Wright County Board Minutes

MARCH 28 2000

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Mattson, Eichelberg, Sawatzke, Jude, and Russek present.

Eichelberg moved to approve the minutes of 3-21-00 as presented, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Aud./Treas. Item #3, "Approval of Plat, Danielson's Rolling Ridge Acres (Corinna Twp.)" (Gruber); Aud./Treas. Item #4, "Joint Ditch 15 (Stockholm Twp.)" (Gruber); Item For Consid. #2, "Set Bid Opening, 4th Floor Remodeling" (Norman); Item For Consid. #3, "Meeting with the City of Howard Lake RE: Fairground Issues" (Asleson). Russek moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

Jude removed Item D4 from the Consent Agenda for discussion, "Approve Solid Waste Task Force Recommendation to participate in a Resource Recovery Study and RFP being conducted by the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey & Washington Counties)." Jude moved to approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda, seconded by Eichelberg, carried unanimously:


1. Performance Appraisals: G. Kramber, Assr.; L. Ogden, B. Swan, P. Terveer, D. Westphal, Aud./Treas.; N. Ellis, T. LaTour, C. Otterness, Hwy.; A. Fashant, Sheriff.

2. Acknowledge Receipt of State Audit, Period Ending 12-31-98.

3. GRRL Circulation Statistics, January 2000.

4. Claim, Briggs & Morgan, $390.27.

5. Refer Videotaping of County Board Meeting to Ways & Means Committee.

6. 4th Quarter Training Report.


1. Wright Soil & Water - 2000 Water Management Grant, $44,489.00

2. Spectra Builders - Heritage Center Additions 3rd Payment, $27,837.00.

3. Buetow & Associates - Services/Expenses, March 1-14, $4,726.24.


1. Award Contract 0001 (CSAH 14 Bridge Project) to Redstone Construction of Mora, MN.


1. Approve Request To Rezone 31.61 Acres From AG to A/R, Keith Dickson (Rockford Twp.).

2. Approve Request To Rezone 52 Acres From AG to R-2a, Kent Ostgard (Rockford Twp.).

3. Approve Request To Rezone That Part Of The Property Lying In Section 18 From AG to R-2a, Pat Kramer (Clearwater Twp.).


1. Acknowledge Retirement, Dennis Compton, Sergeant Deputy Sheriff, Eff. 5-1-00 & Authorize Replacement.

2. Acknowledge Resignation, Peter Anderley, Deputy, Eff. 3-27-00 & Authorize Replacement.

Item D4 of the Consent Agenda was discussed, "Approve Solid Waste Task Force Recommendation to participate in a Resource Recovery Study and RFP being conducted by the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey & Washington Counties)." Jude questioned whether any costs would be incurred by Wright County. Brian Asleson, Assistant County Attorney, responded that he understood this would come at no cost to the County. Wright County would supply information to a consultant who will be hired to perform a study which will include waste sources which might be appropriate to process at the Facility. Jude moved to approve Item D4, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.

Doug Gruber, Auditor/Treasurer, requested that the Board set a Communications Committee meeting. At the last meeting, discussion involved a phone system for the Sheriff's storage facility. The purpose of another meeting would be to discuss this issue further as more information was to be obtained. Eichelberg moved to set a Communications Committee meeting for 4-12-00 at 10:30 a.m. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Jude.

On a motion by Russek, seconded by Jude, all voted to approve a plat, "DANIELSON'S ROLLING RIDGE ACRES," as submitted by Danielson's Capital Investments, Inc., a Minnesota Corporation, fee owners and Ross L. and Terri M. Danielson, husband and wife, fee owners of the following property described as: The NE1/4 of the NW1/4, Section 33, Township 121, Range 27, with all outstanding taxes including green acre liability, if any, having been paid; the park dedication fee has been paid (#76329); there are no new roads involved; and the hardshells, title insurance binder and statements from Ross Danielson have been reviewed and approved by Thomas C. Zins, Assistant Wright County Attorney, who finds the plat to be ready for recording with the condition that the temporary easement is to be recorded as it relates to Lot 2, Block 1, of Danielson's Rolling Ridge Acres.

