Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Dec. 22, 2014

None at this time


Nov. 24 - Wet saw valued at approximately $800 - $1000 and drill valued at $180.00 reported missing. 4100 block Fescue Drive, Medina.

Nov. 25 - Report of an open fire hydrant. Officer located the hydrant that had one of the hose connection point covers off; cover was put back into place. The main water valve on top seemed to be OK. Clydesdale Trail and Highway 55, Medina.

Nov. 26 - Report of a burglary in progress. While en route, officer was notified that all was ok. 1800 block Buckskin Drive, Medina.

Nov. 26 - Employee was cited for theft. 300 Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

Nov. 27 - DWI. BAC .19 8th Street S and Excelsior Boulevard, Hopkins.

Nov. 27 - Officer responded to a report of a potential house fire. Upon arrival, met with the homeowner and could see a grease fire in the back yard under the porch. Flames were extinguished with a fire extinguisher. The flames began to dissipate; lid was placed on the turkey fryer. House sustained some damage to the siding. 4600 block Bluebell Trail, Medina.

Nov. 27 - Nothing reported missing at this time. 500 block Highway, Medina.

Nov. 27 - Loss: $13.18 in fuel. 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

Nov. 28 - Report of an unauthorized entrance into the residence. 4100 block Arrowhead Drive, Medina.

Nov. 28 - Transported to the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center. Hackamore Road and Bergamot Drive, Medina.

Nov. 28 - Report of a pickup pulling a sled. Juveniles were warned. 700 block Aster Road, Medina.

Nov. 29 - DWI .24 BAC. I-94 E and Main Street, Rogers.

Nov. 29 - Grill valued at $600.00 reported taken. 2600 block Bobolink Road, Medina.

Nov. 29 - Loretto Fire also responded and found a high level of CO2 in the home, probably due to the stove burner running. The home was ventilated. 2900 block Ardmore Avenue, Medina.

Nov. 30 - One license plate reported missing from the owner’s vehicle. 600 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Nov. 30 - Driver had run out of gas. County Road 116 and Shawnee Woods Road, Medina.

Dec. 1 - Reported that an iPad was stolen from a vehicle. The iPad was found a few days later. 3200 block Red Oak Trail, Medina.

Dec. 2 - Siding brake and stand reported taken. Valued: $1500 - $2000. 3000 block Butternut Drive, Medina.

Dec. 2 - Windows had been smashed. 500 block Highway 55, Medina.

Dec. 2 - Dog was caught in a trap. Dog had been reported missing earlier in the day; owner was notified. County Road 24 and Pinto Drive, Medina.

Dec. 3 - Report of a loose horse. Officer found the horse in the yard of the animal owner. Owner said that the horse had jumped the fence. 2600 block Pioneer Trail, Medina.

Dec. 3 - DAC-IPS. Willow Drive and State Highway 55, Medina.

Dec. 3 - Reported the home had been “egged”. 300 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Dec. 4 - DAC-IPS. Medina Street N and Railway Street E, Loretto.

Dec. 6 - Loss: $40.85 in fuel. 200 block Highway 55, Medina.

Dec. 6 - DWI. BAC .12. Crestview Lane and Medina Street N, Loretto.

Dec. 6 - Received a radio call for a suspicious vehicle parked in the grass at the Lake Independence Landing. A citation for not parking in a designated area was left on the windshield. 2900 block Lakeshore Avenue, Medina.

Dec. 7 - Barking dog complaint. 3000 block Lakeshore Avenue, Medina.