Medina Police Report
Friday, Jan. 22, 2020

Jan. 5 – Suspicious act: While on patrol, located a vehicle in the parking lot that had lights off and engine running. Subject was sleeping. Discovered marijuana and paraphernalia in vehicle. Driver cited, and advised not to drive. Address: 1300 block Baker Park Road.

Jan 5 – Vehicle in ditch: Observed occupied minivan with handicap license stuck in the snow. Officer helped push vehicle out. Address: 3500 block Pioneer Trail.

Jan 7 – Fire alarm: Dispatched to fire alarm. Fire department determined it was a malfunction in a valve. Business owner advised. Address: 873/871 building Meander Court.

Jan 7 – Dumping complaint: Dispatched to report of business plowing snow onto private property. Business owner advised to move it. Address: 300 block Lorentz Street.

Jan 7 – Suspicious act: Officer advised of suspicious vehicle circling the business as employees were leaving for the late shift. Vehicle described as dark colored box-type vehicle. Extra patrol requested. Address: 300 block Clydesdale Trail.

Jan 08 – Theft: Dispatched to take theft report. Investigation ongoing. Address: 300 block Clydesdale Trail.

Jan 8 – Scam: Dispatched to take threat/scam report of demanding Bitcoin to avoid exposure of pornographic video. No financial loss. Address: 2200 block Tamarack Drive.

Jan 8 – DWI: 52-year-old male arrested for 2nd degree DWI. Address: 4400 block Maple Street.

Jan 10 – Suspicious act: Took report of loud vehicles driving through the woods at night, and more traffic lately. Address: 4100 block Apache Drive.