Gruber, Kerry Saxton (SWCD) and Mattson viewed Jt. Ditch 15 (Stockholm Twp.). Fyle's Excavating previously was awarded the bid to clean out the ditch in four sections. Gruber distributed a map outlining the four areas. Area 1 has been completed. Gruber stated there is an approximate 1/4 mile discrepancy as to how far South area 2 should be cleaned. Gruber has attempted contacting David Sand (Stockholm Township Supervisor) as he was the person who walked the area with Fyle's Excavating when bids were being taken. To clean the additional 1/4 mile would cost $3,250. Gruber said, as the equipment to clean the ditch is rented, he was looking to the Board for guidance in proceeding. By statute, repair and maintenance costs on a ditch cannot exceed $50,000 in one year. In review of the bids received, Fyle's Excavating would still be the lowest bid, even with the additional cost of $3,250, for a total of $46,475. Jude moved to authorize adding the additional 1/4 mile of repair into the project and for the Auditor/Treasurer to negotiate a price with Fyle's Excavating, not to exceed $3,250. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Sawatzke.

Gruber said that Dean Terning had previously received Board approval to clean a portion of Jt. Ditch 15 in Section 33. With the cleaning of Jt. Ditch 15 by Fyle's Excavating in areas 1 and 2, water is backing up on Terning's property. There is a floating bog between area 1 and CR 31 which seems to be causing the problem. Terning has requested that this area be cleaned as part of the project. Terning has offered to complete the work using Fyle's backhoe if the County would be willing to rent the machinery. Estimated cost for that section of clean out is $3,875. Discussion followed on this being a Joint Ditch and the additional cost potentially putting the ditch repair at or above $50,000. As the repair would be beyond the scope of the project, the commissioners from McLeod and Meeker Counties would have to be consulted regarding this repair. Consensus of the Board was to not take action on the request. Terning may clean the area at his own expense, as long as it is cleaned to the original ditch depth.

The claims listing was reviewed. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, referenced page 11, Loberg Plumbing & Heating Co. ($2,680.00). This was for work completed on the Sheriff's cold storage building. Another claim on page 21, Loberg Plumbing & Heating Co. ($2,532.92) was for repairs made at the Compost Facility. Gruber said the claim for the Compost Facility was for replacement of lamps and a fan assembly. Norman said the claims should be paid as the work has been completed. However, he felt the procedures relating to work completed on County buildings should be discussed. Neither of the repairs were routed through the Building Committee or Purchasing. It was suggested that Norman inform Chuck Davis of the process to be followed for repairs. Jude moved to refer the Sheriff's cold storage building discussion to the Building Committee and to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Eichelberg.

Dennis Moeller, Extension, requested Board approval to hire a horticulture staff person on a temporary basis to fill the vacancy which will be created by Jill McKenzie, Extension Educator. He anticipated the process to fill this position through the University of Minnesota will take several months. Due to the expertise and experience required for the position, Moeller requested the Board approve a salary of $11.00 - $12.00 per hour. He anticipated this to be a 16-hour per week position and would fall within what the County pays for their portion of the Extension Educator's salary. On a motion by Jude, second by Russek, all voted to approve the request and to give the Coordinator's Office the authority to set the appropriate salary range.

Mike MacMillan, Court Services Director, provided an update on the Restorative Justice and Teen Court programs. Introduced were Melanie Courrier and Nathan Miller who work with the programs. The Teen Court program was established to augment the Court Services Diversion Program. The purpose is to involve the community and teens in the justice system. The juvenile offender would face a jury of peers versus following the traditional court process. The County Attorney's Office is involved and determines which cases can be referred to Teen Court. Those cases heard will be victimless crimes. Miller has been educating the community and schools on the program. To date, 150 juveniles have acknowledged they want to become part of the teen jury process. It is anticipated that the program may be implemented before the end of the school year. MacMillan stated that members of the County Board are welcome to be part of community conferencing. MacMillan stated that project ideas are being solicited for the summer juvenile work crew. Courrier is coordinating the calendar for such items, but the calendar is rapidly filling up. This update was provided as an informational item.

