Wright County Board Minutes

JULY 27, 1999

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Mattson, Eichelberg, Sawatzke, Jude, and Russek present.

Russek moved to approve the minutes of 7-20-99 as presented, seconded by Eichelberg, carried unanimously.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Item For Consid. #5, "Amend Personnel Policy 106" (Norman). Eichelberg moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Mattson, carried unanimously.

The Consent Agenda was reviewed. Jude removed Item A3, "Claim, Briggs & Morgan, $17,133.52" for discussion. On a motion by Jude, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda as follows:


1. Performance Appraisals: L. Crawford, Ct. Admin.; T. Decker, J. Kowalski, J. Wright, Hwy.; M. Fiske, P. Loch, A. Marquette, Sheriff.

2. O/T Report, Period Ending 7-9-99.


1. Reappoint Marvin Brunsell To Clearwater Watershed Board, Eff. 8-15-99 (3-Year Term).

2. Claim, Collins Communications, $71,503.46 (Fund 34 HSC/PW) - Voice Data Project.

3. Claim, Buetow & Associates, $425.30 (Fund 34 Revenue) - Services 6/26-7/20.


1. Approve Quit Claim Deed For Park & Ride Lot In Monticello.

2. Set New Letting Date of 9-7-99 At 9:30 A.M. For Middleville Township Bridge Project.


1. Review Parks Department Monthly Activity Report.


1. Approve Request to Rezone Approx. 32 Acres From AG To A/R, Leinonen-Rome (Corinna Twp.).


1. Acknowledge Resignation, Laurel Stavseth, Communications Officer, Eff. 7-20-99 & Authorize Replacement. Jude stated he removed Item A3, "Claim, Briggs & Morgan, $17,133.52" to vote against payment of the claim as he has done in the past with claims from Briggs & Morgan. Sawatzke referenced Jude s action to approve payment of the claim the last time one was submitted by Briggs & Morgan. Jude said he did so to show that he was not against the company. Jude said he had requested at that time that the Briggs & Morgan claims not be contained within the Consent Agenda so that he could vote against them. He thought they should be part of the claims listing. Russek moved to approve the claim as submitted, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 4-1 with Jude casting the nay vote..

Doug Gruber, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the claims listing for approval. Jude referenced a claim from KUE Construction for the Cokato Shop. Jude requested from the Highway Engineer a printout reflecting the project status to date (percentage completed, punch list and financial information). Norman was instructed to contact Fingalson to obtain this information. Jude moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Russek.

A Building Committee Of The Whole meeting was held on 7-20-99. On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Russek, all voted to approve the minutes as presented. A summary follows:

The process of updating the space study to the Year 2010 was reviewed. Input received from Department Heads was incorporated into the proposed plan, staying within the existing footprint of the Courthouse. The plan was presented at the 7-6-99 Building Committee Of The Whole meeting by David Hall and following that meeting, Department Heads were provided with a copy of the portions of the plan that impacted their department. Positive comments and suggestions were received from Department Heads. A Building Committee Of The Whole meeting will be held on 8-3-99 with the Architect and the Planner.

A MIS Steering Committee was held on 7-14-99. Eichelberg moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0:

Year 2000 Goals - The following automation goals for 2000, as presented by Swing, were discussed.

Remote Access - Easy Access to County Systems from the Field. See attached June, 1996, Vision 2000" that also addresses this goal. In addition to providing County employees access from the field, efforts will also be made to provide cities with digital access to property tax information.

Web Server Development - The Wright County web site will serve a key role in providing the public (and County employees) with remote access to information. This goal is also part of the attached vision 2000" statement. The Recorder and Parks Departments will be targeted. The Department is reorganizing to support this effort in leu of property tax development/maintenance that has recently been outsourced.

Development of Geographic Information System Applications - Much of the effort thus far has been devoted to the development of the County's parcel coverage and the centerline map. Some ad hoc applications and demonstrations using Wright County data has been done. The next phase is application development. Targeted departments are Highway, Planning & Zoning, and Sheriff.

Improved network management capability - The Department will continue to work towards improving its methods of monitoring and managing its complex network. Network management tools and help desk software (furniture & equipment) have been proposed for this purpose.

Satisfy Increased Demand for MIS Services - Demand for network and technical user support by County departments continues to increase. Meanwhile it is growing more difficult to acquire and retain qualified technical personnel. A memo has been submitted to the Personnel Committee addressing this issue. It is proposed that the System Support Specialist position be eliminated in the year 2000. Due to space constraints and the need for greater flexibility, it is proposed that the department acquire part time microcomputer interns and/or clerical help on an as needed basis. With the large number of complex systems in place, the MIS Department is simply unable to provide the needed support for the 350+ employees that use these systems. We must rely on the departments to provide their employees the necessary application support. I therefore support the Sheriff's request for an Application Specialist for the year 2000.

