Wright County Board Minutes

MAY 19, 1998

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Russek, Rose, Mattson, Jude, and Sawatzke present.

Corrections were made to the minutes of May 12, 1998. On page 1, 8th paragraph, 1st line, change to read "As part of her participation in AMCO group, Groshens has been reviewing the potential of Wright County purchasing off of the Hennepin County Contract for election ballots" (Groshens). Jude corrected page 3, 8th paragraph, line 1 from "Brad Bowman" to "Brad Paumen." Motion to approve the minutes with corrections was made by Russek, seconded by Jude, carried unanimously.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Aud./Treas. Item #2, "Ditch 10 Request" (Mattson). Mattson moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

Russek referenced Item D1 of the Consent Agenda, "Acknowledge Donation of $2,600.00 for the Purchase of a Defibrillator from the Delano Jaycees."

Russek thanked the Delano Jaycees for their donation. On a motion by Russek, second by Jude, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:


1. Performance Appraisals: C. Solien, Assessor; G. Gooler, Aud./Treas.; J. Tazelaar, Ct. Admin.; David Anderson, R. Erickson, G. Findley, P. Schloesser, Sheriff.

2. O/T Report, Period Ending 5-1-98.

3. Approve Application for Authorization for an Exemption from Lawful Gambling License, Raffle, Friendship Ventures (Corinna Twp.).

4. Claim, MCIT, $9,254, 1997 Automobile Final Adjustments.


1. Approve Tobacco License - St. Michael American Legion.

2. Approve Tobacco License - Ditto's Bar Inc., St. Michael.

3. Approve On Sale Beer License - Albion Ridges Golf Course, Albion Twp.

4. Claim, Hance Cable, $10,020.70.

5. Claim, Del Comm Inc., $44,390.64.


1. Authorize Hire of OSM & Associates for Engineering Services related to the design and construction of traffic safety improvements at the intersection of CSAH 35 and CR 134.


1. Acknowledge Donation of $2,600.00 for the Purchase of a Defibrillator from the Delano Jaycees.

2. Authorize Salary of Communications Officer Stephanie DeMueles at the Third Step, Eff. 5-2-98.

Jude moved to cancel the County Board Meeting of June 9, 1998 due to the occurrence of five Tuesdays in the month of June. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Russek.

A Building Committee Meeting was held on 5-13-98:

Tile, Jail Control Room. Hayes stated they researched products made by Dupont and Armstrong. Dupont makes a durable product that has a ten-year limited warranty. Armstrong has a product that has some vinyl in it and comes with a five-year limited warranty. The cost of the Dupont product is $2,700 while the Armstrong product costs $1,400. Because the jail control room is used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is recommended that the Dupont product be installed at a cost of $2,700. This will act as a test area for possible installation in other high traffic areas. Fund out of Site Improvement line item.

At today's meeting, Jude moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.

A Ways & Means Committee Meeting was held on 5-13-98:

Employee Enhancement Committee Recommendation. MacMillan stated that the Employee Enhancement Committee is requesting that an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) be located near the main entrance to the Lobby and that two ice cream machines be added in the vending areas. These will generate additional revenue for the Committee to continue enhancement activities. He also explained the structural changes being made to make the Committee more effective and clarify the responsibilities between the Committee and the Leadership Team. Recommendation: Approve requested vending machines.

At today's meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes with recommendations, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

The presentation of the certificate to Dirk Foster and the Clever Clovers 4-H Club (Buffalo) did not occur as a representative was not present to accept the certificate.

At the request of Mattson, Jude moved to authorize Mattson and Russek to view the downstream area of Ditch #10, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0. Ditch law indicates that a county can request that a private ditch is cleaned at the owner's expense if it is causing obstruction of water flow.

On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract subject to audit.

Russek moved to adopt Resolution #98-27 approving an agreement between Mn/DOT, Wright County, and the City of Delano covering the installation and maintenance of a traffic control signal system on TH 12 at Co. Rd. 139 in Delano. Jude seconded the motion and roll call vote carried 5-0.

