Wright County Board Minutes

OCTOBER 6, 1998

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Rose, Russek, Mattson, Jude, and Sawatzke present.

The minutes of 9-29-98 were corrected as follows: Page 3, 2nd paragraph, 10th sentence should read, "Mattson stated that he has researched this issue and that light rail works in cities of more than four million people and he would not be in favor of it." Motion was made by Russek to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Mattson, carried unanimously.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Consent Agenda Item A3, "Accept Resignation, Daniel Ducommun, Hwy. Maint, Eff. 10-16-98 & Auth. Replacement" (Norman); Consent Agenda Item A4, "Accept Resignation, Jim Elmquist, Special Projects Administrator, Eff. 10-22-98 & Auth. Replacement" (Norman); Mattson moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Jude, carried 5-0.

The Consent Agenda was reviewed. Item F3, "Acknowledge Change In Status For Jean Carlson From Full-Time To Half-Time Employee, Eff. 10-3-98" was removed by Norman at the request of Capt. Torfin. Mattson requested that Item C1, "Claim, Buetow & Assoc., $921.01 (Pub. Wks.) (34 Cap. Acct.)" and Item C3, "Claim, Buetow & Assoc., $2,706.65 (Human Svcs.)" be removed for discussion. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Russek, all voted to approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda as follows:


1. Performance Appraisals: T. McAlpine, R. Thielen, Assr.; M. Doppenberg, S. Sandberg, L. Winterhalter, Atty.; J. Klein, Ct. Svcs.; S. Deringer, D. Nystuen, D. Scherber, Sheriff; R. Benedict, M. Minnick, Surveyor.

2. O/T Report, Period Ending 9-18-98.


1. Supportive Care To Frail, Elderly Or Disabled Ordinance: Refer Proposed Amendments To Ways & Means Committee.


2. Claim, KUE Contractors, $26,414.79 (Human Svcs.) & $35,253.00 (Pub. Wks.) (34 Cap. Acct.).

4. Claim, E-Z Flush, $65.33 (Pub. Wks.) (34 Cap. Acct.).

5. Claim, West Suburban Ind. Supplies, $1,380.25 (Human Svcs.) (34 Cap. Acct.).

6. Claim, Astech, $2,006.00 (Human Svcs.) (34 Cap. Acct.).


1. Approve Partial Payment #3 ($767,747.20), Buffalo Bituminous, Inc. For Contract 9801.


1. Approve Request To Establish A Rural Planned Unit Development, Chere & Walter Knutson (French Lake Twp.).


1. Acknowledge Appointment, Christopher Morgan, Communications Officer, Eff. 10-7-98 & Authorize Advertising For Communications Positions Authorized for 1-1-99.

2. Acknowledge Change In Status For Jaylynn Newton From Half-Time To Full-Time Employee, Eff. 10-3-98.

4. Acknowledge Hire, Sheila Dehne, Half-Time Juvenile Holdover Facility Attendance, Eff. 10-7-98.

Item C1, "Claim, Buetow & Assoc., $921.01 (Pub. Wks.) (34 Cap. Acct.)" and Item C3, "Claim, Buetow & Assoc., $2,706.65 (Human Svcs.)" were discussed. Mattson stated that the claims relate to the redesign of the Public Works exterior and the chalkboards at the Human Services Center and questioned whether the County was responsible for payment of these items. After discussion, Mattson moved to lay the two bills over to the Building Committee Of The Whole Meeting today, seconded by Jude, carried 5-0.

Bob Hiivala, Chief Deputy Auditor, presented a draft resolution designating fund balances for the year ended 12-31-97. On a motion by Jude, second by Russek, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #98-54:

WHEREAS, to be consistent with prior years financial statement presentations, we hereby authorize the designation of fund balances in the General Revenue, Road and Bridge and Human Services funds. The designations include amounts anticipated for cash flow purposes, compensated absences and anticipated capital outlay for the year 1998 as stated below:

General Revenue Designation for Cash Flow - $5,600,727

Designation for Compensated Absences - $862,909

Road and Bridge Designation for Cash Flow - $1,631,879

Designation for Compensated Absences - $154,367

Designation for Capital Outlay - $857,772

Human Services Designation for Cash Flow - $2,357,800

Designation for Compensated Absences - $228,869

On a motion by Russek, second by Jude, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. Norman requested approval to offer to employees the purchase of products through the Minnesota Safety Council (Safety & Health Calendar, Blizzard Buckets, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Smoke & Fire Alarms). Employees will receive information on how to order these items. Mattson moved to approve the request, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

A Communications Committee Meeting was held on 9-29-98:

House Number Sign Project.

