Wright County Board Minutes

AUGUST 1, 2017
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Husom moved to approve the 7-25-17 Minutes, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Vetsch moved to approve the Agenda as presented. Daleiden seconded the motion and it carried 5-0.
Potter moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0.
1. Refer Policy 301.04 PTO Credit for Applicable Experience Within Field to Personnel Committee
1. Approve Claims As Listed In The Abstract, Subject To Audit, For A Total Of $586,247.27 With 194 Vendors And 285 Transactions
1. Set Bid Opening Date of 8-25-17 @ 11:00 AM for Highway Safety Improvement Program Project
DAVID W. EROTAS (Buffalo Twp.) - Planning Commission on a vote of 4/2 recommend denial of the request to rezone from AG General Agricultural to A/R Agricultural-Residential
Riley referenced the rezoning request and the formal findings for denial based on the Planning Commission recommendation. An overview of the request was provided to rezone the property to A/R, which included a site inspection by the Planning Commission. Buffalo Township’s recommendation is for denial based on the Land Use Plan. Riley said discussion occurred at the Planning Commission level relating to not following the Land Use Plan because of development pressures and land use in the area. The majority of the Planning Commission directed staff to draw up Findings for denial mainly based on it not being consistent with the land Use Plan, the protection of agricultural elements, whether it was tilled or not, and in support of the Township recommendation.
Considerable discussion followed on the characteristics of the property, and the Land Use Plan and the timeline/process for updates. Riley stated review of the Land Use Plan would be based more on conditions than time frame. A township can request review of the Plan. Borrell said that the majority of the Buffalo Township Board voted to support the denial based strictly on the Land Use Plan but it may not have been what they preferred.
Potter moved to support the Planning Commission recommendation for denial of the request to rezone from AG to A/R, David W. Erotas (Buffalo Twp.), PID 202-000-103-400, and to authorize signatures on the Notice and Order for Denial. The motion was seconded by Vetsch. Borrell stated he will vote against the motion based on his opinion that further review of the Land Use Plan is needed. Daleiden said it will be up to Buffalo Township to submit that request. Borrell responded that in the past, it was conveyed that changes to the Land Use Plan happen infrequently. Riley stated that is because it is an involved process. The motion carried 4-1 with Borrell casting the nay vote.
Make Appointment For Clearwater River Watershed Board Of Managers. Kathy Jonsrud Was The Only Applicant.
On a motion by Husom, second by Daleiden, all voted to reappoint Kathy Jonsrud to the Clearwater River Watershed Board of Managers for an additional term.
Approve 7-19-17 Ditch Committee Of The Whole Minutes.
Vetsch moved to approve the Minutes, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0. The Minutes follow:
Kryzer opened the meeting by stating that he had been informed by the Highway Department that Wright County Ditch 36 was starting to flood a County Highway and that emergency repairs to this system may be needed.
Kryzer stated that he previously checked with the Auditor’s Office and there is not an as built plan for this system. Therefore we requested that Houston Engineering complete the survey work and borings on the site. HEI was able to provide an estimate to complete a drone inspection and reestablish drainage records on CD 36 for $12,000. This step will allow the County to make informed decisions on CD 36 public drainage system management into the future and address immediate repair needs.
Kryzer then presented the HEI Drone Project Video, on You Tube, for County Ditch 36.
M. Young stated that he had completed an elevation inspection on CD 36. The system is an open ditch system flowing generally north and west to the Mississippi River. One area of concern was north of 160th, where the open portion of the system is overgrown, partially filled with sediment, vegetation, and other obstructions. This area is contributing to slowed flow out of the culvert that outlets Rice Lake. This area serves at the outlet of the entire system.
It was discovered that the outlet of Rice Lake crosses under 160th St. and passes through a Clearwater Township culvert then continues toward the Mississippi River. That culvert was placed out of grade by approximately 10 inches. This incorrect elevation has contributed to flooding along CSAH 75. Records from Clearwater Township and the DNR show that the culvert was replaced and lengthened in 2001. It is apparent that the elevation set is not the designed elevation for the system.
Meyer stated that the culvert, on CSAH 75 is currently under water. A Jetter machine will not work to clean out a culvert that is under water.
Young stated that between Rice Lake and a private crossing near I94 there is a lowland area. This area is tightly vegetated. The flowline elevations show that vegetation along with other unseen obstructions are slowing the flow of the system significantly. Kryzer stated that there is about a 1⁄2 mile to dredge a path through the ditch and the County does not have the equipment to be able to complete that clean out. To mobilize barge equipment here, it would be about $60K just to transport.
Hiivala pointed out that there will need to be a Redetermination of Benefits on this system before any major repairs occur. The system was established in 1918 and the original benefits no longer reflect a sense of fairness.
