Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Oct. 20, 2014

Oct. 8 - Resident reported suspicious activity at his neighbor’s home which he believed was vacant. Officer arrived and found several interior lights on in the home. There was also a bed in an upstairs master bedroom that appeared to have been slept in but there were no other signs that anyone had been at the home. No sign of forced entry at any of the doors. The exterior doors to the home were secured. 1500 block Hunter Drive, Medina.

Oct. 8 - Two missing cats; one grey named Gray-gray, one multi-colored named Sidney. 3400 block Chippewa Road, Medina.

Oct. 9 - Customer’s card was declined and he said he would return to pay. Never returned. Loss: $38.08. 700 block Highway 55, Medina.

Oct. 9 - Report of a suspicious vehicle. Officer found the vehicle unoccupied and legally parked. There were no other issues. 3100 block Wild Flower Trail, Medina.

Oct. 9 - Received a radio call for a suspicious male urinating next to a vehicle. Male was found sleeping in his vehicle. He was advised he was no longer welcome on this private property after urinating by the building and was given a warning for public nuisance. 100 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Oct. 10 - Report of a dog riding in the back of a truck. Truck was not located. County Road 116 and Highway 55, Medina.

Oct. 11 - Report of shots fired in the area. The shots were coming from duck and goose hunters in the area. Holy Name Lake, Medina.

Oct. 11 - Multiple callers reported a silver car, white SUV, and black SUV trying to ram each other and driving recklessly. Officer arrived to monitor the area; vehicles were not located. Meadowview Lane and Wild Meadows Drive, Medina.

Oct. 12 - BAC .18. DWI I-394 W and Penn Avenue, Golden Valley.

Oct. 12 - BAC .16. DWI. Interstate 94 and Hiawatha Avenue, Minneapolis.

Oct. 12 - Male was later located and said he had been sleeping at a neighbor’s house. 300 block Medina Street N, Loretto.