Wright County Board Minutes

SEPTEMBER 28, 1999

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Mattson, Eichelberg, Sawatzke, Jude, and Russek present.

An amended set of the 9-21-99 minutes was reviewed. The amended copy reflected a change to page 3, 5th paragraph, where a resolution was adopted approving Registered Land Survey No. 33. The amended minutes included the legal description of the Registered Land Survey. Mattson made corrections to page 1, 7th paragraph, sentence 1 and 2, which will read, "Mattson reported that he viewed Joint Ditch 15 yesterday (9/20/99) with Dean Terning, Byron Sangren and David Sand and found three major locations in need of repair. Afterwards, they also viewed the BR2 Lateral of Joint Ditch 15. He stated they also looked for evidence of tile under County Road 21 and could find no evidence that the tile layer underneath had been examined in order to determine that water was free flowing." Russek moved to approve the minutes of 9-21-99 as presented, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Consent Agenda Item F1, "Accept Resignation, Kathy Green, Clerk, Recorder & Authorize Replacement" (Norman); Consent Agenda Item G1, "Authorize Hire, Kathy Green, Clerk II, Eff. 10-12-99, Step 3" (Gruber); Item For Consid. #3, "Contracting For Jail Food Service" (Jude); Item For Consid. #4, "Add Safety Shoes Reimbursement Policy-Highway Maintenance to County Board Agenda of 10-5-99" (Russek). Jude moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.

On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as amended:


1. Performance Appraisals: C. Hayes, Adm.; D. Swenson, Assr.; R. Nevala, S. Poirier, Sher.

2. Claim, MNOSHA Settlement Agreement, $490.00.


1. Authorize Signatures On Deed Conveying Old Cokato Garage Property; Authorize Signature On Closing Statement.


1. Accept Resignation, Tracey Morris, Probation Agent, Eff. 9-29-99.

2. Approve Appointment, Todd Gau, Case Aide, To Probation Agent & Authorize Replacement of Case Aide.


1. Deny Request To Rezone From AG General Agricultural To R-2 Suburban Residential, Everett. C. Working, (Victor Township).

2. Deny Request To Rezone From AG General Agricultural To R-2a Suburban Residential, Mark Behrends, (Franklin Township).


1. Accept Resignation, Todd Michaeu, Civ. Corr. Ofc., Eff. 9-30-99 & Authorize Replacement.


1. Accept Resignation, Kathy Green, Clerk, Recorder & Authorize Replacement.


1. Authorize Hire, Kathy Green, Clerk II, Eff. 10-12-99, Step 3.

Doug Gruber, Auditor/Treasurer, referenced a bill from Collins Communications ($1,260.00) for circuit connections to the Heritage Center. Under the current billing procedures for telephone charges, the Heritage Center pays .5%. Due to the amount of the bill, Gruber suggested that potentially it should be funded from Site Improvements so that other County Departments do not have to incur a percentage of the cost. Approval of this work was done previously through Committee. Sawatzke said the phone lines were placed underground when the Historical Society was built, but no fee was assessed at that time, and that is why the fee may be higher than anticipated. Mattson moved to pay the claim from Site Improvements, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.

Gruber requested approval of an easement request made by the City of Otsego associated with road improvements involving a tax forfeited property. The property is on Dean Avenue in the City of Otsego. The offer to purchase is $1,620.00. On a motion by Jude, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the request as follows:

A permanent easement for road purposes over, under, and across the easterly 7.00 feet of Lot 1, Block 1, OTSEGO ACRES 1st ADDITION, Wright County, Minnesota. Together with a permanent easement for slope, grading, and maintenance purposes over, under, and across the westerly 33.00 feet of the easterly 40.00 feet of said Lot 1, Block 1, OTSEGO ACRES 1st ADDITION.

Gruber requested approval of a fee acquisition associated with road improvements by MnDOT involving tax forfeited land. The land is located in the City of Howard Lake along Hwy. 12 just before 6th Avenue. Land acquisition would be .91 of an acre and the acquisition value is $3,400.00. This tax forfeit parcel is owned by the State and is swamp land. Mattson moved to approve the fee acquisition, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0:

Fee Acquisition, Parcel 54A, C.S. 8601 (12=10)902, S.P. 8601-48. All of the following: That part of Mill Lot and Block 1 of Johnsons Addition to Howard Lake, shown as Parcel 54A on MnDOT Right of Way Plat Numbered 86-53, as the same is on file and of record in the office of the County Recorder in and for Wright County, Minnesota; together with other rights as set forth below, forming and being part of said Parcel 54A. Access: All right of access as shown on said plat by the access control symbol.

