Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, April 13, 2015

None at this time

March 16 - Officer responded; however, no shots were heard. 3100 block Aspen Avenue, Medina.

March 16 - Officer was able to unlock the without any apparent damage. 200 block Cheyenne Trail, Medina.

March 16 - Keys found in Foxberry Park - turned over to the police department. Keys are for a Cadillac SUV and will be kept until owner comes forward. 900 block Foxberry Farms Road, Medina.

March 16 - Officer noticed a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot; approached the vehicle and asked the male what he was doing; he stated he was just taking a nap. 100 block County Road 24, Medina.

March 17 - Report of a large piece of wood in the roadway on Homestead Trail south of County Road 24. Officer checked the area but only located a piece of cardboard in the road; moved it to the shoulder. County Rod 24 and Homestead Trail, Medina.

March 17 - Passerby reported a possible “slumper” in a vehicle on the shoulder of eastbound Highway 55 just west of Willow Drive. Highway 55 was checked; no vehicle was found. Highway 55 and Willow Drive , Medina.

March 17 - Road rage traffic complaint. Officer stopped the vehicle – case to be forwarded for formal charges. Highway 55 and County Road 101, Medina.

March 17 - Upon officer arrival, vehicle was parked in a posted no parking zone. Citation was left on the windshield of the vehicle. 300 block Lorenz Street, Loretto.

March 18 - Driver was advised of complaint and released. Highway 55 and Wichita Trail, Medina.

March 19 - Employee called regarding an unwanted female playing the bagpipes in the parking lot of Polaris. Upon arrival, officer spoke with the female. She said she was hired by Tartan Marketing to play in the lot until 1300 hours for guests arriving for meetings. Officer spoke with a facilities manager who had just received notification from upper management. They said she was approved to be on the property. She was scheduled to be done at 1:00 pm and opted to leave the property. 2100 block Highway 55, Medina.

March 20 - Resident reported damage to property at her neighbor’s residence. Multiple acts of vandalism also occurred throughout Baker Park as well. 2700 block County Road 19, Medina.

March 20 - Passerby reported large flames on a property along Wichita Trail. Officer responded and found the homeowner burning some brush. Homeowner did have a burn permit on hand. Officer warned him to keep a close eye on the fire due to the dry conditions and to make sure the fire was out before going inside. 4500 block Wichita Trail, Medina. Before arriving dispatch advised that a second caller advised hearing what they thought were fireworks. Officer responded and saw nor heard anything suspicious in the area. 3500 block Sioux Drive, Medina.

March 20 - Citation issued for Disorderly Conduct. 500 block Highway 55, Medina.

March 21 - Report of a German Shepherd loose on a resident’s property. Officer was unable to locate the dog. 2800 block Hunter Drive, Medina.

March 21 - Driver was stopped. She had not been drinking and said she was driving a little slower than the other vehicles but thought in a safe manner. The driver was advised. Highway 55 and Willow Drive, Medina.

March 22 - DWI BAC .29. Arrowhead Drive and Prairie Drive, Medina.

March 22 - I responded to a vehicle lockout. The vehicle was unlocked without incident. 3800 block Linden Drive W., Medina.