Government Center Data Wiring - The data wire in the Government Center is obsolete and is inadequate to support the data requirements of the Government Center over the next several years. A proposal (attached) has been submitted to the Building Committee addressing this item. This project plus the moving of several departments during the course of next year will unquestionably place additional demands on MIS staff.

Video conferencing - Bonlender, Gruber and Asleson discussed some benefits of video conferencing - pre-commitment hearings, patient evaluations, reduce need to transport patients to treatment center, reduce need to travel to out-of-county meetings. Swing will distribute questionnaire to solicit potential interest from other departments. Motion by Gruber, seconded by Mattson to endorse the goals for the year 2000 as presented. Passed.

Records Management ­ The Building Committee has deferred this item to the MIS Steering Committee. Since a significant amount of space is used to hold hard copy records, a consensus is that a records management program is needed to complement the space study. Swing will contact vendors specializing in records management and report back.

Tom Salkowski, Planning & Zoning Administrator, presented a recommendation from the Planning Commission and Woodland Town Board to adopt an amended map and narrative for the Woodland Land Use Plan. He extended thanks to the group for their dedication and efforts in this regard. He said that Woodland Township has very good agricultural soil and despite the controversy due to feedlots, the Township is in favor of staying an agricultural township with some minor changes to the Plan. The changes include an area west of Waverly along Highway 12, now zoned Ag/Residential. This had been identified as a major growth area, but the City has indicated that they do not need to expand that far out. The City of Montrose also met with the Committee and proposed some enlarged areas for major growth adjacent to the city on the East side. Another change would be the change from Ag to Ag/Residential on approximately 200 acres on the North end of Pooles Lake. Otherwise, the Township is primarily zoned Ag and the Township would like it to remain that way. Salkowski pointed out that the meeting held in April at the Township Hall to explain the proposed amendments was well attended. The public hearing did not have anyone in attendance. He said the informational meetings helped to assure that the amendments were complete before presenting them to the Planning Commission. Salkowski said the map used for illustration today was printed from the County's GIS System. He referenced the hard work completed by the Surveyor's Department to bring this capability forward and felt that the GIS System will prove to be extremely useful. Jude voiced a concern with property owners understanding the change in the area where it will no longer be identified as major growth. Salkowski said that in this case, the Township Board met with the land owners before decisions were made. On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, all voted to approve the adoption of the amended map and narrative for the Woodland Land Use Plan.

A primary feature of the plan is a color map which cannot be readily published. Copies of the map can be obtained from the Wright County Office of Planning and Zoning (682-7338). A narrative text accompanies the amended plan which can also be obtained from the Wright County Office of Planning and Zoning. The primary purpose of the plan is to designate future land use districts for Woodland Township, which will serve as a guide for the application of official controls by Wright County.

Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, met with Corinna Township and Richard Marquette with regard to the Township's request to realign Lawrence Avenue near Clearwater/Pleasant Park. The Township would like approval to grade an area on Park property which currently has mounds of dirt and then would use the dirt for fill. Mattice felt it would be advantageous for both the County and the Township. The County would benefit through better maintenance of that portion of the trail and the work would allow better drainage of the road. Eichelberg said the last Parks Commission meeting did not have a quorum, but the Parks Commission Chair was present. It was the consensus of those present that the Parks Administrator and Highway Engineer be allowed to move forward as time is of the essence. Eichelberg then moved to approve the concept and excavation plans for road realignment by Corinna Township near Clearwater-Pleasant Park. The motion includes authorizing the Parks Administrator and Highway Engineer to sign the agreement once final plans are submitted and agreeable for reclamation of the site. The motion was seconded by Jude and carried 5-0.

Correspondence was received from Paul Diedrich, Montrose Area Fisheries Supervisor, with a request for Wright County to pass an ordinance prohibiting use of all motorized vehicles on lakes which are being aerated for the period of sunset to sunrise. Diedrich was present for discussion today and stated the purpose would be to ensure safety of all users of lakes. There are currently four aerated lakes in Wright County, with Crawford Lake recently being reclaimed. This lake will have open water in the center of the lake. Currently, "thin ice" signs mark open water. Notices are also placed at the landing and in the newspaper. Brian Asleson, Assistant County Attorney, said that staff from the Sheriff's Department had requested amending the Public Waters Ordinance to include enforcement of buoys. Russek moved to send the issue to the Ways & Means Committee for review and recommendation and for any ordinance changes to be completed by Fall. Norman will notify the four lake representatives and the Sheriff and Attorney offices of the meeting. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Jude. Diedrich will provide Asleson with copies of what other counties have done in this regard.

