Wright County Board Minutes

MARCH 10, 1998

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Russek, Rose, Mattson, Jude, and Sawatzke present.

Motion to approve the minutes of 2-24-98 & 3-3-98 was made by Russek, seconded by Mattson, carried unanimously.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda, Items for Consideration, as follows: #7, "Appointment to Extension Committee" (Rose); #8, "Report on Feedlot Management Meeting" (Russek); #9, "Dahlgren, Shardlow & Uban Contract" (Jude) #10, "Compost Site" (Jude). On a motion by Russek, second by Jude, all voted to approve the Agenda as amended.

Jude requested that Item A3, "Claim, Briggs & Morgan, $14,892.66" and Item G2, "Acknowledge Donation of $1,300.00 for the purchase of defibrilators from the American Legion Post 131 of Maple Lake" be removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:


1. Performance Appraisals: L. Thingvold, G. Kramber, Assessor; T. Zins, Attorney; M. Webb, Aud./Treas.; C. Barthel, R. LaFave, Bldg. Maint.; D. Moyer, J. Nyren, D. Palmer, Ct. Admin.;

K. Hayes, MIS; T. Fedor, Parks; L. Schallock, Recorder.

2. Claim, Gerald E. Wallin, Arbitrator, $375.00.

4. Meeting Notice, MPCA, "Water Quality in the Crow River - A Watershed Event," 3-26-98, 8:45 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Buffalo American Legion.

5. Letter From City of Monticello RE: Landfill Expansion.

6. O/T Report, Period Ending 2-20-98.

7. Schedule Boy/Girl County Day for 4-21-98.

8. Notice of Approval, Revised Comprehensive Local Water Plan.

9. Seminar Notice, 1998 Local Government Forum, 4-2-98, St. Cloud.


1.Approve hire of temporary help until Lead Clerk position is filled, not to exceed 6 weeks.


1. Claim, Buetow & Associates, $11,784.86, Architectural Services.


1. Approve Agenda for Transportation Committee of The Whole Meeting on 3-13-98.

2. Authorize Hire, Stuart Marquette, Highway Maintenance Person, Eff 3-11-98, Step 1.

3. Authorize Hire, Eugene Ross, Highway Maintenance Person, Eff. 3-12-98, Step 1.

E. MlS

1. Approval of Change Order #4, Public Safety lnformation System.


1. Request to Rezone Approximately 10 Acres From AG to B-2, F. & H. Inc. (Clearwater Twp.).


1. Acknowledge Appointment, Troy Wachter, Deputy Sheriff, Eff. 3-9-98.


1. Approve Hire, Mark Schafer, Automated Mapping Specialist I., Eff. 3-16-98, Step 3.

Jude moved to approve ltem G2, "Acknowledge the donation of $1,300.00 for the purchase of defibrilators from the American Legion Post 131 of Maple Lake," seconded by Sawatzke, carried unanimously. Jude said he was not questioning ltem A3, "Claim, Briggs & Morgan, $14,892.66", but said he had received inquiries as to how much had been paid to the Attorney. Since 12-31-96, Jude said $41,161.00 had been paid. Jude moved to approve the claim, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.

Darla Groshens, Auditor/Treasurer, introduced Barry Fick from Springsted, financial advisors for Wright County. Fick outlined the process involved for issuance of Capital Improvement Bonds for the Pamida and Public Works projects. A Capital lmprovement Plan is developed and submitted to the Department of Trade and Economic Development for a 90-day review period. if the Department of Trade and Economic Development has no questions, the plan will become effective providing the County Board has held a public hearing and approved the plan. Fick said in order to make sure the County is in a position to issue bonds and receive funds, the process must be expedited. He requested that the Capital Improvement Plan be submitted within one week to start the 90-day review process. Project items identified in the Declaration of Official Intent include: a) Construction of a Public Works Administration Building; b) Remodeling of the Wright County Government Center; and 3) Major equipment purchases. The figure of $1,770,000.00 is the maximum principal amount of the Bonds which will be issued to finance the project. This is a not-to-exceed figure which can be reduced. in August of 1997, the County Board passed a Declaration of lntent for $2.4 million for the acquisition and improvement of the County Human Services Administration Building. The $1.7 million being considered today would be in addition to this figure. Norman said there is currently a very favorable bond market. Jude moved to authorize the plan to be submitted to the Department of Trade and Economic Development as soon as it is prepared, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

