Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Jan. 9, 2017

None reported at this time

Dec. 12 - Vehicle was unoccupied. No traffic obstructions. 2900 block Hunter Drive, Medina.

Dec. 12 - Theft and fraud from a resident’s Paypal account. 1400 block Hunter Drive, Medina.

Dec. 12 - Police spoke with the driver who said it would only be a few minutes until his engine would un-gel as it was a diesel truck. He was able to get the vehicle to the shoulder and out of the traffic lane. County Road 19 and Sycamore Trail, Medina.

Dec. 14 - Reported that someone knocked several times on a resident’s door; however, she wasn’t expecting anyone. Upon police arrival, police observed a flyer for a cable company in her door. Resident said that she would be contacting the cable company in the morning. 2400 block Willow Drive, Medina.

Dec. 15 - The owner of the car had AAA on the way to tow the vehicle. Brockton Lane N and County Road 47, Medina.

Dec. 15 - Burdas Towing was just across the street and assisted with removing the vehicle from the road. The driver of the truck said his gas line had frozen. County Road19 and Highway 55, Medina.

Dec. 16 - Reported that 13 tires were taken off vehicles in the parking lot. 200 block Highway 55, Medina.

Dec. 16 - Veh In Ditch. Vehicle was gone on arrival. 100 block County Road 24, Medina.

Dec. 16 - Resident found an orange, declawed cat with no collar. Police advised the individual to speak to the Humane Society and see if they would take the cat. Resident did say she has posted this in social media. 300 block Lythrum Lane, Medina.

Dec. 16 - Report of a male walking east on County Road11. The male said he was walking to the store. Police offered him a ride; however, he refused. Police made him aware of people’s concern about him walking. County Road 11 and County Road 19, Loretto.

Dec. 16 - Police observed a motor vehicle in the ditch. Upon making contact with the driver, the driver said he lost control due to the snow. He also only had a Mexican ID card; he was cited for not having a valid Minnesota driver’s license. 2600 block County Road 24, Medina.

Dec. 17 - The odor was coming from an oil based hot water heater. Hamel Fire Department arrived and used some fans to clear out the residence. The homeowner contacted a company for further assistance.2300 block Willow Drive, Medina.

Dec. 17 - Upon police arrival, another citizen had already assisted the party in getting out of the ditch. County Road 101 and County Road 47, Medina.

Dec. 17 - Police responded to a report of a gas no pay, the party was still on site. The individual’s check was declined and he was waiting for an individual to respond to pay for the fuel. Driver was arrested for Driving After Cancellation Inimical to Public Safety. 700 block Highway 55 , Medina.

Dec. 17 - Vehicle stolen from a local business. 200 block Medina Street N., Loretto.

Dec. 17 - Police observed that the vehicle had a door frame that wouldn’t allow the use the lock out tools. Owner said they would get another set of keys to unlock the vehicle. 3200 block Red Oak Trail, Medina.

Dec. 18 - DWI - 4th Degree - BAC. Penn and Park, Minneapolis.

Dec. 18 - 1600 block Homestead Trail, Medina.

Dec. 18 - Reported that a package was taken from the porch of a resident. 200 block Cherry Hill Alcove, Medina

Dec. 18 - Vehicle was unlocked by police. 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

Dec. 19 - Vehicle was unlocked; no damage. 500 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

Dec. 19 - Vehicle was unlocked; no damage. 200 block Highway 55, Medina.

Dec. 20 - Police observed that a fire hydrant had been knocked over; appears the damage was done by a truck backing into the hydrant. 900 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Dec. 20 - Call for a snowmobile with a ski wedged in the railroad tracks. Reporting party responded to the scene and said his son got the ski stuck while crossing the tracks. Burdas Towing was able to free the snowmobile and CP Rail was advised. Medina Street N at the Railroad Tracks, Loretto.

Dec. 21 - Report that the driver of a passenger car was nearly run off the road by a semi. The driver of the semi said he properly merged into the lane of traffic; the driver of the passenger car was not slowing to let him merge. Highway 55 and Willow Drive, Medina.

Dec. 21 - Reported that a resident’s baseball memorabilia collection and bobble heads were taken from a shed. 100 block Crestview Lane, Loretto.

Dec. 21 - Fraudulent use of credit card at the Medina Target. 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

Dec. 21 - Report of several juveniles were seen on the roof of Holy Name Church; juveniles were throwing toilet paper into the trees of the courtyard. Reporting party yelled at the males; males then ran out of sight. 100 block County Road 24, Medina.

Dec. 22 - Report of a gas smell. An unlit burner on the stove was causing the smell. 200 block Medina Street, Loretto.

Dec. 22 - Reported that someone on a red snowmobile did a U-turn at the end of a resident’s yard near the road. There was no damage. 400 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Dec. 23 - Reported that a semi truck had its back door open and that the driver was “running around weird”. Police spoke with the driver who advised that at his last stop the door to the trailer was ripped off at the loading dock and he stopped to make sure it was secure. 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

Dec. 23 - Unknown individual attempted to open a credit card in using a resident’s information. 1400 block Hunter Drive, Medina.

Dec. 23 - Police observed a vehicle travelling approximately 10 mph down the shoulder with its four-way hazards. The driver said the vehicle had an alignment issue which was why he was travelling so slowly on the shoulder. County Road 19 and County Road 24, Medina.

Dec. 23 - While on routine patrol, police observed a vehicle stopped at the bottom of the hill on Maple Street with its lights on. Upon approaching the vehicle, observed there was someone in the passenger seat but not in the driver’s seat. Passenger said that her other half was out taking the dog for a quick walk in the park before going home. 4400 block Maple Street, Medina.

Dec. 23 - Fraudulent $20.00 bill was passed at the business by an unknown person. 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

Dec. 24 - Individual left the residence prior to police arrival. 600 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Dec. 25 - Vehicle was unlocked; no apparent damage was caused. 900 block Sunset Court, Medina.