Russek provided an update on the sewer project for Lake Martha. Russek and Eichelberg met with the Mayor and City Administrator of St. Michael, Dennis Beise of Rockford Township, Kevin Potter of Lake Martha LID, and Tom Larson of the Lake Charlotte LID. Discussed was the need for a petition from both Lake Charlotte and Lake Martha on whether the County should continue to be involved in the process to bring sewer services to the area. It was felt that an exact district would need to be determined and that a petition could be sent to those within that district. The petition would not be sent to those who will receive sewer services through the St. Michael project. The consensus of those that met was that if there was an open lot which would be kept that way, the lot would be assessed for the trunk line and not have the immediate cost of a grinder pump and hookup. By statute, a 35 percent vote is required on the petition and would reduce the Board vote from a 4/5 to 3/5 vote. Eichelberg supported at least a 50 percent majority on the petition.

Leander Wetter, Rockford Township Supervisor, suggested that the entire district be determined before the petition is mailed. He said when Rockford Township worked with the proposed subordinate sewer district (SSD), if a lot was combined it would remain that way permanently unless the land use changed in that area. The Town Board's position on vacant lots was that if a hookup was desired in the future, the owner would pay the existing hook up fee at that time. Rockford Township decided not to proceed further when the SSD failed, as they did not feel their budget could support any ramifications associated with the project. The proposed SSD followed single tier development along the lake which is consistent with the Land Use Plan.

Asleson emphasized that the district needs to be determined before the petition is distributed by the Attorney's Office. He did not feel comfortable with that role and suggested that the St. Michael City Engineer assist with that process. The County will incur some expense in this process which cannot be recovered if the project fails. Asleson checked statutes which reflect that when curb and gutter is installed, the vote of a property owner with more road frontage holds more weight. He will check further if this would apply when only sewer is installed. St. Michael is willing to contract with the County to perform the monthly sewer billing and any delinquent tax statements would run through the County Board. Jude suggested that AMC be contacted to see if other counties have completed a project under Chapter 429 and what problems were incurred.

Lowell Bertrand, resident of Lake Charlotte, was present on behalf on the LID. He thought the Board was overlooking the most important reason of proceeding with the project and that was to protect the quality of Lake Charlotte. If support of the project is not gained for a project on Lake Martha, Bertrand said the LID will be proceeding with the Lake Charlotte portion. Russek responded that the LID was given the authority by the County Board to proceed with the project and can do so at any time. This would be the first time the County will have completed a project through Chapter 429, as generally these projects are handled by the city or township. Jude did not feel that residents of the entire County should be responsible for challenged assessments. Eichelberg said there were so many uncertainties at this point, he did not feel that the project would be completed this summer. The project would also be impacted if the Lake Charlotte LID proceeds on its own as it would then only involve Lake Martha. Reference was made to an EAW which has been filed for a trunk line for the Hanover Hills addition which could hold the project up for 60 days. Affecting this would be whether the Hanover Hills addition was built and whether the line could be brought to this area through a different route.

Sawatzke said that since the onset of this issue, he has received many phone calls in support of the project. He felt that since the County is the land use planner and handles sewer inspections, supplies building permits, etc., that the County is responsible for finding a solution to providing sewer service in this area. Jude responded that in regard to the County and statutory rights, the Township is responsible for planning and can have stricter guidelines than the County. He said Rockford Township has assigned that right to the County. Sawatzke disagreed stating the County has the right to perform planning & zoning functions but the Township can take that responsibility. Rockford Township has not done that. Asleson said he will consult with the St. Michael City Engineer to review the Township subordinate sewer district information and determine whether they meet Chapter 429 requirements. He suggested the Board give authorization to retain Jeff Roos, the City's Engineer, or to bring back an estimate from Roos next week. Russek moved to authorize Asleson to obtain an estimate from Jeff Roos on the cost of performing a feasibility study. The estimate is to be presented at the next County Board meeting for a final decision. Eichelberg seconded the motion and it carried 5-0.

