McLeod County District Court
Herald Journal, Feb. 8, 2016

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The following case was heard in McLeod County District Court Jan. 12, Judge Terrence Conkel officiating:

Thomas Jerrel Perry, 26, of Glencoe, pleaded guilty to one felony count of driving while impaired. The court stayed the execution of 42 months in prison and placed him on probation for five years, with the following conditions: that he serve 180 days in the McLeod County Jail, complete a chemical dependency evaluation, follow the recommendations of the evaluation, have no use or possession of alcohol or drugs, attend a victim impact panel, and pay a surcharge of $85.

The following case was heard in McLeod County District Court Jan. 15, Judge Michael Savre presiding:

Lindsay Carl Penk, 64, of Stewart, had previously appeared in court and had pleaded guilty to one count of reckless discharge of a firearm within a municipality. He appeared for sentencing. The court placed him on probation for one year, with the following conditions: that he serve five days of community service work, not possess guns for one year, complete a chemical dependency evaluation and follow its recommendations, have no use or possession of alcohol or drugs, and pay a fine and surcharge of $485.

The following misdemeanors and petty misdemeanors were heard in District Court Jan. 11-14. Minnesota State Patrol (MSP); Sheriff’s Office, (SO); Brownton Police Department (BPD); Hutchinson Police Department (HPD); Glencoe Police Department (GPD); Lester Prairie Police Department (LPPD); Silver Lake Police Department (SLPD); Winsted Police Department (WPD); Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Antonio Escamilla, 27, Gaylord, disorderly conduct, stay of imposition, $185, no same or similar, commit no acts of domestic abuse, no assault, no disorderly conduct, one year probation, four days confinement, credit for time served four days, GPD; Nicholas C. Hildebrandt, 20, Hutchinson, driving without a valid license, $185, GPD; Gustavo C. Tholke, 19, Glencoe, possession of drug paraphernalia, $135, GPD; Danielle N. Conway, 22, Hutchinson, operate motor vehicle after license suspension, revocation or cancellation, 30 days confinement, stay 30 days for one year, no same or similar, no driver license violations, possession of drug paraphernalia, $100, HPD;

Robin D. Pannell, 44, driving without a valid license, $200, HPD; Omar M. Campos, 38, Minneapolis, parking in front of public or private driveway, $62, SO; Sherry J. Eddy, 53, Glencoe, turning at intersections/left turn on other than one-way roadways, $135, SO; Steven C. Freitag, 28, Hutchinson, driving after revocation, $285, SO; Ryan J. Holthaus, 35, Monticello, speed, $145, SO; Curtis J. Chalupsky, 28, Winsted, driving after revocation, $285, MSP; Marcos R. DosSantos, 46, Bloomington, speed, $125, MSP; Shawn L. Jones, 36, New Ulm, speed, $135, driver must carry proof of insurance, dismissed, MSP;

Leann K. Lange, 57, Wood Lake, speed, $125, MSP; Rick A. Larson, 55, St. Paul, keep to the right over center line, $135, MSP; Mai H. Lee, 23, St. Paul, speed, $225, MSP; Dylan R. Dalbec, 22, Howard Lake, speed greater than reasonable, $125, WPD; Dana M. Candella, 36, Winthrop, speed, $125, MSP; Samantha R. Herold, 20, Arlington, speed, $125, MSP; Daniel J. Kriedeman, 26, South Haven, no proof insurance, $285, MSP;

Francisco J. Barbosa, 38, Hutchinson, time-limited parking, $37, HPD; Virgil C. Voigt, 75, Hutchinson, driver fails to use due care to avoid colliding with bicycle or pedestrian, $135, HPD; Matthew P. Dols, Norwood Young America, driver must carry proof of insurance, dismissed, SO; Kathryn L. Stovern, 65, Howard Lake, speed, $135, SO; Dean R. Vroman, 55, Milroy, speed, $135, SO; Adam J. Domke, 33, Sauk Rapids, take migratory waterfowl without migratory bird hunting and conservation stamp, DNR, David J. Melich, 58, Hector, seat belt, $110, MSP; Mike J. Tomsche, 44, Eden Prairie, speed, $125, MSP;

Lucas J. Brown, 22, Norwood Young America, open bottle in motor vehicle, two days confinement, two days credit for time served, $185, littering, $115, concurrent, BPD; Johnathan A. Giefer, 30, Mankato, physically disable park/obstruct parking space, $285, GPD; Cory A. Robinson, 27, Hutchinson, driver must carry proof of insurance, dismissed, HPD; Joslyn K. Stenmark, 19, Litchfield, driver must carry proof of insurance, dismissed, HPD; Mitchell J. Merges, 24, Howard Lake, fleeing a peace officer by a means other than a motor vehicle, no same or similar, $285, six months probation, WPD.