Wright County Board Minutes

MAY 16, 2017
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Potter, Daleiden and Borrell present.
On a motion by Husom, second by Vetsch, all voted to approve the Minutes as presented.
On a motion by Potter, second by Daleiden, all voted to approve the Minutes as presented.
On a motion by Husom, second by Vetsch, all voted to approve the Agenda as presented.
Daleiden moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0:
1. Position Replacement:
A. Human Resources Director
1. Approve Renewal Of Club On Sale Liquor License For Cokato Town & Country Club, Cokato Township
2. Approve Renewal Of Annual Off Sale 3.2 Malt Liquor License For Lantto’s Store, Inc., French Lake Township
3. Approve Renewal Of Annual On Sale (including Sunday) & Off Sale Liquor License For Two Friends of Annandale, Inc. DBA Hitching Post At Lake Center, Corinna Township
1. Approve Claims as Listed in the Abstract, Subject to Audit, for a Total of $331,892.33 with 158 Vendors and 245 Transactions
1. Position Replacement:
A. Financial Worker
1. Refer to the 5-24-17 Technology Committee:
A. Crop Productivity Index GIS/Assessor Project
B. Office 365 Status Update
C. The Future Of Our Voice System
D. InfoTech Workshop Debrief
E. Technology Steering Committee
1. Refer Sheriff’s Office 2018 & 2019 Law Enforcement Service Contract Rate To Ways & Means Committee
Adopt Resolution Proclaiming May 15-21, 2017 As Law Enforcement Officers Week In Wright County
Sheriff Hagerty said National Police Week has been observed since 1962 to honor those in public safety. May 15th is National Peace Officers Memorial Day. Seven officers have fallen in the line of duty in Wright County, with the last being in 1980.
Hagerty recognized Fred Riemer, who is retiring from the Wright County Sheriff’s Reserve Unit. Former Sheriff Darrell Wolff started the Reserves in 1965 and Reimer is an inaugural member. Riemer was presented a plaque for over 52 years of service to the Wright County Sheriff’s Office and citizens.
On a motion by Husom, second by Daleiden, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #17-25 proclaiming May 15-21, 2017 as Law Enforcement Officers Week in Wright County.
Presentation Of Sheriff’s Office Awards To Local Law Enforcement Officers And Citizens
Sheriff Hagerty and Sergeant Ryan Ferguson presented the following awards:
1. Deputy Glenn Gerads- Commendation Award
On February 15, 2017 Deputy Gerads responded to a structure fire in Montrose. Upon arrival, he encountered an apartment building with thick and heavy gray smoke coming out of the main door and windows. After entering the building, Deputy Gerads located an unconscious female laying outside her apartment door. Gerads picked up the woman and carried her out of the building to the nearby sidewalk where another Deputy started administering oxygen. Deputy Gerads then began checking the perimeter, knocking on window to wake people and get them out. Gerads located an elderly male on the back side of the apartment building who attempted to exit through the hallway but the smoke was too heavy. The individual attempted to climb out the window, but he was to out of breath from the smoke. Deputy Gerads bear hugged the individual and lifted him out to safety.
2. Deputy Andrew Minea- Letter of Recognition
On November 16, while on routine patrol, Deputy Minea noticed a restaurant filling with smoke due to an active grease fire. Deputy Minea forced entry through door and extinguished the fire. After investigating, it was found that the fire suppression system had failed. Deputy Minea prevented severe damage or a complete loss of the business.
3. Reserve Deputy George Rowe- Letter of Recognition
Reserve Deputy George Rowe, while working at Wal Mart, noticed a vehicle in the parking lot that he believed matched the description of a vehicle sought in connection to a homicide in Wright County. Rowe remembered the make, model and license plate of the suspect vehicle and contacted Sgt. Johnson. It was discovered that the vehicle in the lot was missing both license plates, but it was in fact the correct vehicle. Rowe’s recollection of the suspect information and his discovery of this vehicle, aided in the homicide investigation.
4. Alex Zhukouski- Citizen Commendation Award
Cheyenne Tuttle, Irma Lazano & Sarah Parent- Citizen Letter of Recognition
On January 19, 2017 Wright County Deputies were dispatched to a motor vehicle vs pedestrian crash in the city of Otsego. In further information given, deputies learned that three children waiting for the bus, had been struck by a vehicle that drove through the school bus stop arm. These three children were severely injured and transported to metro hospitals. While waiting for help to arrive, passengers Alex Zhukouski, Cheyenne Tuttle, Irma Lazano & Sarah Parent got off the bus and tended to the victims before help arrived.
