Wright County Board Minutes

JULY 11, 2017
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Husom made the following correction to the 6-27-17 County Board Minutes on Page 5, Paragraph 1, and Line 1: Change from “Rogers is one of the volunteers and is supportive of this pilot project,” to “Rogers is supportive of this pilot project.” Potter moved to approve the Minutes as corrected, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried unanimously.
Husom moved to approve the Agenda. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
Vetsch moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
1. Authorize Attendance, Balancing Leadership & Risks Seminar Training Event Sponsored By AMC, 9-06-17, MCIT Building, St. Paul MN
1. Schedule Owners Committee Meeting For 8-14-17 At 9:00 AM.C118, Agenda Items:
A. Review Of Site
B. Exterior
C. Public Design Space
D. Cost
1. Refer To 7-12-17 Building Committee:
A. Health & Human Services Center Retaining Wall
B. Surveyor Shop Overhead Door
1. Schedule Ditch Committee Of The Whole Meeting For 7-19-17 @2:00 PM RE: CD 36, Meeting Location – Wright County Highway Building
1. Approve Claims As Listed In The Abstract, Subject To Audit, For A Total Of $801,819.12 With 303 Vendors And 492 Transactions
1. Position Replacements:
A. Two OT II Positions
1. RICHARD AND MARIE MARQUETTE – (Marysville Twp.) Planning Commission Unanimously Recommends Approval Of The Request To Rezone Approximately 31 Acres From AG General Agricultural To A/R Agricultural-Residential
Introduce New Attorney, Jennifer Hendricks
Tom Kelly, County Attorney, introduced Jennifer Hendricks, a new Assistant County Attorney, and summarized her academic and professional accomplishments.
Sign Approval Of Appointment & Oath
Borrell signed the Approval of Appointment & Oath.
Approve A Plat “Registered Land Survey No. 44” (Silver Creek Twp)
Daleiden moved, seconded by Potter, to approve the plat “Registered Land Survey No. 44 (Silver Creek Twp).” The motion carried 5-0.
Adopt City Of Rockford Tax Forfeit Land Resolution
Hiivala said a Resolution was originally presented to the Board in April 2017. The City of Rockford stated in their Resolution that this parcel would be used “for future roadway use or expansion of the city’s compost site.” Hiivala said the Department of Revenue (DOR) rejected that wording as too vague. The resolution was amended to say, “for future roadway use and expansion of the city’s compost site.” The Resolution copy in the Board packet has the incorrect wording. The revised Resolution will have the correct wording. L. Kelly stated that Resolution #17-21 passed 4-25-17 should be rescinded. Vetsch moved, seconded by Husom, to rescind Resolution #17-21 and to adopt Resolution #17-33 as amended. The Resolution carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Award Contract #1709 - CSAH 3 Federal Pavement Preservation Project
Hawkins said this is a federal aid project that was originally going to be built next year, but because bids have been favorable, it was feasible to pay for it this year. Hawkins recommended that Contract #1709 be awarded to Knife River Corporation – North Central in the amount of $1,624,503.50. Potter moved to award Contract #1709 to Knife River Corporation, seconded by Husom. The motion carried unanimously.
Award Contract #1703 - CR 131 Pavement Preservation & Briarwood Ave (Rockford Twp)
Hawkins recommended that Contract #1703 be awarded to Knife River of Sauk Rapids in the amount of $363,497.77 for County Road 131, and $92,473.55 for Briarwood Avenue, for a total of $455,971.32. Potter moved to award Contract #1703 to Knife River, seconded by Vetsch. Husom said it is great to see the bid coming in 16.48 percent under estimate. The motion carried 5-0.
Award Contract #1708 - Rural Intersection Conflict Warning System - 35 & 6; 35 & 8
Hawkins said this project is 90 percent federally funded. He recommended that Contract #1708 be awarded to Design Electrical Contractors of St. Cloud in the amount of $254,197.56. Potter moved to award Contract #1708 to Design Electrical Contractors. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried 5-0. Borrell said this system will be welcome, as there have been fatalities there in the past. Hawkins said the data supports their effectiveness. He said this is a fourth generation version, which is hard wired, and much more reliable than previous generations.
