Medina Police Report
Friday, Sept. 17

Aug. 30 – DWI: 22-year-old male arrested for 4th degree DWI. Address: Highway 55 and Pioneer Trail.

Aug. 30 – Suspicious vehicle: Dispatched to suspicious vehicle parked in city hall parking lot. Driver advised he was waiting to pick up his dog from the groomer. Address: 200 block North Medina Street.

Aug. 30 – Welfare check: Dispatched to report of female screaming. Upon arrival learned homeowner was doing a meditation technique. No issues. Address: 1400 block Medina Road.

Aug. 30 – Suspicious act: While on patrol observed a party underneath a vehicle working with a flashlight. Due to time of night and recent catalytic converter thefts contact was made. Party was changing fluid in his vehicle. No issues. Address: 100 block Railway Street.

Aug. 31 – Problem burn: Dispatched to report of large smoke plume. Upon arrival, spoke with party who stated he threw plastic and vinyl window parts on the fire which caused the heavy smoke. Party cited for illegally burning items. Address: 2800 block Shire Road.

Aug. 31 – Animal complaint: Dispatched to report of dog left inside a vehicle. Owner located and advised of the dangers. Address: 300 block Clydesdale Trail.

Aug. 31 – 911 hangup: Dispatched to 911 hangup. Party advised it was an accidental dial. No issues. Address: 400 block Evergreen Road.

Aug. 31 – Welfare check: Dispatched to report of a male who stumbled out of the bar and into the woods. The male lying under the tree was intoxicated but responsive. Male given a ride home. Address: 40 block Hamel Road.

Sept. 1 – Welfare check: Dispatched to maintenance shack near railroad tracks where subject was sitting and appeared very lethargic. Due to subject’s incoherence was placed on a health and welfare hold. Address: Arrowhead Drive and Highway 55.

Sept. 1 – Found dog: Dispatched to report of a light brown pug mix dog wearing a bandana. Dog continued to run away and left the area. Address: 2300 block Hamel Road.

Sept. 2 – Utility check: Dispatched to report of water pouring out into the street. Located a broken sprinkler head. Addresses: Bergamot Drive and Hackamore.

Sept. 2 – Gas theft: Dispatched to gas drive off. Case forwarded to investigations. Address: 4300 block State Highway 55.

Sept. 2 – Welfare check: Dispatched to check on a tenant as landlord was unable to communicate with tenant. Tenant was found to be home sleeping after a trip and spoke with landlord. Address: 2600 block Bobolink Road.