Brian Asleson, Assistant County Attorney, said on 5-12-98 the County Board adopted the Feedlot Ordinance to be effective upon publication. As part of that action, it is necessary to lift the moratorium which remains in place for the construction or expansion of animal feedlots with over 300 animal units. It was anticipated that the Ordinance adoption would be publicized on 5-25-98; however, it appears that it will instead occur on 6-1-98. Asleson stated that the effective date for lifting the moratorium should be 6-1-98. Jude moved to adopt Resolution #98-28, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote:

WHEREAS, the Wright County Board of Commissioners, on November 5, 1996, imposed a moratorium on certain land uses, including animal feedlots, in the General Agriculture District of Wright County; and

WHEREAS, the County Board, on April 18, 1997, lifted the moratorium with respect to the establishment and construction of communication towers; and

WHEREAS, the County Board, on October 14, 1997, extended the remaining moratorium for an additional year, until November 4, 1998; and

WHEREAS, the County Board, on March 10, 1998, lifted the remaining moratorium, except as to the establishment, construction or expansion of any animal feedlot with over 300 animal units; and

WHEREAS, during 1997, a Feedlot Task Force studied the topic of permitting and regulating animal feedlots, making its recommendations to the County Board; and

WHEREAS based upon the recommendations of the Feedlot Task Force, the County Board, on May 12, 1998 adopted the Wright County Feedlot Ordinance, to be effective upon publication;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Wright County Board of Commissioners hereby ends the remaining moratorium on animal feedlots by lifting said moratorium, effective June 1, 1998.

The County Board recessed at 9:18 a.m. and reconvened at 9:20 a.m. Chuck Davis, Environmental Health Officer, said Wright County is designated as the RGU which determines whether an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) is required for the Maria Country Estates, a proposed development in Silver Creek Township, or whether the EAW (Environmental Assessment Worksheet) which has been completed is sufficient. Submitted for review were findings of fact, response to comments, and the criteria for making a decision. Planning & Zoning staff recommendation was not to require an EIS. Rose said in addition, the State organizations involved have recommended the same. Jude said the Board places trust in the offices of Planning & Zoning and SWCD to address concerns. Jude moved to accept the recommendation not to require an EIS for the Maria Country Estates in Silver Creek Township, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

Relative to the same issue, Ken Schwartz, Investors Together, referenced the State requirement of 25 signatures on a petition for an EAW. He felt the State criteria should be addressed as to the number of signatures required and the definition of where the petitioners reside. Tom Salkowski, Planning & Zoning Administrator, said a petition is sent to the EQB (Environmental Quality Board) at the State level. A determination is made as to who the RGU is and the petition is sent to that party. The RGU is charged with determining whether an EAW needs to be prepared. He also was not in agreement with the State requirements for signatures on petitions. He felt the process easily forced the County to make that decision and could be over utilized on smaller projects. However, the County Board would have the option of denying the request. He referenced staff and developer time expended on completion of the EAW. Schwartz stated that the expense of the EAW prohibited them from working on other road projects with Silver Creek Township. He said if the EAW had not been completed, the funds would have been kept within the County versus being used by the State. Mattson suggested contacting Senator Dille regarding signature requirements on petitions. Jude suggested passing a resolution as part of the AMC platform which would require more meaningful signatures on petitions.

The meeting recessed at 9:32 a.m. and reconvened at 10:00 a.m.

The Public Hearing for the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) was held. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said as part of the process of issuing bonds, a public hearing is held concerning the Capital Improvement Plan. Barry Fick, Springsted, referenced the draft CIP which was prepared based on data received from County staff. CIP statutes allow the County to issue bonds (without a referendum) as long as compliance is met with regard to statutory requirements. Fick indicated that the County still falls within the threshold level when the proposed bond debt service is combined with prior debt service. The CIP focuses on the following: 1) Acquisition and improvement of a County Administration Building for Human Services; 2) Construction of a Public Works Administration Building; 3) Remodeling of the Wright County Government Center and Major Equipment Acquisitions. Based on the project costs and funds contributed, the bond issuance would be $3,270,000 which would result in an annual debt service of approximately $270,000-$275,000. One of the goals accomplished was to keep debt service relative to the current level so that the property taxes do not reflect a large increase. This was accomplished due to bonds maturing in 1999. It was agreed that the intent was to reimburse General Revenue funds used to purchase the Pamida Building.