Gruber distributed a draft resolution relating to a provision in the 1999 Omnibus Tax Bill requiring counties and cities over 500 population to hold a public hearing and adopt a resolution before a "levy certification tax rate" increase may be allowed. Gruber distributed and reviewed the formula used to determine whether this process would be required for Wright County. If the tax rate is above 29.63%, Wright County must pass the resolution. He anticipated that the actual tax rate percentage would be close to or less than last year (approximately 31%) due to the increase in net tax capacity. Eichelberg moved to adopt Resolution #99-56 as presented, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

Gruber requested approval of a plat "Rivendell" (Franklin Township) contingent upon changes which were reviewed today by the Board and upon approval by the offices of County Attorney and Planning & Zoning. The changes relate to the legal description, creating two outlots for areas which did not lie southerly of the Crow River. On a motion by Jude, second by Russek, roll call voted carried 5-0 to approve a plat, "RIVENDELL," as submitted by Fenning Properties, Inc., a Minnesota corporation, fee owner of the following described property: The North Half of the SW 1/4 EXCEPT that part of the N1/2 of the SW1/4 of Sec. 26, Twp. 119, Rge. 25, described as follows: Com at a point on the E line of said SW1/4 distant 1916.00 ft. N of SE corner of SW1/4; then continue N alg sd E line a distance of 245.00 ft.; thence W at right angles a distance of 525.00 ft.; thence S at right angles a distance of 245.00 ft.; thence E at right angles to point of beginning, ALSO that part of the W1/2 of the NW1/4 of said Sec. 26 lying S of the North Fork of the Crow River: also the E1/2 of the E1/2 of said NW1/4 lying South of the North Fork of the Crow River; with all outstanding taxes including green acre liability, if any, having been paid; the park dedication fee has been paid (72752); the road has been accepted by the Township; the plat and accompanying title papers have been reviewed by Thomas Zins, Assistant County Attorney, who finds the plat suitable for approval, contingent upon revised mylars with amended legal description being presented for recording, and contingent upon the approval of Jerry Uhde, County Surveyor.

The claims listing was reviewed. Mattson questioned claims on page 9-11 associated with detention fees for Court Services. Mattson did not recall seeing these in the past. Mattson moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. The motion is contingent upon verification that there is not a mistake with the detention claims. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Eichelberg.

At 9:30 A.M., Sawatzke closed the bidding process for the Heritage Center Addition.

Gerald Kritzeck, Assessor, introduced Anthony Rasmuson as the new Property Appraiser in the Assessor's Office, effective 9-16-99. Rasmuson was welcomed.

Remmele Engineering, Inc. has petitioned in Tax Court for a reduction in the valuation of their 1-2-98 estimated market value. Kritzeck explained that he viewed the property and feels the County should defend the market value assigned to maintain the integrity of properties classified as Industrial in the City of Monticello. Kritzeck received two quotes to perform an independent fee appraisal for Tax Court defense and to provide Tax Court testimony:

William H. Cushman, Appraisal Concepts, Inc., Appraisal $2,500; Testimony $75.00/hr.

Peter Patchin, Patchin Messner Appraisals, Inc., Appraisal $6,250; Testimony $125.00/hr.

Kritzeck said Cushman was hired by the County in 1995 involving the Rockford Shopping Mall tax petition. Kritzeck recommended hiring Cushman with funding from the County's Professional Services account. Russek moved to approve the recommendation, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

At 9:38 A.M., the bid opening occurred for the Heritage Center Addition. Gene Branstrom, Architect, opened and read the bids:

Fulco Construction: Gen., Mech., Elec. Construction, Base Bid 1 - $147,100.00, Fire Protection Sprinkler System Base Bid 2 - $27,800.00, Total Bid $174,900.00

RA Associates: Gen., Mech., Elec. Construction, Base Bid 1 - $139,607.00, Fire Protection Sprinkler System Base Bid 2 - $30,000.00, Total Bid $169,607.00

Scott Builders: Gen., Mech., Elec. Construction, Base Bid 1 - $155,657.00, Fire Protection Sprinkler System Base Bid 2 - $30,851.00, Total Bid $186,508.00

Spectra Bldg. Group: Gen., Mech., Elec. Construction, Base Bid 1 - $121,300.00, Fire Protection Sprinkler System Base Bid 2 - $32,740.00, Total Bid $154,040.00

Terranova Construction: Gen., Mech., Elec. Construction, Base Bid 1 - $123,098.00, Fire Protection Sprinkler System Base Bid 2 - $54,511.00, Total Bid $177,609.00

The Architect's estimate for the total project is approximately $110,000. Mattson moved to lay the bids over for one week for review and recommendation of the Architect. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Eichelberg.

Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, brought forth discussion on the parking situation on CR 117 near the Pelican Lake DNR Access. Also present for discussion was Bill Weldele. Weldele has previously voiced concern with hazards created by cars parked on the road near the access. Fingalson viewed the area and subsequently spoke with the DNR. The DNR indicated that the access owned by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, located 1.5 miles north of the DNR access, can be used for parking. A sign will be erected today at the DNR access identifying the Fish & Wildlife access as the location to park. The DNR will not close their access immediately due to insufficient notice to hunters who may be using the area this weekend. Currently there are four "No Parking" signs located on both sides of the road North of the Township Road near the landing. Weldele thought the DNR access should be blocked off and "No Parking" signs should be erected on the entire road. Discussion followed on safety concerns associated with cars parked on the road and those using the access. Mattson said parking is not allowed on other County roads without shoulders and did not feel it should be allowed in this instance. Mattson moved to install "No Parking" signs on both sides of the road for 1000 ft. from the access. The motion did not pass for lack of a second. Jude moved to install "No Parking" signs on one side of CR 117 for one mile on each side of the DNR access. Placement of the signs will be determined by the Highway Engineer, and the signs should be erected by this weekend. The current signs will remain. Russek seconded the motion and it carried 4-1 with Mattson casting the nay vote. The Sheriff's Department will be notified of the changes. Weldele was instructed to contact the Township Board with any parking concerns on the Township Road.

A Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting was held on 9-14-99. A summary of the minutes follows:

Discuss Paving Township Roads Leading To County Parks: Committee recommendation was to look at look at the initial agreement between Wright County and Stockholm Township in 1985 to determine what if any agreements were made concerning future maintenance of the one mile of township roadway. Mattice will work with Stockholm Township in looking at grant possibilities for repairing and rehabilitating the roadway using State Park Road Account monies. Engineering needs would be the responsibility of the township, once the funding is approved. Have Mattice research the township roads leading to county parks to determine the mileages, types of surfacing involved and which townships are involved. For future park and/or recreational land acquisitions on a non-county highway access, prepare an agreement with the township or city having jurisdiction over that roadway. The agreement would address long term road maintenance responsibilities as well as initial construction costs and responsibilities. Work out a cost share with French Lake Township for dust control on the road leading to Carl Johnson Park. Steve Meyer will check on the advantages and disadvantages of available dust control materials. Discuss this item at a future Transportation Committee meeting when more facts have been gathered regarding the grant situation and costs associated with dust control options.

Discuss Spring Road Restrictions: Committee recommendation was to wait for the results of the State Task Force Committee and discuss this item before the spring road restrictions go into effect in 2000.

Discuss Proposed Change to CSAH 7 in City of Clearwater: The City of Clearwater is annexing a portion of land adjacent to CSAH 75 and CSAH 75 south of TH24. CSAH 7, from the south junction of CSAH 75 to the north junction of CSAH 75, is earmarked for turnback to the City of Clearwater. There is an approved agreement between the City and County addressing improvement work before the road is turned back. A request was received from Clearwater Estates Development to realign CSAH 7. This was provided as a discussion item. When the developer presents future development plans for County approval, access and turnback questions will be addressed.

Discuss rerouting of CSAH 9 in Waverly: The request by the City of Waverly is to reroute CSAH 9 currently routed on Elm Avenue and N. 7th Street to Atlantic Avenue through the Waverly City limits. Committee recommendation was to wait until more information was available on costs as the current County budget does not include funding for this proposed project.

Safety Concerns on CSAH 2: At a recent Planning Commission meeting, concerns were raised from residents along CSAH 2 regarding trucks using the road from the Bauerly Bros. pit which is located on Rockwood Ave. Site distance is poor with many vertical curves on CSAH 2. Cordell, Sr. Traffic Technician, prepared statistics reflecting low truck speeds coming out of the pit and adequate signing with the exception of a "Trucks Entering" sign. Advisory speed plates are in place on the hills and curves. The Committee felt that nothing in Cordell's report stood out as a major concern and no further action would be taken on this item.