The Declaration of Official lntent was addressed. Brian Asleson, Assistant County Attorney, said the document was prepared by their office in conjunction with Briggs & Morgan staff. Last August, the Board delegated authority to Norman to execute this type of document. lt was again stated that the Declaration of Official lntent approved last August was for acquisition of the Pamida Building, land and construction costs (estimated at $2.4 million) and that the Declaration of Official lntent being considered today would be for $1.7 million. Sawatzke stated that the total cost should come in substantially lower than $4.1 million and it should not be used as a target figure. Asleson responded that this is the estimated cost and the Board would have flexibility in terms of reimbursement out of bond proceeds. That opportunity will present itself once the bonds are issued. In response to a question by Mattson, Fick explained that firms purchasing the bonds for sale to investors receive a percentage of the bonds sold. He anticipated there would be a competitive bid to assure the County receives the lowest rate of interest and fees paid to underwriters. Springsted and Briggs & Morgan also receive fees for services. Norman anticipated that a Finance Committee Of The Whole meeting would be held prior to the public hearing to discuss the Capital Improvement Plan and the final figures for the bond issue. He said the intent is to keep the bond issue such that principal and interest payments do not reflect a large increase in property taxes for 1999 and beyond. There are a couple of bond issues which mature in 1999. Sawatzke moved to approve the Declaration of Intent, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.

Groshens presented a draft resolution which appropriates $220,324 plus salary adjustments for County Extension Work in 1998. This resolution is prepared annually for the University of Minnesota. Russek moved to adopt Resolution #98-09, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

Groshens requested Board approval of a service agreement with National Business Systems lnc. to handle distribution of tax statements. Total cost is $11,317.26 for approximately 40,000 statements, not including postage (charged at $.243/statement). Groshens said other counties have been satisfied with the service. A substantial savings in personnel time is anticipated. Another change will be that three computers will be used to key tax information directly into the computer when taxes are collected. Mattson moved to approve the service agreement with National Business Systems Inc., seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

The claims listing was reviewed. Mattson questioned claims on page 12 (Buffalo Emergency Physicians $149.50) and page 16 (Becklund Home Health Care $494.00). He said he has contacted the company providing Jail medical services for a breakdown of costs. Mattson referenced page 14 (Superior Ford $221,474.00). Groshens stated that this was for 11 Crown Victoria squad cars. Mattson questioned whether the claim on page 18 (Catholic Charities, $6,019.00) was for a contract. Response was that the contract has a not-to-exceed figure and services are billed on a per hour basis. Groshens corrected a claim on page 2 (Richard Norman, $38.44). The entire amount should be billed to mileage. On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract subject to audit.

The County Board called a special meeting on 3-3-98 to approve a Letter of Intent with KUE Contractors, the apparent low bidder for the Pamida and Public Works building projects. This was done to allow the contractor to proceed with steel ordering due to lead time. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said the recommendation from the architect is to award the contract to KUE Contractors (Watkins, MN) for $1,363,443. This includes the base bid of $1,295,260 plus bid alternates of $68,183. Bid alternates include: 1) Folding partition for the large conference room, Public Works ($11,859); 2) Vinyl Wall coverings ($52,398) and 3) Quarry tile flooring ($3,926). Several bid alternates were not chosen due to costs involved. Contract documents have been prepared and reviewed by the County Attorney's Office. With approval today, the contract would be sent to KUE Contractors so they may obtain bonding. Jude moved to award the bid to KUE Contractors for the Pamida and Public Works Projects, seconded by Mattson, carried unanimously.

A Building Committee meeting was held on 2-25-98:

Request for Bulletin Board, George MacDonald, Examiner of Titles. Lantto presented copies of the types of documents that need to be posted for the public. lt is recommended that she work with Hayes to have one installed in the corridor outside the Recorder Department. This will be funded out of the Building Care and Maintenance budget.

Air lntake - Jail. Torfin explained that make-up air for the air handling unit in the jail enters through a louvered wall in the lower level. Fumes enter the jail through this lower level. Recommendation: Contact MacDowell to see what modifications can be made and at what cost. At today's meeting, Jude moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

A Building Committee Of The Whole meeting was held on 2-24-98 and continued to 2-25-98. A summary of the minutes follows.

