawsuit. Husom seconded. Asleson said the County Attorney’s Office will apply. They will have 15 minutes to state their case. The application deadline is 11-01-16. The Subcommittee meets in Spring of 2017. Asleson said there are no guarantees. He added that the one aspect in the County’s favor is that there are many counties in the State affected by this ruling. Asleson said he will let the Subcommittee know the County will be incurring additional invoices after 11-01-16, so the reimbursement amount may be greater than $32,468.54. The motion carried unanimously.
Approval Of The 2016 - 2017 Radiological Emergency Preparedness Grant Amendment
Hoffman said the Minnesota Department of Public Safety has added $103,314.78 to the grant for the Fiscal Year ending June of 2017. The new 2-year total comes to $405,314.78. Daleiden moved to approve the 2016 - 2017 Radiological Emergency Preparedness Grant Amendment, seconded by Husom. The motion carried unanimously.
Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, said there were four proposed resolutions relating to the assessments. He discussed each one briefly prior to taking public comments.
233 Birch Avenue, City of Maple Lake, PID 110-010-010060
Kryzer said this assessment is related to a public health nuisance. The final cost of the abatement is $5,790.56. Notices have been mailed to all property owners. This is a three-year assessment at four percent interest.
400 Center Avenue South, City of Montrose, PID #112-500-021100
Kryzer said this abatement is also a public health nuisance. This involved the removal of a mobile home trailer, and all the contents therein. Kryzer said the proposed assessment is $6,661.93. This is a three-year assessment at four percent interest.
10856 Pleason Avenue NW, Southside Township, #217-044-002030
Kryzer said this was for a court ordered nuisance abatement. This proposed assessment is for $2,725.04, for three years at four percent interest.
3659 40th Street NE, Buffalo Township, PID #202-000-151200
Kryzer said this is a seven-acre parcel that required extensive property cleanup. The proposed final assessment after all costs of sale is $65,895.80. Kryzer said this property assessment will be over ten years at four percent interest. All the invoices are included in the Board packet. Kryzer said he received two faxes from Claudia Ernst, Executor of the Gutknecht Estate, with a list of questions and concerns. Kryzer responded to them each in detail. He said the County received bids for the services, and informed Mr. Gutknecht. He added that last year the County rejected a bid for more than $100,000 as being too high.
At 9:34 A.M., Sawatzke opened the Public Hearing for 233 Birch Avenue, City of Maple Lake, PID 110-010-010060. No one came forward to comment. The Public Hearing was closed at 9:46 A.M. Potter moved to adopt Resolution 16-60, Adopting Assessment for 233 Birch Avenue, City of Maple Lake in the amount of $5,790.56. Husom seconded, and the Resolution carried on a unanimous roll call vote.
At 9:46 A.M., Sawatzke opened the Public Hearing for 400 Center Avenue South, City of Montrose, PID #112-500-021100. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, read a letter from Sara Griffith, Chief Manager, Watertown Investments, LLC, d/b/a Montrose Mobile Manor. Griffith objected to the proposed special assessment of $6,661.93 against this property, stating that the purported nuisance was “a result of the accumulation of materials and debris within and around a mobile home that belonged to Karolyn Kopp.” Kopp rented Lot 19 of the mobile home park at this location. Griffith claimed that any nuisance created was due to Kopp’s actions, and not those of the property owner. Griffith requested that the County seek recoupment of the charges from Kopp under Minnesota Statute 273.125, Subd. 7.
No one present responded to Sawatzke’s request for public comment to this assessment. Sawatzke closed the Public Hearing at 9:50 A.M. He said it appears the property owner is responsible. Kryzer said the property as a whole benefited from the cleanup, as it improved the condition of the property. Borrell said the owner of the mobile home park is responsible, as they did not enforce the rules. The owner can seek restitution from Kopp. Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution 16-61, Adopting Assessment for 400 Center Avenue South, City of Montrose in the amount of $6,661.93, seconded by Borrell. The Resolution carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
At 9:53 A.M., Sawatzke opened the Public Hearing for 3659 40th Street NE, Buffalo Township, PID #202-000-151200.
