Wright County Board Minutes

JUNE 13, 2017
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
On a motion by Vetsch, second by Husom, all voted to approve the Minutes as presented.
On a motion by Potter, second by Daleiden, all voted to approve the Agenda.
Daleiden requested removal of Consent Item A1 for discussion. Daleiden moved to approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0:
1. Approve Renewal Of 2017 Tobacco License For Fox Hollow Golf Club In The City Of St. Michael
1. Approve Claims As Listed In The Abstract, Subject To Audit, For A Total Of $359,966.10 With 261 Vendors And 433 Transactions
1. Position Replacement:
A. Office Tech II, Child Support L-Z Unit
1. Position Replacement:
A. Office Technician I
1. Request That Deputy Scott Albrecht Be Temporarily Classified As Sergeant.
The Board discussed Consent Item A1, ADMINISTRATION, “Refer To Personnel Committee (7/12/17) Request For Reclassification Of Park Maintenance Worker Resulting In New Salary Range.” Daleiden asked for more information. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said the HR Director was working with the Parks Administrator on modifying the Park Maintenance Worker job description based on discussions at the Negotiation Committee. On a motion by Daleiden, second by Potter, all voted to approve Consent Item A1.
Approve New Tobacco Licenses For Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC DBA Mills Fleet Farm And Mills Gas Mart in The City Of Monticello
Daleiden moved to approve the Tobacco License, seconded by Vetsch. The motion carried 5-0.
Request Approval To Advertise For Applicants For Appointment To The Clearwater River Watershed Board Of Managers
Hiivala said Kathy Jonsrud’s term ends August, 2017. Husom spoke with Jonsrud who has indicated a desire to be reappointed. Daleiden moved to direct Hiivala to check into the legal requirements for posting and if needed, provide authorization to advertise. If advertisement is not required, Hiivala will present a request to reappoint Jonsrud. The motion was seconded by Vetsch and carried 5-0.
Approve May Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report
On a motion by Potter, second by Husom, all voted to approve the Report.
Review Acceptance or Waiver of Buffer Enforcement
Kryzer corrected the title of the Agenda item to read, “Review Acceptance or Waiver of Buffer Enforcement.” He stated that as part of the last Legislative Session, $8 million was allocated to buffer enforcement in 2017 and $10 million in 2018. In order for Wright County to receive funding, a determination on the acceptance of enforcement must be delivered to the Board of Soil & Water Resources (BWSR) by 6-28-17. The County Board reviewed and tabled this matter in January for further discussion pending funding by the Legislature. The estimated funding available to Wright County is $76,891 in 2017 and $96,114 in 2018 (estimates provided by AMC).
Borrell suggested letting the State take care of enforcement. He said the State may decide not to fund this in the future. Daleiden has concerns with the State handling enforcement. He referenced a letter in the Journal Press from Kerry Saxton (former SWCD Office Manager) referencing options for farmers to obtain relief for buffers. He said if the State gets involved, some farmers that are required to have buffers may not have options. Borrell said that is separate and relates to a different grant. Vetsch said this definitely needs more discussion. There are credits available both through the Watershed District and the SWCD. He suggested the County could choose to administer those. Borrell responded that the SWCD is already administering. What is being discussed relates to enforcement. The law already defines who is required to have buffers. Borrell is more comfortable passing on the funding for 2017 and revisit this topic in 2018.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #17-29 waiving Wright County’s jurisdiction to carry out compliance provisions of Minnesota Statutes 103B.101, Subdivision 12A and 103F.48. The motion was seconded by Husom. Kryzer said if the County passes on the deadline, it will lose the first year’s fiscal funding and will have to go through procedures to get on the next fiscal allocation. Husom said she is a big supporter of local control on most things, but there is a lot of confusion in the law and the jurisdiction. The resolution passes 4-1 with Daleiden casting the nay vote.
Central Minnesota Mental Health Center Governance Structure
The Central Minnesota Mental Health Center (CMMHC) has proposed revisions to their governance structure and have requested a response from the County in June. Kelly said this topic was discussed at a Health & Human Services (HHS) Board Meeting in May. He understands that the HHS Board supports the CMMHC in changing their governance structure. Husom said the CMMHC Board is moving to a non-profit status to provide more opportunities for fund raising and funding from other sources.