Fick explained that once the CIP and level of bonding is approved by the County Board, a copy of the proposed plan is sent to the Department of Trade and Economic Development. Although they have a 90-day comment period, they have already been supplied with the draft CIP in order to expedite the process upon approval by the County Board. Fick stated that the interest rates on the bond market have been favorable, with overall average rates in the low 5% range. The CIP bonds will be 20-year bonds and the first interest payment is due in February 1999. The Public Hearing was closed at 10:17 a.m.

Sawatzke moved to approve and adopt the Capital Improvement Plan and submit it to the Department of Trade and Economic Development for their final approval. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Russek. Jude made a motion to recommend the sale of $3,270,000 in Capital Improvement Bonds subject to approval by the Department of Trade and Economic Development, seconded by Mattson. Included with the motion was the bond sale date of 7-15-98 at 10:00 A.M. Motion carried 5-0.

Jude said he was in contact with Fick in reference to sale of the Compost Facility and learned that it could be sold as the bonds are backed by the taxpayers of Wright County. Fick said that in review of the resolution adopted authorizing issuance of the original bonds for the facility, it is silent as to ownership requirements and it did not appear that the sale of bonds would be prohibited. Other areas which Fick felt should be addressed would include the grant received from the Office of Waste Management and how the bond is affected when the facility is no longer used for its original stated purpose.

The County currently has an "A" bond rating and Fick did not anticipate any adverse change to that rating due to the low overall debt service. Briggs & Morgan, who have assisted with past bond issues, will serve as bond counsel and prepare the resolution for the sale of the bonds.

Bills Approved

A-1 Marine 131.00

Advanced Graphic Systems Inc 100.00

Airtouch Cellular 182.08

American Business Forms 829.85

Annandale Advocate 700.50

Appert Foods 3159.39

Betmar Languages Inc 416.70

Buff 'N' Glo Inc 354.64

Lola Carlson 324.00

Computer Parts & Services Inc 105.00

East Central Regional Juvenile 11289.65

EPA Audio Visual Inc. 358.84

Functional Industries 327.25

Gateway 2000 10358.19

Goetz Engineering Inc 1070.00

H & H Sport Shop 194.35

Herco Underwater Services 300.00

Institute for Forensic Psychol 650.00

Ken Jude 444.82

David Knefelkamp 875.00

Laplant Demo Inc 573.99

Ludenia Landscap. & Dust Con 373.94

Miller-Davis 103.11

MN Safety Council 285.00

National Business Sys. Inc 13435.46

Richard Norman 402.82

Olson & Sons Electric 381.11

Reentry Services Inc 1063.65

Jack Russek 134.85

St. Cloud Group Home 967.32

Dorothy Stuhr 242.36

United Parcel Service 111.33

US West Communications 7163.67

Harry Walsh 400.00

Access Rentals Inc 245.76

Airgas 855.00

Alliant Foodservice 1619.10

AMI Imaging Systems Inc 143.80

Dean Anshus 240.00

AT&T 467.26

Brinkmans Inc 809.63

B Bujarski 162.94

Comp USA Inc 710.00

Department of Public Safety 120.00

Emergitek Inc 249.45

Facility Systems Inc 2173.90

G&K Services 1036.80

GE Capital Info Tech Solutions 2014.98

Greif Brothers Corp. 916.68

Joseph Hagerty 129.22

Holiday 960.11

J Johnson Sales & Services 880.00

Kindal Buick-Pontiac-GMC Truck 996.40

Lakedale Telephone Company 135.92

Lightning Powder Co Inc 147.40

Marco Business Products 1988.46

Saul Minneroff Electronics Inc 4013.00

Paggy Murphy 357.00

National Camera Exchange 592.54

Office Depot 754.97

Precision Prints of Wright Co 183.18

Research & Information Technol. 142.33

Sherry Schliesing 298.84

State of Minnesota 447.20

Total Printing 3239.94

Unocal 168.99

Walmart Store 01-1577 215.20

Winsted Publishing Inc 425.65

The meeting adjourned at 10:23 a.m.

Judie Rose, Chairperson

ATTEST: Richard W. Norman, County Coordinator

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