Howard Lake Police Report
Herald Journal, July 28, 2014

July 13 - A male rat terrier dog was reported missing. The dog was last seen 90 minutes prior to report being made. Information only. 11th Avenue.

July 14 - A resident reported that he thinks someone in his neighborhood is burning trash at night. He stated that there was a terrible odor last night and that his wife said the flames were over five feet tall. An officer advised the resident to report it immediately so that an officer can respond while the fire is still burning. 10th Ave.

July 14 - An officer received a report that gas was siphoned from a vehicle while it was parked on a driveway over the weekend. The owner of the vehicle also reported that the rear driver’s side door handle was broken. Investigation continues. SHORELINE DR.

July 14 - Officer responded to a possible domestic. PR reported hearing people arguing and stomping in the apartment above her. Officers discovered there is an ongoing dispute between tenants. Both were advised to contact the management regarding their disputes. SHORELINE DR.

July 15 - While on routine patrol an officer came upon a dead fawn in the roadway that had been hit by a vehicle It appeared as if the animal had also been run over by several other vehicles and there was little or no salvageable meat. The officer notified dispatch and put the fawn in the ditch. Cty Rd 6.

July 15 - An officer received a report from a resident that someone had cashed a check from his account in Texas. The resident stated that he did not write the check. The officer called the local bank and verified that the funds were not transferred. The officer also confirmed with the resident that account numbers were changed. The officer advised the resident to contact law enforcement in the location the incident occurred if he wanted to pursue criminal charges. SHORELINE DR .

July 15 - An officer responded to a report of a cat stuck in the sewer. According to the PR, it’s been in there for two weeks. Public works was notified. 5TH ST.

July 16 - An officer responded to a noise complaint. The officer heard banging coming from a business across the street and advised a truck driver who was making a delivery about the complaint. 6TH ST.

July 16 - An officer observed a juvenile operating a go-cart on the city streets. The officer warned the juvenile and also advised the mother of possible future consequences. 10th Ave.

July 16 - An officer received a report of an erratic driver in a vehicle that was approaching Howard Lake. The officer and a WCSO deputy attempted to locate the vehicle but were not successful. Hwy 12.

July 16 - An officer received a report that a resident was being harassed by his neighbor. The officer advised the resident of his options. The resident stated that he just wanted the incident documented. 10th Ave.

July 16 - An officer responded to a report of a resident who was dressed inappropriately. The officer observed the individual and determined that while possibly offensive to some, there was nothing indecent about the individual’s attire. 6th Ave.

July 16 - A theft of a cash drawer was reported by the employees at the American Legion. The male subject was identified and observed on surveillance video removing the cash drawer. The male suspect admitted taking the cash drawer. The investigation was forwarded to the county attorney’s office. 7th Avenue.

July 17 - An officer responded to a report of a possible altercation near the fairgrounds involving an individual whose vehicle window was shattered by a rock thrown from a lawn mower. There was no altercation and the officer cleared the scene. CO RD 6.

July 17 - An officer responded to a report of a loose dog. The officer searched the area and did not locate the dog. 6TH ST.

July 17 - An officer assisted WCSO with a tree that fell onto County Rd 5 north of County Rd 30 and was blocking both traffic lanes. The Officer assisted until a WCSO deputy arrived. Township was notified for removal. County Rd 5 SW.

July 17 - An elderly female fell outside and passed out. Howard Lake Ambulance responded and handled the incident. There was no transport or need for an HLPD Officer to respond. 9th Ave.

July 17 - Assistance was requested for an intoxicated male individual. 7th St.

July 19 - An officer responded to a traffic complaint. The officer checked the area but could not locate the vehicle. 11TH AVE.

July 19 - An officer responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival the officer located the occupants who were in the area and determined that they were not doing anything suspicious. 10th Ave.

July 19 - On routine patrol an officer noticed that someone threw an egg at a car. The officer notified the registered owner who didn’t want to file a report and cleaned his car. Information only. 9th St.