Wright County Board Minutes

JANUARY 10, 2017
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Borrell, Daleiden, Potter, and Vetsch present. Husom was not present.
Daleiden moved to approve the 1-03-17 Board Minutes, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 4-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Items For Consideration D, Schedule a Soil and Water Conservation District Planning Session (Borrell). The meeting will be held at the Law Enforcement Center. Potter moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 4-0.
Vetsch moved, seconded by Daleiden, to approve the Consent Agenda. The motion carried 4-0.
1. Reappoint Virgil Hawkins As Highway Engineer, Four- Year Term, Eff. 5-01-17 To 4-30-21
1. Approve Contract With W.L. Hall Company For The Public Works Window Replacement Project, $74,125
1. Schedule 2016 Employee Recognition Ceremony, February 28, 2017 @ 10:00 AM
1. Union Employee (WCDA) Request For Vacation Donation. Request Approval To Receive Donations From Non-Union And Union Employees That Have Completed The Required Donation Forms
1. Approve Renewal Of 2017 Tobacco Licenses For:
A. City Of Albertville: 152 Club, Inc. DBA 152 Club; Cardinal Enterprises, LLC DBA SuperAmerica #4899; E- Cig E-Bacco LLC DBA E-Bacco; CL Gentile, Inc. DBA Geez Sports Bar & Grill; Westside Liquor Of Albertville, Inc. DBA Westside Liquor
B. City Of Otsego: Napa Valley Liquor, Inc. DBA Napa Valley Liquors
C. City Of Rockford: Cardinal Enterprises, LLC DBA SuperAmerica #4898
D. City Of St. Michael: Tran’s St. Michael Liquors, Inc. DBA St. Michael Liquors
1. Approve Claims As Listed In The Abstract, Subject To Audit, For A Total Of $241,860.85 With 120 Vendors And 186 Transactions
1. Position Replacement
A. Information Systems Specialist
1. Position Replacement:
A. Communications Officer
1. Introduce Greg Pickard, Veterans Service Officer
Kelly welcomed Pickard to Wright County. Pickard said he is happy to be here to help veterans. His experience includes twenty years of active duty in Air Force intelligence. He spent the last thirteen years as a defensive contractor in the Information Technology industry. The Board welcomed him.
Property Tax Administrator/Chief Deputy Auditor/Treasurer Tammi Vaith presented the Agenda items.
1. Approve Engagement Letter With OSA For The 2016 Audit
Kelly said the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) did not release the County from the 2016 Audit, therefore, the County is obliged to do the Audit with them. He added that the OSA has been made aware that the County is planning to retain a private firm for future audits. Daleiden moved to approve the Engagement Letter with the OSA for the 2016 Audit, seconded by Vetsch, and the motion carried 4-0.
2. Approve Engagement Letter With CliftonLarsonAllen For the 2016 Compilation Services
Vaith said CliftonLarsonAllen was retained to handle the County’s financial statements for the 2015 Audit, and Hiivala would like to do the same for 2016. Daleiden moved to approve the Engagement Letter with CliftonLarsonAllen for the 2016 Compilation Services, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 4-0.
3. Calculations Of 2017 Legal Paper Bids
Vaith said the County requested bids from five newspapers. Two submitted bids: the Herald Journal and the Delano Herald Journal. The Herald Journal bid per column inch for a legal ad is 27 cents per inch. The Delano Herald Journal bid for a legal ad is $3.50 per column inch. Last year, the Herald Journal bid 37 cents per column inch. Daleiden moved to approve the Herald Journal as the legal newspaper for Wright County. Potter seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
4. Approve Temporary Liquor License for Maple Lake – Lake Property Owner’s Association
Vaith said there is an ice fishing derby event on Saturday, 2-04-17 in Maple Lake Township. She said the application was approved by the County Sheriff, County Attorney, and the Maple Lake Town Board. Potter moved to approve the temporary liquor license for Maple Lake – Lake Property Owner’s Association, seconded by Vetsch. The motion carried 4-0.
1. Request Approval Of Travel For IT Staff To The Cisco Live 2017 Conference
Tagarro said he is requesting to send both Senior Systems Engineers to the Cisco Live Conference in Las Vegas from June 25 to 29, 2017. The Conference provides five days of in-depth, hands-on training and educational sessions, as well as interactions with vendors. The County utilizes Cisco’s services for a number of technology functions. This expense was budgeted for 2017. Potter moved to approve the request for two IT staff to travel to the Cisco Live 2017 Conference from June 25-29, 2017 in Las Vegas. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
1. Set Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting To Discuss Transportation Items
Potter moved to schedule the Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting on 1-23-17 at 10:30 AM. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
1. Request Approval Of Personnel Policy Revisions As Reviewed And Recommended By The County Negotiations Committee
Human Resources Director Sunny Hesse said the majority of these revisions were initiated by the County as part of the negotiations, and have proved to be effective in obtaining tentative agreements with several of the bargaining units.
a) 104 Compensation Plan
The revision to 104.07 Promotions should read:
In unusual circumstances the County Coordinator and/or the Human Resource Director can approve up to and including 12% above the minimum salary range based on the applicant’s education, experience, and labor market conditions.