Approve 3-28-17 Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting Minutes
Potter moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations. Husom seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
At today’s County Board meeting, Potter moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. The Minutes follow:
Drive Wright Program
T. Kelly informed the Commissioners that back in 2005 the Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Office started the “Drive Wright” program for minor traffic violations. The purpose of the program is to educate individuals and not impact their vehicle insurance. Shortly after that, they started the Teen Drive Wright program.
T. Kelly stated that “Bad facts make bad law” and that is what they are now seeing due to the incidents that occurred in Wabasha County. T. Kelly went onto to explain the program and that program funds are not used to supplement their (Sheriff and Attorney) budgets. As part of the program, they contract with two 501.c.3 entities, MEADA and Safe Communities. There is a $75 fee, which is allocated to the entities for education and training purposes. In 2014 there were 41,416 individuals reached through the MEADA program. The County has seen benefits from the program that is reaching thousands of individuals. However due to legislation that was enacted in the 2017 session, local governments that have a diversion program, that a court determines was not authorized under section 169.999, will see their local government aid reduced by the amount of the fees that have been collected. Over time, this is approximately $900,000 since its inception in Wright County.
The Board questioned and discussed what options may be available to them. Expressed concern that by passing this legislation, the legislators did not look at what this has saved over time, as thousands of people have been helped through this program. It was noted that funding the two entities by way of County dollars is not an option, as they are non-profit organizations.
MacMillan stated that he would be looking during the next budgeting cycle to see if there something his office, Court Services, can do to assist in maintaining the program.
Asleson informed the Board that there is Memo of Agreement between the Sheriff, the Attorney and these two organizations. The County has not been involved.
T. Kelly and Hagerty agreed and stated that the Drive Wright program will end on June 30, 2017. Anyone scheduled as of that date, will still go through program.
There is no action required of the County Board this is informational only.
(End of 6-27-17 Committee Of The Whole Minutes RE: Drive Wright)
6-27-17 COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE MINUTES RE: Coordinator Level Of Authority
At today’s County Board Meeting, L.Kelly reviewed the Minutes from this meeting. Daleiden asked L. Kelly to read the following statement from the Minutes, Paragraph 2:
Commissioner Borrell stated that he previously supported the Coordinator position, as he felt it is easier for a County to dismiss a Coordinator than an Administrator. Sometimes it is not that the person did something wrong, but they are just not a good match. L. Kelly noted both could be removed at any time, but that MN statute (375A.06) states that after one year on the job an administrator may demand written charges and a public hearing before termination. The County could still terminate following the hearing. L. Kelly stated that the ICMA code of ethics is followed by many leaders in cities as well as counties, if you are dismissed or asked to leave, the expectation is that you take the high road and move on.
Daleiden moved to approve the Minutes and the recommendation to recess the meeting until 8-01-17 at 10:30 AM, at which time staff will provide additional information. Husom seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
The Minutes follow:
Coordinator Level of Authority
L. Kelly stated that during his performance review there was discussion regarding the County’s structure with regards to a Coordinator vs Administrator, thus the purpose of this meeting.
Commissioner Borrell stated that he previously supported the Coordinator position, as he felt it is easier for a County to dismiss a Coordinator than an Administrator. Sometimes it is not that the person did something wrong, but they are just not a good match. L. Kelly noted both could be removed at any time, but that MN statute (375A.06) states that after one year on the job an administrator may demand written charges and a public hearing before termination. The County could still terminate following the hearing. L. Kelly stated that the ICMA code of ethics is followed by many leaders in cities as well as counties, if you are dismissed or asked to leave, the expectation is that you take the high road and move on.
