Hennepin County Sheriff Report
Delano Herald Journal, March 20, 2017

None reported at this time

Welfare Check

Feb 18 A resident in the 4000 block of Co Rd 50, Independence reported received threatening email from a family member. The case is under investigation.

Misc. Assist

Feb 18 A resident at Vinland Center, 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, Independence reported he was being held against his will and his scheduled time to leave. The client was court ordered to be at Vinland and his social worker responded to speak with him.

Dumping Complaint

Feb 18 Report of fish carcass’s and pop cans dumped on a driveway in the 3000 block of Independence Rd., Independence.

Vehicle in the Ditch

Feb 20 Driver slid off the road due to the icy road conditions at Co Rd 50 and Rebecca Park Entrance, Independence. No injuries.

Traffic Complaint

Feb 20 Traffic complaint of a vehicle following too close at Highway 12 and Halgren Rd, Maple Plain. The driver admitted the vehicle in front had slowed down and he had not yet created a separation between their vehicles.

Road Condition

Feb 20 Reported a large pot hole on Budd Street in front o f the Maple Plain Community Church, Maple Plain. The complaintant’s vehicle hit the hole causing a flat tire and he thought it should be marked off. Cones were set in place to mark the holes and MP Public Works were notified.

Car / Stall

Feb 20 WHPS officer stopped to assist a vehicle that was sitting on the shoulder of the roadway at Highway 12 and Co Rd 92, Independence. The driver stated his car broke down and did not know who to call. A towing company was called to pick up the vehicle> The driver and three passengers were given a ride by WHPS office to their destination.

Car Seat Inspection

Feb 20 Sgt Rick Denneson, Ceritified National Child Passenger Safety Technician for installing infant and child car seats was asked for assistance in installing a baby car seat in a vehicle at the WHPS office. Along with the install, the car seat is inspected for safety and a one-on-one educational learning experience of how to install correctly and feel comfortable reinstalling it on your own. This is free to parents, grandparents, nannies, whoever will be transporting your child in their car seats.

Broken Bone

Feb 20 A male fell while playing basketball at Vinland Center, 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, Independence. His leg was put in a splint and he was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Breathing Probems

Feb 20 While assisting a male who had fallen at Vinland Center, 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, Independence, another male who has asthma was having trouble breathing. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Barking Dogs

Feb 21 At 12:13 a.m. reported barking dogs at 1900 block of Budd Street, Independence. Upon arrival dogs were heard barking. Contact with the home owner was tried by knocking on the door but was not able to get anyone’s attention. The owner was called and told he needed to bring his dogs in so that they would stop barking. The owner brought them in the house.

Loud Music

Feb 21 At 1:12 a.m. responded to a loud music complaint in the 5000 block of Manchester Drive, Maple Plain. Approaching the apartment door, it sounded like some was watching a movie or TV. Contact was made and the male was watching a movie and would turn his surround sound down.

Stalled Vehicle

Feb 21 WHPS officer stopped to assist a vehicle with its flashers on, pulled over on the shoulder of the roadway at Halgren Rd and Highway 12, Maple Plain. The driver and passenger were okay, they were waiting for AAA to arrive.

Unknown Problem

Feb 21 Caller reported there was a stalled vehicle at Halgren Road and Hghway 12, Maple Plain and a male was sitting inside in the driver’s seat and a female was standing outside possibly crying. Everything was okay WHPS officer had just stopped to assist them.

Personal Injury Crash

Feb 21 Caller reported a bad car crash at Highway 12 and County Line Road, Independence. The driver had fallen asleep, left the roadway striking the signal light pole at the intersection. The driver was the lone occupant and appeared to have a broken ankle and was taken to the hospital.

Court Order Violation

Feb 21 Reported an Order for Protection was Violated in the 1500 block of Howard Ave. Maple Plain . The victim was texted by the male who the order was against; no texting, no contact allowed. The case is under investigation.

Suspicous Vehicle

Feb 21 At 8:31 p.m. reported a suspicous vehicle parked in the back lot of a church at 8000 block of CR 6, Independence.Upon arrival the vehicle was gone.


