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published July 2013

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Exercising is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle

By Ryan Gueningsman, Delano Herald Journal Managing Editor

When Dale and Kristin Nelson opened My BodyShop Fitness Center in Delano in December 2010, it was their goal to create a truly unique fitness environment.

“We envisioned a community hub of wellness and fitness for all ages, levels, interests, and time,” Kristin said.

The Nelsons, along with their two children, realize and understand the value of a healthy lifestyle, and work to share this with their clients. Kristin is a certified master level personal trainer, has a baccalaureate of science in health and fitness with a minor in nutrition, and is an executive health promotion and corporate wellness specialist.

She acknowledges the client is responsible for achieving the results, and that it takes an enormous amount of discipline and determination.

“We want to be very involved in improving the health and wellness of our community, and are very aware that that means something different to everyone,” Kristin said. “Just walking in the door is a win.”

Below, Kristin shares why people should go to a gym, what the benefits of working with a personal trainer are, and discovering what the ideal workout is for a person.

Why should people go to the gym? Most people know that exercising is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle – helping to burn calories, reducing the risk of obesity, and protecting the heart.

So, you built yourself a home gym. On Jan. 1 you resolved to use that hodge podge of equipment to meet your goals of losing 25 pounds and run the Fourth of July 5K in under 25 minutes. Your doctor told you your hip-to-waist ratio has placed you solidly in the moderate risk category for heart disease and diabetes.

Unfortunately, like 75 percent of most other resolutions, July 4 has come and gone, and your treadmill has become a fantastic clothes drying rack and holiday storage bin shelf. These are some of the common reasons a fitness facility makes sense of the nonsense of going it alone.

There is power in numbers. One reason people go to a gym instead of working out at home is to take distraction out of the excuse box.

Planning your workout at home could easily lead to other tasks and chores on your way to the home equipment, and suddenly it is time to retire for the evening.

Gyms provide access to group exercise classes and a way to work out with other people. The Mayo Clinic noted exercising with a workout buddy, partner, or group is a good way to stay motivated.

Even if you choose to run on the treadmill instead of doing a class, meeting a friend at the gym to run next to each other keeps you motivated so you miss fewer workouts.

The variety of equipment and activities available in a fitness facility help dedicated enthusiasts to meet their goals more quickly with fewer injuries and plateaus, due in part to the qualified staff and trainers at a reputable gym.

What are the benefits of personal training? Back to your New Year’s resolution of dropping 25 pounds and improving your running.

Did you know one of the most effective training mechanisms to improve your event performance is to cross train? Your trainer or coach does.

Mixing up your intervals safely, pushing when appropriate, and recovery as part of your training are skills your personal trainer will bring to the table.

One study showed that 85 percent of individuals who made the investment in personal training stuck to their fitness program and found success.

Utilizing a qualified personal trainer improves your safety and efficacy of effort and workouts, maximizing output and minimizing risk. No longer will you walk into your gym and stare blankly at the array of equipment; your trainer will be by your side with a master plan for both your time together and programs for you to complete on your own to enhance your training.

Personal training relationships are built on trust and bold honesty. It is a confidential forum for you to discuss your concerns and hear from an impartial person with your best health goals in mind.

A good trainer will not judge and will offer support and brainstorm with you on how to make incremental changes you can stick with – no extremes, no crazy rigid or risky activities and “diets.”

A trainer can push you further than you ever thought you could go. They are not in your head hearing that negative self talk of “ I can’t” or “I’m tired.”

Allow yourself to learn from someone whose job it is to help you meet your goals with the latest trends, but also can create a plan for you with your goals in mind, ever changing.

When there is an appointment on your calendar, and you are committed to that time and your coach, it becomes much more difficult to just plop down on the coach with the remote with the knowledge you have disappointed your trainer and, of course, yourself.

Your successes will be measurable with the scale, tape measure, and other tools a trainer will use to track your body composition; even more important though will be the confidence you will gain to look in the mirror, attend your next physical, and finally run a fabulous 5K July 4, 2014.

What is the right workout for you? So – you’ve made the commitment to get fit and join a gym, but the prospect of walking through those doors and exercising in front of or even with other people can be still daunting.

Depending on your goals (weight loss, training for a specific event, rehabilitation, and renewal) you need to approach the fitness center with an open mind and ask questions.

Your local fitness center is not just barbells and treadmills anymore – equipment has come a long way and professionally instructed courses even further.

Many clients, initially intimidated, come in after a few group sessions of Zumba or Power Yoga with nearly unbridled enthusiasm for the classes – the “group psychology” of a higher tide raising all boats is seen at our facility on a daily basis.

Even the most seasoned athletes and exercise fanatics “mix-it up.” This is in part due to exercise ADD, but even more so to develop different muscle groups, increase flexibility or build stamina.

Moreover, it is only by striking a balance between anaerobic/resistance (muscle building) exercise and cardio/aerobic activities that one can truly achieve their goals of getting and staying in shape.

By experimenting with classes, trying different equipment, and integrating circuit and high intensity interval training (HIIT) cross training sessions into your fitness calendar, not only will your interest in exercise be sustained, but your level of wellness will be greatly enhanced.

Three important points:

• Leverage the staff and follow the winners. Professional trainers and experienced athletes want you to succeed. Follow their lead.

• Apply sound nutritional practices in conjunction with your renewed dedication to exercise. These are the Ying and Yang of wellness. One without the other will leave you off kilter. Again – seek advice and take suggestions.

• The third may sound obvious but if you are just starting or just coming back – get a physical. No matter your age or glory days sports stories, you need medical clearance to get serious about your physical fitness. Why do you think schools, teams and camps require physicals for our kids?

For more information on My BodyShop Fitness Center, call (763) 972-9974 or visit

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