Commissioner Husom stated that at a previous meeting, prior to Kelly filling the Coordinator role the Board met with three (3) County Administrators that had previously been County Coordinators. As she studies the two positions, she does not see how an Administrator adds another layer of government, an Administrator can help streamline efficiencies and save money. The County Board started with an “Executive Secretary to the Board” and as the County grew that position changed to a County Coordinator. Our County Board members sit on over 20 committees; deal with township issues, citizen concerns and employee concerns. We need to look at what is best for the County as we continue to grow.
Commissioner Daleiden recalled from the Personnel Committee that there were suggestions of having Kelly work up to that position, by adding some additional authority to his current role. Kelly stated the largest difference in Coordinator versus Administrator is typically the supervision of department heads. Making a change in structure would impact how things get done. He asked what the Board’s comfort level is of items that can be handled by staff rather than by the Board.
Commissioners Husom and Daleiden stated that if a project or purchase is budgeted why is it coming to the Board, if it is an approved position, why is it coming to the Board; these can be handled by staff.
Commissioner Potter added that if it is something controversial than it should come before the Board. The Administrator model is much more efficient, as decisions can be made by staff, rather than being bogged down by the Board process. An example identified was paint and carpet decisions that went to Committee and then to the Board for a remodel project that was already approved.
Commissioner Vetsch stated that the Board could finesse the position’s duties to be what they want to allocate to the position.
Commissioner Borrell expressed his concern with how departments want to grow, and should be looking at ways to be more efficient. Perhaps and Administrator can redirect this with direction by the Board.
Commissioner Vetsch noted that the commissioners all seem to be in consensus, just need to identify the duties and the role of the position.
L. Kelly stated that he and his staff need direction on what the Board’s expectations are.
Commissioner Husom suggested getting Administrator job descriptions from other counties to compare what the essential duties are in comparison to the Coordinator position.
L. Kelly stated that things are done differently throughout the counties. He would like to have a consensus on what the Board wants. Decisions would need to address how supervision is provided over department heads, the budget responsibilities, do we continue with the Committee structure, what items are handled by staff, etc.
Commissioner Potter noted that Cities have gone to the Administrator model. The Administrator can make decisions and identify why those decisions were made, if the Board does not like the direction they can redirect. He feels that this is the correct way to go.
S. Vergin stated that she supports the Administration model. It allows the Board to focus on the larger matters with staff handling the day-to-day operations. The Board has the ability to identify the role of the position.
Next steps were discussed. The Committee will need to address what the County wants to support; necessities versus niceties. Staff will work on developing and gathering more information that will come back to the Board.
The consensus was that the meeting would be continued to August 1, 2017 at 10:30 am.
Recommendation: Recess meeting to August 1, 2017 at 10:30 am. Staff will provide additional information.
(End of 6-27-17 Committee Of The Whole Minutes RE: Coordinator Level of Authority)
At today’s County Board meeting, Potter said these Minutes were submitted late due to unforeseen circumstances. Potter moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. The Minutes follow:
Construction Manager Interviews
The Committee received presentations and interviewed four firms regarding for construction management services for the Wright County Courts Facility.
Adolfson and Peterson (A&P) Presented at 12:30pm. A&P was represented by Brian Kunz, Tim Clark, Carey Ottman Everson, and Rick Streich.
Wenck presented at 1:30 pm and was represented by Shane Butler, Andy Hoffman, Dan Volbert and Todd Christopherson.
Contegrity Group Inc. (CGI) presented third at 2:30 pm. Pete Filippi, Travis Fuechtmann, Larry Filippi, and Mitch Paulsen represented CGI.
Kraus Anderson (K/A) Presented at 3:30. Ken Stringfellow, John Hayden, Chris Larkin Ken Francois, Audie Miller, and Mark Kotten .
Following the presentations the committee discussed the presentations and the strengths of each of the firms. The consensus of the committee was to further review the proposals from A&P and CGI. Wilczek was directed to follow up on the committee’s questions related to the proposals and pricing. Kelly will contact other counties to check references . A committee meeting will be scheduled to review the additional information.
