Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, May 30, 2016

None reported at this time

May 2 - Mailbox vandalized. 1500 block Willow Drive, Medina.

May 3 - Damaged mailbox. 1400 block Willow Drive, Medina.

May 3 - Grass Fire. Police arrived to find a large number of railway workers in the area, appeared to be changing out some rail. No problem or fire found. Highway 55 and Willow Drive, Medina.

May 3 - Volleyball net reported damaged. Police thought the net was either burned or if the tension of the string and the wind simply broke the string. The wind was blowing very strong. 500 block Ridge View Circle, Medina.

May 3 - Missing grey cat, approximately 10 pounds. 3400 block Chippewa Road, Medina.

May 4 - Locked Out/In. Police were unable to unlock the vehicle. Driver contacted her daughter who brought an extra set of keys. 4300 block Highway 55, Medina.

May 4 -DWI. BAC .12. Highway 55 and Tamarack Drive, Medina.

May 5 - Report of a 911 open line; dispatch advised they could hear a lawn mower in the background. Police arrived; determined to be a pocket dial. 4600 block County Road 11, Medina.

May 5 - Report of a damaged mailbox. 800 block Foxberry Farms Road, Medina.

May 6 - Driver said he was unfamiliar with the area and didn’t realize he was driving slowly; he was trying to find a business. Police gave him directions. Highway 55 and Arrowhead Drive, Medina.

May 6 - Resident reported he was involved with a scam in Mexico and lost approximately $350,000 over the last two years. Referred to Investigations. 4600 block Bluebell Trail, Medina.

May 6 - Report of an unwanted solicitor. Solicitor was arrested for selling without a permit. 300 block Ridge Circle, Medina.

May 6 - Report of a trailer parked for nearly two weeks. Police informed the owner that the trailer could not be parked on the street for longer than 12 hours. 2600 block Bobolink Road, Medina.

May 6 - No pay. Loss: $19.84 in gas. 200 block Highway 55, Medina.

May 7 - Two juvenile passengers and Carter Louis Fallen, age 18, from Medina, were issued citations for Minor Consumption of Alcohol. One juvenile passenger was issued a citation for Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol. County Road 116 and Highway 55, Medina.

May 7 - Report of a damaged mailbox and sign. 1500 block Tamarack Drive, Medina.

May 7 - Initially reported that the vehicle was fully engulfed. Upon arrival, Loretto Fire Chief was on scene and there was no fire. The vehicle had an electrical issue which caused smoke to come out of the vehicle. There was no fire. Burda’s towing arrived and towed the vehicle. Lorenz Street and Medina Street N., Loretto.

May 7 - Reported that $25 in cash was missing from a backpack. 400 block Evergreen Road, Medina.

May 7 - Loud music complaint. 200 block Saint John Street, Loretto.

May 8 - Reported that an individual was drunk and causing problems. Individual was not located. 4500 block Pioneer Trail, Medina.

May 8 - Received an anonymous complaint of a loud loudspeaker coming from Inn Kahoots. The bar was hosting a charity benefit and they were reading off raffle ticket numbers on the back deck. The speaker was shut off. 00 block Hamel Road, Medina.

May 8 - DWI/DAC-IPS - Test Refusal. DWI - 1st Degree and DAC-IPS arrest. Hamel Road and Sioux Drive, Medina.

May 8 - Loss: $17.00 in fuel. The fuel was later paid for. 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

May 9 - Resident reported that she thought she heard shotgun shots from north of her property. She was advised that the turkey hunting season was open and that it was possibly from hunters in the area. 2000 block Pinto Drive, Medina.

May 9 - Driver said he reached for a piece of paper with directions on it and went into the ditch. Burdas Towing pulled the vehicle out; no damage was done to the vehicle. Chippewa Road and Mohawk Drive, Medina.

May 11 - Coyote spotted in the neighborhood. 4400 block Bluebell Trail S., Medina.

May 11 - Report of a suspicious male running in the area. Male was not located. 1500 block Homestead Trail, Medina.

May 11 - Resident turned in an iPad she found resting against her mailbox post. 400 block Hamel Road, Medina.

May 11 - Resident had fallen and needed assistance getting up. 800 block Hamel Road, Medina.

May 12 - Report of a male sleeping in a vehicle. Male said he was taking a nap before going to his next appointment. 900 block Fox Path Court, Medina.

May 12 - Bracelet turned into the police department for safekeeping. Bracelet was left at Target and had been placed in the lost and found and not claimed. 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

May 12 - Report of two juveniles riding a 4 wheeler and dirt bike in the city park. They were not located by police. 2500 block Bobolink Road, Medina.

May 12 - Homeowner reported smelling smoke in the home. Long Lake Fire Department arrived on scene and discovered an exhaust fan in the bathroom was the cause of the smoke. The fan appeared to be overheating. 2500 block Bobolink Road, Medina.

May 13 - Individual called to report that the sliding side window on his topper had been broken. 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

May 13 - Dispatched to report of possible vandalism in the Target parking lot. Found to be group of three vehicles throwing eggs at one another while driving through the lot. 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

May 13 - Officer responded to the area and did not see or hear any fireworks. Brook Street and Lakeshore Avenue, Medina.

May 14 - Security company was reporting seeing a male pushing a motorcycle out one of the overhead doors at the business. It was determined that the person was a Polaris employee picking up his personal motorcycle. No burglary or theft had occurred. 2100 block Highway 55, Medina.

May 14 - DWI .14. BAC. County Road 24 and Parkview Drive, Medina.

May 14 - Locked Out/In. 700 block Highway 55, Medina.

May 14 - Locked Out/In. Opened with no apparent damage. 2300 block Cox Trail, Medina.

May 15 - Citation issued for underage possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. County Road101 and Evergreen Road, Medina.