Hennepin County Sheriff Report
Delano Herald Journal, April 17, 2017

School Bus Stop Arm Violation

Jan 13 988 County Road 19, Independence. First Student Bus Driver reported the bus was stopped with the stop arm out, in the southbound lane of CR 19. The kids had already crossed the northbound lane and were walking across the southbound lane directly in front of the bus when a small, dark SUV in the northbound lane drove through the bus extended stop arm. The female driver made eye contact with him and waved at him. The case is under investigation.

Fire Alarm

Jan 13 4000 Windmill Dr, Independence, Fire alarm sounding at the residence. Loretto Fire Dept was on scene with the home owner and found no fire or cause for alarm.


Jan 13 8600 Co Rd 11, Independence. Caller reported a fire of unknown origin. Officer found homeowner had a controlled, burn permitted fire. Delano Fire Dept. response was canceled.


Jan 13 2:52 p.m. Highway 12 / County Line Rd, Independence. A vehicle that was stopped in the turn lane was rear-ended. Witness stated the motorist was using a mobile device and was distracted. The Driver was found to have a revoked driver status. Citation was issued for Driving after Revocation and Fail to Drive with Due Care.

Hit and Run Crash

Jan 13 4:55 p.m. 1500 Wyman Ave, Maple Plain. Owner of vehicle reported while working her vehicle had been struck and found damage to the rear driver’s side tail-light and bumper.


Jan 13 5:03 p.m. Highway 12 / Boundary Ave., Maple Plain. 29 year old female motorist from Cokato stated she did not see the vehicle in front of her slowing down for traffic, admitted to being distracted and didn’t see the car until her airbag deployed. No injuries to the drivers. Citation issued for Failure to Drive with Due Care.

Stop Sign

Jan 13 Maple Plain. The stop sign at Joyce Street and Bryant Street had slid down the pole and was facing the wrong way. Maple Plain Public Works was notified to fix the sign.

Misc. Assist

Jan 13 Male at Vinland Center did not want to stay there and his brother called asking what would happen if his brother left the facility as he is homeless and would not have a place to stay. He was advised his brother should stay at Vinland as the shelters were full due to the cold weather. His brother decided to stay.

Suspicious Act

Jan 13 11:17 p.m. Park & Ride, Maple Plain. Vehicle had two occupants and was parked in the south western corner facing away from the entrance. Police found the 17 year old male was crawling back into the driver’s seat from the back seat. The 16 year old female was in the front passenger seat. The driver was advised to take the female passenger home. He agreed.

Animal Complaint

Jan 14 2500 Providence Path, Independence. Complaints of dogs are off their leashes and defecating in a yard. Officer found the dogs were not licensed with the city and the animal owner was told to register the dogs with the city of Independence.

Vehicle in Ditch

Jan 14 Highway 12 / Co Rd 90, Independence. A Driver passed two westbound vehicles waiting on Highway12 to turn left, south on Co Rd 90. The Driver passed them in the left lane, east oncoming lane, then left the roadway and went into the ditch of the intersection. The Driver stated it was slippery however the road surface was dry and clear of ice. The Driver was issued a citation for Failure to Drive with Due Care.

Property Damage

Jan 14 5200 Manchester Dr, Maple Plain. A neighbor parked her car next to reporting party’s vehicle, opened her car door and banged it into her vehicle. The vehicle was not checked and later was found a dent and some gold paint transfer. The neighbor was contacted to let her know damage was done to reporting party’s vehicle and the neighbor and her friend started yelling at her and slammed the door in her face.

Vehicle in Ditch

Jan 15 Co Rd 90 / Highway 12, Independence. Officer responded to a vehicle in the ditch and found the vehicle just off the roadway stuck in snow and the driver was attempting to dig it out. The driver stated he tried to do a U-turn in the road and went too far off the shoulder and the more he tried to get out, the vehicle slid further into the snow. He called his father to arrange a tow or pull-out.

Suspicious Act

Jan 15 6200 Highway 12, Independence. Vehicle outside a storage unit. The driver had a lock and key in his possession for the storage unit. Everything Ok.

Traffic Complaint

Jan 15 Complaint of a vehicle all over the road and nearly went off the road, suddenly started swerving, and then the vehicle almost struck the pedestrian crosswalk sign and almost left the road. The complainant honked her horn at the driver and called 911. The driver was located at this residence who stated he figured WHPS would stop by, as he knew he jumped the curb and another driver honked at him. He stated he got a terrible Charlie horse and was rubbing his leg trying to get it to release. No impairment was detected. The complainant was called and advised of the Police findings.

Suspicious Act

Jan 15 11:57 p.m. Officer observed a vehicle sitting at 3000 Nelson Rd, Independence for about 5 minutes. Contact was made with the driver and passenger who were friends. They were sitting and talking before she dropped him off at a friend’s house. All ok.

Missing Signs

Jan 16 Theft of Street signs in the city of Independence. Anderson Estates Trail, Kutz Crossing; From Koch’s Crossing “Pavement Ends” and an “S” arrow – curve sign off of Kochs Crossing.

Stove Fire

Jan 16 6200 Wood Hill Lane, Independence. Homeowner reported bacon in the oven caught it on fire and she put it out with a fire extinguisher. The fire was out and Officer assisted in pulling the range out and shutting the gas off. Maple Plain Fire response was canceled.

Deer Struck

Jan 16 At Co Rd 11 / Lake Haughey Rd, Independence a deer emerged from the ditch, the driver attempted to stop and avoid the deer, but struck the deer. Significant damage to the front of the truck disabling it. The driver arranged to leave vehicle at residence.


Jan 16 A prowler was reported running from the area of 5400 Main Street, Maple Plain with a shiny object possibly a knife. The area was checked and nothing was found.

Bridge Damage

Jan 17 Reported the bridge on Independence Road, Independence had been struck. Police found tracks that a northbound truck drove off the roadway and struck the guardrail, damaging it. A small piece of plastic was left behind - possibly from a fender or fender flare or running board. No other evidence found. City of Independence was notified of the damage.

Traffic Complaint

Jan 17 Caller reported a vehicle was driven 40-55 MPH and is weaving back and forth - crossing the fog line several times on Hwy 12, Maple Plain. The driver was located who stated that it was hard to see this evening, she was worried that it was slippery and she was being cautious. No impairment found.


Jan 17 10:37 p.m. Male was playing hockey with friends at Maple Plain Rainbow Park skating rink when he fell and hurt his right side. He could not get up due to the pain and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Impeding Traffic

Jan 18 Traffic complaint at Co Rd 83/ Highway 12 Maple Plain. Vehicle driven 35 mph / 55 mph. Contact with the driver who was worried about the conditions of the roads from yesterday’s rain and it is now below freezing. He was advised the roads were ok and he cannot impede traffic. The driver stated he had given the driver behind him an opportunity to drive around him but they didn’t.


Jan 18 Caller reported at Co Rd 90/ Highway 12, Independence a small car had rear-ended a truck. Police checked the area and the car and truck and were not found.

Identity Theft

Jan 18 2600 Becker Rd, Independence, Resident reported someone got ahold of his companies W2 forms and filed taxes in his name in January for 2016. Also attempted to open a new account at a bank.