Architects Update. Discussion involved the bids received for work at the Pamida and Public Works sites. The architect provided recommendation of alternates he felt should be considered including the Standing Seam Roof (Public Works), the Folding Partition (Public Works), and Quarry Tile (Public Works). Voice/Data Needs, Bill Swing. Recommendation by Swing was to proceed with the voice and data option on the fiber network for a total estimated cost of $280,000. The service provided by the City of Buffalo reflected 50% of the cost of the T1 system through US West. A draft 3-year Joint Powers Agreement from the City of Buffalo reflected a fee of $125/month (not to exceed $135/month) per fiber strand. Swing will have the Attorney's Office review the Agreement. It was anticipated that Public Works will move to the Pamida site in June and Human Services could move in November, but the schedule for Human Services could be more flexible. Swing will work with Collins Communications on moving the T1 system for the Highway to Public Works. After consensus, Swing was instructed to proceed with work with Dell Comm lnc., to put together specifications on the voice option bid and to work with the City on the proposed agreement before making changes. A letter was received from KUE Contractors stating they would accept the project as bid.

Schedule. The award of the construction bid is set for 3-10-98 at the County Board meeting. Construction could commence on that date. The consensus was to schedule a preconstruction meeting for 3-10-98 at 2:00 p.m.

County Responsibilities: Testing. Quotes obtained for testing include: GME Consultants ($5,250.00); AET ($7,126.00); and Braun Intertech ($4,855.00). All provided the same basic scope of work in their proposals. Mattson moved to recommend the low quote from Braun Intertec ($4,855.00), seconded by Russek, carried 4-0.

Window Blinds. This information was provided to place soft costs in the budget. For blinds installed at both sites, the quote obtained from Worth Drapery was $5,161.00. This would cover the following: Two windows in the lunchroom (Pamida); Angle piece on the south side of building (Public Works); Front Entrance (Public Works); Outside Windows (Public Works).

Other: in regard to site security for Pamida, consensus was to recommend that the Parks Department place barrels and fencing in the area with signs indicating that it is a construction site and is not open to the public for parking. Both entrances will be closed off and fencing will be placed along the north side of the lot. The contractor has safety provisions to follow in addition to this. in regard to alternates for the project, the consensus was to accept Alternate 2 (Folding Partition, Public Works), Alternate 3 (Vinyl Wall Covering in Conference Rooms and Corridors, Public Works & Pamida) and Alternate 4 (Replacement of Vinyl Composition with Quarry Tile in selected areas, Public Works). Corner guards are not included as part of Alternate 3 and will be installed by County staff. Appliques for walls are not included with the vinyl bid. The following alternates were rejected: Alternate 1 (Addition of Standing Seam Steel Roof, Public Works), Alternate 5 (Deletion of Plan Air Conditioning in areas of existing Public Works Shop) and Alternate 6 (Delete some of the existing light fixtures, Pamida).

The Building Committee Of The Whole meeting was recessed and reconvened on 2-25-98. The Committee met with representatives of KUE Contractors, lnc., Scott Builders (Owners Representative) and Buetow & Associates. Scott outlined in detail what was expected of the contractor and information which KUE needed to provide by the end of the day on 2-27-98. Due to the lead time for mechanical drawings for steel structures, consensus was to call a special County Board meeting for 3-3-98 to sign a letter of intent with KUE. KUE will not be able to obtain a bond until a contract is signed. Change orders over $1000 must be submitted for Board approval at the County Board meeting. lt was emphasized that the County is not looking for any change orders. A Committee Of The Whole meeting could be scheduled within three days if needed.

At today's meeting, Rose made a correction to the 2-24-98 minutes: Page 2, 4th paragraph, 1st sentence, will read "After consensus, Rose instructed Swing to proceed with work with Dell Comm Inc., to put together specifications on the voice option bid, and to work with the City on the proposed agreement before making changes." Russek moved to approve both sets of minutes with the noted change, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

The County Board recessed at 9:45 and reconvened at 9:49 a.m.

A recommendation from the Planning Commission is to adopt the zonlng ordinance amendments as presented. Tom Salkowski, Planning & Zoning Administrator, presented two draft resolutions. One resolution would adopt the amendments to the ordinance, and the second would lift the moratorium on everything but feedlots. Salkowski provided a time line of activities associated with the ordinance amendments. On 12-16-97, a presentation was made to the Board on the zoning ordinance amendments (everything but feedlots), which were referred to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on 1-22-98, and the date for acceptance of written comment was extended to 2-5-98. On 1-22-98, the lawsuit which had commenced against Wright County by Superior Landfill was dismissed. After the Public Hearing, staff met twice with Superior Landfill. Salkowski said other than the expansion of the landfill onto the 40 acres, he believed they had reached agreement with Superior on all other issues. The Planning Commission met again on 2-19-98 to review staff recommendations for changes to ordinance amendments.