Daniel Gutknecht, who resides at the property, and Barb Clifton of Montrose, each presented comments. Their concerns were that the property was being assessed inappropriately for several items. They requested a breakdown of charges for items such as:
1) LaPlant Demo, Inc. worker who was sick on 7-26-16 and sat in his truck for an entire afternoon;
2) LaPlant Demo, Inc. skid worker who sat in his truck on site on 7-27-16 for a time due to rain, and then left;
3) Time lost when a French Lake bobcat broke down;
4) Time lost when several trucks and equipment from various contractors got stuck in the mud and spent hours trying to dig out;
5) A tractor bent the fender off a bus parked on the property (the bus was slated to be removed);
6) Contractors’ equipment caused large ruts in the yard and damage to alfalfa and corn fields;
7) Removal of two cow tanks and a wooden snow fence they felt should have stayed with the property;
8) Time billed for a worker to clean up smaller pieces of junk that Gutknecht said he could have done himself.
There was also discussion regarding the amount of time Gutknecht was given to clean up the property prior to the assessment, the length of time LaPlant took to remove the items, and whether credit was given for certain items. Kryzer said this was the first he had heard of the concerns above. LaPlant and Burda’s Towing, LLC have been paid in full. Daleiden suggested that he request a breakdown of charges from LaPlant. Husom said it is a reasonable request so the estate finances can be resolved. Kryzer agreed to request a breakdown from LaPlant. Sawatzke said LaPlant should also state whether the County was billed for the time and labor to repair the equipment, or only while the equipment was in operation. Daleiden said they should also account for the time the sick worker did not work. Sawatzke said Gutknecht has a right to get answers to his questions. Kryzer said the issues he will address with LaPlant are:
1) The 7-26-16 date the LaPlant employee was sick;
2) Charges for the broken skid loader; and
3) How hours for the skid loader were calculated.
Daleiden asked Kryzer to request an itemization of all charges as well. Kryzer said the Resolution adopting the assessment could be implemented, and a credit taken later, if one is issued. Sawatzke closed the Public Hearing at 10:28 A.M.
Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution #16-62, Adopting Assessment for 3659 40th St. NE, Buffalo Township, in the amount of $65,895.80. Potter seconded, and the Resolution carried unanimously on a roll call vote. Sawatzke said if Kryzer brings information from LaPlant to the County Board meeting next week, Gutknecht will have an opportunity to speak if he wishes.
At 10:29 A.M., Sawatzke opened the Public Hearing for 10856 Pleason Avenue NW, Southside Township, #217-044-002030. He requested public comments, but no one came forward. Sawatzke closed the Public Hearing at 10:29 A.M. Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution 16-63, Adopting Assessment for 10856 Pleason Avenue NW, Southside Township, in the amount of $2,725.04. Borrell seconded, and the Resolution carried unanimously on a roll call vote.
Accept the findings and recommendation of the Planning Commission and adopt the amendments to the Wright County Code of Ordinances, Title XV Land Usage & Zoning as follows:
A. Wright County Code of Ordinances Chapter 152 including standards that apply to allowing fowl and chickens in all zoning districts except for parcels less than 2.5 acres in the R-1 zone; and to allow feedlots of less than 10 animal units to be located in the shoreland districts, includes amending Section 155 to conform to changes made in Chapter 152; and
B. An amendment to the Home Extended Business, Wright County Code of Ordinances Chapter 155.103 to change a condition on storage.
Riley said the Planning Commission has reviewed Ordinance 16-6 and recommend that it pass as presented. Riley states that since the public hearing before the Planning Commission that he noticed some unique situations in the Wild and Scenic River District where there are small lots under 2.5 acres in size. These small lots were originally zoned R-1 when approved but the zoning district changed when the Wild and Scenic District was created. Riley recommended that Ordinance 16-6, Art. 1, Sec. 1 - § 152.025(B) be amended to include the Wild and Scenic River District (W) in the restriction for parcels under 2.5 acres as follows:
(B) Fowl and Chickens. Every parcel of property, except for parcels in the R-1 and W zoning districts under 2.5 acres, and notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in §§152.027-152.031 and Chapter 155, shall be allowed to have up to 5 domesticated fowl and 30 chickens, except roosters, provided the following setbacks are met:
(1.) Poultry buildings will be setback a minimum of 50 feet from side and rear property lines and 300 feet from the Ordinary High Water Mark of any public body of water.