Recommendation: Further review proposals from A&P and CGI. Kelly and Wilczek will gather additional information.
(End of 3-30-17 Owners Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board meeting, Daleiden moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations. Husom seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. The Minutes follow:
Performance Review—Tony Rasmuson, Assessor
Recommendation: Based on five (5) performance evaluations received, the Committee Recommends a rating of “Exceeds Expectations”.
Performance Review—Tanya West, Recorder
Recommendation: Based on five (5) performance evaluations received, the Committee Recommends a rating of “Meets Expectations”.
(End of 6-28-17 Personnel Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board meeting, Vetsch moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. The Minutes follow:
Voicemail System Update & Text to Speech Functionality
Presented by Cheri Nelson
Office Links is the name of the newly implemented voicemail application. Chad Davis and Rick Rahe, both in IT, have been working on the rollout of the Voicemail system. There were some minor challenges but the transfer to the new system went well.
There is one system change that has created a slight issue with transferring calls & voicemails. The former voicemail application had a limited capability to “read” a name attached to a number if a recording of a name was absent. The new system does not have this function, instead it reads the extension. If a name has been recorded the name will be read in place of the extension. IT contacted the vendor who suggested a comprehensive text to speech module for $13,000. This module has more options than just reading a name, one being to interact with menus. MacMillan stated that from a leadership perspective he wouldn’t have a problem ensuring that his staff has recorded their names; that it becomes a process for new employees or transitioning staff members. Other committee members agreed with this mentality, with O’Dell noting that HHS can accommodate this process as well. Hoffman also brought up the experience of voice menus vs. speaking with a live person. His staff, as well as him personally, make calls to other organizations several times a day. From their experience it is a lot easier to speak with a live person than to maneuver through an interactive voice menu. Nelson stated that IT is taking steps to locate the “no name” accounts while conducting general phone cleanup. This process should be completed shortly. Tagarro and Nelson cohesively stated that IT is not recommending to purchase this module. Both Commissioners agreed with the points suggested and are recommending to not purchase the module. They would like to see communication going out to County staff to instruct on updating messages and name prompts.
Action: For Text to Speech: Encourage Leadership to create a process of recording names in Voicemail. Send out a County staff communication to update message & name prompt at conclusion of account cleanup. Do not purchase Text to Speech functionality.
Squad Car / Bodycam Project
Presented by Hoffman
Hoffman started the discussion noting the current squad cam vendor, L3 Mobile Vision, is discontinuing the current platform being used for Wright County’s squad cams. Because of this a new platform is necessary. Initial research has been conducted to look into body cams for officers as well. Hoffman stated that to support body cams there must first be support for squad cams, as the squad is the true backbone of the system. Because of this the Sheriff’s office has been researching vendors and products that support squad cams and body cams with one system. 2 vendors have come out on top, Coban & WatchGuard. They are both industry leaders with major market share, they also are actively being used by agencies that Wright County can contact. IT has been included on the research, as they will be providing the infrastructure necessary to support the system as well as store the video footage. Currently the Sheriff’s Department uses DVD’s to store the squad cam footage, this is an economical option that has worked well for them, there is a year’s worth of footage stored on a server, with backups to DVDs. Hoffman stressed that the project scope should be focused on the squad cam first as the body cam’s will be a secondary product that can be added when the County wants. Vetsch complimented that the backend first mentality was good thinking and will allow the project to be done right, Daleiden agreed. Hoffman would like to take a phased approach. Late this year pick a vendor, get the back-end ready in 2018 with about 18 squads transferring to the new platform. Phase in of rest of squad cars, 68 total + 2 spare cams, over 4 years. He stated from their experience the phased in approach will allow them to make changes and tweaks on a smaller scale, which has been more efficient.