These recommendations had been provided to Superior Landfill prior to that meeting. The Planning Commission accepted all of the staff recommendations for change except for the setback requirements for landfills from existing homes. After discussion with Superior Landfill, staff recommended changing the setback from 1000' to 750'. The Planning Commission voted 4-3 to leave this setback at 1000'. The Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend to the County Board the adoption of the ordinance amendments. A copy of the procedures and formal findings of the Planning Commission was provided for review. Russek moved to adopt Ordinance 98-01 adopting the Zoning Ordinance Amendments as presented by the Wright County Planning Commission, seconded by Mattson. Although not a public hearing, Rose called for comment. Sawatzke suggested that the following corrections be made to the "Amendments to the Wright County Zoning Ordinance": Page 1, (41a), 1st sentence, from " . . . as a temporary residence by a family member of farm employee" to " . . . as a temporary residence by a family member or farm employee."; Page 32, (5c), Minimum Separation Distance, replace "fifty (50) feet" with "two hundred (200) feet" in two places in the paragraph.

Jude said much controversy has surrounded the issue. Cities have passed resolutions in support of the Superior Landfill and against the ordinance. Many calls have been received. The further away from the landfill, the less concerned people are about the issue. Jude said he was not against the environment but feels that by creating the ordinance, some people may be forced out of business. He said he would vote no as many people are concerned with the issues and he would represent that portion. He referenced the contract with Dahlgren, Shardlow and Uban for $17,000. He said expenditures are now at $41,000. He felt that more communication should occur rather than incurring more legal costs.

Mattson responded to Jude's comment regarding letters written by cities in support of Superior Landfill's expansion. He said Superior Landfill had representatives at the City Council meetings. The cities reacted by passing resolutions of support. After learning of both sides of the issue, the cities expressed that they weren't given the full facts. He said cities in his district have a much different view on landfill activities. Sawatzke said that following the public debate on the issue, letters of support and opposition were prepared by cities and townships. He stated that the Land Use Plan applies to township areas, not cities and thought more weight should be given to the townships support. Sawatzke said he would vote for the amendments as he supports the policy considerations provided and that Wright County should be a key player in waste handling issues. At the request of the Board, County Attorney Nelson clarified the present ordinance versus what changes are being made in regard to uses of the solid waste district. Currently a CUP is required, whereas under the proposed ordinance the landfill would be a permitted use in a Solid Waste District. The significant difference is that the County Board would be more involved and would decide whether the Solid Waste District is created or expanded. Three votes by the County Board could create a Solid Waste District.

Rod McGilvray, General Manager of Superior Landfill, introduced Todd Watermolen, Vice President of Engineering and Compliance for Superior Landfill based in Wisconsin. Watermolen read and distributed a letter outlining Superior's goals, expansion plans, and concerns with the boundaries of the new Waste Handling District. The letter states that the County has not been open to input on discussion of the boundaries, which Superior feels seriously flawed the process and results. The letter further requests two technical issues be addressed concerning the current footprint. The first would be for the Board to meet with Superior to accurately include their property for which a CUP has been issued previously. The request is to include the property located both east and west of the facility. The District, as currently proposed, takes away these areas which are part of the current operations. The second issue is with respect to the setback from a residential dwelling. Superior claims that the proposed 1000' setback will materially and adversely limit the proposed landfill expansion and has no technical basis. Superior requests that the County Board carry a motion to amend the proposed ordinance to revise the setback to a 750' setback. Superior states they dropped requests for other technical changes to the ordinance when staff agreed to recommend to the Planning Commission the 750' setback. Superior states that they believe the setback was changed to 1000' by the Planning Commission as this was the proposed setback for feedlots.

The letter from Superior Landfill states that the Environmental lmpact Statement (EIS) was determined adequate by the MPCA Citizens Board. The letter further states there were no significant technical environmental issues associated with the proposed expansion. The solid waste permit application for the southern expansion is being reviewed by the MPCA. The letter claims that if the Board does not provide for future capacity now, Superior will reappear before the Board again requesting that the aforementioned areas be rezoned. Superior said they will not support the current proposed zoning ordinance for waste handling districts unless the issue of future capacity is addressed. Watermolen expressed that the rules and regulations presented could severely affect Superior's business and that the company could be put out of business. In response to a question by Mattson, Watermolen indicated that Superior owns 14 landfill facilities (6-Wisconsin, 1-Wright County, 2-Missouri, 2-Alabama, 1-Ohio, 1-Pennsylvania, 1-West Virginia).

