Medina Police Report
Friday, April 9, 2021

March 22 – Escort: Officer responded to location where utility company needed to mark the property. Address was flagged to have an officer present while working on this property. Address: 5300 block County Road 101.

March 22 – Suspicious act: Responded to report of drone flying through a neighborhood. Reporting party concerned as to the times of day and height the drone was flying that it may be looking in people’s windows: Address: 3000 block Basswood Road.

March 22 – Harassment: Received call in reference to harassment of a male knocking on windows at the residence. No one was actually seen. Address: 200 block Mallard Lane.

March 23 – Burglary/suspicion: Officer responded to report of noises heard in a residence. Residence was searched and nothing was found. Cleared. Address: 200 block Calamus Circle.

March 23 – Suspicious act: Dispatched to report of black pickup truck in a field. Upon arrival, the vehicle had left but tire tracks were visible in the mud. No damage to property. Address: Mohawk Drive and Chippewa.

March 24 – Dumpster fire: Dispatched to report of dumpster fire. Fire was extinguished by Hamel Fire Department. Several garbage cans were damaged. Due to time of day, owner will be advised later. Address: 1600 block County Road 24.

March 24 – Parking complaint: Received a phone call about construction workers parking in the roadway of a different development than where they are working. Advised it was a public street so cannot restrict parking. Construction worker was spoken to and advised to park on a different street. Address: Meander Road and Jubert.

March 24 – Parking complaint: Received phone call about railroad workers parking where employees park. Advised it was a public street so could not restrict parking. Attempts will be made to contact CP Rail about the issue. Address: 100 block Westfalen Trail.

March 26 – Dumping complaint: Received an email notice in reference to bags of trash being dumped on Hunter Drive quite frequently. Public Works picked the bags up and disposed of them. Address: Hunter Drive and County Road 24.