The Committee had several questions, which Hoffman noted will be answered with committee Approval to move forward with further research. The Board has acknowledged that body cams will be in Wright County’s future, Hoffman stated the phased in approach allows the County more freedom as to the when and where of implementation of body cams, especially with the project focus remaining with the squad cams. Vetsch stated that one of his main concerns lies with the rapid change in technology which committee members fully agreed. Hoffman again stated that the focus on squad cams will hopefully allow proactive reaction to future unforeseen changes in technology for body cams. MacMillan questioned if there would be opportunities for price breaks if County communities joined in, Hoffman said that currently there isn’t because the numbers don’t make a large enough impact. The possibility of communities joining the program was discussed as well, to continue a quality working relationship with police forces. Hoffman stated that it is something to look into but it has many variables to address. Daleiden asked if the technology would be passed onto other Sheriff vehicles, as not all are equipped. Hoffman stated that right now the main concern was with traffic stops. Tagarro asked if there are any buy back programs with the two possible vendors, Hoffman stated they are still checking on this. The Commissioners agreed to approve moving forward with research & review of the project as the current platform is no longer viable, forcing the progressive movement. Hoffman stated that more answers will be provided with approval to move forward.
Action: Approved to retrieve further IT Technical Details, review Purchasing Information with Sue Vergin and Brian Asleson, and to narrow down a Vendor.
ARMER Radio Fee
Presented by Tagarro
The County Board charges County organizations a Per Radio fee for the ARMER system maintenance. In 2016 the Board approved an increase to $85 per Radio for 2017 Invoicing. This was well received by County Organizations using ARMER, as the County was still paying a notable share of the charges. Tagarro inquired if the committee is recommending an additional price increase for 2018 charges, he noted that the system charge only went up $3000, with a total standing at $188,000. MacMillian suggested that if there is a larger overall increase in the yearly charge then it would seem equitable to seriously discuss an increase. Daleiden was in favor of keeping it the same at $85, he noted that it doesn’t cover the entire cost of the system, but it gives organizations a solid vested interest in it. Vetsch noted that it would be good to communicate to stakeholders that the price did rise slightly but the County is absorbing the cost for this year. Committee members also confirmed that they hadn’t received negative feedback about the ARMER Radio Fees.
Action: Keep 2018 ARMER per Radio fee at $85, communicate to stakeholders that the County is absorbing the slight increase.
Office 365 Status
Presented by Tagarro
Office 365 is still on track for a Fall 2017 gradual rollout to County Staff. The transition will begin in-house with IT, then pushed out to the County with Email transitioning first, then Office and SharePoint (cloud & on-premise), followed by Skype for Business. Nelson stated that Infrastructure is being readied and managed for the transition, 150 accounts have been purchased. Tagarro noted that IT has been studying how other counties have transitioned to 365, using this knowledge & networking to create the best management and deployment for Wright County. The Project Management role for 365 will be filled through a MN State contract program that utilizes high quality staffing at affordable prices. Tagarro has been finalizing interviews. Jobe questioned the budgeting process for 365, Nelson noting that for 2017-2018 it will be funded with CIP dollars, future funding is being looked at. Tagarro also noted that Training will be a fundamental aspect of successful implementation of 365. The recent MnCCC conference allowed Wright County to gain affordable access to Lynda.com, a highly recommended training system. Using the collective numbers of MnCCC members, a significant price break was reached. Lynda.com will allow Admins to select “assigned” trainings for staff members, such as specific 365 training. It also has a multitude of training outside of 365, making the training purchase, initially funded by CIP dollars, a quality asset for County Staff members. It is noted that training has been budgeted for. West questioned the budgeting of Lynda.com after 2018, which is also being looked at. Some highlights of 365 are the Skype function, as MacMillan noted can be used for video conferencing which could be a huge cost savings for the County. Nelson noted 365 email doesn’t need Zix email encryption which will be another cost savings. Office 365 implementation is progressing as planned, committee members noted they are eager to utilize the new system.
Action: Information Only
Project Portfolio
Presented by Tagarro
The current project portfolio stands at the mid 80’s for Open Projects. IT has been successful at completing and lowering the total number of Active Projects.