Russek said that Salkowski did a good job of presenting the proposal of the 750' setback to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission adopted the 1000' setback due to the proposed feedlot ordinance. He said this reflects that staff does not direct the vote of the Planning Commission, as they voted against staff recommendation. Watermolen said there was no technical justification for the 1000' setback and that MPCA requires a 250' setback. Jude clarified that the Planning Commission voted 4-3 on the setback issue. Watermolen distributed a "Motion to Amend" Section 760.4(1) which would change the setback to 750'. Sawatzke noted that the motion as presented was missing language from that section of the ordinance. Watermolen explained that the change they were seeking was the setback requirement.

Al Deruyter, Wright County resident, said he became involved with the landfill issue about 1.5 years ago and wanted to share some of his observations. He said he was speaking on behalf of many citizens of Wright County who are concerned with the landfill expansion issue and that he spoke in support of the zoning ordinance for two reasons. The first was that the proposed ordinance would protect the ag areas from indiscriminate development especially in regard to waste handling. The second reason was that the decision making would be kept in Wright County instead of through an office in St. Paul. Deruyter spoke of his work on the Advisory Council of the Office of Environmental Assistance. in his experience, there had not been a proposed landfill expansion presented to the MPCA that was denied and felt Wright County would not receive any support from St. Paul on this issue. He said he has talked with many people, and it is tough to find anyone supporting the landfill expansion. If he does, they reference the creation of jobs or not wanting to put anyone out of business. Deruyter said his response would be that Wright County is a beautiful, growing County and that jobs are being created. He said he has been following the stock prices for Superior Services and did not feel Wright County would make any difference on whether they would be forced out of business. He lives in a rural area of Wright County and did not feel he could acquire a license to sell liquor or cigarettes from his property; however, without the proposed ordinance he felt he may have an opportunity to build a landfill on his property. Deruyter felt Wright County deserved additional protection.

Stan Held, resident, said he has practiced veterinary medicine in Wright County for approximately 30 years. In his practice many public health concerns were presented. He felt it was a sad commentary on humanity that the farther a person lives from a situation, the less they are concerned. He has lived near the proposed expansion area for 20 years. He felt the engine that drove the economy of Wright County was agriculture and that ag uses cannot be ignored. He felt these interests should take precedence over any individual or corporation. Held said if the Board had hesitancy to regulate, they should look at the results of non-regulation. He said that as long as we enable disposal through landfills which is the most economic method of disposal, technologies above this method will be starved out. Held stated Europe is far ahead of the United States in disposal methods. In his discussions with a Swiss engineer, the only way to deal with waste is oxidation. It is also the most expensive method. Regarding the Environmental Impact Statement, he referenced comments by Superior today that there would not be any problem with expansion of the landfill. He encouraged everyone to read the ElS carefully. Although each problem has a medication, he felt it was merely a band-aid to the situation. He did not agree that an economic impact would not be realized on adjoining properties. He concluded by asking the Board to consider what they feel their responsibility would be. He said he was in support of the ordinance changes as it was a logical step to somewhat insulate Wright County to have control over things that happen. The motion and the second were then amended to include making the change to Page 32, (5c), Minimum Separation Distance, replace "fifty (50) feet" with "two hundred (200) feet" in two places in the paragraph. The following changes were made to the Wright County Ordinance Document: 4th Whereas, remove the word "permanent"; 5th Whereas, correct the spelling of the word "Ordinance"; and 7th Whereas, capitalize "County." The vote on the adoption of the Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance passed 4-1 with Jude casting the nay vote.

Due to the length of these Amendments to the Wright County Zoning Ordinance, they are not published in their entirety in these Minutes. The following Summary is offered pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 375.51 Subd. 3., and a copy of the entire set of Amendments is available from the County Auditor or Wright County Office of Planning and Zoning. These Amendments include:

1) several new definitions, minor wording changes and clarifications throughout the Ordinance;

2) changes to the permitted, accessory and conditional uses allowed within the A/R, Agricultural/Residential and AG, General Agriculture zoning districts;

3) the creation of a new WHD, Waste Handling and Disposal Zoning District and the establishment of performance standards for this District.