Discuss Proposed Agreement with the City of Albertville: The City did not have an agreement available for discussion.

Discuss Agreement with City of Monticello RE: CR 117: Draft Cooperative Agreement No. 99-06 with the City was discussed showing a 0.29 mile segment of CR 117 scheduled for revocation to the City. The road lies between TH25 and Chelsea Road and is currently being reconstructed. The intersection with TH25 will continue to be signalized with a new signal being installed as part of the TH 25 project. The current Mn/DOT agreement names the City and Wright County as participants in the signal project. If Cooperative Agreement 99-06 were approved by the City and County, it would turn jurisdiction of CR 117 and future construction costs over to the City. About two years ago, the County had formally agreed to pay $40,000 towards the improvement work on CR 117. Problems exist with the current City contract with Mn/DOT relative to the construction of TH 25. The City or Mn/DOT may have to apply or reapply for federal funding for their portion of the project costs. Discussion involved revoking CR 117 to School Blvd. The Committee agreed that revocation of this roadway would eliminate future construction costs for the County; however, the current revocation proposal should be dealt with first. The recommendation of the Transportation Committee members in attendance was to try and have Cooperative Agreement No. 99-06 approved by the City of Monticello, before approval of these minutes, if possible, and then if approved by the city, address it at the earliest County Board meeting after receiving it back from the City.

Discuss Traffic Control Signal Projects: The consensus of the Transportation Committee Of The Whole was to recommend that: 1) The St. Michael signal system at the TH 241/CSAH 35 & 19 intersection be bid as proposed; 2) The signal system at the CSAH 35/CR 134 intersection be further discussed and voted on at a regular County Board meeting with one of two options (Include it as an alternate bid to the St. Michael signal or eliminate the signal project at this time); 3) The signal system at the CSAH 19/37 intersection in Albertville be postponed until adequate future traffic analysis information is received from the traffic engineers working on behalf of the City of Albertville.

At today's meeting, Jude referenced the CSAH 35/CR 134 intersection and suggested that a new traffic study be performed to analyze the impact of the 4-way stop. Fingalson said that the signal in St. Michael is a temporary one and that the proposed signal at CSAH 35/CR 134 would be a permanent one. There would be no advantage to put the two projects together. Fingalson said the 4-way stop has possibly equalized traffic patterns and that the grading has helped provide for greater capacity. Jude did not see the stoplights at this intersection being as prudent of an issue since the installation of the 4-way stop. Russek referenced the agreement with the Buffalo School District and City of Buffalo for cost sharing of signal improvements. Fingalson said the agreement would become effective with the installation of the stoplight. Mattson supported the use of 4-way stops, especially with the amount of teenage drivers in this area. Jude moved to acknowledge the minutes, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

Eichelberg moved to set the letting date for the traffic signal system in St. Michael (Jct. TH 241/CSAH 35/CSAH 19) for 11-2-99 at 9:30 a.m., seconded by Jude. Jude clarified this was only for the temporary lights in St. Michael. Russek stated that the last time these intersections were discussed, it was understood that the two projects would be bid together. Eichelberg added that the Buffalo City Council members understood the stoplight would be installed. Jude said the decision could be held off until Spring. Russek thought that if the study were put off, the issue would cease. Motion carried 5-0.

John Bowers, Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust (MCIT), presented the Risk Management Report for Wright County. The mission statement of MCIT is "To provide members with cost-effective coverage and superior service" and this is accomplished by the combined efforts of members to keep costs down. MCIT is created, owned and governed by MN Counties (81 of 87 Counties). In 1999, MCIT experienced its largest dividend at $12 million. This is the 9th consecutive year with a property/casualty dividend and the 3rd consecutive workers' compensation dividend. Wright County's 1999 contributions were $526,525 with dividends declared at $237,356 (45% of contribution). Bowers encouraged the Board to review Joint Powers entities carefully. Bowers referenced the 1999 Educational Topics which included Planning & Zoning Training. He stated that 40% of the claims are in this area. To coincide with MN Statutes, members will experience an increase in the liability limits at no additional cost (effective 1-1-2000). Risk Management is emphasized to keep the frequency and severity of claims down. The 1998 workers' compensation audit generated an additional contribution of 1.4% ($4,058). The 2000 workers' compensation renewal will be down 16.2%. Experience modification decreased 2.5% and remains below average for the 6th consecutive year. Bowers thanked the County on behalf of MCIT and Meadowbrook for the strong efforts over the past year. Jude commended Richard Norman, County Coordinator, for his efforts serving on the MCIT Board of Directors. Bowers stated that the MCIT Board has done an excellent job in keeping the cost of coverages down. Norman thanked Pat Melvin, Special Projects Administrator, for his efforts in the areas of workers' compensation and property/casualty and how his work is reflected in the experience rating being low.

