Wright County Board Minutes

NOVEMBER 18, 1997

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Russek, Rose, Mattson, Jude, and Sawatzke present.

The minutes of 11-4-97 were corrected: Page 4, paragraph 2, 3rd sentence, from"Initiative Fund" to "Partnership Fund" (Rose); Page 3, 4th paragraph, 19th sentence, should read "He felt the newly built road access should be used or the new access placed back in its natural state." (Sawatzke). Jude moved to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Aud./Treas. Item #7, "Revisit Appointments to MCIT Voting Delegates" (Rose); Item For Consideration #3, "Thank You" (Jude). On a motion by Jude, second by Russek, all voted to approve the Agenda as amended.

The Consent Agenda was discussed. Jude requested that Item C1 "Authorize County signatures on contract with SRF Consulting Group, Inc. for design of Keats Ave. Bridge Project (future CSAH 6)" be moved to Highway Engineer ltem #4 of the regular Agenda. Sawatzke asked that ltem F2, "Acknowledge receiving a check in the amount of $16,407.80 from lndependent School District 882 (Monticello) reimbursement for Deputy assigned to D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. for the 1996-1997 school year" be removed for discussion. On a motion by Russek , second by Rose, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda with the two items removed:


­ Performance Appraisals: Karen Horsch, Sandra Picha, Suzan Rief, Auditor; Jim Elmquist, C. Coordinator; Kerri Gunnerson, Ct. Admin., Cathy Curtis, Jackie O Dowd, Sheriff's Office

­ O/T Report, Period Ending 10-31-97.

­ Sentencing To Service Quarterly Report, 7/1/97-9/30/97.

­ Claim, Frank Madden, $3,385.96.

­ Claim, Buetow & Assoc, $26,823.66.

­ Refer Weed Inspector Contract to Ways & Means Committee.


­ Approve transfer of Linda Schmatz to License Bureau, Clerk I (current wage) & authorize advertising for replacement.


­ Approve Partial Estimate #5 ($25,283.60) to Lunda Construction Co. For Contract 9701.


­ Deny Request To Rezone Five Acres From AG To R-2, Corey & Marie Looman (Southside Twp.).

E. RECORDER Renew Functional Industries contract for 1998.


­ Accept Resignation, Mary Dongoski, Part-Time Cook & Auth. Replacement, Eff. 12-3-97. -

­ Acknowledge appointment of Chad Strand to the position of Deputy Sheriff, effective 11/19/97.

- Acknowledge appointment of Ronald Hendricks as Corrections Officer effective 12/1/97.

- Refer to Budget Committee of the Whole the issue of maintenance costs Associated with digital live-scan fingerprint equipment.

- Acknowledge the appointment of Jan Rivers to the position of acting Corrections Sergeant while Sergeant Jean Hafften is out on medical leave, effective 11/18/97.

On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Rose, all voted to acknowledge the check from Independent School District 882 (Monticello) in the amount of $16,407.80 for reimbursement for the Deputy assigned to D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. for the 1996-1997 school year.

On a motion by Jude, second by Rose, all voted to amend the Agenda to include ltem For Consid. #4, "Set Budget Committee Of The Whole Meeting."

Richard Norman, County Coordinator, presented Craig Hayes with a plaque for being the recipient of the Lifetime Certified Purchasing Managers Certificate received from the National Association of Purchasing Managers. To earn this certificate an individual has to be in the profession for at least 18 years, meet all educational requirements and attend seminars. Hayes has been certified since 1982. The Lifetime Certification means Hayes will not have to complete the 4-year renewals. Norman has received many positive comments about Hayes and said Hayes works with the highest level of integrity, ethics and professionalism.

Darla Groshens, Auditor/Treasurer, provided an update on County Ditch #33. During the 7-1-97 storm, damage occurred to County Ditch #33 when NSP crews were replacing downed powerpoles. A letter has been received from NSP stating they will assume responsibility for these repairs. Quotes for repair have been received from Fyles Excavating and J.L. Schmitz & Sons. The quotes were bid on the basis of a setup fee and per foot fee to complete the work. Kerry Saxton, SWCD, was contacted and affirmed that J.L. Schmitz & Sons had submitted the lowest quote for repair. Sawatzke moved to accept the quote from J. L. Schmitz & Sons and requested that Groshens contact them to request that the work be completed this fall. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Jude.

