Howard Lake Police Report
Herald Journal, Jan. 19, 2018

Jan. 7 - Medical - Breathing Problems - 13th Ave. An officer responded to a medical involving a resident who was having difficulty breathing. Howard Lake Ambulance responded and transported the patient to Buffalo Hospital.

Jan. 8 - Harassment - Co. Rd. 6 A resident reported that her nephew is being harassed in school. The SRO advised the caller of her options.

Jan. 8 - 911 Hang-up - 9th Ave. An officer was advised of a 911 hang-up call and learned that a staff member accidentally misdialed a number.

Jan. 8 - Medical - Sick - 13th Ave. An officer assisted HL Ambulance with a routine transport to Allina Hospital and then a transfer to a VA Hospital.

Jan 8 - MVA - No Injuries - County Road 6 An officer responded to an accident involving a truck. Xcel Energy responded to the scene and restored the power.

Jan. 9 - Criminal Damage to Property - Haywood Dr. A resident reported that the rear window of a vehicle was broken at their residence.

Jan. 9 - Threats - 7th St. - An officer responded to a threats complaint.

Jan. 9 - Agency Assist - US Highway 12 - An officer assisted WCSO with a traffic complaint. The officer located the vehicle, stopped it and made contact with the driver who was advised of the complaint.

Jan. 10 - Domestic Disturbance - 8th St. An officer responded to a report of a verbal domestic. The officer stood by until the female had gathered up her belongings and left the residence.

Jan. 11 - Lock Out - Lock In - 4th St. An officer unlocked a vehicle for a motorist who had locked her keys inside with the engine running.

Jan. 11 - Traffic - Complaint - 8th St. Officers responded to a traffic complaint. The officers discussed the situation with both parties.

Jan 11 - Medical - Fall Under 6 Feet - 7th St. - Officers responded to a fall and assisted the patient to her chair. The patient refused ambulance.

Jan. 11 - Check Welfare - 7th Ave. An officer did a welfare check on two juveniles. The children were fine.

Jan. 12 - Citizen Aid - 7th St. - A juvenile male mistakenly took the wrong backpack home from a business. The male was advised to contact the business and return the backpack.

Jan. 12 - Alarm - 1st St. Officers were dispatched to an alarm. Staff advised that alarms were activated and they noticed a vehicle leaving the lot. Officers did not observe any vehicles in the area and staff requested extra patrols.

Jan. 13 - Civil Complaint - 6th Ave. Officers were requested for a civil standby while property management attempted to locate a party who is not allowed on the property. Unable to locate the party in question.