Action: Information Only
(End of 6-28-17 Technology Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board meeting, Husom moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations, including scheduling a Public Hearing for 8-01-17 regarding adopting the revised Health & Human Services Fee Schedule. Potter seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. The Minutes follow:
HHS Fee Schedule
J. Goodrum Schwartz provided the Committee with the revised fee schedule based on the discussion from their meeting on June 14, 2017. The changes are italicized and bolded. It was determined that the sliding fee scale table should be included in the fee schedule, and noted that because the Federal government sets the sliding fee scale, the County would not be required to hold a public hearing when changes are made to the scale. B. Asleson clarified that the County does have the right to charge fees for an employee’s time.
Recommendation: Approve moving forward with consideration of adopting the HHS Fees Schedule, Set a public hearing date at the July 11, 2017 Board meeting. The Public Hearing is to be held on August 1, and upon approval, fees to be effective as of August 1, 2017.
Ag Society Fairground Lease
B. Asleson provided the Committee with a revised lease agreement based on the discussions from their May 24, 2017 meeting. Asleson and T. Dahl reviewed the areas that have been modified and reviewed areas that still warrant discussion and clarification.
3. Term of Lease – was shortened to 20 years.
11. Termination of Lease – identified reasons for termination as failure to provide adequate insurance coverage, hazardous or unsafe building conditions, and hazardous or unsafe operational conditions by the Ag Society. The County would serve notice and the Ag Society will be required to remove all movable fixtures and personal property. All buildings and improvements to the property shall remain the property of the County.
5. Repairs and Maintenance – addresses the Ag Society’s responsibility for repairs and maintenance to the buildings and grounds.
Both #11 and #5 raised discussion regarding the Historical Society building that is located on the property. Need to address this within the lease.
8. Liability Insurance – included additional insurance information and added the requirement of naming the County as an additional insured.
It was clarified that there is a Tort cap, however if there is a Federal claim it is not restricted by the Tort cap. There is also concerns of proper coverage due to the subleasing that is occurring with the property.
10. Sublease – It requires that the Ag Society cannot sublease without consent of the County.
This raises the discussion on whether the County wants to identify exceptions to this requirement and how the County ensures that proper insurance coverage is in place for these subleases/uses of the property.
It was the consensus of the Committee that discussions need to take place with the Fair Board to work though some of these issues and details, but will wait until after the Fair to schedule a meeting. Asleson will reach out to Fair Board member(s) regarding this matter.
Recommendation: Informational only.
(End of 6-28-17 Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
Husom moved to set a Public Hearing regarding the revised Health & Human Services Fee Schedule for 8-1-17 at 9:30 AM. Potter seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
1. Potter mentioned that former Commissioner Pat Sawatzke has been appointed Grand Marshall of the Monticello Riverfest Parade which happens Sunday, 7-16-17 at noon. He was also nominated Citizen of the Year. Potter said that is quite an honor, and that Sawatzke is very active in the community.
2. Central Minnesota EMS Region Joint Powers Board: Husom said they met last Friday. There are Lucas CPR devices that they are trying to get it into different EMS regions. The Board also heard a presentation from the National Joint Power Agreement. They have funds available, and the EMS Board is hoping to get grants from them, and is looking at ways to generate more revenue, since State dollars have dwindled due to increased public compliance with seatbelt laws. The organization is looking for alternate funding sources. There is a need for grants for smaller fire departments and ambulance services.
3. Fair Board: Borrell met with the Fair Board last night. Everything is on track for the Fair later this month.
4. Township Officers Meeting: Borrell said there is a Township Officers Meeting tomorrow evening at Middleville Township Hall.
5. Meeting with Lawmakers: Daleiden said he and Husom met with three legislators and one senator on 6-29-17 for an update on their accomplishments.
6. Parks Board: Daleiden said they met last night and discussed the Lake Improvement District (LID) for Maple Lake, and several trails that residents would like the County to take over. The Parks Board also discussed advertising Parks events, and the expansion and updates going on at Collinwood Park. Daleiden said Collinwood is at capacity every weekend. The Parks Board also decided against serving alcohol at the Bertram Blast Triathlon.