The County Board discussed beaver problems associated with County Ditch #30, County Ditch #31, and Joint Ditch #15. Mattson and Russek have viewed Ditch #30 and Ditch #31, and feel that bids should be sought for removal of beaver dams. Russek and Mattson have been involved in review of ditches, but the Board felt that if major repair was needed to any ditch that a Ditch Committee be formed to include local residents. Rose moved to accept quotes to perform dam cleanout on Ditch #30, Ditch #31 and Joint Ditch #15, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

Groshens said information was received stating that the culvert is being upgraded on Co. Ditch #10 and Keats Avenue (Victor Twp.) as part of a County Highway Department project. Rose moved to acknowledge being informed of the project, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

Groshens referenced the 1996 Draft Audit Report which was received from the State Auditor's Office. She said discussion could either be referred to the Budget Committee Of The Whole or a meeting could be set with the Board Chair and Department Heads involved. Russek amended the Agenda to include Item For Consideration #4, "Seta Building Committee Of The Whole meeting."

On a motion by Rose, second by Jude, all voted to appoint Mattson and Russek to the Municipal Board RE: Monticello Annexations. A meeting will be held on 1-12-98.

At the 11-4-97 Wright County Board meeting, the Board discussed correspondence received from MClT stating that an election will be held for two seats on the MClT Board of Directors and voted to appoint Darla Groshens as the delegate and Judie Rose as the alternate. Due to the fact that Richard Norman serves on the MClT Board, Rose moved to change the voting representatives to Richard Norman as delegate and Darla Groshens as alternate. Motion carried 5-0 on a second by Jude.

The claims listing was reviewed. Russek moved to remove the claim on page 12 to Midwest Forensic Pathology ($495.00) and directed the Coordinator to research the claim and withhold payment for one week, seconded by Jude. Russek understood that training should have been included in the contract. Groshens requested that claims to R.D.O. Equipment on page 23 ($4,260.00) and page 26 ($86.35) be removed at the request of the Highway Department. Russek amended the motion to include removal of these two claims, seconded by Jude, carried 5-0. Mattson referenced claims to the City of Buffalo for utility payments on page 9 ($20,745.25) and page 24 ($271.75). He said that generally utility payments do not appear as separate charges and felt this should be researched. He also referred to a claim on page 24 to Bill's Shoe Repair ($266.25). After checking, it was found that the correct vendor should be Bill s Repair & Salvage. On a motion by Rose, second by Russek, all voted to pay the claims subject to audit.

Brian Asleson, Assistant County Attorney, brought forth a request to appoint Mike Couri as special counsel associated with the Albertville road project. Couri has been legal counsel for Albertville throughout the CSAH 19 and 37 improvement Project and has worked closely with the Wright County Highway Department. The Cooperative Agreement requires that Albertville obtain the necessary right of way for the project. Couri has requested to be appointed as special co-counsel for purposes of one condemnation case (City of Albertville vs. Carolyn Diane Vinge, et. al.). Asleson and County Attorney Nelson concur with his request. Couri's fees will be paid by the City of Albertville. Rose moved to appoint Mike Couri as Special Assistant County Attorney to the named case, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

A Communications Committee meeting was held on 11-12-97:

Hutchinson Telephone Company: A representative from lndependent Emergency Services (IES) attended the meeting, a Hutchinson-based 911 telephone service provider. Due to problems with U.S. West, alternative service providers are being reviewed. The U.S. West Contract is due for renewal, and they are asking for an 84-month commitment. Recommendation was to sign a 12-month contract with U.S. West.

UPS (Battery Backup for E911): The current backup system has been put together in a piecemeal fashion and does not cover Dispatch Consoles and the MDT Controller. A functional UPS is needed to back up dispatch in case of a power outage. Cost for a new UPS system is $12,223.00 and would allow for a margin of growth. Loberg Electric will isolate the items in Dispatch which need to be on the generator. The County can use the current UPS's in other areas. The system would be funded out of the E911 Fund account:

Dictaphone for E911: At present, the phone and radio channels are taped and a workstation is needed to listen and tape back. lt is a time-consuming process which needs to be updated. The Committee requested that Swing and Thinesen investigate further. This may require a software purchase.

