Howard Lake Police Report
Herald Journal, Friday, March 10, 2023

Feb. 26 - 4TH AVE - Juvenile - Runaway - An officer took a report of a juvenile male who ran away from home. The juvenile was located and returned home.
Feb. 27 - SHORELINE DR - Medical Alarm - An officer assisted HL Ambulance with a medical alarm.
Feb. 27 - 9TH AVE - Disorderly - Officer assisted MAWSECO staff with a student who refused to go home.
Feb. 27 - 7TH ST - Death Investigation - Natural - An officer responded to a report of an unconscious party inside a residence in Howard Lake. The party was confirmed to be deceased. The medical examiner determined it was a natural death and the body was released to the funeral home.
Feb. 27 - Waverly - Agency Assist - An officer assisted the Wright County Sheriff’s Office with an assault call in Waverly. The Officer stood by with one of the subjects while they were checked out by Howard Lake Ambulance.
Feb. 28 - 8TH AVE - Suspicious - A resident came into the police department to file a missing person report. The officer tried to explain to the resident that the person is not missing.
March 1 - HWY 12 - Traffic - Complaint - An officer was dispatched to a traffic complaint. The officer was unable to catch the vehicle due to traffic.
March 2 - Stockholm TWP - Agency Assist - An officer assisted WCSO with a med-psych in Stockholm Township.
March 2 - SHORELINE DR - Residential Medical Alarm - Officer responded to a medical alarm and assisted with a lift. Patient was transported to a hospital in Buffalo.
March 2 - Cokato - Agency Assist - An officer assisted WCSO with a medical in Cokato.
March 2 - Memorial Park - Suspicious - Person - Vehicle - An officer investigated a vehicle in the park after hours. No criminal activity observed.
March 3 - 7TH ST - Threats - Officer responded to a threats complaint and learned through witnesses that threats were never made.
March 3 - 7TH AVE - Animal - An officer received a report of a woman kicking a dog repeatedly after the dog got loose. The concerned person did not know who the woman was.
March 3 - 13TH AVE - Medical - Abdominal Pain - An officer was dispatched to a medical. The officer assisted Howard Lake Ambulance with getting the patient on the cot for transport to Ridgeview Waconia Hospital.
March 3 - HWY 12 - Agency Assist - An officer assisted WCSO with a traffic stop. The deputy had the driver perform field sobriety tests.
03/03/23 - 10TH AVE Citizen Aid - An officer was dispatched to a citizen aid. Howard Lake Ambulance was requested due to a possible medical emergency. No transport.
March 4 - Middleville TWP - Agency Assist - An officer assisted WCSO with a residential alarm in Middleville Township.
March 4 - 47TH ST SW - Agency Assist - An officer assisted WCSO with a med-psych in Middleville Township.