4) Four sites are to be zoned within the new WHD District

On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson, roll call vote was unanimous to adopt Resolution 98-10:

WHEREAS; the County Board imposed a moratorium on specific uses in the General Agriculture district of Wright County on November 5, 1996;

WHEREAS; the County Board amended its Moratorium Ordinance on April 18, 1997 lifting the restriction on the establishment and construction of communication towers;

WHEREAS; the County Board extended the moratorium for one year on October 14, 1997; WHEREAS; most of the essential studies and reports have been completed, and ordinance amendments have been acted upon by the Board of County Commissioners;


1. Effective immediately, the moratorium imposed on November 5, 1996, as extended on October 14, 1997, is lifted regarding all designated uses, except as indicated in paragraph 2 below.

2. The moratorium continues on "the establishment, construction or expansion of any animal feedlot with over 300 animal units," as designated in paragraph 1b of the Moratorium Ordinance.

APPROVED BY THE Wright COUNTY COMMISSlONERS on this 10th day of March 1998.

Jude referenced the contract with Dahlgren, Shardlow & Uban for $17,100 with material costs of $1,800. Although an open ended contract, Jude questioned Salkowski on the total of $41,161 which had been paid to them to date. Salkowski responded that he does not approve the bills and forwards them for County Board approval. Rose said this issue should be referred to the next Agenda to allow time to gather background information as it appeared the Board should respond to Jude's question. Jude also asked whether we will require their services in the future. Salkowski responded that he does not approve the bills. They are funded out of the County Board professional line ltem. He was not prepared to answer any questions today. This issue will be referred to the next County Board Agenda, Items for Consideration.

A Communications Committee meeting was held on 3-4-98:

911 Agreement, Frontier Local Services, lnc. Helgeson stated that Frontier is intending to provide telephone service in Wright and Sherburne counties. Thus, they must also provide 911 access. Prior to providing local service they must enter into an agreement to provide 911 services. Recommendation: Approve contract between the County, State and Frontier Local Services lnc.

Cellular 911 Service. Legislation was passed in 1997 requiring that the Department of Administration develop a plan for integrating wireless 911 into the E911 networks. The law also requires that County "planning committees" consult with State Patrol officials to allocate responsibility for answering wireless 911 calls. The County must notify the Department of an agreement or unresolved issues by June 1, 1998. Helgeson will contact the State Patrol and report back to the Committee.

Request For OPX Lines, Coroners Office. The Coroner's Office is requesting Off Premise Extension lines for their Buffalo office. They can purchase these cheaper through the County. The Coroner's Office will pay the bills for installation and monthly service. Recommendation: Authorize purchase of up to three OPX lines fosr the Coroner's Buffalo office.

E911 Address On 78th St, Corinna Township. The request for an address change was received from Ethel Swanberg. Twice emergency vehicles could not find her house due to an addressing problem. Uhde stated that there are two possible solutions: Change 78th to 77th or change four addresses North of 77th to 78th. Recommendation: Change four addresses to 78th lmhoff Ave. from 77th lmhoff Ave. N.W.

Additions to the Switch. Swing reported that two additional lines should be added to the switch. lt will cost $133 each for installation and $111 each per month. Recommendation: Approve request.

Notice from Silver Creek Township RE: Vacating 128th Street. The Committee discussed the recent notice sent out by the Township. lt was agreed that appropriate address changes should be initiated by the Township. Also, the Township is responsible to submit new addresses to the County for #911 purposes. The Committee was unsure about the timetable for the new road. Mobile Units. Helgeson requested authorization to purchase four additional mobile units. They will cost $5,000 each. He recommends using the E911 Fund for these purchases. Recommendation: Approve request.

At today's meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Russek. Norman stated that although not reflected in the minutes, he will be sending a letter to the Silver Creek Township Clerk stating they should initiate these notices. Motion carried 5-0.

A Personnel Committee meeting was held on 2-25-98:

Performance Appraisal, Jerry Uhde, Surveyor. Based on the review of five performance appraisals submitted the Committee recommends an overall rating of "Exceptional."

Performance Appraisal, Bill Swing, MIS Director. Based on the review of five performance appraisals submitted the Committee recommends an overall rating of "Exceptional."

Performance Appraisal, Richard Norman, Coordinator. Based on the review of five performance appraisals submitted the Committee recommends an overall rating of "Superior."

Performance Appraisal, Bruce Thielen, Parks Administrator. Thielen was unable to attend the meeting. His performance appraisal will be conducted on March 25, 1998.

At today's meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Jude, carried unanimously.