Change of address request - Dan & Jerry's Greenhouses, lnc.: Dan & Jerry's has requested their address be changed from Cahill Avenue NE to 90th Street to prevent a delay in emergency services. The Committee recommends changing the address after verifying the information with the telephone company.

Jude moved to accept the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

Bruce Thielen, Parks Administrator, requested Board approval for signatures on an agreement with the Buffalo High School to groom the ski trails for the 1997/1998 season. The agreement will run from 11-10-97 to 12-31-98 and may be done on a more limited basis. Discussion followed on fees, which are billed at time and a half. Thielen explained that many times the work is completed after hours. The need for grooming is dependent on snow fall, which also affects other work the Parks Department performs. Russek moved to authorize signatures on the agreement with the Buffalo High School to groom the ski trails for the 1997/1998 season, seconded by Rose, carried 4-l with Jude casting the nay vote.

A Deferred Compensation Committee meeting was held on 11-14-97:

Discuss Fund Transfer. The Wright County Deferred Compensation Plan, Section 9.8, states that a participant may elect to have all or a portion of an eligible rollover distribution paid directly to an eligible retirement plan specified by the participant in a direct rollover. Nelson requests that all funds held in his name be withdrawn from the Plan for purposes of a direct rollover to another eligible Plan. Recommendation: Authorize the Auditor/Treasurer to withdraw all funds held in Wyman Nelson's name from the Plan and to transfer these funds to another eligible retirement Plan designated by Nelson.

At today's meeting, it was explained that IRS rules do not allow the request. Russek moved to accept the minutes without the recommendation as it does not comply with lRS rules, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

A Ways & Means Committee meeting was held on 11-12-97:

Misdemeanor Prosecution Services: Effective 11-1-97, the County has agreed to take over most gross misdemeanors with the exception of traffic. Wyman Nelson presented the Committee with a proposal to offer services to the cities of Buffalo and Annandale. A past Fee for Service Analysis showed that out of the $30.50 per patrol hour charge, $2.00 per hour was for prosecution. The 1998 contract rate per patrol hour will increase to $35.55, with $2.30 being for prosecution. Buffalo averages 2 cars per 24 hour period which would equal $40,296.00 using the 1998 figures. Annandale averages 1 car per 20 hour period which would equal $16,790.00 using the 1998 figures. Annandale has already expressed an interest; however, Annandale is aware that the proposal is contingent on Buffalo also agreeing to the contract. lf both cities accept, the County will need to hire another attorney plus a half-time clerical support person. Recommendation: Wyman Nelson will present the figures to the cities of Annandale and Buffalo. If they accept, he will hire one full-time attorney and one half-time clerical support person.

At today's meeting, Jude moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Rose, second by Sawatzke, all voted to schedule a Budget Committee Of The Whole Meeting on 11-25-97 at 10:30 A.M. to discuss the Digital Scan Equipment and to meet with the State Auditors regarding the 1996 Draft Audit Report.

At 9:55 A.M., Tom Salkowski, Planning & Zoning Administrator, presented a Certificate of Achievement to Mary Anderson and Chuck Davis for the collection and recycling of 10,716 empty pesticide containers in 1997. The program began as an environmentally sound disposal option for pesticide users and has grown due to the benefits realized. Others mentioned for their efforts were the farmers who participated in the program, farm cooperatives, and the SWTF. The program will continue through the chemical dealers. Anderson and Davis were commended for their efforts in the program. Sawatzke noted that Wright County is one of the leading counties in the State with regard to recycling.

Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, presented the Transportation Committee Of The Whole Minutes of 11-5-97 for discussion. A summary of the minutes follows:

Discuss request with Southside Township for 80th Street: Under Southside Township jurisdiction, 80th Street is a two mile roadway lying between CSAH 2 and CSAH 3 and has been identified in the County Transportation Plan as a candidate for future placement on the County road system as a minor collector. A feasibility study is being prepared by Otto Associates to determine the cost to bring the road up to County standards in comparison to Township standards. Discussion involved how the road could be incorporated into the system, the ROW required for adequate drainage, and options for future jurisdiction of the roadway. One potential scenario would be to determine the cost difference between Township and CSAH standards and bill that to State Aid. This would become a budgetary item for the future. Other discussion involved other County road turnbacks. Consensus of the Transportation Committee Of The Whole was to have Marty Campion prepare an estimate for the cost difference between a township standard and state aid standard design for 80th Street. These figures can be brought back to a future Transportation Committee meeting and a scenario such as the one Virgil suggested could be discussed. The communications should be kept open on this subject. Campion will contact the Highway Department when he completes the estimate. At today's meeting, Sawatzke cautioned Fingalson to proceed slowly on this request. The 5-year plan would not provide funding for the request and he did not want them to be too optimistic.

Discuss request from City of Rockford for a four-way stop at junction of CSAH 20 & 33: The Highway Department sent a letter to the City of Rockford in December, 1996, indicating that this intersection did not meet the criteria for a four-way stop and that the County was not in favor of installing one. The consensus of the Transportation Committee Of The Whole was to disallow the four-way stop due to a very low accident history and not being close to meeting any other warrants.

New Park Access On CSAH 20: This was presented as an additional item for discussion by Phil Gravel and Lenny Walker. A new park access had been installed prior to completing a County access permit and without prior knowledge of the Highway Department. On 10-29-97, the Highway Department sent a letter to the City of Rockford denying approval of the access in question. During the City project on CSAH 20 (formerly CSAH 19) a couple of years ago, 3-4 accesses were removed and not replaced at that time. The City is now asking for one additional access to replace the ones not replaced. The additional access does not meet the spacing guidelines which the County is attempting to adhere to create safer conditions through the County road system. The consensus of the Transportation Committee Of The Whole was to grant the access as it was installed. An access permit should be submitted to the County for approval for this park access.

Discuss request from City of Buffalo for path along CSAH 35: The Buffalo City Council would like to implement a bike/walking path from the new Senior High School into Buffalo along CSAH 35, placing a path on the northerly side of the County ROW (a separated path) due to the safety hazard from large volumes of traffic. The current plan would be to place a temporary path along the ROW until the adjoining property develops. The path could be permanently incorporated into the development plans and the temporary portion removed. Not all of the path would fall within the existing ROW, so easements would be required. This project is in the feasibility stage and planning will continue with landowners. Fingalson indicated that the County Attorney stated that the liability for such a path should not be a deterrent to its construction within County ROW. The consensus of the Transportation Committee Of The Whole was to give approval to the path concept as presented with the condition that the agreement between the City of Buffalo and Wright County be put together addressing the concerns discussed.

Discuss status of two issues involving City of Cokato (Shop Site & CSAH 53): At the meeting of 10-3-97, the Highway Department was given direction to obtain an assessment of the current value of the Cokato shop to help determine costs to construct a new shop. The County Assessor was contacted to obtain a ballpark figure for the value of the current 2.45 acre parcel adjacent to CSAH 3. A square foot estimate of 50 cents was used to equate to about $50,000 for the total parcel value. The current shop does not add to the value of the property and there could be a $5000 cost to remove it. Discussion involved land values of surrounding properties. The Highway Engineer asked the Committee for direction on whether the shop issues and the CSAH 53 issue should be tied together or kept separate. City of Cokato officials indicated that it may be easier to sell the proposals to the City if the two issues were worked out together. Russek and Sawatzke felt they should be kept separate. Moving to a new site would require expenditures for: 1) constructing a 10 ton road from TH12 to the site near CSAH 4; 2) getting City utilities into the property; 3) land costs associated with the new site/trade; and 4) building costs. Staying at the existing location would require expenditures for demolition and building costs. The Committee members felt that the City would have to come up with an acceptable package to make this proposal work at the new location. One advantage of the new site would be the potential for a larger site. In regard to CSAH 53, there is a sense of urgency in regard to the future re-designation of CR 118 to a CSAH status. The CR 118 project is at the point of beginning the preliminary location and design work. The Transportation Committee Of The Whole recommends that Dick Mattson approach Cokato City officials to discuss the same CSAH 53 and Shop Site issues and concerns that have been discussed at the Transportation Committee Of The Whole meeting. He will attempt to get something in writing from the City.

