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See better, drive safer in winter


You may winterize your car, but do you winterize your windshield? With two simple steps, you can improve your driving visibility in rain and snow, and drive safer in foul weather.

1. Install a new set of wiper blades. If you live in a climate with a great deal of precipitation, consider heavy-duty winter blades designed to prevent snow build-up.

2. Have rain-repellent glass treatment applied to your windshield by your automotive service professional. Today's advanced glass treatments, such as Aquapel Glass Treatment from PPG Industries, repel rain and snow from auto glass and reduce glare during wet conditions, especially at night.

The result is a clearer view, and that leads to improved response time when it counts. "A vehicle traveling just 40 mph travels the distance of a football field in five seconds, so even one or two seconds of blurred visibility can pose a real danger," notes Bob Howard, manager of Aquapel Glass Products.

As an added benefit, the treatment eases the removal of snow, sleet, and ice from your windshield, helping to clear the way for safer winter driving. It can be applied quickly and inexpensively at your local fast-lube or automotive service center. One application generally lasts through up to six months of normal driving and car washing.

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Automotive Guide
Published October 2003

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