Feb 22 Reported a vehicle in the ditch at 7000 block of Highway 12, Independence. The 61 year old driver from Annandale thought he blacked out while driving and woke up down in the ditch. The driver was not under the influence but was possibly having an unknown medical problem. No injuries. The vehicle had a flat front left tire and was not drivable. The driver was transported to McDonald’s where he waited for a ride to pick him up.

Abandonned Vehicle

Feb 22 Reported a red Grand Am was sititng in front of the 7000 block of CR 11, Independence. The vehicle was unoccupied, the windows were down and had been left since dark. No note left inside vehicle on what happened or the owner was going to return. The vehicle was towed.

Gas Odor

Feb 22 Reported a noise was coming from a gas pipe CR 90 and Woodhill, Independence. The caller did not smell a gas odor. Maple Plain Fire used their natural gas meter in the area and it did not detect any gas. Everything was ok.

Solicitor Complaint

Feb 22 A resident had reported a yellow sticky note was left on their door in the 1000 block of CR 92, Independence. The resident had read in the paper WHPS media of others received these and it was solicitation. The note was the same stating unable to make delivery.

Misc. Assist

Feb 22 In the 2000 block of Hitsman Lane, Independence, a male reported he was heavily intoxicated and wanted to get help. The male was transported to the hospital.

2nd Degree DWI Refusal

Feb 23 At 1:52 a.m. a vehicle was stopped at CR 6 and CR 90, Independence. Kenya Kenyatta, Earthman, 38 from Minneapolis was found under the influence of alcohol. Earthman refused to take a breath test. Earthman was arrested for 2nd Degree DWI, Driving After Revocation, Possession of Marijuana in a Motor Vehicle and was transported to Hennepin County Jail. Earthmans vehicle is pending forfeiture.

Car / Stall

Feb 23 WHPS Officer stopped to assist a stalled semi truck on Highway 12 and Baker Park Road, Maple Plain. The truck driver stated the truck was stuck in 8th gear, could not get it to run and had a tow in route to help.

Harassing Phone Calls

Feb 23 Resident reported receiving multiple harassing phone calls in the 3000 block of CR 92N, Independence. The caller keeps asking to access her computer to ‘fix it’. The resident knew it was a scam and told them to quit calling and the calls still persisted.

Solicitor Complaint

Feb 23 Residents reported solicitors had left yellow sticky notes on their doors at Howard Ave and Independence Street, Maple Plain. The note was the same as others left in the cities; unable to make delivery and to call. The company was contacted and advised they were in violation of the Maple Plain and Independence solicitation ordinances which are to protect the residents of Maple Plain and Independence of unwanted solicitors. Summit was told to obain a solicitation permit before they continued their solicitation.

Traffic Complaint

Feb 23 Complaint at 8:50 p.m. at Boundary Avenue and Highway 12, Maple Plain for a semi truck that was weaving out of the traffic lane. The truck driver said he became tired all of a sudden and pulled over to make coffee. He was directed to the Park and Ride where he could rest.


Feb 24 At 4:50 a.m. a male woke up and was having severe stomach pain in the 300 block of CR 110, Independence. The male was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

School Bus Arm Violation

Feb 24 Reported the school bus had its red lights flashing and a vehicle continued driving as the the bus stop arm out was extended out in the 9000 block of Highway 12, Independence. The driver was contacted who was very apologetic.

Identity Theft

Feb 24 Caller reported in the 8000 block of Pioneer Creek Rd, Independence, she was notifed that her daughters social security number had been used on someone else’s income tax return as a dependent.

Road Debris

Feb 24 Reported trucks leaving the road construction site in 1500 block of Howard Ave, Maple Plain were leaving chunks of slippery, gooey mud on the road making it a hazard to drive. City of Maple Plain made arrangements with the contractor to clean up the roadway.


Feb 24 Reported a male was tripping on acid in the 600 block of Nelson Rd, Independence. The male was located and transported to the hospital.