At the County Board meeting, changes were made to the Transportation Committee Of The Whole Minutes. On page 7, 2nd to last paragraph, the minutes were corrected to read: "Dick Mattson questioned how the path along TH 12 from Cokato to the High School, as part of the path that runs to Dassel, was financed and constructed. He thought that Cokato Township may have matched construction costs with the State." Sawatzke said that as part of the discussion regarding the new park access on CSAH 20, that the minutes should reflect the reasons for approving outside of the guidelines (there was an actual reduction in the number of accesses and the applicant was a public entity for a public project). On a motion by Rose, second by Sawatzke, all voted to approve the minutes as amended.

Fingalson requested approval of two resolutions. Russek moved to adopt Resolution #97-61 approving Joint Powers Agreement between Mn/DOT and Wright County for winter maintenance of TH241. Motion seconded by Rose. Discussion followed on TH241. Fingalson indicated that construction on this roadway will occur in 2002. Jude said he would vote against the motion on the principal that he did not want to take this roadway back from the State. He did not have a problem with giving CR 128 to the State. Fingalson said correspondence from the State indicates that TH 241 will be received back from the State, but it will be improved prior to receiving it back. Fingalson and Rose are part of the Committee designing the improvements. Motion carried 4-1 with Jude casting the nay vote. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Russek, roll call vote was unanimous to adopt Resolution #97-62 approving Joint Powers Agreement between Mn/DOT and Wright County for Mn/DOT winter maintenance of CR 128.

At the request of Jude, Consent Agenda Item "Authorize County signatures on contract with SRF Consulting Group, Inc. for design of Keats Ave. Bridge Project (future CSAH 6)" was moved to the regular Agenda. Bids for the project were received from OSM and SRF. Jude questioned the message being sent to other companies when a contractor is hired and is not the low bid. Fingalson said the railroad indicated that they preferred to work with SRF due to a work history with them and the bids submitted differed by only $600. Jude did not feel the railroad should indicate which company should be selected, it should be done on the basis of the bid. Norman explained that the Board has the ability to consider factors other than cost when proposals are reviewed, just as when an architectural firm is reviewed. As the County is purchasing a professional service, the formal bid process does not have to be followed. Jude responded that this could also send a message to contractors that it was an "auction" for bidding. Russek moved to accept the contract, seconded by Rose. Discussion followed on the bid submitted. Fingalson indicated that the final cost should be close to what was bid and that it was a not to exceed figure. Jude reiterated that awarding the bid to OSM would save the taxpayers $600 and that OSM was familiar with the County. Sawatzke responded that if the County had previous experience with a professional firm with other projects, they may elect to go with them due to that fact. Motion carried 4-1 with Jude casting the nay vote.

On a motion by Rose, second by Sawatzke, all voted to schedule an MlS Steering Committee meeting for 11-26-97 at 9:00 a.m. Agenda items will include the Web Site, a GIS Project-Parcel Coverage Demonstration & Discussion, and a Sheriff Project Update.

Jude expressed thanks to the County Board, Department Heads, Leadership Team and all others who supported him in the loss of his mother a week ago.

