Medina Police Report
Dec. 27 – Gas Odor: Dispatched to report of gas odor. Fire Department arrived and located the source. Gas company was contacted and enroute. Addresses: 700 block Hamel Road
Dec. 27 – Animal Complaint: Dispatched to report of stray dog. Spoke with reporting party who stated dog was barking at the window. Upon arrival, unable to locate the dog. Addresses: 300 block Calamus Circle
Dec. 27 – Found Property: Dispatched to report of found purse located in a parking lot. The purse was covered in mold and vegetation. Items inside were identified and the out of state owner was contacted. Items were sent to owner per request. Addresses: 200 block Medina Road
Dec. 27 – Fight: Dispatched to report of a disturbance of some kind of fight inside an apartment. Upon arrival made contact with resident who advised it was a verbal argument with her mother. Upon entry, no one appeared distressed. Addresses: 300 block Sunnyridge Lane
Dec. 27 – Forgery: Dispatched to report of a forged check for a security deposit. Investigation ongoing. Addresses: 500 block Clydesdale Trail
Dec. 27 – Suspicious Act: While on patrol observed a running vehicle in a parking lot after hours. Driver pulled over and was texting with a friend. Clear no issues. Addresses: 100 block County Road 24
Dec. 28 – Animal Complaint: Reporting party called to report a dog ran off property and jumped on him when he was jogging by. Spoke with animal owner who advised the dog is in training and he has purchased an invisible fence. Addresses: 2000 block Tamarack Drive
Dec. 28 – Animal Complaint: Reporting party advised while jogging by a dog ran from the property and jumped on him. The address was RP gave does not exist. Addresses: 2000 block Oakview Road
Dec. 28 – Alarm: Dispatched to duress alarm. Upon arrival learned it was a false alarm and when the alarm company was called the duress code was accidentally given. No issues. Addresses: 700 block Aster Road
Dec. 28 – Suspicious Act: Received a call in reference to someone concerned a possible air tag was put on their vehicle. Reporting party was advised to contact Apple support to help with the issue. Addresses: 100 block Meadowview Lane
Dec. 29 – Welfare Check: Dispatched to report of a male walking in the cold. Contact made with the male who explained he was homeless and trying to get to Minneapolis. He was given a ride to the transit hub. Addresses: 4300 block Highway 55
Dec. 29 – Alarm: Dispatched to business alarm. Arrived and found to be cleaner onsite. No issues. Addresses: 600 block Medina Street
Dec. 30 – Alarm: Dispatched to business alarm. While checking the exterior of the business received proper code to cancel and that cleaners were onsite. Addresses: 600 block Medina Street
Dec. 31 – 911 Hangup: Dispatched to 911 hangup. Upon arrival contact made with homeowner who accidentally misdialed. No issues. Addresses: 4100 block Apache Drive
Jan. 01 – Suspicious Act: Dispatched to report of dark colored pickup truck driving slowly through a neighborhood. Upon located the parked vehicle, an adult male and female were engaging in sexual acts. Both got dressed and were warned about the actions and advised to go home. Addresses: Pin Oak Road and Red Oak Trail
Jan. 01 – Customer Trouble: Dispatched to report of out-of-control intoxicated male that punched a security guard. Male was cited for disorderly conduct. Addresses: 500 block Highway 55
Jan. 01 – Reported Dead: Dispatched to report of 86-year-old male found slumped over in a chair. Upon arrival, fire personnel was performing CPR. Male was Dec.eased. Addresses: 400 block Sunnyridge Lane
Jan. 01 – Welfare Check: Dispatched to a welfare check. Upon arrival, everything found to be ok. Addresses: 700 block Bridal Path Trail
Jan. 01 – Disturbance: Dispatched to complaint of loud idling vehicle. Upon arrival made contact with vehicle owner who took care of vehicle. At the time of the call it was -19 degrees and owner was warming the engine before leaving. Addresses: 2600 block Bobolink Road
Jan. 02 – Alarm: Dispatched to alarm. Check exterior and nothing out of place. Keyholder was notified. Addresses: 500 block Highway 55