Wright County Board Minutes

JULY 28, 1998

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Russek, Rose, Mattson, Jude, and Sawatzke present.

The following corrections were made to the minutes of 7-21-98: Page 1, 8th paragraph, 6th sentence, should read, "Sawatzke responded that during the interim period, he would like to see the Facility open the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month for four hours and staffed by employees of the Planning & Zoning department on a volunteer basis." (Sawatzke); Page 2, 2nd paragraph, last sentence, from "carried 5-0" to "carried 4-0" (Rose). Motion to approve the minutes as corrected was made by Russek, seconded by Mattson, carried unanimously.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Item For Consid. #4, "Parks Meeting" (Russek); Item For Consid. #5, "Closed Session" (Wyman Nelson). Sawatzke moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Russek, second by Jude, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:


1. Performance Appraisals: T. Decker, M. Kaufman, Highway; M. Aitchison, P. Even, R. Jordan, P. Loch, R. McMullen, Sher./Corr.

2. Authorize Mandatory Training, "Getting Healthier & Happier: Assertive Communication," 11-5-98.

3. Authorize Signatures, Amendment to Purchase Agreement, Wodtke Property.

4. Claim, Rider Bennett, $67.70 (Deferred Comp. Plan).


1. Approve Tobacco License, Comfort Inn (Monticello).

2. Approve Claim, American Health Care Supply, $505.81 (Human Services Center).


1. Accept Resignation, Teri Welter, Eff. 8-3-98 & Auth. Advertising For Replacement.

Correspondence was received from Dahlgren, Shardlow & Uban referencing the efforts of the St. Cloud Area Joint Planning District project. Currently, the Consulting Team is preparing for the communication and public participation processes. Although not included in the project area, adjacent counties and their cities, townships and school districts will have the opportunity to provide input. Sawatzke moved to direct the County Coordinator to provide John Shardlow with the local government unit contacts and to identify Tom Salkowski as the County's official contact person for the purposes of this study. Jude seconded the motion with the understanding that the Board be notified of all meetings. Motion carried 5-0.

Darla Groshens, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the claims listing for review. Mattson questioned the claim to Sale Monument Setting on page 19 ($2,000.00). Response was that the County received $23,000 from the State to relocate the Dustin Monument and the funds were placed in the Capital Account. The $2000 cost was to remove and store the monument until the site has been prepared. Jude moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, carried 5-0 on a second by Russek.

Bill Weldele addressed the Board on several issues. The first issue involved the status of the Pelican Lake Public Access parking problems. Rose responded that she had recently met with the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the DNR, who are still working on acquiring land for parking. Weldele stated parking should not be allowed on County Road 15 and that the public should park on the State land located approximately one mile away. Sawatzke moved to request the Highway Engineer to review the situation and to make a recommendation to the County Board. Weldele will be notified by mail of the Board's decision on this matter. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Jude.

The second issue Weldele brought forth was the request for repair on CR 15 approximately 1 mile north of CR 35. He referenced areas of the road which need to be leveled due to sight restrictions. Rose responded that this area is not identified on the 5-Year Plan but a new listing is being compiled for future construction. Mattson moved to request the Highway Engineer to review this area, seconded by Jude. Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, stated he reviewed the area yesterday. The area has a vertical curve with a driveway located at the top, another right below the curve, and several at the base. Advisory signs reflecting a 30 MPH speed zone have been placed in this area (meets 37 MPH for design speed). If the road were brought down 2 feet, the estimated cost would be $60,000. Fingalson said this may improve the site distance but could result in more sloped driveways. It was suggested that CR 15 be included in the Road Tour and that the project be placed in the after 5-Year Plan listing. Motion carried 5-0.

Weldele requested that the County Board place a ban on all disposable glass containers and impose a deposit on returnable bottles. Wyman Nelson, County Attorney, stated that the County cannot interfere with foodstuffs or anything related to interstate commerce. The suggestion was made for Weldele to contact State Representative Bruce Anderson with his request as this would have to be addressed at the State level.

The Mississippi River Parkway Commission of Minnesota sent correspondence requesting a meeting on 8-4-98 at 1:00 p.m. The purpose of the meeting would be to discuss a proposal for a coordinated Great River Road interpretive signing project. Sawatzke moved to authorize Board attendance at the meeting which will be held in the Commissioner's Conference Room. Norman will confirm the meeting with the Mississippi River Parkway Commission and request the Parks Administrator to attend as well. Motion carried 5-0.

At the request of Norman, Russek moved to schedule Budget Committee Of The Whole sessions for 8-4-98 at 10:30 a.m., 8-10-98 at 9:00 a.m., and each Tuesday following the County Board meeting or Building Committee Of The Whole meeting. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Jude. Norman will distribute the draft 1999 Budget information on 8-4-98 and Department reviews will commence on 8-10-98.

Russek stated the Parks Commission met last week with the new Parks Administrator, Marc Mattice. Mattice will present the Parks Commission's recommendations at the next County Board meeting.

As requested by the County Attorney, the County Board will enter into a closed session immediately following today's meeting.

Bills Approved

Brian Abrahamson 308.45

American Business Forms 448.38

Mary Anderson 101.53

AT&T 4984.07

Buffalo Glass & Lock 279.33

Computer Training International 150.00

CT Farm & Country 125.51

Hillyard Floor Care Supply 746.70

Marco Business Products 733.05

Mississippi Corridor Cluster 144.00

Office Depot 1517.68

Postmaster-Buffalo 182.00

Preferred Correctional Medical 7000.00

Jack Russek 148.80

Sharp Electronics 952.31

State of MN InTertech Group 1235.90

Total Printing 964.89

University of Minnesota 2262.11

Voss Lighting 126.52

Advantage Emblem Inc 841.78

American Health Care Supply 505.81

Annandale Rock Products 132.27

Betmar Languages Inc 753.16

Computer Systems Products 2929.67

CPS Technology Solutions 397.45

Greenview Inc 9248.42

Mary Kenning PHD 280.00

Minnesota Chemical Co 538.09

Northern States Power Co 1462.26

Mary Peterson 103.54

Precision Prints of Wright Co 215.13

G Raeth 133.92

Sale Monument Setting 2000.00

St Cloud Stamp & Sign` 173.32

Superior Service - Central MN 774.69

United Parcel Service 155.22

US West Communications 216.02

Wheeler Lumber Operations 320.35

18 payments less than $100 678.33

Final Total $44,270.66

The meeting adjourned at 9:29 a.m.

Judie Rose, Chairperson

ATTEST: Richard W. Norman, County Coordinator

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