Due to the closed session scheduled today, Mattson moved to refer the 4-H Update presentation by Dennis Moeller over to the next Board meeting. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Jude.

A Building Committee Of The Whole meeting was held on 9-21-99. On a motion by Jude, second by Russek, all voted to approve the minutes as presented. A summary follows:

Project Update: An update was given on extended warranties, boiler pumps, punch lists, mechanical/electrical and quarry tile. Due to refusal by the contractor to provide extended warranties on electrical or masonry, the Architect urged the County to consider legal means to obtain warranties if necessary due to electrical problems and construction issues with the masonry. Regarding humidity problems at PW which will probably not occur again until next summer, the Architect will include in a letter to KUE that they are responsible to fix the problem even though the warranty expires in February, 2000. Due to a power surge at the PWB, Lobergs were called. It was discovered that none of the isolated ground outlets were ground along with additional problems. The cost to carry insurance to cover damaged computers is very costly. The Architect recommended a meeting with KUE to resolve remaining issues. The Architect will draft a letter for review by the County. The consensus was to proceed as recommended by the Architect.

Space Plan Update: Copies of proposed revisions were distributed and reviewed. Primary emphasis of the revisions centered on keeping the Recorder, Assessor and Auditor/Treasurer Offices in the same location. The proposed remodeling was broken into seven steps with costs attached to each.

Bleacher Safety Project, Fair Grounds: Jude felt the Committee should consider the Fair Board's willingness to provide volunteer labor due to the high cost of the quotes. The Committee requested that the Purchasing Agent and Building Inspector work together regarding building permit requirements and who might be contacted to draw up the plans.

Other: Norman reported that #6 of the building specs for the museum expansion require an additional $2,000,000 in insurance. He recommended an addendum be prepared to delete #6 from the specs and forward to all who have received copies of the specs for bidding. The Committee concurred with the recommendation.

A Committee Of The Whole meeting was held on 9-21-99. On a motion by Eichelberg, seconded by Russek, all voted to approve the minutes as presented:

Reinventing the Agricultural Land Preservation Program. Patton explained that the Minnesota Department of Agricultural (MDA), through a 1997 grant from the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCMR), is conducting three projects to improve the effectiveness of the Program. The projects are as follows:

An evaluation of the State agricultural land preservation program and related programs, laws, and policies, including recommendations for action.

"Cost of public service studies" which will examine the fiscal implications of alternative patterns of growth in five Minnesota locations. The studies will compare the costs and revenue from scattered rural development with that from locations with better access to existing infrastructure and services.

A "fiscal impact tool" will be developed to enable local governments to perform their own cost/revenue analyzes of alternative growth scenarios.

In 1989, MDA sponsored a study in Wright County which compared the cost/revenue relationship of growth served by existing infrastructure and services with growth in rural areas that lacked established infrastructure or services. The Study found that provision of services to development in rural areas cost four times more outside of built-up areas than inside them. The "Reinventing the Agricultural Land Preservation Program" project analyzes the cost of public service studies performed on development in Scott, Winona, Becker, Carleton, and Wright. Some of the key findings are as follows:

· Agricultural Sector Produces Tax Surplus.

· Road Costs vs. Urbanization, Density, Value.

· Road Maintenance Largest Expenditure Category

· County Costs Decline as Percent In Cities Increases

· Aggregate Costs Decline as Density Increases

· Aggregate Costs Decline as Residential Values Increase

· New Residents Demand Higher Service Levels

· New Housing Typically Has Higher Value

· Higher Market Value = Higher General Government Outlays

· Higher Market Value = Higher Law Enforcement Outlays

· Higher Market Value = Higher Parks Outlays

· Urbanized Townships Have Higher Road Costs

· Utility Costs Decline With Density

· School Transportation Costs Decline With Density

The jurisdictions in Wright County included in the Study were the City of Buffalo, Buffalo Township, and Buffalo School District. The fiscal impact per new resident for the County and jurisdictions in the County is as follows:

City ­ $259

Townships ­ $ 4

County (In Cities) ­ ($376)

County (In Twps) ­ ($691)

Combined Effect:

County & City ­ ($117)

County & Twp. ­ ($687)

Difference ­ $570

The Study concludes that the fiscal impact of new residential development is more favorable for all branches of local government when it occurs within or adjacent to cities where appropriate infrastructure and services are available.