Bills Approved

ABM Equipment & Supply 1116.00

Airtouch Cellular 887.00

Alliant Foodservice 462.25

American Paging Inc 110.98

Ameridata Service 2590.53

City Annandale 705.83

Appert Foods 2818.13

Assn of Minnesota Counties 260.00

George Bakeberg 320.60

Best Disposal Services 394.66

Big Bobs Repair Shop 420.00

Buffalo Clinic 732.00

City Buffalo 21017.00

Cellular 2000 of St Cloud 357.25

Chatham Township 464.95

Commissioner of Transportation 6335.28

Computer Training International 350.00

Corinna Township 689.05

Design Electric Inc 1714.07

John Dziuk 356.40

Ess Brothers & Sons Inc 1331.25

Freestyle Sales Company, Inc. 541.45

Furniture Gallery 500.00

Dale Gapinski 768.00

Gateway 2000 1781.00

Janet Gholson 286.13

Gregorys Foods Inc 201.62

Harkers 451.01

Holt Motors Inc 159.75

Interstate Battery System 117.04

Lake Region Co-op Oil 19048.55

Lily Lantto 102.50

Lawson Products, Inc 541.65

Lunda Construction Inc 25283.60

Marco Business Products 2816.53

The Marketplace 266.25

Marysville Township 691.45

McDowall Company 6038.00

Midland Corporate Benefits Srv 360.75

Minncor Industries 3452.68

Minnesota Chemical Company 157.50

Minnesota State Bar Assn 100.00

MN State Auditor 4778.50

Morries Buffalo Ford Mercury 1044.57

National Bushing & Parts 377.01

NIGP 135.00

Office Depot 2526.41

Omann Brothers Inc 1110.53

Paging Network of MN Inc 371.99

Brian Abrahamson 204.91

City Albertville 870.55

American Business Forms 328.02

American Society of Civil Eng 155.00

Annandale Rock Products 3578.40

Apec Corporation 861.57

Brian Asleson 157.60

AT&T 384.71

Bob Barker Co 1603.23

Betmar Languages Inc 232.80

BRW Inc 364.06

Buffalo Drug 511.57

Catco parts Service 3242.20

Central Minnesota Concrete Inc 9750.00

Cole Papers Inc 987.04

Computer Parts & Services Inc 107.24

Construction Bulletin 160.00

Crow River Industrial Coatings 213.00

Dominos Pizza 349.78

Emergitek Corporation 866.92

Tom Feddema 183.52

Functional Industries 601.73

G&K Services 1028.40

Richard Gapinski 768.00

GE Capital Info Tech Solutions 318.44

Granite Electronics 258.00

Hance Cable Testing & Locating 264.72

Hillyard Floor Care Supply 2426.91

International Personnel Mngmnt 243.00

Kieger Enterprises Inc 6182.23

Lakedale Telephone Company 229.60

LaPlant Demo Inc 581.67

Loberg Plumbing & Heating Co 6699.20

M-R Sign Company Inc 5147.56

Marco Business Products, Inc 743.36

Marks Standard Parts 1181.11

Roger Mattila Electric 817.38

Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Inc 425.11

Yvonne MIller 1698.50

Minnegasco 2670.33

Minnesota CLE 290.00

MN Counties Computer Co-op 1000.00

Dennis Moeller 319.75

Margaret Munson 342.24

National Curriculum Training 166.19

Northern States Power Co 136.16

Denise Olson 199.02

City Otsego 980.05

Dave Peterson Monticello Ford 2682.59

Quality Parts Co 166.95

Reds Auto Electric 117.37

Rockford Township 717.70

Royal Tire-St Cloud 3208.09

Ruffridge-Johnson 207.77

Gary Schnitker MD 1040.00

Servicemaster of St Cloud Inc 4700.00

Sprint 101.00

State of MN Intertech Group 550.22

Striping Services 13294.00

Sysco Food Services of Mn 3843.41

Traffic Marking Service Inc 39297.04

Uniforms Unlimited, Inc 429.47

US West Communications 5839.04

Walmart Store 01-1577 225.76

West Publishing Company 314.56

Luann Winterhalter 119.00

Zep Manufacturing Company 262.84

R&M Supply Co 1126.40

Reds Cafe 228.44

City Rockford 1088.05

Ruff Auto Parts Inc 133.13

Ryan Motors Inc 368.18

SEH 840.42

Sharp Electronics 1774.60

Star Tribune 394.00

State of MN-General Fund 115.49

Sweeney Brothers Tractor Inc 434.40

Total Printing 789.38

Trimin Systems Inc 2172.75

United Parcel Service 134.45

Carol Vander Kooi 4676.78

Warning Lites 830.86

Winsted Publishing Inc 501.21

Xerox Corporation 538.89

Robert Zrust 1368.21

59 payments less than $100 2,803.00

final Total $275,708.95

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 A.M.

Dick Mattson, Chairperson


Richard W. Norman

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