Young stated that if we cleanout the system northwest from 160th it should serve as an efficient and effective outlet for the system. Daleiden pointed out that there might have to be some trees removed on one side of the ditch also.
After further discussion, the final recommendation, from the Drainage Authority, given to M. Young was to obtain quotes for a clean out of the system northwest (downstream) from 160th and present them to the Drainage Authority for a final decision.
(End of 7-19-17 Ditch COTW Minutes)
Review and Adopt Findings of Fact and Order Regarding Redetermination of Benefits for County Ditch 10
ISG has been working on a Multi-Purpose Water Management Plan for County Ditch 10 and determined the benefited property records are in need of update to reflect the current watershed and valuation of properties. Based on this report, staff recommends the benefited properties for County Ditch 10 be redetermined.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #17-36 adopting the Findings of Fact and Order for redetermination of benefits for County Ditch 10. The motion was seconded by Husom. Hiivala stated that it will be at least two years for the redetermination based on his conversation with Ron Ringquist. Daleiden noted that County ditches are not along roadways but rather it is a rural stormwater system. The County manages the ditch systems and benefited landowners are assessed for maintenance and repairs, and the redetermination will expand the base. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Husom moved to approve the Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. Discussion on Lateral Hiring of Deputy Above 12%
Athman provided background on the candidate. He has 6 years experience with a large metro police force. He would like to make a similar wage as his current employment. The request is for a starting wage of $28.91 which is less than the candidate is currently making. Husom raised the question of leapfrogging of current employees. Hagerty stated this request would place the candidate similarly to employees with similar years of experience.
Hagerty said the candidate has received specialized training in mental health and community policing that would be an asset the Office.
Recommendation: Approve request to hire at $28.91
II. Compost Facility Staffing
After the July 12th Committee meeting Riley considered the possibility of a temporary employee. Stephens said the program with Central Minnesota Jobs and Training will be ending on September 1st. After this program ends he would like to have additional temporary help for the fall busy season. Kelly said a temporary employee will be limited to 67 working days.
Recommendation: Authorize temporary employee at Compost Facility after September 1st.
III. Developer Position
Tagarro noted that InfoTech recommended hiring an additional developer as the next step to begin addressing the IT project backlog. The Project Portfolio Analyst was recently approved and is posted. Tagarro would like to move forward with this request as soon as possible.
Recommendation: Authorize recruitment for a Developer
IV. Business Analyst Position
Tagarro provided an update on the last recruitment for a Business Analyst. The position was offered to a candidate who declined the offer due to the compensation. The County will now start the recruitment process again for the 4th time. Tagarro would like to identify solutions to resolve this issue. Kelly suggested that an assessment of the market be conducted for Business Analysts in accordance with Policy 104.09 Market Rate Adjustments (Attraction and Retention). Daleiden said a similar plan was proposed before and rejected by the union.
The committee discussed compensation of the Business Analyst in relation to other positions within the IT department. Daleiden asked that the new Human Resources director assess this issue upon starting with the County.
Recommendation: Examine external market for Business Analyst position.
V. Performance Review—Adam Tagarro, IT Director
Recommendation: Based on five (5) performance evaluations received, the Committee recommends a rating of “Exceeds Expectations”.
VI. Performance Review—Virgil Hawkins, Highway Engineer
Recommendation: Based on five (5) performance evaluations received, the Committee recommends a rating of “Exceeds Expectations”.
(End of 7-26-17 Personnel Committee Minutes)
At 9:32 A.M., Commissioner Borrell opened the Public Hearing on the proposed changes to the Fee Schedule for Health & Human Services (HHS). Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said no public comment was received prior to the Meeting. The Public Hearing announcement was published to meet posting requirements. There was discussion on the proposed changes at two Ways & Means Committee Meetings prior to being presented to the County Board for approval. If approved, the changes would become effective 8-01-17.
As no public comment was received at the Board Meeting, the Public Hearing was closed at 9:35 A.M. Vetsch moved to approve the proposed changes to the HHS Fee Schedule. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Vetsch, all voted to approve the Personnel Committee Minutes. The Minutes follow:
Information Technology (IT) Director Adam Tagarro distributed a document entitled, “IT Organizational Chart” (see attachment) summarizing the results of a recent four-day workshop conducted by Info-Tech Research Group. Data was provided from surveys conducted last year, as well as input from workshop participants. Tagarro said the goal was to look at the current state of the Information Technology Department, and develop a new structure to increase efficiencies and accommodate growth.
Tagarro referenced Slide 5 of his PowerPoint presentation (see attached), and said public administration organizations on average report a 7.5 overall satisfaction rate on a scale of 1 to 10. The IT Department scores slightly lower at 6.7.
