Delano Fire Department
Delano Herald Journal, Dec. 22, 2014

Dec. 7 - Assist Buffalo Fire Dept at a shed fire in Rockford Township.

Dec. 11 - 700 block of 7th St S for a male passing blood.

Dec. 11 - 100 block of Shady Wood Ln. for a female back pain.

Dec. 12 - 4200 block of 55th St SE for a male with a rapid heart rate

Dec. 12 - 3900 block of 35th St SE for a female chest pain.

Dec. 12 - 400 block of 3rd St N for a female that fell down some steps.

Dec. 12 - Common Bond Apartment for a female knee injury.

Dec. 12 - St Peter School for a female that fainted.

Dec. 14 - Coborn’s for a female weak and confused .

Dec. 14 - Common Bond Apartment for a female possible stroke.

Dec. 15 - 2900 block of Copeland Rd. for a male chest pain.

Dec. 15 - 3800 block of Dague Ave SE for a male chest pain.

Dec. 17 - Assist Rockford Fire Dept at a house fire in the City of Greenfield.

Dec. 16 - 400 block of Babcock Blvd for a male having a seizure .