5. Hans Hoeg & Ryan Zylstra- Citizen Letter of Recognition
On January 5, 2016 Deputies were dispatched to the report of a missing four year old. Three agencies, along with the Wright County Sheriff’s Office were in the search of the child. Ryan Zylstra & Hans Hoeg were on their lunch break and received information of the missing child. Being in close proximity of this area, the two decided to help in the search. Approximately 15 minutes in to their search, they saw a dog and a child, and yelled for the child by name. The child told Zylstra & Hoeg that he was waiting for someone to pick him up. Hoeg was able to flag down a State Trooper and the child was safely returned to his mother.
6. Jonathan Hudek- Citizen Letter of Recognition
On January 23, 2017 Deputy Lundeen made a stop on a vehicle for minor traffic violations. After the vehicle came to a complete stop, the driver exited the vehicle and started running. After detaining the passenger, Deputy Lundeen located a male matching the description of the driver that was being detained against a chain link fence by Jonathan Hudek. Hudek stated he chased the suspect through a backyard before detaining him until the Deputy was able to respond.
7. Marlene Kittock & Holly Schrupp - Letter of Recognition
On August 15, 2016 Wright County Dispatch received a call from Marlene Kittock and Holly Schrupp stating they wanted to report a suspicious person. The two had noticed an individual sitting on a picnic table watching patrons come and go from a business, possibly drinking alcohol and had been there for an extended period of time. Upon the Deputy’s arrival, the individual quickly entered the business leaving his backpack behind. Marlene Kittock contacted Dispatch for the second time, letting them know the location of the individual. The Deputy’s investigation resulted in the arrest of the individual for several burglaries and possession of a stolen handgun.
8. Michael Scharber & Peter Scharber- Citizen Commendation Award
On October 12, 2016, Wright County Dispatch received a call of a capsized boat on Pelican Lake. Upon arrival, deputies learned that the two victims’ boat started to take on water, in turn making it capsize. The two victims started screaming for help and this was heard by two other hunters, Michael & Peter Scharber. Michael grabbed the binoculars to look across the bay and saw the capsized boat and the hunters in the water. They immediately responded to the scene and pulled the two cold and shivering hunters into their boat.
Approve April Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report
Hiivala provided information on the status of revenues and expenditures. Revenues are a bit ahead of budget, mainly due to boarding of prisoners and state aid for road projects. On the expenditures side, there was a three pay period month, and squads for the Sheriff’s Office were bought earlier in the year. Daleiden moved to approve the April Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Authorize Signature Of County Auditor/Treasurer On Letter To Planning & Zoning Regarding CD 13
The Auditor’s Office was notified that the owner of a parcel along CD 13 is requesting to rezone from AG to AR. Hiivala is working with staff from the Attorney’s Office and Planning & Zoning. A draft letter to Planning & Zoning reflects that the Drainage Authority is currently undertaking a statutory process to view and redetermine the benefits for CD 13. Once that process is complete, it is the intent to repair the Ditch to its as-built capacity and functionality. The letter further states that the Drainage Authority will not permit any development on the parcel that impacts County Ditch 13. The elevation will most likely change and any crossings will have to be completed with the construction of a bridge. The Drainage Authority will not permit a culvert to be installed along this drainage system. The Drainage Authority is required to maintain a one rod buffer on each side of the Ditch. The proposed development will not be allowed to impact or encroach upon any required buffers.
Potter moved to authorize signatures of the Auditor/Treasurer on the letter to Planning & Zoning on CD 13. The motion was seconded by Daleiden. Hiivala stated the ditch viewers have been notified of this possible rezoning. The motion carried 5-0.
Informational Item: The County Auction Is Scheduled For Thursday, 6-22-17 @ 5:30 PM. The License Bureau Will Remain Open Until 8:00 P.M. For Transferring Titles
Permission was obtained from the State to remain open until 8:00 PM on the evening of 6-22-17 to coincide with the County Auction.
Approve Recommendation To Move Forward With Contract Development On The Public Works EPDM Roof Replacement
Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director, said bids for the partial roof replacement project at Public Works were opened at the 5-09-17 Board Meeting. The recommendation is to award to the low bid, John A. Dalsin of Minneapolis, for a total of $430,310 including Alternate 1 and 2:
Contractor; Base Bid; Alternate 1; Alternate 2
John A. Dalsin, Minneapolis; $442,885; $18,425; ($31,000)
Alternate 1 includes pricing for an electrical contractor to reroute all conduit on top of the deck to the interior (utilizing Loberg Electric). Alternate 2 includes pricing to lay the base layer of roof insulation loose over the deck, followed by tapered insulation mechanically fastened to the deck, in lieu of mechanically fastening the base layer (due to the conduit over the deck).