The County Board recessed at 10:49 A.M. for the Ways & Means Committee meeting which was scheduled for 10:30 A.M. The Board reconvened at 11:12 A.M.

Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, requested approval of Highway Right of Way (ROW) appraisal rates for CSAH 18 (from Giffort Ave. to a point 0.36 miles SE of CSAH 37). The rates were prepared by Jim Cassidy, Certified General Real Property Appraiser. This is the second of three portions of improvement to CSAH 18. Dick Marquette summarized the schedule which involves 57 landowners. There are 25.6 acres of new permanent ROW and 25 acres of construction easement. The targeted completion date for the ROW is early June. Acquisition on the remaining two miles will be completed later this year. The acreage rates were based on comparable sales in that area. Jude moved to approve the Highway ROW appraisal rates and for offers to be conveyed to landowners. Sawatzke seconded the motion and it carried 5-0. Fingalson pointed out that total project cost is $332,000 ($300,000 budgeted). State Aid regular funds are being used for the project. He said the County is not in a good position for State Aid funding, which will be discussed as part of the 5 Year informational meeting. If projects which use State Aid funding come in under the Engineer's estimate, those funds can be applied to other projects.

On a motion by Jude, second by Eichelberg, roll call vote was unanimous to adopt Resolution #00-16 authorizing an Agreement with the City of Albertville for the traffic signal at the junction of CSAH 19 and CSAH 37. Fingalson said they will attempt to have the signal operational for the grand opening of the new outlet mall scheduled for April.

The County Board previously received a letter from Invest 2000 which included a proposed resolution in support of increased highway funding. The House and Senate have both passed transportation bills which are headed for Conference Committee. Fingalson said he modified the resolution, eliminating reference to light rail. The resolution makes reference to highway and bridge funding needs only, not specifically listing transportation. Jude said he did not feel light rail or mass transit were priority issues at present. He did support laying out the corridor ahead of time however. He thought when Highways 494, 694 and 100 were constructed, the mistake was made by not planning the corridor ahead of time. Mattson does not support light rail. Sawatzke said he felt light rail was a good idea, but that operational costs defeat the feasibility. Norman said the real issue is for the Legislature to come up with a dedicated highway fund so that Highway Engineer's have the assurance over the long run that there is a funding source available. On a motion by Russek second by Sawatzke, roll call voted carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #00-17. The resolution will be forwarded to the Legislative Delegation.

A Building Committee was held on 3-22-00. Russek moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

HSC Intake Office Door. Staff explained the safety and security concerns of only having one door for this office. It was suggested that the existing counter be extended and consider putting in a second door. It was agreed that Hayes will work with HSC staff and get pricing for the Committee to consider at a future meeting.

Lunch Room Equipment. Mleziva requests that Human Services lunchroom equipment and furnishings be relocated from the 4th floor to the vacated space on the 3rd floor. The Committee toured the area and recommends that this issue be discussed as part of the next Building Committee Of The Whole meeting (April 4th).

Retaining Wall, East Parking Lot. Zumach stated that the wall has settled and the cement cylinder holding the light fixture is leaning. Hayes stated that putting in a keystone wall would cost approximately $5,400 plus demolition of the current wall. Jerry Uhde will be asked to survey the property line. The current wall has been in place for a long time. It was left standing when the lot was excavated and backfilled for the current parking lot. Hayes will get cost estimates and bring them back to the Committee.

A Communications Committee meeting was held on 3-22-00.

Request For Telephones. DeMars stated that they need five telephones. He stated two are for Public Health (new staff and contract people); one is for the additional imaging station; one for a rearrangement in the Social Services area; and one to be shared by two half-time contract people. In response to a question, DeMars stated that there are 12-15 contract people being provided space, including telephones. Mattson asked if we get reimbursed anything for the use of space, telephones, etc. DeMars said they are billing approximately $4,000 annually to contractors. It was the consensus that a separate meeting be held with Mleziva concerning where these revenues should be posted. Swing said there are up front and ongoing costs that should be considered. For instance, a new switch costs approximately $10,300. Currently, the MIS Department is authorized to provide phones for full-time workers (including contract workers). All other requests for phones must be submitted to the Communications Committee for review and approval. Recommendation: Approve request for five new telephones.