A Ways & Means Committee meeting was held on 2-26-98. At today's meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes with a recommendation to appoint Larry Anderson to the Smoke-Free Policy Task Force, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0. Smoke-Free Policy Implementation Strategy. The Committee reviewed the names of volunteers to serve on a task force to assist with policy development and implementation. The following names are recommended for appointment to the task force: Tom Salkowski, Genell Reese, Jon Young, Joe Backes, Vicki Dunn, Donna Reddemann, Carla Nelson, Larry Anderson. in addition, members of the Ways and Means Committee will serve on the task force. It is recommended that the first meeting of the task force will be held at 2:30 p.m., March 17th in the Commissioner's Conference Room.

Jude moved to refer a letter received from the Beebe Lake Association regarding milfoil treatment to the Ways & Means Committee. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Mattson.

On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Jude, roll call vote passed 5-0 to adopt Resolution 98-11 in support of a Charitable Gambling Application, Monticello Lions Club (Monticello Township).

At the last Leadership Team Meeting, Norman was given direction to ask the Board to consider a Leadership Team Retreat with the County Board. It was felt an off-site location was valuable due to the neutral setting and communication being more informal. Normally a topic and facilitator are chosen. Sawatzke requested that each of the Board members be contacted before a date is chosen in an effort to select a date with the least amount of conflicts. Mattson moved to proceed with scheduling a Leadership Team Retreat, seconded by Russek. Sawatzke offered an amendment to have Rose act as the Board representative on the Committee to plan the retreat. Motion and seconded accepted the amendment, carried 5-0.

Russek moved to accept the resignation of Paul McAlpine, Wright County Agricultural lnspector, seconded by Jude. The Board expressed thanks to McAlpine and spoke highly of the outstanding service he provided. Norman said McAlpine operated under a firm which he incorporated and contracted with Wright and Sherburne Counties. Norman requested authorization to advertise for replacement of the position in conjunction with Sherburne County. Notices of McAlpine's resignation have been sent to the Wright County cities and townships. Until a replacement is hired, calls for service are being referred to the Wright County Extension Office (682-7394), whereas spraying license testing can be obtained by contacting the State Agricultural Department, Weed and Seed Control Section (296-6123). The motion and second were amended to include advertising with Sherburne County for replacement of the position. Motion carried 5-0.

On a motion by Jude, second by Russek, all voted to appoint Donald Schmidt to the Board of Adjustment.

Mattson moved to reappoint Steve Johnson to the Extension Committee, seconded by Sawatzke, carried unanimously.

Russek attended a Feedlot Manure Management Seminar in Maple Lake, which was sponsored by the Extension Service. Russek said there are funds available through the EQlP Program to assist people with correction of environmental problems. The program will be terminated in 2002.

Jude indicated he was contacted by his son who works for Koch lndustries (Madison, Wl) in regard to the sale of the Compost Facility. lt was found that the site would not work for the purpose intended due to the size and proximity of the facility. Jude researched the idea of placing the facility up for sale. The estimated value for assessment purposes is $3,414,000 with taxes at $133,900. He suggesting placing the sale of the Compost Facility on the ballot for vote. He did not feel designation would be seen in the near future. Russek said he was opposed to the Compost Facility before it was constructed. He thought selling it now would be a mistake due to replacement costs and that the Compost Facility was 10-15 years ahead of its time. Russek said the State let the County down, as they placed a mandate on the County. He said he could not vote to sell it. Russek added that the Facility is located in the waste handling district and did not feel the County would want to address rezoning for industrial or commercial use. Jude stated that the people of Wright County should decide whether to sell the facility. Rose said that at this time, the Board does not appear to be interested in pursuing this idea.

Rose noted that with approval of the Consent Agenda today, the Transportation Committee Of The Whole Agenda if 3-13-98 was approved. She stated that the Agenda will also include the Jct. of CSAH 35 & CR 134.

Mattson announced that Farm Community Days will be held in Howard Lake on 3-14-98.

