Howard Lake Police Report
Herald Journal, Dec. 22, 2014

Dec. 7 - An officer received a report of a possible drunk driver westbound on HWY 12. The officer stopped the vehicle and the driver showed no signs of intoxication. Hwy 12.

Dec. 8 - Officers attempted a warrant arrest at a residence in Howard Lake. The subject’s mother stated that he no longer lived there and he was living with friends. 8th Ave.

Dec. 8 - An officer assisted WCSO on a medical in a vehicle east of Howard Lake on Highway 12. The passenger in the vehicle was complaining of breathing problems caused by a panic attack. There was no transport. Hwy 12.

Dec. 9 - An officer responded to a civil custody dispute. The reporting person advised the officer that he will be filing for contempt of court. Shoreline Dr.

Dec. 9 - An officer conducted tobacco compliance checks at several businesses in town. Hwy 12/6th St.

Dec. 10 - A woman slipped in the parking lot and struck her head on a motor vehicle. Howard Lake Ambulance responded and transported the female patient to Buffalo Hospital. Dura Drive.

Dec. 10 - A parent was concerned about her daughter’s name being posted on a website. The father agreed to remove any posts or comments with the daughter’s name. Shoreline Drive.

Dec. 11 - The School Resource Officer assisted Journey’s staff with an out of control student. 8th Ave.

Dec. 11 - A suspicious incident was reported involving a male subject going door to door selling insurance. The male subject was later identified and advised to obtain a peddler’s permit issued by the city. 6th Ave.

Dec. 12 - A citizen applied for a peddler’s license with the City of Howard Lake. A background check was completed by the Police Department. 8th Ave.

Dec. 12 - An officer responded to a report of an unresponsive male subject who was possibly having a heart attack. Howard Lake Ambulance responded and transported the male patient to Buffalo Hospital. 10th St.

Dec. 13 - An officer responded to a report of theft at a residence. Woodland Drive.

Dec. 13 - An officer responded to a dispute between a homeowner and a tenant. 7th Ave.

Dec. 13 - An officer responded to several 911 calls made by an intoxicated individual. The officer advised the intoxicated person to only call 911 for emergencies. 7th Ave.