7. Clearwater Watershed District Meeting: Vetsch said they discussed Cedar Lake and the Zebra Mussel infestation on 6-27-17. Since then, three thousand feet of shoreline were examined, but no more Zebra Mussels were found. He said it appears this situation can be contained and treated. Vetsch said they must remain vigilant. He said the Watershed District recently allocated $5000 for the Cedar Lake Association to fight this problem.
Daleiden responded to some complaints the Board has received about the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) inspections on Lake John, Lake Sylvia, and Pleasant Lake. He said it would be great to be able to do inspections when boats are coming out of the lake, but it is easier to control the spread of AIS by inspecting boats as they enter. He suggested the public see what Starry Stonewort has done to Lake Koronis. If nothing is done, the lake becomes worthless.
Husom said all watercraft should be cleaned before going into any lake. The current inspection process is a pilot program, and will hopefully increase efficiencies. If contamination is found, the staff is right there to decontaminate.
Potter said doing nothing is not an option.
Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, provided an informational item. The County entered into an agreement with the engineering firm ISG and the Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). They will be having an informational meeting on County Ditch 10, Lake Anne and Lake Emma at Victor Township Hall next Wednesday, 7-19-17 at 7 PM. Daleiden said he will attend.
L. Kelly said the Board should make a motion authorizing County Board attendance, and the notice posted. Daleiden moved to authorize the County Board to go to the informational meeting regarding the Ditch 10 Study at Victor Township Hall on 7-19-17 at 7 PM. Potter seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
Borrell extended condolences to the family of George Mead, a long-time Fair Board member, who recently passed away. He will be greatly missed.
Borrell said the County Board has a Leadership Team meeting today at 11 AM. L. Kelly said there is also a Committee Of The Whole Meeting regarding Transit this afternoon at 1 PM.
Bills Approved
Abbott Northwestern Hospital $303.10
Abrahamson/Abe 270.00
Advantage Emblem Inc 1,701.10
Alternative Business Furniture Inc 509.76
American Databank LLC 247.05
American Legal Publishing Corp 495.00
Ameripride Services 281.57
Anderson/Edward 145.00
ANSR Association for Nonsmokers 2,013.68
Aramark Services Inc 17,342.97
Association of MN Counties 140.00
Auto Value 138.94
Backes/Joe 107.00
Baker/Erin 107.50
Bargen Incorporated 662.50
Battles/Rick 2,601.00
Berwald Roofing Company Inc 48,000.30
Bohanon/Anna 450.39
Boyer Truck Parts 226,143.20
Bratz/Racheal 127.78
Bravinder/Dan 664.00
Buffalo Hospital 1,670.26
Buffalo Hospital 10,500.00
Buffalo/City of 156.38
Cariveau/Kristy 172.00
Cayler/Kristen 121.00
CDW Government Inc 218.89
Cellebrite USA Corp 9,000.00
Centra Sota Coop - Buffalo 15,969.33
Central Fire Protection 127.25
CenturyLink 176.11
CenturyLink 802.10
Chamberlain Oil Co 1,570.40
Children’s Dental Services 1,000.00
Christ the King Retreat 850.00
Christenson/Karmen 130.00
Citizen Tribune 124.92
Clarke Aquatic Services Inc 1,150.00
Climate Air 561.70
CNH Ind. Capital Productivity Plus 973.97
