Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Oct. 24, 2016

Oct. 10 - While on patrol, police noticed a male putting something into the trash can. Public Works employees had notified police to watch for persons dumping residential trash into the city garbage containers. Officer stopped and made contact with the individual. He said he was en route to the airport and forgot some loose items in the bed of his truck and did not want them to fly out as he drove on the highway. He offered to remove the items he put in the garbage. He was warned to not discard residential trash in a city garbage container. 4400 block Maple Street, Medina.

Oct. 10 - Business owner reports he is a victim of a scam. He received a quote and gave a down payment to a person, claiming to be a rep for a company for an upgrade for lighting; however, later found out that this person is no longer an employee for the company. The down payment would be returned; however, owner is concerned that this individual has his bank and credit card information. 700 block Tower Drive, Medina.

Oct. 10 - Police were dispatched to check the welfare of an individual walking in the roadway, reportedly looking confused. Police located this male who first said he was at his girlfriend’s house and was just out for a walk. After police inquired about where his girlfriend lived and what her name was, he then said he was actually looking for a tire that he had lost somewhere along Highway 55. He did not appear to be confused or having any medical issues. Since it was rush hours, police advised this would not be a good time to be looking for his tire along the shoulder of the highway. 100 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Oct. 11 - Gas tank that fits on a pickup truck and containing fuel reported taken. 1500 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Oct. 12 - Window screen pried open. 4700 block Medina Lake Drive, Medina.

Oct. 12 - Police located a driver with his head down and shaking, parked behind a business. Driver was texting on his cell phone and said he was waiting for a job interview. 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

Oct. 12 - Reported that a blue bicycle was left on Townline Road after breaking down; now the bike has gone missing. Spruce Way and Townline Road, Medina.

Oct. 12 - Police were unable to unlock the vehicle; owner will contact a locksmith. 300 block Edgewood Drive, Loretto.

Oct. 13 - Tires taken from a vehicle. 800 block Tower Drive, Medina.

Oct. 13 - Theft of rims and tires from a vehicle. 700 block Tower Drive, Medina.

Oct. 14 - Employee reported three kids were smoking on the business property; however, left the property while employee was still on the phone with Dispatch. 4100 block Arrowhead Drive, Medina.

Oct. 14 - Report of an “old lab digging in the trash”. 400 block County Road 24, Medina.

Oct. 14 - Homeowner reported a friend had dropped off kids and found two males in ski masks in the front yard; they ran off after seeing them drive in. Police responded and found that the juveniles had delivered candy to the residence along with a note that they had been “boo’d”. 100 block Sunrise Court, Medina,.

Oct. 14 - Customer became belligerent when she felt the food wasn’t coming fast enough and began swearing at employees. 800 block Highway 55, Medina.

Oct. 14 - Report of juveniles shinning a laser pointer at the homeowner’s residence. 3800 block Linden Drive W, Medina.

Oct. 15 - Police were unable to locate horses that were reported to be on the road. Arrowhead Drive and Highway 55, Medina.

Oct. 15 - Report of juveniles playing “ding dong ditch”. 4600 block Foxberry Drive, Medina.

Oct. 16 - Police observed a male sitting in a vehicle behind the business. He was identified and found to be an employee at Casey’s. He said he got off of work and his ride didn’t show up to get him. 700 block Highway 55, Medina.

Oc.t 16 - Police were unable to find any emergencies in the area. 1500 block Hunter Drive, Medina.