Howard Lake Police Report
Herald Journal, May 11, 2018

April 29 - Agency Assist , Cokato - An officer responded to assist a WCSO deputy with an assaultive juvenile in Cokato.

April 30 - Suspicious - Circumstances - 2nd Ave. - A resident was awakened by a loud thumping noise. The noise could have been inside or outside. An officer checked the exterior of the residence and did not notice anything unusual.

April 30 - Agency Assist - 6th St. - Officers assisted WCSO with a search warrant at a residence in town. Deputies found evidence linking the resident to the theft of a motor vehicle. Deputies arrested the male subject and transported him to Wright County jail.

April 30 - Noise - 7th St. - Officers responded to a noise complaint. Officers spoke with the resident and advised her of the noise complaint.

April 30 - Harassment - 10th Ave., - A resident reported that her boyfriend’s ex-wife was harassing her.

April 30 - Court Order Violation - 7th Ave. - An officer was dispatched on a report of a court order violation.

April 30 - Abuse - 8th Ave. - Dispatch advised an officer of an abuse report to be taken by phone.

May 1 - Agency Assist -625 8th Ave. - An officer assisted WCSO in apprehending a suspect in an incident that occurred in Delano. The suspect was taken into custody without an incident and a gun was recovered from the vehicle.

May 1 - Medical - Fall Under 6 Feet - 1st St. - An officer responded to a patient who fell while trying to close his shades. The officer helped him to a chair. HL Ambulance arrived short time later and checked him out. Male was not transported.

May 1 - Agency Assist - Cokato - A WCSO Deputy was attempting to arrest a male on a warrant and he began to actively resist. The deputy called for assistance. Upon arrival, the officer helped the deputy take the male into custody.

May 2 - Warrant - Arrest - 6th St. - An officer arrested a female subject with an active felony warrant from Michigan. The officer transported the female to the Wright County jail.

May 2 - Medical - Fall Under 6 Feet -1st St. - An officer responded to an elderly male who fell and was having difficulty breathing. Howard Lake Ambulance responded and transported the patient to Buffalo Hospital.

May 2 - Medical - Psychiatric - Behavioral - 10th Ave. - An officer responded to a female resident who was having suicidal thoughts and made comments on it. Howard Lake Ambulance responded and transported the patient to Waconia Hospital.

May 2 - Damage To Property -Shoreline Drive - An officer responded to a report of criminal damage to property.

May 3 - Disorderly - 6th St. - An officer responded to a report of disorderly customers. The business owners did not want further action taken and would not allow the customers back.

May 3 - Agency Assist- Victor Township - An officer assisted WCSO with an intoxicated female who was causing issues and concerns with other residents.