Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Feb. 15, 2016

None reported at this time

Jan. 25 - Resident reported a dark colored truck comes and parks in the area that the kids are picked up by the school bus and leaves shortly after. Officer was able to make contact with the occupant, reclined in the driver’s seat taking a nap. He said he was a painter and was working on a home off of Bluebell Trail but did not start until 7:30 am. 4500 block Bluebell Trail S, Medina.

Jan. 25 - Reported that two dogs were running at large. The dogs were later located in Maple Plain and were returned to their owners in Independence. Baker Park Road and Main Street E, Medina.

Jan. 26 - Officer was able to make contact with the phone owner, who was a contractor at a home under construction; he was unaware that his phone had dialed 911. 4100 block Cavanaugh Drive, Medina.

Jan. 26 - A $1 counterfeit note was taken in through a bank deposit. 100 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Jan. 27 - Mail reported taken. 2200 block Hollybush Road, Medina.

Jan. 29 - Reported that an individual came in and paid cash for other items but did not pay for the gas. 200 block Highway 55, Medina.

Jan. 30 - Vehicle was not located upon officer arrival. Highway 55 and County Road 101, Medina.

Jan. 30 - Person rented a van and when the van was returned did not have the money to pay the mileage fee and fuel fee; total $1,410.24. 200 block Highway 55, Medina.

Jan. 30 - Resident reported her male Shitzu named “Toby” had run off. The dog was described as white and brown in color wearing a red collar that had heart-shaped tags on it. 100 block Creekview Lane, Loretto.

Jan. 31 - BAC .07. I-94 W and Highway 252, Brooklyn Center.

Jan. 31 - Resident reported, while walking his dog along his driveway, a neighbor’s dog ran out onto the driveway and attacked his dog. 1500 block Tamarack Drive, Medina.

Jan. 31 - Prior to officer arrival, Dispatch advised they had made contact with a female and that she advised the call was made in error; no police response needed. 2200 block Pinto Drive, Medina.

Jan. 31 - Reported that a female was very intoxicated and was refusing to leave. 400 block Evergreen Road, Medina.