Hesse said this wording is consistent with County Policy regarding new hires, and the ability to bring in new hires up to 12% of the minimum of the range. Borrell asked what prompted this revision. Hesse responded that it will provide more consistency in the way the County can be flexible with new employees coming into the County.
Hesse said the requested changes will allow the County to be more flexible with existing employees when promoted from one classification to another. Daleiden said this is a way to keep a good employee. Hesse said the general promotion increase will remain at 4%, but allows for exceptions when an employee has significant experience to bring to the position, just as the County takes into consideration for a new employee. The request is that the Policy will give County Coordinator Lee Kelly and Hesse the discretion to go up to the 12% for promotions, as it does currently with new employees.
Daleiden moved, seconded by Vetsch, to approve requested revisions to the Personnel Policy Section 104 Compensation Plan. Borrell asked whether this matter should have been brought to the Personnel Committee Of The Whole. Hesse said the members of the Negotiation Committee are also on the Personnel Committee. The topic was brought up at the Negotiation Committee.
Vetsch said it is not so much a major policy change as a housekeeping issue. Hesse said with internal promotions, the current maximum allowed increase is 4% with no flexibility. It has caused situations when the newly promoted person earns less than the person who reports to them. Borrell asked that the number of 12% increases for promotions be tracked. He is concerned this will become the new norm. He is opposed to this, and prefers that the Board take action upon request.
Potter called the question, seconded by Daleiden. The motion to call the question carried 3-1, with Borrell voting nay. The Board then voted 3-1 to approve the revisions to Personnel Policy Section 104 – Compensation Plan, with Borrell casting the nay vote.
b. 206 – Performance Evaluation
The primary revisions to 206.02 – Performance Evaluation Procedures include:
i. Striking the second sentence under Item 1 that states, “Performance evaluations for part time employees will be pro-rated based on hours worked.”
ii. Under Item 1b, the following language will be added:
Part-time employees will receive a prorated range movement increase annually on the employee’s anniversary date. The range movement increase will be prorated based on the equivalent FTE status of the employee. For example, a 0.5 FTE will receive a 0.5 range movement increase. A proration of the range movement increase shall continue annually on the employee’s anniversary date based on the employees FTE status for the review period.
Hesse said this revision addresses the process for performance evaluations and increases for parttime employees. Currently, evaluations and increases for 0.5 FTE employees happen every two years. The request is to change the process to evaluate all part-time staff annually, but the increase would be prorated based on their FTE. The change would give half-time staff evaluations every year, with 50% of the increase amount the first year and 50% the second year. Hesse said this is a way to provide part-time employees with regular evaluations and information on their performance.
Borrell asked what is wrong with the current system. Hesse said the County has had grievances filed from employees on this issue. She feels it is in the best interests of the County to evaluate employees on a regular basis, and to recognize the contributions of part-time employees annually, as is done with full time staff.
Borrell asked if these changes went to any committee. Hesse said they were discussed at Negotiation Committee. Potter moved to approve the revision to the Personnel Policy Section 206 – Performance Evaluation, seconded by Vetsch. The motion carried 4-0.
c. 310 – PTO/Vacation Donation
Hesse said the first requested revision is to add “PTO” language to the Policy, so that employees who have Paid Time Off (PTO) time versus vacation and sick leave will be included.
The second revision would be to allow all employees to donate PTO time to employees who have exhausted their paid leave benefits. The current Policy states “non-union” employees, which required unions to execute a Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) in order to allow union employees to donate as well. The revision eliminates the need for an MOA, and reduces the possibility of private information being brought to a public meeting. Vetsch moved to approve revisions to Personnel Policy Section 310 – PTO/Vacation Donation, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 4-0.
d. 506 – Business Related Expense Reimbursement
Hesse said the primary change is on page three of the document.
i. Adding:
I. Commuter Train or Bus Reimbursement: Employees shall be reimbursed for the actual cost of utilizing commuter train or bus transportation.
ii. The County will not reimburse for traffic violations (parking ticket, speeding ticket, etc.) incurred by an employee.
Daleiden moved to approve revisions to Personnel Policy Section 506 – Business Related Expense Reimbursement, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 4-0.
e. 508 – Work Schedule
Hesse said the revision pertains to Section 508.03 – Flex-Time, and adds flexibility for Department Heads to schedule employees to work eight- or ten-hour shifts between the hours of 6 A.M. and 6 P.M. without requiring approval from the County Board. She said the flexing cannot be done on a regular or ongoing basis. Any regular schedules that deviate from the five days per week, eight hours per day, would have to come to the County Board for approval. Hesse said there may be situations when a longer shift might be beneficial to complete projects.
Vetsch suggested specifying how long a flexed schedule could occur before requiring Board approval. Hesse said an exact time frame was not discussed. She said she would take it on a case-by-case basis depending on the project. The main criteria would be whether the changed schedule would benefit the County.