Tagarro said currently IT is in Firefighter mode, as shown on Slide 6 of the presentation. He said they are keeping the lights on and responding. The goal is to be at the top of the model, in the Transforming / Innovation category. Another objective is to become a better Business Partner within the County organization. Before that, however, Tagarro said IT needs to achieve Trusted Operator status.
Other areas needing improvement listed on Slide 7 include BI & Analytical Capability, Application Portfolio Management, Portfolio Management, Innovation Leadership, Stakeholder Management, Project Management, Service Desk, Application Development, and Enterprise Architecture. Tagarro said IT is working toward better project management and execution. The Department has started inventorying applications with the goal of eliminating outdated ones.
Tagarro described Key Pain Points as listed on Slide 8. He said IT has limited capacity to complete current projects. However, staff was able to reduce the backlog from 120 to 80 project requests in the last year.
Tagarro said Health & Human Services (HHS) and the Sheriff’s Office have internal Level 1 IT help. Consensus at the workshop focused on centralizing all IT help requests at the IT Help Desk. In the present situation, some requests go directly to HHS or the Sheriff’s Office. Tagarro said discussion with these two Departments is needed regarding how or whether to change the process. No official timeline was set. Tagarro said there are special privacy concerns with HHS and the Sheriff’s Office.
Daleiden said the most important thing is to make sure the requests are documented in the system. Tagarro said the Track-It Ticket system has generated a lot of data, enabling IT to check trends.
Tagarro moved to other Pain Points. He said the surveys showed that IT is looked at as an outside entity by some Departments. There is a need to build relationships and trust. Tagarro said Info-Tech recommended specific positions with this function. Some Departments felt IT overreaches instead of helps them do better.
Tagarro moved to the topic of deliverable areas. Referring to the IT Organizational Chart, Tagarro said the pages show the following situations:
• Current State (7/17), for a total of 21 positions;
• Future State (2017), with the addition of two positions (Project Portfolio Analyst and Developer), for a total of 23 positions;
• Future State (2018), adding three positions (IT Manager – Strategy, Business Analyst/Project Manager, and Systems Engineer), for a total of 26 positions;
• Future State (2019), with the addition of three positions (Application Portfolio Analyst, another Developer, and a Business Relationship Manager), for a total of 29 positions;
• Future State (2020), adding three positions (another Business Relationship Manager, Finance, Policy & Vendor Analyst, and Business Analyst/Project Manager), for a total of 32 positions;
• Future State (2021), adding three positions (2 Business Relationship Managers, and a Risk Analyst), for a total of 35 positions.
Tagarro said workshop participants recommended adding 14 positions between 2017 and 2021. He said this is a guideline. He will re-evaluate the needs of the IT Department every year before requesting new positions. Some reporting structures will be shifted within the Department as the organization changes.
Tagarro directed attention to Slide 9, IT Management and Governance Framework. He explained that IT Governance has to do with County structure in general. There is a need for a holistic perspective encompassing innovation and providing business value.
Tagarro discussed the rationale behind the proposed new positions and changes in structure that were plotted in the IT Organizational Chart as a result of the Info-Tech workshop. He stressed that this is a general outline for the future. Tagarro said he is blessed with a self-motivated team that wants to get work done.
Vetch asked how Tagarro plans to get projects completed in a timely manner over the next two years. Tagarro said IT staff gathers as much information as possible from Departments upon their initial request. In the immediate future, the Project Portfolio Analyst will look at the projects and determine how they fit into the
Strategic plan. He said IT needs to improve on communicating responses to project requests. He said they are working on organizing projects by levels of staff time required. Vetsch asked that deadlines be included when the Departments input a project to improve accountability.
Kelly said the Info-Tech study was very comprehensive, and will be a good road map moving forward.
Recommendation: Informational only.
(End of 7-24-17 COTW Minutes)
1. 7-31-17 Owners Committee Meeting. Potter said a meeting was held to discuss designs, finishes, and layouts. The information will be presented at an upcoming Committee Of The Whole Meeting on 8-15-17 at 10:30 A.M. Potter met with Kelly, Hiivala, and Bruce Kimmel of Ehlers & Associates to discuss strategies moving forward.
2. Excel Energy/Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Exercise. Husom and Vetsch participated in the drill. They conveyed that the County should consider a backup to their positions, as it is required that teams rotate every 12 hours in an actual event.
3. Buffalo Area Dementia Friends Group. The Group will host discussion on resources available, which will be held at Zion Church (Buffalo) on 8-23-17 from 9:30-11:00 AM. Staff members from Central MN Council on Aging will be present.