(2.) Road setbacks are as required under Chapter 155; and
(3.) Poultry on less than four acres must be contained in a fenced enclosure. The fence must be setback at least 15 feet from all side and rear property lines, and must meet all road setback requirements. The fence must be setback at least 50 feet from the Ordinary High Water Level of a public body of water, provided there is a buffer, as defined under Minn. Stat. § 103F.48, between the fence and the public body of water.
Regarding Item B, Daleiden recommended that Ordinance Amendment 16-6, Art. 2, Sec. 7 - § 155.103 Rules and Definition of Home Extended Business as presented be further amended to change the word “of” in subpart (D) to “or” the new provision after being amended reads as follows:
(D) Shall provide two parking spaces per employee of or one space for each 400 square feet of building area, whichever is greater.
Borrell moved to approve Ordinance 16-6 with the amendments to Ordinance Chapters 152.025(B) and 155.103 as stated. Husom seconded the motion, and the motion carried 5-0.
10-12-16 Building Committee Minutes
At today’s County Board meeting, Potter read the 10-12-16 Building Committee Minutes and recommendations. Daleiden said staff will talk to Extension and have Master Gardeners give suggestions regarding what to do with the ivy on the building. Potter moved to approve the 10-12-16 Building Committee minutes and recommendations, seconded by Daleiden. Borrell suggested that staff contact Waverly Lock and Key for another quote to rekey the Public Works Building. Sawatzke said Marc Mattice, Director of Parks and Recreation, indicated that the quote from Russell was from a while ago. He directed Coordinator Lee Kelly to obtain a quote from Waverly Lock and Key. Sawatzke said anyone else is welcome to submit a quote as well. The motion carried unanimously. The Building Committee Minutes follow:
I. Public Works Deferred Maintenance & Remodel
Wilczek provided updates on the status of the architect work, the consultant work, and the shop area modifications. The architect’s construction drawings were delivered from Nelson and distributed to the group for review and discussion. Daleiden noted the vending machines need to be relocated, but other than that it looks ok. Wilczek noted there will be a request to post the RFP for bidding and will be moving forward. The drawings for bidding of the sloped roof and window replacement is anticipated to be delivered 10/14/16 and will be going for bids thereafter.
Mattice requested having the building rekeyed when the highway department is fully moved out of the site. Mattice and Wilczek recalled the pricing to be approximately $9000. It was also requested by Mattice to have the fabrication shop painted.
Daleiden asked when the mezzanine beam is expected to arrive and Wilczek recalled it was anticipated approximately 10/25. The shipment will include the beam material as well as the mounting clips to weld and associated hardware. Daleiden requested Wilczek confirm that date as to line up the welder to complete the installation.
Mattice confirmed the overhead door in the west wall of the service area and the door between the welding & wood shops have been installed. Loberg electric will be coming to the site to complete the wiring for the door opener and the project will be complete. Wilczek noted the spray foam insulation on the west and east walls of the 1998 addition will be started in approximately 1 week pending contractor scheduling. The contractor is finishing a large job at another site and the project is next on the list. To complete the foam work, an access opening will need to be cut into the ceiling of the entry vestibule and the cost to cut, patch, and paint finish is just over $2000. Daleiden and Potter discussed the option of not repairing the opening for now and leaving it until the sheetrock crew is on site for the interior remodel project to repair.
Wilczek said he has been looking at lighting options as alternatives to replacing fixtures in the mezzanine area and installed some sample LED lamps to replace the ones currently in place. Steve Jobe and the surveyor department staff are reviewing the lumen output and the color for a retrofit selection. The replacement of the lamps is estimated at approximately $1000 (depending on the type selected and rebate) and would save several thousand dollars over replacement of the fixtures. Wilczek also presented a lighting energy audit breakdown for the retrofit of all fluorescent bulbs at the site and the replacement of the fleet services, welding, and wood shop overhead light fixtures. The current metal halide shop lights are nearing the end of their useful life, burning 460 watts, and can be replaced with an LED fixture putting out more light and burning 173 watts for $346 each minus available rebates. The payback on the shops is calculated at 3.57 years. The relamping of the site fluorescent bulbs to LED is a calculated payback of 3.08 years while reducing from 32wT8 lamps to 12w. Both projects can be completed by custodial staff and no electrician will be needed for the retrofits as the lamps & fixtures are plug and play with no ballast or wiring work.