A. Buffalo Township has not made payment for the purchase and installation of signs. The specification for sign locations changed following discussions with Buffalo Township Board members. They altered how they were installed. Originally, they were to be installed on the right side of driveways within a certain distance from the road. Also, the County Highway Department had concerns about obstructions in areas which would obstruct mowing operations. Thus, the Township installed some signs in locations different from what the specifications called for and the County pulled and relocated some signs. Smith suggested that a survey be done to determine the number of problem locations. Rose pointed out that the County has no financial responsibility in this project. She suggested that McDougall and Smith attend the next Buffalo Township Board meeting to discuss the situation. They both agreed to attend.

B. Smith stated that even though Craig Hayes, Purchasing Agent, recommended that they purchase a Performance Bond they did not do so. Thus, there is a credit of $.07 per sign, or a total credit of $570.15 due the project. It was the consensus that this issue be presented at the upcoming Township Officers Association meeting. They can determine if the credit can be pooled to keep a small supply of letters and blank signs for resale, who would have control over it, etc.

C. At one location, they struck an electric line for a well. Gopher One didn't locate it in the field. It was a private install and probably too shallow. Approximately $250 was paid by Gopher Sign Co. to get the damage repaired. Smith volunteered not to seek reimbursement.

At today's meeting, it was noted that the minutes were incorrectly labeled "Ways & Means Committee" and should be changed to read "Communications Committee" meeting Sawatzke moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

Norman received a call from Brad DeWolf to assist with coordinating a meeting to discuss the water tower location at the Wright County Fairgrounds. The meeting would be attended by a City of Howard Lake representative, a Fair Board representative, and Commissioners Mattson and Russek. Russek moved to schedule the meeting for 10-20-98 at 3:00 P.M. at the Howard Lake City Hall, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

Sawatzke moved to schedule a Labor/Management Health Insurance Committee Meeting for 10-13-98 at 10:30 A.M., seconded by Jude, carried 5-0. The purpose of the meeting is to review information which was requested from Medica.

Bills Approved

Robert Adams 400.00

Albion Township 889.00

City Annandale 703.45

Brian Asleson 127.21

Astech 2006.00

George Bakeberg 366.80

Lawrence Bauman 803.38

Buffalo Bituminous 767747.20

Central Lock & Safe 444.00

Clearwater Township 341.50

Cokato Township 401.54

Computer Training International 2052.00

City Delano 2947.25

Ralph Douglas 434.40

French Lake Township 407.80

Heart of the Lakes Pumping 555.00

City Howard Lake 1310.30

Bernard Kirscht 327.74

Kimberly LeClaire 650.70

Maple Lake Township 627.55

Marco Business Township 200.01

Marysville Township 709.10

Middleville Township 840.00

Monticello Township 1156.75

City Montrose 381.25

Northern States Power Co 1028.61

Omann Brothers Inc 183.18

Performance Office Papers 896.18

Preferred Correctional Medical 7000.00

Genell Reese 154.07

City Rockford 1778.00

Silver Creek Township 1000.00

City St Michael 5049.50

Total Printing 3904.30

United Parcel Service 251.27

Voss Lighting 344.79

West Suburban Industrial Supply 1380.25

Xerox Corporation 538.89

City Albertville 1523.25

AMI Imaging Systems Inc 550.65

Apec Corporation 203.94

Assn of Minnesota Counties 2200.00

ATD American Co 318.60

Batteries Plus 721.62

Betmar Languages Inc 193.88

Buffalo Hospital 115.00

Clearwater River Watershed 473.06

City Clearwater 683.75

Cole Papers Inc 824.31

Dales Auto Service Inc 126.00

Franklin Denn 416.73

EPA Audio Visual Inc 167.90

City Hanover 850.25

Hillyard Floor Care Supply 2453.10

Ken Jude 180.95

KUE Contractors Inc 61667.79

Loffler Business Systems 270.19

City Maple Lake 662.50

Marquette Bank 200.00

Richard Mattson 100.75

Minnesota Elevator Inc 4924.80

City Monticello 3860.45

Mpls Finance Department 200.00

Office Depot 1061.64

City Otsego 1011.10

Precision Prints of Wright 156.23

Reentry Services Inc 472.50

Research & Information 147.07

Donald Schmidt 304.18

Sprint 101.00

Star Tribune 576.23

Transcor America Inc 2405.32

University of Minnesota 280.00

City Waverly 348.70

Wright County Highway Dept 14058.92

David Zylstra 345.10

28 payments less than $100 1,303.41

Final Total $916,798.84

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 A.M.

Judie Rose, Chairperson

ATTEST: Richard W. Norman, County Coordinator

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