Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, May 25, 2018

April 23 - Resident was concerned for the safety of a juvenile riding a go-kart. Police were unable to locate the go-kart or juvenile. Addresses Involved: 3200 block Pin Oak Road, Medina.

April 23 - Scam Attempt Reported: Resident received a voicemail from a person claiming to be from the IRS. He returned the call and recognized this to be a scam. Addresses Involved: 3700 block Lilac Drive, Medina.

April 24 - Scam Reported: While resident was out of town, a threatening message was left on a resident’s home phone stating there would be an arrest warrant if there was no response. Addresses Involved: 3300 block Red Fox Drive, Medina.

April 24 - Animal Complaint - Nuisance Complaint Reported: Reported that a neighbor had not cleaned up after the dog; neighbor found this to be disturbing and a nuisance. Addresses Involved: 200 block Cherry Hill Trail, Medina.

April 24 - Forgery Reported: Officers responded to the report of possible prescription forgery in progress. Person of interest was detained and released. After further investigation, this person was arrested at a local business establishment. Addresses Involved: 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina. Names Involved (Arrested) Garlock, Jason Steven, from Minnetrista (Age:35).

April 24 - Scam Attempt Reported: Scam involving a resident’s address being used on a mailing and fraudulent checks being sent to another business. Addresses Involved: 100 block Loretto Street, Loretto.

April 24 - 4th Degree DWI Reported: BAC .08. Addresses Involved: 100 block Westfalen Trail, Medina. Names Involved: (Arrested) Weatherson, Craig Michael, from Plymouth (Age:53).

April 25 - Suspicious Act Reported: Reported that a vehicle had pulled into a resident’s driveway. The resident said he spoke to the driver who said he was looking for Lisa. Resident said there was no Lisa at this address; he also thought the driver was possibly intoxicated. Police were unable to locate the vehicle. Addresses Involved: 3000 block Willow Drive, Medina.

April 25 - Forgery/Rpt Reported: Fraudulent attempt to obtain duplicate credit card. No monetary loss. Addresses Involved: 2300 block Tamarack Drive, Medina.

April 25 - Parking Complaint Reported: Reported that a vehicle was parked in front of a fire hydrant. Police located the driver of the vehicle and asked that he moved the vehicle. Police also made him aware that he cannot park in front of the hydrant or on this side of the road since the road is posted “No Parking”. Addresses Involved: 4400 block of Shawnee Woods Road, Medina.

April 25 - Traffic/Complaint Reported: Police received call of a traffic complaint of a vehicle weaving within the lane of traffic. Police located the driver and vehicle; vehicle had a spare tire. Driver said who he does drive slow with the spare and it does pull at times. Addresses Involved County Road 19 and County Road 11, Loretto.

April 26 - Theft Reported: Driver and passenger entered the store; the driver purchased an item and the male passenger took a pack of cigarettes and placed them in his pocket. An employee stopped the male and the male gave the cigarettes back prior to leaving. Police located the male at his residence; he was warned and advised he would have been charged if he left with the item. Addresses Involved: 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

April 27 - Trespass Reported: Individual crawled under the fence and retrieved a backpack from a vehicle that was in the impound lot. Charges are pending. Addresses Involved: 4700 block County Road 19, Medina.

April 27 - Theft Reported: Employee theft. Citation issued for theft. Addresses Involved: 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina. Names Involved (Cited) Heisler, Robert Anthony, from Spring Park (Age:55).

April 28 - Disturbance Reported: Car alarm sounding for an extended period of time. Addresses Involved: 500 block Clydesdale Circle, Medina.

April 28 - Prowler Reported: Police were dispatched to possible car prowlers. Resident reported that a vehicle had circled through the townhomes neighborhood, and stopped in front of his neighbor’s home. An individual got out of the vehicle and the vehicle took off when they saw the resident. Police checked the area; however, found nothing suspicious and no vehicles tampered with. Addresses Involved: 3200 Block Pin Oak Road, Medina.

April 28 - Hangup 911 Reported: It was determined the call was made by the homeowner’s three-year-old son. Addresses Involved: 700 block Lilium Trail, Medina.

April 29 - GM No Insurance Reported: Driver placed under arrest for Gross Misdemeanor No Proof of Insurance and transported to the Medina Police Department where she was interviewed, booked, and released. Addresses Involved: State Highway 55 and County Road 116, Medina. Names Involved: (Arrested) Franks, Melissa Love, from Delano (Age: 20).

April 29 - Grass Fire Reported: Police responded and observed small flames in the mulch near the garage. Police extinguished the fire using the fire extinguisher. Long Lake Fire also responded. Addresses Involved: 2500 block Keller Road, Medina.

April 29 - CANC-IPS/Interlock Violation Reported: Driver was arrested and booked at the Medina Police Department. He was then released pending formal charges. Addresses Involved: State Highway 55 and Hamel Road, Medina. Names Involved: (Arrested) Torres-flores, Norberto, from Brooklyn Park (Age:47).

April 29 - Motorist Assist Reported: Disabled vehicle will be moved. Addresses Involved: 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.