Cohn/Kim 109.50
Collins Brothers Towing 172.00
Constellation Justice Systems 16,501.00
Cottens Inc 2,064.26
Cub Foods 300.00
CXTEC 786.57
Dell Marketing LP 11,656.95
DHS-Swift 33,225.37
DHS-Maxis Cashier, Swift 1,236.08
Drouin/Rachelle 130.50
Elk River Municipal Utilities 168.19
Emergency Automotive Tech Inc 7,275.93
Evans/Karen 123.50
Excel Systems 174.00
Felger/Kenneth 423.00
Foster/Roxanne 1,191.74
Gabriel/Cathleen 300.00
Gerads/Amanda 109.00
Gilbarco Inc 420.00
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals 863.00
Goodrum/Jami 229.50
Grainger 602.44
H M Cragg Co 9,240.00
Haller/Jennifer 107.00
Hance Utility Services Inc 132.75
Helena Chemical Company 305.79
Hennepin County Treasurer 3,564.36
Henre/Casey 113.00
Herald Journal Publishing Inc 109.92
Hiivala/Robert 267.00
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 3,152.13
Hoglund/Nichola 328.11
Holiday Companies 627.00
Hopkins Medical Products 187.75
Howard Lake Police Dept 209.59
Howard Lake-Wav-Winst. ISD 2687 3,191.44
Howard Lake/City of 1,168.25
Husom/Christine 116.50
Indianhead Specialty Co Inc 169.15
Interstate Automotive 200.00
Jacobson/Sara 122.00
JK Landscaping 20,575.00
Junction Towing & Auto Repair 290.00
Keeprs Inc 1,162.86
Kellogg/Johannah 132.00
Kendell Doors and Hardware Inc 6,609.80
Kirkpatrick/Brandi 157.78
Klatt True Value Electric 163.18
Klein/Troy 149.99
Kustom Signals Inc 495.10
Kvalheim/Jane 274.72
Laplant Demo Inc 1,741.46
Larson Associates Inc 1,434.00
League of MN Cities 214.26
Loescher/Doreena 973.75
Loftus/Katie 123.00
Mailfinance 2,466.27
Marco 12,181.54
Martin & Wagner, P.A. 100.00
Mattson Well Company 4,764.75
Mend Correctional Care LLC 451.06
Miller/Nathan 171.00
Millers Sewage Treat. Solutions 1,250.00
Minnesota Monitoring Inc 11,766.75
Minnesota State Auditor 6,138.67
MN State Bar Association 1,049.00
MN Supervisors Conference Assn 120.00
Mol/Daniel 785.00
Montrose/City of 672.50
Moos/Gretchen 110.00
Mumford Sanitation 157.95
Nelson/Debbie 108.50
Nurse-Family Partnership 17,256.00
Office Depot 4,053.80
Office of MN IT Services 295.64
Olson/Joan 110.50
Optiv Security Inc 1,375.60
Overhead Door Co/ The Northland 529.00
Oyer/Lacey 224.50
Park View Care Center 5,500.00
Pederson/David 260.00
Polzin/Matt 144.99
Potter/Michael J 104.00
Powerplan OIB 222.32
Premier Biotech Labs LLC 2,459.98
R.A.M. Tools 190.59
Randy’s Enviromental Services 128.70
Regents of the University of MN 41,180.91
Rockford Township 935.25
Rositas/Lynette 139.50
Runnings Monticello 2,999.99
Russell Security Resource Inc 1,603.40
Safelite Fulfillment Inc 214.96
Select Account 1,898.40
Sprint 4,277.61
St Cloud Stamp & Sign Inc 128.09
Stellis Health, PA -Buffalo Clinic 152.64
Stericycle Inc 349.80
Stoll/Valerie 218.00
Tekton Construction Company 17,643.45
Thimell/Leeann 175.50
Thompson/David 574.50
Thompson/janet A 480.00
Tobias/Ashley 421.00
Total Printing 650.00
Uline 1,207.85
Vetsch/Darek 312.00
Voss Lighting 792.00
Waste Management of WI-MN 436.54
Waverly/City of 185.12
Weidner Plumbing and Heating 126,075.49
Windstream 184.38
Winter/Delia 1,788.57
Wright County Community Action 860.00
WSB & Associates Inc 34,490.25
ZEP Sales & Services 147.16
51 Payments less than $100 2,550.83
Final total $801,819.12
The meeting adjourned at 10:06 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal July 28, 2017.