Borrell asked whether there was startup funding from the County that should be returned if the governance disbands with assets remaining. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said there is no mechanism for anything to come back to the County. The history reflects Sherburne, Benton and Stearns formed the CMMHC. Then Wright County invested and agreed to ongoing funding. When the group formed as a non-profit, the articles of incorporation reflect that if disbanded, the assets would be placed into a foundation or fund that is similar to the types of treatment in the community. Statutes that govern non-profit organizations do not allow members to profit or receive distributions. The action relates to restructuring of the CMMHC Board and how they make decisions. The County has an obligation by Statute to assure these types of services are available to the community. If CMMHC would disband, it is the County’s obligation to make sure there are other entities providing the service. Vetsch met with Dr. Richard Lee of the CMMHC and learned the four counties combined make up a very small percentage of the total revenue, yet the four counties control the entire Board. Husom added that the CMMHC Board should be comprised of members that are involved with and committed to mental health.
Vetsch moved to support the proposed revisions to the CMMHC Governance Structure, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0.
Local Option Sales Tax For Transportation
Kelly said this was brought to the Board in early May. At that time, the Board was interested in what the Legislature would decide. As discussed at the recent AMC District V Meeting, a bill was passed with an underwhelming result.
Potter made a motion to adopt Resolution #17-30 approving the Local Option Sales Tax in Wright County in the amount of .5%, seconded by Husom.
Daleiden asked that the County proceed with the tax for 5 years versus 15 years to allow an opportunity to review data from that period of time. He does not want to implement anything that will be detrimental to local business. Potter said the Local Option Sales Tax can be repealed at any time, and more counties are moving to the tax. He referenced the amount of projects and time needed to collect funding to complete them. Over the next four years, there are $12-$18 billion in unfunded needs. The State has suggested that counties utilize these types of tools to fund projects. Potter said there are growth and congestion issues that need to be dealt with. Daleiden agreed, but said it should be implemented for five years to allow review.
Virgil Hawkins, Highway Engineer, recommended keeping all projects listed on the draft resolution if the Board decides to proceed with a term limit. They will accomplish as many as possible in the five-year period. He asked that that the draft resolution be modified to include the following project that was discussed at the 5-04-17 Public Hearing but omitted from the draft resolution: CSAH 19, I-94 Project (Turnlanes/bridge). The projects identified are the only projects the tax revenues can be used for. A public hearing would be required for additional projects. Husom noted that the projects are not listed in priority order.
Asleson said his recollection of Statute is that either an end date should be set or the tax will be in effect until all projects named are completed. That could be interpreted as the motion being indefinite. Potter said that was his intent when he made the motion. Husom was in favor of a 5-year time period until Potter pointed out that this can be repealed at any time going forward. It is estimated it may take 15-20 years to complete the projects listed. If they are completed ahead of schedule, a hearing would be held to identify new projects. Borrell said the 5-year time frame would be a condition he would ask for. The other conditions may not be met so he may not vote in favor of the tax. Potter restated that the option to rescind can be acted upon at any time. Asleson read the language of the Statute and said it doesn’t address term. Potter referenced the NE Wright County Study and said any projects not identified will require a public hearing to add them to the list. Vetsch said that having a sunset empowers the public. Future boards should justify the funding need for projects. He said the sunset is a large factor for him.
Vetsch made a motion to set the end date of 12-31-22 for the Local Option Sales Tax. The motion was seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 3-1 with Husom casting the nay vote and Potter abstaining. The motion includes adding the CSAH 19, I-94 Project (Turnlanes/bridge). Borrell said he is not prepared to put all $6 million projected to be raised by the sales tax toward the projects. Daleiden said based on the Department of Revenue figures, it is probably more like $4.5 million. The motion carried 4-1 to adopt Resolution 17-29 as amended, with Borrell casting the nay vote.
Hiivala said the Office of the State Auditor has completed the 2016 audit. A required Audit Exit Meeting will be held with staff and one Commissioner on 6-15-17 at 11:00 A.M. If the Board would like to have an Audit Exit Meeting as a Committee Of The Whole, one can be scheduled.
Kelly was contacted by the Buffalo City Administrator regarding the full Board meeting with WCAT (Wright County Area Transit). The next WCAT meeting is on 6-20-17 at 2:00 P.M. at the Trailblazer Facility in Buffalo. Husom moved to set the meeting with WCAT as indicated, seconded by Potter. The motion was carried 5-0.
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Husom, all voted to schedule a COTW Meeting on 6-20-17 at 10:30 A.M. regarding the Courts Facility Project. Kelly received information during the Board Meeting that the date set for the COTW Meeting will not work for others involved.