Potter moved to award the bid to John A. Dalsin of Minneapolis for a total of $430,310 including Alternate 1 and 2. The motion was seconded by Vetsch and carried 5-0.
Resolution To Continue 55 Corridor Coalition
Hawkins stated action will extend the Agreement an additional three years, through 7-26-20. The TH 55 Corridor Coalition will continue to work with SRF Consulting, Inc. to manage the activities of the Coalition under the amended contract. Potter moved to adopt Resolution #17-26 to continue the TH 55 Corridor Coalition. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Schedule Bid Opening For Friday, 6-23-17
Plans/construction documents have been prepared for the following projects that are ready to be put out for bid:
Friday, June 23, 2017
11:00 AM CSAH 3 Federally Funded Pavement Preservation Project (SP 086-603-020); Federal & State Aid funds
11:10 AM CR 131 Pavement Preservation Project (CP 086-131-152); Local levy funds
11:20 AM CSAH 35 & 6; 35 & 8 RICWS Safety Project – Federal safety funds (SP 086-070-013); Fed/local funds
11:30 AM Briarwood Avenue, Rockford Township State Park Road Account – (SP 086-600-007); State Aid funds
Potter moved to approve the schedule of bid openings, seconded by Daleiden. Hawkins explained that the three federal projects are in the 5-year plan and will be completed late season if the bids are favorable. This is above and beyond what is planned for 2017. Due to savings on other projects, CR 131 may be completed this year and has the potential to be turned back to the township. If the bids are not favorable, the projects can be rebid in the spring of 2018. The motion carried 5-0.
Approve BNSF Railway Agreement
Hawkins requested approval of a Crossing Surface Installation Agreement with BNSF Railway for replacement of the concrete railroad crossing panels on CSAH 19 and CSAH 37 in Albertville. Crossings were installed in 1997 and are at the end of useful life. BNSF Railway will replace the panels with an estimated cost to the County of $125,000. Funding will be from the Highway maintenance budget, major roadway and safety.
Potter moved to approve the Agreement, seconded by Husom. Hawkins stated that BNSF completes the work and the County provides such things as traffic control and paving on either side of the crossing. The motion carried 5-0.
Review Wright County Parks Commission Minutes From May, 2017 & Take Actions As Necessary.
A. Authorize Director of Parks & Recreation To Explore And Discuss With Willing Seller The Feasibility Of Adding Lands To Stanley Eddy Park Reserve Including Appraisal Process.
Mattice provided information on approximately 85 acres of land adjacent to Stanley Eddy Park Reserve that is for sale. The Parks Commission recommends the County Board consider exploring the feasibility of a potential purchase including an appraisal. The two parcels adjoin the South Unit of Stanley Eddy Park. One is a 55 acre parcel and the other about 39 acres. The land could be used for horse and hiking trails and primitive camping. The County Board expressed reluctance with adding additional park land because of citizen input they’ve received.
Mattice stated Stanley Eddy Park made it through the first stage of designation process through the Greater Minnesota Parks and Trails Commission. A master plan would need to be written for the Park and approved by the Commission. If approved, that would allow them to apply for acquisition funding. Mattice said the process will take about 1.5 years, so application would be made in September, 2018. That pushes the purchase date to July, 2019. If the landowner is looking to sell prior to that time, no action will be taken.
Mattice said Stanley Eddy Park currently has 879 acres. There are no easements from the South Unit to the North Unit. Borrell said if land would become available to connect those Units, it would be something he would consider. Vetsch, Husom and Daleiden thought obtaining a price was worthwhile.
Based on public feedback received in the last month regarding parkland, Potter moved to deny authorizing Mattice to explore this purchase. Borrell said every time land is added, there is more cost associated with upkeep. Mattice said the cost to maintain Stanley Eddy Park is about $8,000/year. The motion failed for lack of a second.
Vetsch moved to authorize the Parks Director to explore the willingness of the seller and the feasibility of adding land to the Stanley Eddy Park Reserve. The motion was seconded by Daleiden. Borrell said the comment was made that this will not be paid for with levy dollars and questioned the funding source. Daleiden said there is the potential of Legacy funding through the State, where it may only cost the County 10%. To fund that 10%, he envisioned something being cut from the Parks budget. Borrell said the message received through public comment is that they want government to be leaner. The motion carried 4-1 with Potter casting the nay vote.