Correspondence was received from Dwight Sharp, Chair of the St. Cloud APO regarding the Central MN ATP Regional Distribution Formula for TEA-21 Funds. In an attempt to reach consensus on geographic equity, the ATP approved using the MnDOT District Target formula for targeting the distribution of federal funds to the Regional Development Commission geographic areas. Due to the inability to segregate target formula input data, the APO area was included with former 7W. Recognizing the APO must have a funding target also, the ATP directed the APO and jurisdictions within the former 7W area to agree on a split of the combined target. At today's meeting, Mattson said he was concerned with the APO sending letters to County Boards and not involving the 7W group. He said the APO would like the split to be 50/50 instead of 25/75. He was concerned that the APO was working in a different direction than that of the four-county area. Mattson said he has been unable to obtain information from the ATP on who assigns points based upon needs. He felt the APO's request should have been routed through Steve Voss, District 3 Planner. Jude suggested that Russek attend the next meeting with Mattson to obtain more information on who assigns points. After further discussion, the consensus was to lay this issue over to the next meeting and to send a copy of the APO letter to the Highway Engineer to obtain his opinion. His response can be either through a letter to the Board or by attending the next County Board meeting.

On a motion by Jude, second by Russek, all voted to schedule a Budget Committee Of The Whole meeting for 8-3-99 at 1:30 p.m. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said the meeting will be held for distribution and discussion of the proposed budget requests for the Year 2000.

Norman presented proposed amendments to Personnel Policy 106 dealing with the County's Compensation Plan. On a motion by Jude, second by Eichelberg, Policy 106 was amended as follows:

106.11 Market Rate Adjustments (Attraction and Retention) Although the County considers internal compensation relationships of primary importance in maintaining pay equity, it may be necessary to recognize the external compensation relationships through market rates and market rate adjustments. All market rate adjustments must be recommended by the County Coordinator and approved by the County Board.

Market rate adjustments may be considered and external market relationships examined when:

a. There is evidence that a salary range is insufficient to attract qualified candidates for employment. This includes recruiting efforts which may involve advertising and interviewing more than once and all qualified candidates have declined an employment offer due to the salary range; and/or

b. There is evidence of a continuing pattern of turnover in a given job classification which can be directly linked to established compensation levels; and/or

c. There is evidence that a given job classification deviates from the market by a substantial percentage.

Market rate adjustments may also be considered when the County Coordinator recommends and the County Board agrees that a specific external market relationship must be examined.

Bills Approved

Air America Refrigeration 120.22

Albertville Body & Fender 2625.00

AMI 10407.00

Ancom Technical Center 2755.00

Automatic Garage Door Co 476.18

Barton Sand & Gravel Co 388.58

Buetow and Associates Inc 425.30

Carver County Treasurer 1015.00

Central McGowan, Inc. 217.65

Cintas-428 176.56

Commissioner of Transportation 5778.32

CPS Technology Solutions 432.35

Crow River Tools 177.11

Department of Commerce-Notrn 120.00

Doyle Equipment Inc 624.40

East Central Regional Juvenile 135.75

Fasco 442.42

Grafix Shoppe 311.00

Heart of the Lakes Pumping 100.00

Kramers Hardware 163.17

Lake Region Coop Oil 9535.14

Leaders in Community Alternat 2040.00

Matco Tools 213.00

Medtox Laboratories 145.00

Mid-Minnesota Hot mix Inc 154.10

National Bushing & Parts 198.09

Northern States Power Co 256.11

Paging Network of MN INc 168.12

Precision Prints of Wright Co 252.41

Reentry Services Inc 1500.45

Royal Tier-St Cloud 511.71

Shoplifters Alternatives 994.64

State of MN Intertech Group 106.00

Superior Service - Central MN 782.92

Traffic Marking Service Inc 5486.60

US West Communications 258.04

Wright Hennepin Electric 3147.83

Airtouch Cellular Bellevue 258.79

American Eagle Electric Inc 575.00

Amoco Oil Co 159.46

AT&T Wireless Services 112.25

B&B Products Inc 6076.20

Pat Benson 100.00

Tim Cameron 250.00

Central Glass 220.72

Chemsearch 233.83

Collins Communications 73745.09

Contech Construction Product 12956.00

Crow River Industrial Coatings 170.00

Decorative Designs Inc 175.53

Department of Public Safety 120.00

E-Z Flush 221.30

Emergitek Inc 12989.37

Gateway 2000 1817.96

Hance Locating Inc 132.36

KNR Communications Srvcs In 181.00

KUE Contractors Inc 12652.50

LaPlant Demo Inc 474.00

Marco Business Products 930.82

MCF-RW 526.48

Meridian Aggregates Midwest 218.40

MTI Distributing Co 582.47

Neopost 1172.57

Office Depot 573.55

Prairie Lake Detention Ctr 1215.00

PRRREV 155.00

Roche Diagnostic Systems 500.00

Scenic Signs 202.07

St Cloud Times 440.44

Streichers 169.87

Total Printing 1119.53

Twin City Labor Mgmt Council 149.60

Warning LItes 1496.04

61 payments less than $100 3,068.80

Final Total $188,783.17

The County Board adjourned at 9:49 A.M.

Patrick Sawatzke, Chairperson

ATTEST: Richard Norman. County Coordinator

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