Howard Lake Police Report
Herald Journal, July 21, 2014

July 6 - An officer responded to a medical call. The patient was not feeling well, was breathing heavy, has cancer and has a history of heart attacks. Patient was transported by HL Ambulance to a hospital in Waconia. 11th Ave.

July 7 - An officer responded to a report that a resident had gasoline syphoned out of his boat several times in the last few weeks while the boat was parked in his driveway. The resident requested additional patrol. The officer completed a report and advised the resident on options. Shoreline Dr.

July 7 - A resident reported that someone hacked into their Facebook account and is holding it ransom. An officer advised the individual to contact Facebook to have the account re-set. 9th St.

July 7 - The department received information from Craigslist regarding a post referencing suicide that might have originated in Howard Lake. Officers attempted to contact the individual via cell-phone and e-mail. The individual contacted the department the next day and stated he was fine. 8th Ave.

July 8 - An officer unlocked a car for a driver who had locked her keys in it. 8th Ave.

July 9 - Dispatch notified an officer of a possible revoked driver driving through Howard Lake towards Waverly. WCSO was also notified. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. Hwy 12.

July 9 - An officer responded to assist WCSO at a medical call in Victor Township. Deputies and Ambulance were already on scene. The patient was deceased. The officer assisted until MCIU arrived and then cleared the scene. 111th St.

July 9 - A female complainant reported receiving unwanted telephone calls and texts messages from another female resident. An officer contacted the female resident and warned her. 9th St.

July 10 - An officer responded to a domestic call. The officer mediated the situation and the female went back to work for the night. 8th Ave.

July 11 - An officer received a report of a burglary. The resident stated that someone broke into his house while he was on vacation. The resident asked that the incident be logged and did not request further investigation at this time. 8th Ave

July 11 - Officers responded and assisted a resident with getting an intoxicated individual into a vehicle so he could get to the hospital. 7th St.

July 11 - An officer responded to a report that an infant male was possibly having an asthma attack. Howard Lake Ambulance responded and transported the patient to Buffalo Hospital. 7th St.

July 11 - An officer responded to a report that a female resident was having suicidal thoughts and needed transport for an evaluation. Lake Ridge Ambulance responded and transported the female patient to Buffalo Hospital. 10th Ave.

July 12 - A complaint was made regarding the railroad crossing arms on 13th Avenue being down with no trains in sight. Burlington Northern Railroad was advised and responded to correct the problem. 13th Ave.