Wilczek requested removal of the ivy growing on the walls near the west entrance of the site. The vines are growing into the wall & roof systems, and into the shops. Everyone in attendance agreed it would be a good idea to remove the material to prevent water infiltration and potential degradation of the joints.
It was recommended by Potter and Daleiden to continue to move forward with the windows and roof. Since the window project will be under $100,000 and separate from the roof work, the scope will be bid separately and not posted. It was recommended to move forward on the rekey of the building and to complete the painting requested by Mattice with STS if possible. The lighting retrofit projects were recommended to move forward and complete given the short payback times and ability to install with in-house staff. Daleiden and Potter recommended leaving the vestibule ceiling access open until a sheetrock crew is on site for other work related to the remodel.
II. Compost Facility Storm Damage Repair
Wilczek noted the site was discussed at the 10/11/16 board meeting and there were no further updates since then. Wilczek will be obtaining pricing for the demolition of the tipping floor structure to discuss at a later date.
Wilczek noted the cameras for the compost area have been ordered per previous approval and will be scheduling the installation as they are available.
No recommendation, updates only.
(End of 10-12-16 Building Committee Minutes)
10-12-16 Personnel Committee Minutes
Husom read the 10-12-16 Personnel Committee Minutes and recommendations. She said the Telecom Specialist position is budgeted for 2017, but the request is for authorization to begin the recruitment process now so that they can start as early as 1-03-17. Husom moved, seconded by Potter, to approve the 10-12-16 Personnel Committee minutes and recommendations. The motion carried 5-0. The Personnel Committee Minutes follow:
I. Telecom Specialist Position
Request to start the recruitment process for the Telecom Specialist position prior to the formal approval of the 2017 budget. Position will be posted as soon as possible with a start date as early as January 3, 2017.
RECOMMENDATION: Approve beginning the recruitment process for the Telecom Specialist position.
(End of 10-12-16 Personnel Committee Minutes)
Soil and Water Conservation District Meeting (SWCD): Borrell attended this meeting on 10-17-16. The AIS emergency meeting last week resulted in a recommendation to allocate $6,000.00 to eradicate Starry Stonewort on Lake Sylvia. Borrell said the DNR is not contributing as previously thought, so the SWCD Board decided to allocate $15,000.00 of the AIS money toward the problem. The treatment includes installing a curtain, and then divers will collect the Starry Stonewort algae and treat the area with copper sulfate. After that, they will treat it with crystals. Borrell said the landing should have been closed immediately by the DNR. Discussion ensued regarding boat traffic potentially carrying the Starry Stonewort to other lakes. Daleiden said Lake Koronis is seriously affected with it as well.
Wright County Community Action: Borrell commended Jay Weatherford, the new Wright County Community Action Executive Director, for making many improvements since he started only two months ago.
District Five Meeting in Sauk Rapids: Sawatzke said Husom, Potter, and he attended yesterday. There were several hot topics discussed, including difficulty hiring information technology and public health employees. Sawatzke said all the counties are having this problem, not just Wright County. Supply and demand is a factor. The private sector pays more.
Sawatzke said there was also debate regarding the Buffer Law. Husom said the County has until March 2017 to decide what to do. Many counties have not yet made a decision.
Transportation Initiatives: Potter said the City of Albertville will be submitting a request for funding for a pedestrian bridge over I-94 by County Road 37. They are in discussion with Otsego, because it is a connection between the two Cities.
Law Library: Husom said the Board met and passed the 2017 budget. An advertisement will be placed in the The Drummer this week thanking all the pro bono attorneys who assist Library clients on Thursdays from noon till one P.M. The public may make appointments. More people are utilizing the service. In September alone, 428 cases were served.
Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services: Husom attended a health care sector summit meeting in conjunction with Jobs and Training. They also heard from CentraCare Health, Fairview Health, and Renville Health Services. There was a round table discussion on the health care crisis and how it is addressed by small, medium, and large medical facilities.
Husom moved to reschedule the Strategic Planning Committee originally scheduled for today, 10-18-16 at 10:30 A.M., to 11-01-16 at 10:30 A.M. Potter seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
Bills Approved 10/13/16
US Bank-Procurement Cards $21,420.61
Bills Approved 10/18/16
Allina Health $682.00
American Tower Corporation 12,616.42
Ameripride Services 632.84
ANCOM Communications Inc 748.20
APEC Industrial Sales & Services 5,037.06
Aramark Services Inc 24,349.55
Assn of Minnesota Counties 2,625.00
Association of MN Counties 375.00
Bob Barker Company Inc 340.00
Bonk Masonry Inc/Gary 1,550.00
Brethorst/Darnell 240.50
Buffalo Hospital 161.40
Burdas Towing 161.00
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 120.00
Centra Sota Coop Cokato 404.45
Centra Sota Coop - Buffalo 16,352.24
Central Fire Protection 191.75
Century Fence Company 3,586.25
CenturyLink 815.19
CenturyLink (Hwy Use) 202.06
Chief Supply 209.64
Cottens Inc 993.00
CXTEC 420.00
Cyber Advisors Inc 777.50
Databank IMX LLC 1,050.00
Department of Corrections 139.00
Department of Public Safety 8,310.00
Dingmann Marine & More LLC 297.40
ESRI 1,250.00
Fabcon Precast LLC 72,029.55
Fastenal Company 122.22
Felger/Kenneth 775.50
Figliuzzi/Launette 275.00
French Lake Auto Parts 125.00
Governmentjobs.com Inc 5,758.00
Granite Pest Control Services 199.00
Green View Inc 21,124.27
Hardrives Inc 39,127.73
Herald Journal Publishing Inc 217.21
Integrated Fire & Security 1,580.80
Intoximeters Inc 210.25
Jerrys Towing & Repair 157.00
Kelly/Lee 580.86
Knife River Corp. - North Central 650.52
Kryzer/Greg 189.17
Lake Region Coop Oil-Maple Lake 171.78
Laplant Demo Inc 714.99
Larson Building Inc 131,622.50
Martin Marietta Materials 120.24
Martin-McAllisters Consulting 1,000.00
Matthees/Norma 11,550.00
Mattson Well Company 290.00
McKesson Medical-Surgical 308.69
Menards - Buffalo 184.95
Mend Correctional Care LLC 28,528.33
Midwest Protection Agency Inc 503.40
Mini Biff Inc 800.22
Minnesota Monitoring Inc 805.00
MN Counties Computer Coop 14,055.50
MN Dept. of Labor & Industry 2,240.27
MN Transportation Alliance 110.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 108.41
Mueller/Craig 140.71
North Suburban Towing Inc 100.00
Northern Lights Steel Fab Inc 11,903.97
Northern Safety Technology ,805.20
Office Depot 1,509.07
Office of MN IT Services 234.71
Olson/Dean 439.52
Omann Brothers Inc 585.92
Opengov Inc 59,056.56
Precision Prints of Wright Co 157.11
Quiggle/Charlotte 225.00
Ross/Eugene 125.00
Royal Tire Inc 1,008.85
Rupp,Anderson,Squires,Waldspurger 382.00
Russell Security Resource Inc 450.00
Scuba Center 567.00
Suburban Tire Wholesale Inc 3,795.00
Thomson Reuters West Publishing 1,259.29
Thrifty White Pharmacy 1,722.72
Tires Plus 433.92
Total Printing 185.00
Tri State Surplus Co 5,619.34
Truenorth Steel 2,700.00
Verizon Wireless 10,645.83
Verizon Wireless 334.82
Voss Lighting 1,155.58
Windstream 195.82
Wold Architects & Engineers 2,307.93
Wright Hennepin Electric 1,140.81
Xcel Energy 124.54
Zacks Inc 1,409.86
21 Payments less than $100 $880.78
Final total: 533,475.67
The meeting adjourned at 11:16 A.M.
Published in the Herald Journal Nov. 7, 2016.