Potter made a motion to cancel the 6-20-17 COTW Meeting and reschedule it to 6-22-17 at 12:30 PM. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Borrell said the TIF District was before the Board last April. An amendment to the TIF District is needed as more area is required. Hiivala said the City of Howard Lake sent the TIF request, which is still in the planning stages. He said this is a good time to amend the request. Potter moved to approve the modification to TIF District No. 1-19, City of Howard Lake. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
1. Washington Fly In. Potter attended the Fly In last week. He provided an overview of associated activities and topics. He said it is important to be present and vocal at these functions so that projects continue to move forward.
2. Public Works Labor Management. Husom attended the Meeting on 6-08-17. The group is 99% complete on sealcoating, and have put down 11,000 tons of hot mix. The Highway Department will have a booth at the Fair.
3. Open Houses. Husom visited the Open Houses at Public Works, Highway, and Sheriff and said they were well attended.
4. Central MN Jobs & Training. Husom went to the Meeting on 6-09-17. CMJTS is facing cuts at the State and Federal levels. They will strive to find ways to be efficient and continue to offer services.
5. AMC District V Meeting, Stearns County. Borrell said a presentation was made on the prevalence of sex trafficking. A legislative update was given.
6. SWCD. Borrell said the SWCD met on 6-12-17. There will be upcoming meetings on Ditch 10, and Grass Lake is being viewed as a potential solution. He hopes this can be a pilot to what may be done in other areas. Water quality needs to be improved.
7. County Road 38. Daleiden attended a meeting on CR 38 in Otsego on 6-08-17. The road will be widened from Hwy. 101 to Odean Avenue. A roundabout is planned for Odean Avenue and CR 38.
8. PIO Training. On 6-07-17, Vetsch attended PIO Training associated with nuclear drills. He said it is a unique learning opportunity and was amazed at the level of preparedness for emergency situations.
9. Buffalo Days. Husom invited all to attend the Buffalo Days Celebration this week. She will assist with the Fishing Klinic for Kids event.
Bills Approved
AGC Networks Inc $7,827.89
Albertville/City of 50,000.00
Albion Acres Bait 50.50
American Legal Publishing Corp 242.00
American Tower Corporation 441.58
Ameripride Services 315.88
Anderson/Tamara 138.00
Aramark Services Inc 75.00
Audio Communications 90.00
Auto Value 196.96
Barco Products Company 865.76
Berg Bag Company 1,005.00
Big Time Towing 345.00
Braun Intertec Corporation 734.00
Brock White Co LLC 3,933.78
Buffalo Hospital 120.64
Buffalo/City of 65,712.90
Cayler/Kristen 88.50
Center Point Energy 64.53
Central Hydraulics Inc 141.11
Central McGowan Inc 248.61
CenturyLink 92.03
Climate Air 1,810.41
Cottens Inc 5,403.01
Cotton/Dan 162.45
Country Chevrolet 49,080.00
Culligan of Buffalo 295.21
Davis Construction Company 128.25
Dell Marketing LP 1,008.65
Design Electrical Inc-Cold Spring 177.50
ECM Publishers Inc 118.73
Emergency Automotive Tech Inc 11,269.82
Farm-Rite Equipment Inc 6,200.99
Feddema/Tom 300.50
Fleming Wolfe Law PA 11,044.00
Forensic Mental Health Specialists 800.00
Gabriel/Cathleen 500.00
Gopher State One Call 199.80
Grainger 313.27
Granite Electronics 584.62
Green Interiors 450.00
H & H Sport Shop Inc 10.00
Helena Chemical Company 114.00
Herald Journal Publishing Inc 112.86
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 1,223.39
Holiday Companies 637.31
Howard/Jolanta 400.00
Hutchinson Area Health Care 380.51
Info Tech Research Group 3,352.09
Interstate Automotive 165.00
Intoximeters Inc 333.00
Jahnke/Ross 207.00