B. Authorize Director of Parks & Recreation To Enter Into An Agreement With SEH Consultants On The Development Of Master Planning And Construction Documents For Collinwood Regional Park, And Approve An Additional $8,500 In Funding From The Campground Fund To Offset Expenses.
Mattice said there is a large project at Collinwood Park identified in the Capital Improvement Plan including expansion of the campground, improvements to the access road, and parking. An RFP was completed. The Parks Commission is recommending moving forward with SEH Consultants. Mattice referenced the funds budgeted in the CIP, and said there is an $8,500 discrepancy. He recommends the Campground Improvement Fund for covering that discrepancy.
Husom made a motion to approve the Agreement with SEH Consultants and the additional $8,500 from the Campground Fund. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 4-1 with Potter casting the nay vote.
C. Approve Upgrading 18 Sites At Schroeder County Park From 30 AMP To 50 AMP Service. Identify Funding Source And Timing.
Mattice said one of the goals in the Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan is to upgrade to 50 AMP Service. There are four options including: 1) No action; 2) Upgrade 11 sites randomly through the Park, $5,750; 3) Upgrade 18 sites in Loop 3, $13,650; and 4) Upgrade the entire Park which is cost prohibitive.
Potter moved to approve upgrading the 18 sites in Loop 3 from 30 AMP to 50 AMP at a cost of $13,650. The motion was seconded by Husom. Funding will be from the Campground Improvement Fund. Mattice will request a fee increase for sites with 50 AMP service at the fall fee schedule public hearing. The upgrade will not take place until after the campground closes. The motion carried 5-0.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Husom moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0. The Committee Minutes follow:
Delegation of Wetlands Conservation Act
Riley contacted several counties to inquire on how they administer the Wetlands Conservation Act (WCA). Of the counties contacted, one third indicated the county administered the WCA, while two thirds delegated this responsibility to the local Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).
The Board of Soil and Water Resources (BWSR) is tasked with oversight of wetland conservation as outlined in Chapter 8420 of the Minnesota Administrative Rules. Riley suggested BWSR could be consulted regarding the County’s options in administering the WCA.
Borrell requested to meet with the SWCD board for further discussion. The SWCD board has some new members and Borrell thought the County should provide some direction. Johnson was requested to arrange a meeting.
Recommendation: Schedule a meeting with the SWCD board to discuss the Wetlands Conservation Act.
(End of Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
On a motion by Husom, second by Daleiden, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #17-27 designating the week of May 21-27, 2017 at Emergency Medical Services Week.
1. STMA Safe Schools Meeting. Potter attended. Discussion included topics of mental health issues, suicide, and services and intervention programs. Potter said these topics were discussed at AMC Meetings as it is the number one concern expressed by seven counties.
2. I-94 Coalition. Potter said funding will be dependent on what happens with the Legislature.
3. State of the Cities Event. Potter attended the event on 5-11-17 which was hosted by the Wright County Economic Development Partnership and sponsored by Bolton and Menk.
4. Crime Lab Meeting. Husom attended the Meeting on 5-09-17 held to discuss the Lab funding formula. Other representatives of Wright County included Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, and Sheriff Joe Hagerty. Scott Ford, Director of the Crime Lab, provided information on formulas. Reviewed were the current formula, the population/crime/officers formula, and the weighted formula (60% population/40% usage. Anoka County is currently paying for a latent prints scientist. The consensus at the Crime Lab Meeting is that this scientist would be funded by all counties through a 60% population/40% usage formula. The attorney’s are putting together that contract, which will be for five years. The contract will be presented at a future date for approval.
5. Drug Court Meeting. Husom was able to observe Drug Court proceedings on 5-11-17 and listened to success stories. She encouraged others to attend.
6. Safe Communities Meeting. Husom attended the Meeting on 5-12-17. The group placed 48 orange cones in a triangle to represent the 48 people who have died in the past 10 years in traffic crashes that were not wearing seatbelts. It is estimated that half of those who wear seat belts will not die in a crash. The Distracted Driving Campaign continues. Seat belt enforcement will be from 5-22-17 to 6-04-17. Mock crash events were held at Buffalo and HLWW High Schools.
7. Open House Events – Highway, Public Works and Sheriff. Husom said an Open House will be held on 6-09-17 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
8. 4-H Food Stand. Borrell visited the Litchfield 4-H Food Building with a Fair Board member. The Fair Board will review different options for the Wright County 4-H Food Stand.
9. Mental Health Task Force Meeting. Daleiden attended on 5-09-17. The Mental Health Facebook page has information relating to eliminating the stigma of mental health issues.