Potter asked to notify the Personnel Committee of every such request to keep them informed. Vetsch suggested adding language requiring that the flexible schedule be reported to the Personnel Committee if the schedule extends more than two weeks. Hesse said she would add the language to procedures (versus the Policy) that if the flexible schedule goes beyond two weeks, Personnel Committee members should be notified. Vetsch moved to approve revisions to Personnel Policy Section 508 – Work Schedule, and adding to procedures that Department Heads must notify the Personnel Committee of flexible schedule arrangements that extend more than two weeks. Potter seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
Hesse also requested approval to review the Personnel Policy to ensure that all items that reference vacation and sick leave also include the term “PTO.” Daleiden moved to approve those changes, stating that Hesse does not need to bring this item back to the Board. Vetsch seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
Kelly said they are continuing negotiations with several groups. The request is to meet in closed session to discuss negotiations strategies with the Board and the County’s labor attorney. Daleiden moved to schedule a closed session for Labor Negotiations Strategy on 1-17-17 at 3 P.M. Vetsch seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
Kelly said the County must decide how to enforce the Buffer Law by the end of March 2017. Potter moved to schedule a Committee Of The Whole meeting on 1-24-17 at 10:30 A.M. Vetsch seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
Vetsch moved, seconded by Daleiden, to schedule the DISC Assessment Debriefing meeting on 2-28-17 at 1:15 P.M. The motion carried 4-0.
Potter moved to set a planning session meeting with the Soil and Water Conservation District Board on 2-09-17 at 8:30 A.M. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried 4-0. Borrell said the meeting will be held at the Law Enforcement Center.
1. Legislative Update Meeting: Potter said the meeting was held last week. The focus for 2017 is transportation.
2. I-94 Coalition: Potter said the group has gone through rebranding to help with future funding requests.
3. Bertram Chain of Lakes Advisory Board: Vetsch said they met last Friday and did a final walk-through of the chalet. They also discussed signage for commemorating the acquisition of the land. Daleiden said the chalet will be available for rent to the public.
4. Parks Advisory Board: Borrell went to the meeting Monday in Daleiden’s place. They discussed rates for chalet rental and cleanup, and whether or not to require damage deposits. They also talked about reservation software.
5. Soil and Water Conservation District: Borrell said they discussed the One Watershed One Plan Policy and how the structure will govern. While three options were reviewed, using the Crow River Organization Of Water (CROW) to govern, along with a technical panel of Soil and Water staff, seemed the most viable option. Borrell said public input is welcome. A vote is pending soon.
6. Township Officers: Borrell encouraged Townships to require permits for ditch right-of-ways related to utility easements.
Bills Approved
ABM Onsite Services - Midwest $2,761.50
Abrahamson/Brian 174.00
American Tower Corporation 12,841.01
Annandale/City of 225.00
Anoka County Sheriff 25,994.75
Assn of MN Emergency Managers 130.00
Baudville 108.35
Brownells Inc 1,550.93
Buffalo/City of 65,336.63
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 120.00
Cariveau/Kristy 252.00
CCE Registration Office 1,000.00
CenturyLink 259.22
Climate Air 2,171.59
Commissioner of Transportation 500.00
CXTEC 125.18
Dakota County Financial Services 2,500.00
Daleiden/Mark 162.00
Department of Public Safety 8,310.00
ECM Publishers Inc 149.76
Glunz Construction Septic Service 130.00
Grainger 1,419.15
Greater Minnesota Parks & Trails 900.00
Green Interiors 450.00
Hagen, Christensen & McIlwain 539.89
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 263.50
Holiday Companies 440.00
Husom/Christine 156.00
Loberg Electric 1,714.59
MACO 3,090.00
MailFinance 2,466.27
Marco 30,514.00
Marco 2,861.50
Maximum Solutions Inc 3,150.00
Menards - Buffalo 313.70
Mini Biff Inc 156.27
Minnesota Spray Foam Insulation 5,215.00
MN Counties Computer Coop 34,651.90
MN County Engineers Association 650.00
MN Department of Health 944.00
MN Recreation & Park Association 544.00
Monticello Towing LLC 150.00
Office Depot 1,139.88
Performance Kennels Inc 103.20
Potter/Michael J 182.00
Running’s Supply Inc 107.97
Russell/James 125.00
Sawatzke/Pat 251.00
Schneider Corporation 4,422.00
Sprint 210.00
SWAA/AMC 100.00
UAV Public Safety Inc 1,500.00
United Parcel Service 111.46
Varitech Industries Inc 570.00
Warning Lites of MN Inc 1,776.00
Waste Management of WI-MN 3,109.11
Wright County Journal Press 177.30
Wright Hennepin Electric 175.25
Xcel Energy 137.29
Zixcorp 11,472.68
19 Payments less than $100 799.02
Final total $241,860.85
The meeting adjourned at 9:59 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal Jan. 30, 2017.