JK Landscaping 5,295.00
Joint Powers Water Board 48.05
Jones/John 304.00
Junction Towing & Auto Repair 279.00
Lake Region Coop Oil-Maple Lake 30.00
Laplant Demo Inc 1,677.30
Larson Companies LTD 1,281.68
M-R Sign Company Inc 454.28
Marco 856.60
Martin Marietta Materials 334.77
Marysville Township 508.50
MCIT 7,937.00
Mcleod County Sheriff 45.00
Minnesota Monitoring Inc 12,636.50
MN Association of Townships 15.00
MN Corrections Association 35.00
MN Dept. of Labor & Industry 1,891.08
MN Elevator Inc 14,141.62
Monticello Towing LLC 300.00
Monticello/City of 508.99
MSC Industrial Supply Co 253.22
Muehring-Paulson/Melissa 8.41
New Ulm Quartzite Quarries 661.27
North Suburban Towing Inc 160.00
Office Depot 304.45
Office of the Secretary of State 120.00
Olson/Mark 124.14
Omann Brothers Inc 167.58
Precision Prints of Wright Co 413.00
Premier Biotech Labs LLC 154.50
Rasmuson/Anthony 23.00
RCM Specialties Inc 550.00
Rupp,Anderson,Squires,Waldspurger 50.00
Russell Security Resource Inc 388.80
Schermann/Robert D 235.00
Southern Minnesota Inspection 1,072.80
St Paul/City of 820.00
Steve O Septic 615.00
Trans Union LLC 54.72
United Parcel Service 99.74
Vergin/Susan 22.89
Verizon Wireless 794.87
Vogel/Bill 39.47
Voss Lighting 48.00
Waste Management of WI-MN 5,096.08
Wright County Journal Press 133.56
Wright Hennepin Electric 1,261.09
Xcel Energy 31.80
Zarnoth Brush Works Inc 1,196.00
Final Total: 292,990.80
Bills Approved
Achman/Lori $108.50
Acuna/Sandra 200.00
AMI Imaging Systems Inc 370.00
Anderson/Tarynn 124.00
ANSR Association for Nonsmokers 1,631.12
Bratz/Racheal 71.50
Brown/Katie 246.00
Buffalo/City of 129.00
Burkhart/Terri 26.00
Carlson/Kris 71.00
Chiglo/Tamara 92.50
Chisago County Health & Human Serv. 30.00
Christenson/Karmen 169.00
Dell Marketing LP 2,590.47
DHS-Swift 21,182.93
DHS-Maxis Cashier, Swift 2,473.00
Domjahn/Becky 88.00
Dorf/Robin 158.00
Dudek/Alison 99.54
Edwards/Megan 83.00
Erkens/Diane 62.50
Ferguson/Marisa 76.00
Gerads/Amanda 78.00
Haller/Jennifer 61.00
Hammer/Beth 203.50
Hartman/Kari 89.50
Hayen/Molly 100.50
Henre/Casey 204.50
Hoglund/Nichola 73.50
Holverson/Robert 100.00
Huikkos Bowling Center Inc 1,174.50
Hylla/Jill 55.00
Indianhead Specialty Co Inc 93.15
Interprose Corporation/The 1,968.40
Jacobson/Sara 267.00
Jahnke/Megan 119.50
Johnson/Jenna 69.50
Johnson/Pamela 93.00
Jones/Cindy 11.00
Kampa/Kara 20.00
Kirkpatrick/Brandi 196.16
Klaphake/Christina 4.50
Kodesh/Erin 128.00
Kvalheim/Jane 343.40
Lamberts/Kathleen 164.50
Larson/Patricia 34.77
Lee/Mary 142.00
Loch/Lora 199.50
Lueck/Mary 91.59
Lutheran Social Services/SCP 18.00
Malecek/Patricia 13.50
Marco Technologies LLC 3,985.40
McAlpine/Tiffany 170.00
Meyer/Nichole 763.00
MFWCAA Conference 40.00
Montrose Elementary School 3,000.00
Moos/Gretchen 147.50
Nelson/Debbie 45.00
Nettestad/Jill 90.50
Novacek/Theresa 206.50
Office Depot 1,226.69
Office of MN IT Services 22.62
Olson/Joan 103.50
Opay/Joan 41.00
Opay/Sara 134.00
Otto/Kristin 26.00
Peterson/Tammy L 62.50
Ray-Mader/Jennifer 404.00
Reynolds/Stacie 121.50
Riebe/Nicolette 342.00
Robertson/Mikaela 302.30
S & S Communications Equi. 175.64
Sand Creek Group LTD 2,837.50
Schaaf/Blake 86.00
SHI International Corp 56.00
Shred Right 162.45
Sindt/Nathan 82.00
Sommer/Kolja 10.00
Stellis Health, PA-Buffalo Clinic 3,571.18
Stoll/Valerie 213.00
Tesmer/Alissa 131.50
Thimell/Leeann 93.50
Thomes/Mary 65.00
Topeff/Jessalin 24.00
Total Printing 350.00
Treichler/Christine 145.00
US Postal Services (Neopost) 7,500.00
Vanasse/Eleanor 105.82
Vandergrift/Deirdra 138.50
Vollbrecht/Brandy 766.00
Wacker/Abby 125.00
Walgreens Company 927.10
Winter/Delia 1,788.57
Wright/Pamela 188.00
Final total $66,975.30
The meeting adjourned at 10:28 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal June 30, 2017.