Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, March 16, 2018

Feb 26 - Locked Out/In Reported: Vehicle was unlocked without incident. Addresses Involved: 4500 block Willow Drive, Medina.

Feb. 26 - Suspicious Act Reported: Report of two suspicious persons snooping around a home. Police located the two individuals in the reported vehicle. They were concerned since their boss didn’t show up for work and were checking to see if he was possibly at the house. Addresses Involved: 600 block Shawnee Woods Road, Medina.

Feb. 27- Safety Check Reported: Concerned citizen called for police to check the welfare of two snowmobilers riding in a swampy area. Police checked the area; the snowmobilers were gone. Addresses Involved: Highway 55 and Pioneer Trail, Medina.

Feb. 27 - Fraud/Civil matter Reported: Bank received a cashier’s check by mail and deposited the check into an account. Later it was discovered the check was counterfeit and they were unable to locate the account holder. Police assisted in locating the account holder who wasn’t aware the check was counterfeit. Addresses Involved: 3500 block Sioux Drive, Medina.

Feb. 27 - Unwanted Person Reported: Officers responded to a report of an unwanted person. Upon arrival officers learned there was a civil issue between persons involved in ownership and leasing authority of the property. Addresses Involved: 200 block Medina Street, Loretto.

Feb. 28 - House Fire Reported: Smoke reported coming from the roof of a residence. Police provided traffic control and also contacted the homeowners, requesting they respond to the scene. Loretto Fire Department, along with several other fire departments, responded and extinguished the fire. Reported that the interior sustained significant damage. The Hennepin County Fire Investigative Team did respond for the investigation. Addresses Involved: 100 block Crestview Lane, Loretto.

Feb. 28 - Gas Odor Reported: Police arrived along with fire department personnel. Odor was coming from the lower level. Hamel Fire Department chief could not find any problems; however, it is possible that the odor came from a gas fireplace; the gas was now shut off. Resident was advised to have the fireplace looked at. Addresses Involved: 300 block Calamus Circle, Medina.

Feb. 28 - Disturbance Reported: On-going noise disturbance. Business owner moving furniture, causing a disturbance. Addresses Involved: 100 block Hamel Road, Medina.

March 2 - Customer Trouble Reported: Request to assist with an unwanted guest. Guest was not registered. Male became belligerent, accusing the cleaning staff of going through his luggage. Addresses Involved: 400 block Highway 55, Medina.

March 2 - Animal Complaint Reported: On-going barking dog complaint. Dog owner was advised and given a copy of the city ordinance. Addresses Involved: 200 block Cherry Hill Trail, Medina.

March 2 - Customer Trouble Reported: Altercation involving a customer. Addresses: Involved 1400 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

March 3 - Welfare Check Reported: Police were requested to check the welfare of a male and his son. They were both fine. Addresses Involved: 3500 block Pinto Drive, Medina.

March 3 - Shoplifter Reported: Citation issued for shoplifting; trespassed from the business. Addresses Involved: 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina. Names Involved (Cited) Patnode, Terri Lynn, from Corcoran (Age:58).

March 3 - Animal Complaint Reported: Report of a dead turkey vulture. Resident was advised to either dispose of it or contact the DNR. Addresses Involved: 1500 block Hunter Drive, Medina.

March 3 - Citation/MJ Reported:Citation issued for possession of small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Addresses Involved: County Road 116 and Foxberry Drive. Medina Names Involved (Cited) Papa, Keegan Joseph, from St. Michael (Age:18).

March 3 - Citation/MJ Reported:Juvenile male, age 17, from Maple Plain, cited for possession of marijuana and eCigarette type devices. Addresses Involved Hamel Road and Hickory Drive, Medina. March 4 - Animal Complaint Reported: Police assisted in removing a muskrat from the window well. Addresses Involved: 3400 block Elm Creek Drive, Medina.

March 4 - Locked Out/In Reported: Vehicle was opened without causing any damage. Addresses Involved 100 block Railway Street W, Loretto.