Bills Approved

ABM Equipment & Supply 1722.66

Advanced Graphic Systems Inc 171.44

American Research Grant 900.00

Kimberly Anderson 277.92

AT&T 1053.97

Barton Sand & Gravel Co 8799.69

Bear Graphics Inc 608.34

Best Western Edgewater 237.86

BSN Sports 114.24

Buffalo Emergency Physicians 149.50

Careertrack 447.00

Catholic Charities 6019.00

Cellular 2000 of St Cloud 382.28

Chamberlain Oil Co 1659.12

Computer Parts & Services Inc 459.75

Consolidated Communications 723.00

Decorative Designs Inc 167.18

Doubletree Park Place Hotel 227.26

Econofoods 150.72

EPA Audio Visual Inc 548.72

Facility Systems Inc 218.54

Gall's Inc 474.96

General Parts & Supply Co Inc 143.05

Government Training Service 190.00

Greenview Inc 890.80

Hennepin County Treasurer 5731.29

Peter Janssen 225.00

Greg Kramber 184.76

Ladens Business Machines Inc 160.00

Little Falls Machine 500.55

City Maple Lake 575.95

Marks Standard Parts 2145.25

Richard Mattson 121.97

McLeod County Treasurer 540.61

Midland Corporate Benefits Svc 305.50

Minnesota Copy Systems 237.77

Mn Asphalt Pavement Assn 175.00

MN State Auditor 3633.24

MTI Distributing Co 150.00

National Bushing & Parts 773.38

Norstan 111.50

Northstar Repro Products Inc 175.92

Office Depot 2109.58

Pagenet 110.20

Parr Emergency Product Sales I 135.50

Preferred Correctional Medical 7000.00

RDO Equipment Co 814.73

John Rex 178.87

Ryan Motors Inc 23372.50

Active Logic Corporation 2825.00

Alliant Foodservice 1021.70

Ancom Communications Inc 1355.12

City Annandale 637.30

AT&T Wireless Services 343.72

Batteries Plus 124.91

Becklund Home Health Care 494.00

Bryan Rock Products 597.40

Buetow and Associates Inc 11784.86

City Buffalo 14245.62

Catco Parts Service 526.57

CCP Industries Inc 313.66

Central Glass 749.08

City Cokato 674.80

Computer Training International 2021.06

Crow River Tools 287.76

Delano Municipal Utilities 140.69

East Central Regional Juvenile 9894.30

Emergitek Inc 2072.93

Ernst General Construction Inc 574.96

Bridget Falbo 360.47

Gateway 2000 9148.35

Lisa Goenner 225.00

Granite City Iron Works 1033.50

Joseph Hennen Jr 3304.67

Institute for Forensic Psych 325.00

Thomas Kelly 117.49

Kustom Signals Inc 2577.30

Lakedale Telephone Co 125.59

Long Lake Power Equipment 588.95

Marco Business Products 350.42

Masys Corporation 235915.40

McDowall Company 5375.00

Metro Commercial Service 115.75

Minn Blue Digital-A 124.51

Minnesota Supreme Court 414.00

MN Counties Computer Co-op 1532.00

Dennis Moeller 344.64

Margaret Munson 235.29

National Recreation & Park Assn 150.00

Northern Hydraulics inc 569.30

Nu-Metrics 522.50

Olsen Chain & Cable Co Inc 441.51

Paging Network of MN Inc 405.11

Dave Peterson Monticello Ford 1446.39

Professional Counseling Center 200.00

Reds Auto Electric 316.34

Royal Tire-St Cloud 1042.42

Scenic Signs 735.56

Sharp Electronics 571.29

Shoplifters Alternatives 992.41

Sprint 101.00

St Thomas University 175.00

Straughan Hardware Co Inc 252.58

Sysco Food Services of MN 2788.80

Trueman Welters, Inc 851.68

Unique Photo 360.85

University of Minnesota 440.00

Carol Vander Kooi 5912.18

Victor Township 705.50

Walmart Store 01-1577 172.62

Western Gas Utilities 814.17

Wright Co Snowmobile Trail Ass. 6660.36

Wright County Journal Press 390.64

Xerox Corporation 538.89

Robert Zrust 1364.71

Sherwin Williams 223.27

Smith & Nephew 274.01

SRF Consulting Group Inc 21773.26

State of Minnesota 380.49

Superior Ford 221910.72

Total Printing 2390.03

Uniforms Unlimited, Inc 363.83

Unitog Rental System 106.25

US West Communications 495.36

Vaughn Display & Flag 230.26

Waco Scaffolding 487.35

Harry Walsh 400.00

Winsted Publishing Inc 383.18

Wright County Highway Dept. 24875.89

Wright Lumber & Millwork Inc 272.10

Ziegler Inc 125.68

Ronald Zwieg 4104.67

77 payments less than $100 3,676.95

Final Total $700,499.95

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Judie Rose, Chairperson

ATTEST: Richard W. Norman , County Coordinator

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