Change To 1995 Cellular Telephone Resolution. Swing said that in 1995, US West was offering an employee purchase plan. The Resolution was passed to limit the County's liability. There are other cellular companies that want to make similar discounts available to our employees. Gruber stated that there are 174 cell phones currently on our billing. Of these, 53 are billed directly to the employee's home. The billing also lists some former employees. After discussion, it was the consensus to lay this item over for the next Committee meeting. It will be held on April 12th.

Request For Telephone In Sheriff's Storage Building. Helgeson said they are requesting that a telephone line be run to the Sheriff's Storage Building. This would allow them to install a telephone with three extensions. They would require voice/data jacks. Swing stated that an estimate to trench cable to the building is approximately $4,000. Fiber optic cable and other expenses would bring the estimated total cost to $5,400. The Committee questioned why the same request couldn't be met using cell phones and lap-top computers. After several other questions were raised, it was decided to lay this item over for the next Committee meeting.

Address Change, Daryll & Deb Stenberg. The request is to change the address from 8170 Imhoff Avenue SW to Ingram Avenue SW. Recommendation: Approve request.

Address Change, Kevin Brand. The request is to change from the current address of 14959-85th Street NE to 8480 Packard Avenue NE. Recommendation: Approve request.

At today's meeting, Eichelberg moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0. Sawatzke said relative to the employees' cell phone issue, he recalled that Wyman Nelson had indicated by letter that this is unconstitutional and should not be allowed. He felt it should be made clear to the phone company that the bills have nothing to do with the County. In regard to the Sheriff cold storage building, Jude suggested that the telephone issue be discussed as part of an overall discussion with the Sheriff in relation to use of the building. It was constructed as a storage facility and the Sheriff Department is paying the County rent for the building.

A Ways & Means Committee meeting was held on 3-22-00.

Jail Medical Agreement. Allina Health Systems is requesting an increase to $75,750 per year. This represents a 16.5 percent increase over the 1999 contract of $65,000. The Committee expressed concern that the request comes well after the 2000 budget was set. After discussion it was decided that Torfin will contact Allina to express our concerns. The Committee decided to recess until 10:30 A.M., March 28, 2000.

At today's meeting, it was explained that the increase is due to the credentials of the nurse performing the services. Allina stated the salary is $10,000 more than what had been paid to the previous nurse. Allina informed the Committee that they are willing to break even on the services because they view it as community service. However, they have decided they cannot lose money. Sawatzke pointed out that the original contract is under that which was paid for the PCMT contract and that the County is receiving a greater level of service. Sawatzke said the current nurse is willing to be on call whereas the inmates were previously brought to emergency if it was after hours. The issue was laid over until 4-12-00. Norman was directed to bring the issue of recapturing medical costs from inmates to the Ways & Means Committee. Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.

Norman said that Randy Engel, Buetow & Associates, has requested that a bid opening be scheduled for the 4th floor remodeling. Scott Builders confirmed they have reviewed the design development drawings and that it is time to proceed with the final construction documents. Scott Builders indicated that review of the final construction drawings on April 11th is the most critical issue. Addendums can be sent out if changes are made. Once the bid is accepted, costs will be associated with change orders. Eichelberg moved to set a bid opening date for 5-2-00 at 10:00 A.M. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Jude.

Asleson said that at the direction of the Board, he sent correspondence to the City of Howard Lake relating to the construction projects occurring at the Fairgrounds. A response was received from the City indicating they felt the County was disregarding some of their concerns. Although State Statutes indicate that the County is exempt from City ordinances, Asleson suggested meeting with the City. It was the consensus that the City could involve their building inspector but that the County did not want to incur costs. Asleson was directed to send a letter to the City acknowledging their concerns and that the City Building Inspector can be involved at no cost. If they have other concerns, they should communicate them to the Fair Board.