Norman referenced a memorandum to the County Board outlining his recommendations relating to job descriptions evaluated by Hay Consultants. Jude moved to approve the recommendations as presented, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

A Negotiation Committee Meeting was held on 9-24-99:

Discuss Contracting For Food Service In Jail. Mauren stated that Local 320 does not support privatization of public services. Huber stated that the employees would remain union members with representation provided by Teamsters Local 120. Local 120 would be involved in any transition discussions. Fox stated that BEST has a 401K Plan. Huber will review the Plan to ascertain roll in provisions from other pension plans. Torfin agreed that if the County is going to contract for service that we do so as soon as possible. Madden said that our employees would have to be placed on layoff and then BEST would hire them. Recommendation: Contract for food service in the jail contingent on agreements being reached with BEST and the Teamsters Union. The targeted start date is November 1, 1999.

At today's meeting, Jude moved to approve the recommendation. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Russek.

Russek requested that the Safety Shoes Reimbursement Policy be added to the Agenda of the next County Board meeting. On a motion by Mattson, second by Jude, all voted to approve the request.

Bills Approved

Airtouch Cellular Bellevue 343.61

Altschul Group Corporation 147.50

American Business Forms 355.29

American Institutional Supply 302.52

Annandale Advocate 139.20

Anoka County Juvenile Center 2090.00

APEC Corporation 431.01

Boyer Truck Parts 292.37

Brown Cty Evaluation Center Inc 268.00

Buffalo Bituminous 105338.73

Buffalo Hospital 5416.67

Buffalo Hospital Otpt. Com. 421.25

Tim Cameron 125.00

Carver County Treasurer 2175.00

Cellular 2000 of St Cloud 610.29

Columbia Propane 551.99

CPS Technology Solutions 260.50

Decorative Designs Inc. 175.53

E-Z Flush 221.30

Facility Systems Inc 7528.03

Gall's Inc. 187.94

Greenview Inc 12484.07

Geoffrey Grisso 300.00

W L Hall Co. 567.60

Franklin Harriman 125.00

Keepers Inc 1044.25

KNR Communications Srvcs Inc 408.67

Gerald E Kritzeck 321.85

Larson Publications Inc 379.20

Leaders in Commty Alternatvs Inc 1376.00

Marco Business Products 1492.93

MCF-RW 3999.33

Menard's 362.42

Meridian Aggregates Midwest 843.65

Metropolitan Anesthesia Network 375.20

Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Inc 23037.13

Middleville Township 18460.71

Minnesota Monitoring 1396.00

MN Sheriff's Association 130.00

Monticello Times 299.20

Northern States Power Co 1282.66

Office Depot 1428.41

Omann Brothers Inc 294.77

Pat's 66 156.00

Dave Peterson Monticello Ford 2006.18

Precision Prints of Wright Co 261.15

Perry Puncochar 306.00

Reentry Services Inc 1058.40

Roche Diagnostic Systems 440.00

The Rockwood Corporation 478.74

Royal Tire (St. Cloud) 2125.27

Jack Russek 177.32

Jane Schluesner 135.00

Sheriff's Youth Program of MN 2955.96

Society for Human Resource Mgt 160.00

St. Cloud Stamp & Sign 351.98

St Michael Veterinary Clinic 268.12

Superior Service - Central MN 782.92

Tessman Seed Co Inc 9235.05

Tires Plus 164.95

Total Printing 245.96

Ultramar Diamond Shamrock 101.84

Uniforms Unlimited 276.90

Carol VanderKooi 5223.00

Winsted Publishing Inc 221.00

Wright County Highway Dept. 17444.89

Wright County Journal Press 360.76

Wright Hennepin Electric 520.07

46 claims under $100 $1,925.15

Grand Total $245,173.39

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m. The Board went into Closed Session regarding Randy's Sanitation vs. Wright County.

Patrick Sawatzke, Chairperson

ATTEST: Richard Norman, County Coordinator

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