10. Wright County Community Action. Daleiden attended on 5-09-17. The focus of the group is remove duplication of services and to find the best programs.
11. Follow-Up to InfoTech Meetings. Daleiden met with IT management and Lee Kelly on 5-12-17 to discuss documentation provided by InfoTech on how to best manage the IT workload. Vetsch asked whether they are on task to add a position in July. Daleiden stated it will depend on whether the job description is written and points assigned.
12. Foster Care Banquet. Husom and Vetsch attended the banquet on 5-11-17 where they learned more about what this group does for the County.
13. Bertram Advisory Committee Meeting. The Meeting was held on 5-12-17. Vetsch said they received an update on the picnic shelter which will be constructed this summer, and reviewed updated plans for the beach house. Parking has become an issue during large events. The City will address this during their next Phase which will occur sometime between 2018 and 2019.
14. Central MN Mental Health. Vetsch met with Dr. Lee and discussed various topics that Vetsch had concerns with. The revenue from the four counties involved only makes up 10%-15% of the total revenue for CMMHC including subsidies. Five years ago, that number was dramatically different. Daleiden wondered if that will change if people lose health insurance. Vetsch responded that they will observe what happens with Trump care and the funding for those that utilize government-assisted health care.
Bills Approved
Abrahamson/Brian $198.50
AGC Networks Inc 11,741.84
Albertville Body Shop Inc 5,601.78
Albion Township 1,024.60
American Pressure Inc 583.69
Ameripride Services 618.38
Annandale Advocate Inc 476.50
APEC Industrial Sales & Services 356.41
Bayerl/Nathan 199.99
Beaudry Propane Inc 2,102.00
Boarman Kroos Vogel Group Inc 62,512.44
Buffalo/City of 120.00
C Walker Trucking 2,325.00
CDW Government Inc 576.47
Center Point Energy 155.38
Central McGowan Inc 681.42
CenturyLink 462.00
Climate Air 276.70
Cottens Buffalo 108.99
Croteau Plumbing 2,653.86
Culligan of Buffalo 353.64
CWP Enterprise Inc 165.73
Daikin Applied 3,220.00
Daily Printing Inc 2,454.00
Dell Marketing LP 3,616.17
Design Electr. Inc-Cold Spring Elec. 757.50
Excel Systems 182.50
First State Tire Disposal Inc 638.36
Fleming Wolf/Julie 3,220.00
Force America Inc 747.01
Forensic Mental Health Specialists 800.00
Gabriel/Cathleen 500.00
Glunz Construction Septic Service 130.00
Grainger 190.40
Green Interiors 520.00
Green View Inc 5,659.25
Grindstone Construction Serv. 17,525.57
Hancock Concrete Products LLC 5,263.56
Helena Chemical Company 305.79
Herald Journal Publishing Inc 231.66
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co 1,973.40
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 218.60
Klein Heating and Cooling 350.00
Laplant Demo Inc 332.50
Loberg Electric 1,075.99
Marco 2,231.99
Martin & Wagner, P.A. 100.00
Martin Marietta Materials 2,713.61
Martin-McAllisters Consulting 2,500.00
Marysville Township 1,032.80
Mattson Well Company 10,244.45
Meeker Washed Sand and Gravel 3,349.50
Midway Ford 40,242.02
Mini Biff Inc 282.04
MN Dept. of Labor & Industry 2,303.67
MN Dept. of Labor & Industry 630.00
MN Monitoring Inc 140.00
Monticello/City of 40,168.80
New Ulm Quartzite Quarries 1,772.05
Office Depot 1,069.14
Patchin Messner Dodd & Brumm 1,312.50
Premier Biotech Labs LLC 4,943.86
Randy’s Enviromental Services 128.70
RCM Specialties Inc 1,145.98
Rinke-Noonan 200.00
Rupp, Anderson, Squires, Waldspurger
Russell Security Resource Inc 227.60
SP Electric Inc 465.70
Specialty Solutions 234.30
Sprint 2,670.76
Standard Spring Parts 466.39
Streichers 479.73
Thomson Reuters West Pub. 1,273.79
Tomar Electronics 879.77
Town of Big Lake 37,500.00
Twin City Garage Door Co 422.00
Verizon Wireless 12,101.44
Voss Lighting 906.40
Waste Management of WI-MN 668.94
Windstream 416.50
Woodland Township 639.40
Wright Hennepin Electric 482.48
WSB & Associates Inc 7,954.50
Xcel Energy 169.88
Zep Sales & Services 172.31
27 Payments less than $100 1,141.01
Final total: $331,892.33
The meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal June 2, 2017.