Howard Lake Police Report
Herald Journal, Feb. 20, 2017

Jan. 29 - An officer responded to a possible domestic. Both parties denied any altercation but admitted to being loud. WCSO assisted. 7th St.

Jan. 29 - An officer assisted a resident with a complaint about a train. 13th Avenue.

Jan. 29 - An officer was dispatched on a report of a woman being falsely accused of theft. The officer assured her that no one has called the police to make a report. 7th St.

Jan. 30 - An officer conducted a check welfare on a resident. The officer contacted the resident via telephone and determined that the resident was fine.

Jan. 30 - An officer responded to a report of suspicious person. A male knocked on the door and advised that he was looking for a party. When told there was no party he left. 7th St.

Jan. 30 - An officer responded to a physical domestic involving a male and female resident. The officer arrested the male party for domestic assault and booked him into the Wright County Jail. 6th Ave.

Jan. 31 - A female resident requested to be arrested for her active warrant. A WCSO deputy responded and arrested the resident. 6th Ave.

Jan. 31 - An officer advised a party about a civil matter. 6th Ave.

Jan. 31 - Officers responded to assist WCSO with an assault in Middleville TWP. All parties were cooperative and officers cleared once a deputy had interviewed everyone. Middleville Township.

Jan. 31 - The School Resource Officer investigated a weapon violation. Co. Rd. 6.

Feb. 1 - An officer attempted to contact a resident who wanted an unwanted guest removed from her home. 4th St.

Feb. 1 - An officer assisted WCSO with a civil stand-by. A Middleville TWP resident was removing his property from a residence. Middleville Township.

Feb. 1 - The department received a request to attempt to locate an uncle of a resident. 8th Ave.

Feb. 1 - A property owner requested a telephone call on a civil issue. There were issues with the current renters. 4th St.

Feb. 1 - An officer mediated a disagreement between residents of a house and gave one of the residents a ride out of town. 4th St.

Feb. 3 - An officer responded to an anonymous report of a howling dog. The dog was not making any noise while the officer was on scene. 6th Ave.

Feb. 3 - An officer received a report of possible threats. Dura Dr.

Feb. 3 - An officer transported a found cat to Crossroads Animal Shelter. 6th Ave.