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Published 2007

Realty Plus of Lester Prairie gives clients star treatment

By Kristen Miller, Staff Writer

With a business geared toward service, Realty Plus of Lester Prairie gives its clients VIP treatment when it comes to buying and selling a home.

Realtor Art Mallak understands that buying a house is serious business, but he also tries to make it enjoyable for his clients.

Mallak and his two part-time Realtors, Ann Mallak and Loren Chrast, give their clients the VIP treatment. For example, if the realtor will be showing a client several houses, they do it in style with one of Mallak’s limousines.

With previous bad experience buying a home, Mallak understands how to treat a customer right and that it’s not all about making a “fast buck,” he said.

“If it’s the house for you, I’ll help you get it, if it’s not, let’s keep looking,” is what Mallak tells his clients.

With today’s buyers market, Mallak’s clients have choices to pick from, he said.

Many agents over price properties to attract sellers, but then after awhile, 90 percent end up dropping the price because it’s over priced, Mallak said.

“If a home doesn’t sell between 60 to 80 days, the price is probably too high,” he said.

Mallak explained that price is the most important, to an extent, when it comes to buying a home.

“If it’s the right price, most people will buy the house and fix it up the way they want it,” he said.

An aspect Mallak uses to market a home for sale is the “Talking House.” This allows buyers to drive up to a particular house for sale, and tune their radios into the station indicated to learn more about that home.

“I try to use new and innovative ways that no one else has,” Mallak said.

His six years of experience has got him being one of the top sellers of Realty Plus based out of Hutchinson.

Mallak also understands that being a Realtor can’t be a nine-to-five job because people are normally working those hours. The Realtors at Realty Plus will work late to make it convenient for their clients, Mallak said.

“Nine-to-five hours don’t work in the Realty business,” said Ann Mallak.

“Art’s around all the time,” she added.

Realty Plus is a one-stop office where 80 percent of the closing take place there with Stonelake Title Company of Cokato.

Mallak and his Realtors do what they have to do to get the job done.

“Closing isn’t the end of the deal,” Mallak said.

If there are any questions or concerns after the closing, clients are encouraged to talk with them, he said.

After buying a home from Mallak, he treats up to 10 people to dinner to B’s on the River in Watertown.

For convenient moving, Mallak offers free use of his enclosed trailer to make moving as easy as possible for his clients.

Realty Plus is located at 32 Juniper Street in Lester Prairie. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Sundays and evenings by appointment. Call for an appointment with any one of the three agents at (320) 395-5421 or visit the website at www.realtypluslesterprairie.com.

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