4. Wright County Fair. Attendance was approximately 60,000 this year, which was about 900 lower than last year’s record attendance. Husom appreciated the programs for Senior Day and Military Day. Borrell said Medals of Honor were received by three Wright County residents. At the Fair, Daleiden worked with SWCD and the Water Management Task Force on nitrate analysis of residents’ well water. He also spoke with residents about Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and what is being done in Annandale and the three lakes to try to control the spread of AIS. He referenced a recent Star Tribune article on AIS that was very informative.
5. Starry Track, Ney Park. A number of lakes will be checked for starry stonewort on 8-05-17.
6. Bertram Parks Board. A meeting will be held on 8-04-17.
Bills Approved
3 D Specialties Inc $562.96
Abbott Northwestern Hospital 467.46
Accent Electric and Automation 3,130.00
Albertville/City of 3,048.40
Allina Health 263.00
Allina Health System 156.84
American Solutions For Business 1,491.30
Ameripride Services 202.24
Annandale Rock Products 159.94
Anoka County Corrections 5,354.00
Anoka County Sheriff 45,633.91
ANSR Association for Nonsmokers 1,399.07
Aramark Services Inc 18,541.19
Bob Barker Company Inc 8,700.63
Boyer Truck Parts 130.72
Buffalo Auto Value 672.90
Buffalo Township 912.40
CDW Government Inc 798.73
Center Point Energy 681.74
Centra Sota Cooperative - Buffalo 1,602.38
Centrasota Oral & Maxillofacial 3,067.00
CenturyLink 176.08
Chamberlain Oil Co 246.30
Chatham Township 978.10
Chief Supply 109.90
Clearwater/City of 1,508.50
Cokato/City of 1,466.90
Contech Engineered Solutions 6,169.60
Corinna Township 2,025.10
Crop Production Services Inc 426.44
Dahlen, Dwyer, Foley & Tinker, Inc 4,500.00
Dell Marketing LP 15,468.16
Department of Corrections 31,940.72
Department of Human Services 917.94
ECM Publishers Inc 1,463.75
Elk River Municipal Utilities 188.67
Emergency Automotive Tech Inc 526.03
Expert Automotive & Towing Inc 1,070.00
Farm-rite Equipment Inc 130.89
First Choice - St Cloud 113.67
Franklin Township 2,233.60
Genereux Finewood Products 4,369.00
Glunz Construction Septic Service 130.00
Grainger 144.75
Green View Inc 4,974.75
Hanover/City of 1,213.60
Helena Chemical Company 114.00
Henry Schein Inc 411.42
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 7,554.24
Hospital Pathology Associates 215.00
Huemoeller/Neal 338.00
INSPEC 16,052.32
JN Firewood 2,052.00
Knife River Corp. - North Central 336.25
Kryzer/Greg 103.00
Laplant Demo Inc 749.62
Lehmberg/Lavonne 724.30
Loberg Electric 102,923.71
Maney International Inc 523.01
Maple Lake Township 937.60
Maple Lake/City of 1,942.10
Marco 9,219.90
Mckesson Medical-Surgical 1,025.40
Metro Group Inc/The 19,089.30
Minnesota Monitoring Inc 14,945.75
Miracle Recreation Equipment 58,700.08
Montrose/City of 1,440.40
MSC Industrial Supply Co 209.57
North American Safety Inc 335.00
Office Depot 2,083.95
Omann Brothers Inc 76,742.82
Pakor Inc 142.43
Peterson’s Towing & Recovery 161.00
Potter/Michael J 143.00
Precision Prints of Wright Co 118.00
Randy’s Enviromental Services 128.70
RCM Specialties Inc 2,068.00
Rehwaldt/Erik 104.50
Richer/Michelle 123.00
Ridley/Glenda 642.00
River City Extreme, Inc 211.87
Rockford Township 2,235.70
Rockford/City of 1,576.20
Rotary Club of Buffalo MN 209.25
Royal Tire Inc 2,369.50
Ruffridge-johnson 147.00
Russell Security Resource Inc 4,094.80
Ryan Chevrolet 130.54
Shred Right 168.13
Sicora Consulting, Inc 3,650.00
South Haven/City of 311.00
Southside Township 1,522.90
Sprint 7,003.06
Srf Consulting Group Inc 393.15
St Cloud Times #1076 384.03
St Michael/City of 9,938.75
Thrifty White Pharmacy 2,177.11
Towmaster 110.00
Tri-county News 684.20
Valuation Group/The 7,500.00
Veolia ES Technical Solutions 27,908.47
Voss Lighting 226.98
Windstream 184.32
Winter/Delia 1,788.57
Woodland Township 620.00
Zacks Inc 617.23
Zauhar/Debora 6,131.57
41 Payments less than $100 2,084.31
Final total: $586,247.27
The meeting adjourned at 10 a.m.
Published in the Herald Journal Aug. 18, 2017.