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Published 2009

The recycling 3 E’s

By Jen Bakken
Staff Writer

The three recycling E’s – Energy, Economy, and Environment, cover a variety of areas. According to www.recyclemoreminnesota.org, recycling has many economic and environmental benefits.

Since its beginning in Minnesota, recycling has reduced the need for landfill space, reduced CO2 emissions, reduced water and energy consumption, and conserved natural resources. Recycling reduces energy use, is important for our economy and is important for the environment.

“In one week, a Minnesotan can reduce three pounds of junk mail from going into the trash,” said Maggie Mattacola, campaign manager for the Recycling Association of Minnesota. Junk mail consists of window envelopes, flyers, catalogs, and other unsolicited mail.

By recycling five pounds each week, a household can reduce its waste size by 260 pounds, states Recycle More Minnesota.

What can you recycle?

Here are a few examples of items you can recycle. Check with your county recycling coordinator or recycling company for specific information on what materials can be recycled in your area.

Plastics – Plastic bottles with a neck, such as soft drink bottles. Also plastics containers for milk, juice, laundry detergent, and gallon-sized water jugs.

Aluminum cans – Aluminum cans are one of the most widely accepted materials in recycling programs throughout the state.

Steel cans – These can include beverage, aerosol, and paint cans.

Glass – Most colors of glass bottles are accepted. Materials that should not be recycled include ceramic cups, plates or pottery, drinking glasses, heat-resistant oven ware, laboratory glass, light bulbs, mirrors, windshields or window glass.

Paper – Many types of paper can be recycled including; mail, office and school papers, magazines and catalogs, newspapers and inserts, phone books, shredded paper in closed paper bags, bathroom tissue rolls and paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, cracker boxes, pasta boxes, cake mix boxes and tissue boxes, shoe boxes, gift boxes, and electronics boxes.

More things you can recycle

There are many more items and materials that can be recycled such as; appliances, carpet, cell phones, and compact fluorescent lights. Check with your local waste hauler, City or County offices to find out how to recycle these items in your area.

Though household organics recycling may not be available in your area at this time, you can start your own compost bin at home. Apartment residents can start an indoor worm bin to compost food waste.

For more information visit, www.recyclemoreminnesota.org. Check with local stores to see if they accept batteries for recycling. You can also send old batteries for recycling to Battery Solutions, Inc. call 1-800-852-8127.

Remember to recycle your shoes and clothing by donating them to local organizations such as Love Inc-Heartland, call (763) 972-6547. Did you know that even old broken crayons can be recycled? Visit www.crazycrayons.com to learn how.