Bills Approved

Advanced Graphic Systems $456.19

Advantage Emblem Inc. 433.99

Airtouch Cellular Bellevue 153.27

American Correctional Assn 655.00

American Institutional Supply 282.62

American Planning Assoc. 304.00

Amer. Probation and Parole 70.00

AMI Imaging Systems 328.80

Annandale Advocate 24.00

Anoka Co. Juvenile Center 333.89

AT &T 101.21

AT&T 49.00

AT&T 3,914.41

Bankers Advertising 384.95

Barker, Bob. Co. 88.08

Best, Inc. 7,730.47

Betmar Languages 271.45

Boelters Towing/Gen. Paper 178.92

Buetow and Assoc., Inc. 4,726.24

Buff 'n Glo, Inc. 153.00

Buffalo Bituminous 34,656.26

Buffalo Drug 327.94

Buffalo Hospital 98.70

Buffalo Junction Towing 52.19

Bunting, Rod 250.00

Carlson, Lola 1,568.00

Carver Co. Juvenile Detention 290.00

CH & D 89.00

Chatham Township 186.38

Computer Training International 876.20

Courrier, Melanie 60.88

CPS Technology Solutions 260.50

Cyr, Mary 41.23

Dale's Auto Service Inc. 149.50

Dale's 66 239.62

Decorative Designs Inc. 3,039.05

Delano Eagle 738.55

Domino's Pizza 181.65

Ernst, Debbie 26.04

Facility Systems Inc. 624.67

Federated Propane 242.29

Gateway Companies, Inc. 4,573.11

GE Capital Info Tech Sol. 433.58

Global Computer Supplies 470.00

Grainger, W.W., Inc. 259.21

Grinnell Fire Protection 411.50

Hickman Service Inc. 69.22

Holt Motors 159.75

Howard Lake, City of 890.00

Jahnke, Chris 230.95

Jerry's Towing & Repair 117.16

Karel's Towing 146.25

LeClaire, Kimberly D. 264.60

Loberg Plumbing/Heating Co. 5,212.92

Mahin Walz Inc. 727.00

Maple Lake Messenger 147.67

Marco Business Products 1,496.00

Marco Business Products 2,055.16

McDowall Comfort Management 118.00

Metro Cash Register Sys. 566.00

Metro Commercial Service 386.82

Miller, Nathan 133.13

MN Assn. of Pretrial Service 180.00

Mobil Oil Corporation 237.48

Modern Office 137.81

Motorola, Inc. 33,648.67

Murphy, Peggy A. 159.00

National Assn of Counties 365.00

Office Depot 1,813.74

Pagenet 2,679.15

Phillips Petroleum Co. 564.02

Precision Prints of Wright Co. 438.36

Ray Allen Mfg. Co., Inc. 109.95

Rhodes Lock & Glass 689.11

Roche Diagnostic Systems 750.00

Rothfork, Denise L. 143.10

Sand Creek Group Ltd. 600.00

Service Unlimited 4,950.12

Sheriffs Youth Program of MN 1,035.18

Sherwin Williams 785.30

Shoplifters Alternatives 994.64

Simplex Time Recorder Co. 154.50

Spectra Building Group LLC 27,837.00

Stamp Fulfillment Services 185.20

Star Tribune 364.00

State of Minnesota ITD 121.23

Streicher's 2,759.07

Total Printing 383.40

Walker Machine & Tool 1,920.00

WalMart Store 01-1577 590.04

West Group Payment Center 468.67

Winsted Publishing 235.13

Wright Soil & Water Cons. 44,489.00

ZEP Manufacturing 200.49

Ziegler, Inc. 878.63

36 payments less than $100 1,750.28

Final Total 215,455.10

The meeting adjourned at 12.01 P.M.

Dick Mattson, Chairperson

ATTEST: Richard Norman, County Coordinator

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