Howard Lake Police Report
Herald Journal, Feb. 15, 2016

Jan. 31 - An officer was dispatched to a medical involving an elderly female with difficulty breathing. Howard Lake ambulance responded and transported the patient to Waconia hospital. 13th Ave.

Feb. 1 - Public works reported that they found metal and fiberglass debris in the vicinity of the railroad bridge. Public works believes that a truck may have hit the bridge. Public works cleaned up the debris. Co Rd 6.

Feb. 1 - An officer was contacted by school staff in regards to a runaway student. The student was brought back to school prior to the officer’s arrival. 9th Ave.

Feb. 2 - Officers assisted HL Ambulance with a medical. The patient was transported to a hospital for high blood sugar. 5th St.

Feb. 2 - A resident found a black and white cat at his residence. The cat was transported to Crossroads Animal Shelter. 4th St.

Feb. 2 - An officer responded to a person having an asthma attack while driving. Howard Lake Ambulance responded and transported the patient to Hutchinson Hospital. The officer moved the vehicle off the road to the patient’s residence. 7th Ave.

Feb. 3 - An officer responded to a residential alarm. The officer contacted a daughter of the residents who were not home and advised her to have them update contact information. Orchard Ct.

Feb. 3 - A mother was concerned about her juvenile daughter not coming home when told. The juvenile female was located and returned home. 6th Avenue.

Feb. 4 - An officer received a report of a stolen snowmobile. The snowmobile was recovered south of town abandoned in a cornfield. 13th Ave.

Feb. 4 - An officer assisted a vehicle owner with a civil matter. 5th St.

Feb. 4 - A resident reported suspicious circumstances to the police department. 8th Ave.

Feb. 4 - An officer received a report of a snowbird violation. The officer made contact with the owner and warned the owner that a citation could be issued for the offense. Maple St.

Feb. 4 - A resident reported the theft of three bicycles and a power washer. 10th Ave.

Feb. 4 - A resident of Victor Township reported that her son found a bicycle in the ditch near their house. She had not yet seen the bike but would follow up with more information. Victor Township.

Feb. 5 - An officer attempted to locate the victim of a domestic assault for WCSO. 6th Ave.

Feb. 6 - An officer was dispatched to the location of an open 911 line. There were no problems. 13th Avenue.

Feb. 6 - A relative requested a welfare check on a resident. There was no problem and the resident was advised. 7th St.

Feb. 6 - An officer responded to a noise complaint. The resident was advised and told to limit guests. 7th Street.

Feb. 6 - An officer assisted an elderly resident who fell and needed help getting up. 7th st unt.