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Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, July 25, 2016

July 11 - Report of a lost key for a Chrysler. 800 block Navajo Road, Medina.

July 12 - Report of a suspicious vehicle, occupied by two or three males. Vehicle/occupants were gone upon officer arrival. 00 block Hamel Road, Medina.

July 12 - Stalled vehicle. Burda’s Towing arrived and towed the vehicle. County Road 19 and Highway 55, Medina.

July 12 - Stalled, unoccupied vehicle; emergency flashers were on. Hamel Road and Parkview Drive, Medina.

July 13 - Trashcan and mailbox appeared to be hit by a vehicle. 1700 block Tamarack Drive, Medina.

July 13 - Two trashcans appeared to be damaged by a vehicle. 2200 block County Road 24, Medina.

July 13 - DWI - 3rd Degree BAC .16. County Road 24 and Willow Drive, Medina.

July 14 - Reported that someone had been dumping personal garbage at the park. Upon arrival, officer observed that the garbage can was full but couldn’t locate anything identifying the owner. 4400 Maple Street, Medina.

July 14 - Resident reported that she hasn’t heard from her granddaughter since last Saturday (07/09/16) and that she hasn’t returned any phone calls. Police were able to contact her; she said she was fine and that she forgot to call her grandmother. 100 block Hillview Lane, Loretto.

July 14 - Verbal argument. 1200 block Willowbrook Drive, Medina.

July 15 - Reported that the garbage container in Maple Park has been packed full for the last several weeks of personal garbage. Junk mail addressed to two different individuals was found. These persons were notified via mail of the ordinance violation. 4400 block Maple Street, Medina.

July 15 - Anonymous complainant report a dog is left outside all the time; dog barks every time someone walks by. Police checked the residence; dog was not outside barking. 4400 block Shorewood Trail, Medina.

July 15 - Vehicle Lockout. Vehicle was unlocked with no issues. 400 block Evergreen Road, Medina.

July 15 - Resident wanted to report he was getting multiple threatening calls from the IRS. He knows this is a scam but is annoyed by the constant calls. 2300 block Deer Hill Road, Medina.

July 15 - The vehicle was opened through the front passenger door without damage. 100 block Railway Street W, Loretto.

July 16 - Reported that an individual had assaulted an employee by throwing an alcoholic drink on her. Employee did not wish to pursue criminal charges. Individual was trespassed from the business. 00 block Hamel Road, Medina.

July 17 - While on patrol police saw a vehicle driving around in circles. The passenger and driver said they were playing Pokémon Go; they were chasing a Pokémon in the parking lot. 500 block Highway 55, Medina.

July 17 - Police assisted by opening the car through the front passenger door without any damage. 3800 block Chippewa Road, Medina.