Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Sept. 22, 2014

None at this time


Sept. 2 - Officer came upon an unoccupied vehicle. The vehicle was off the road and not considered a hazard. Highway 55 and Mohawk Drive, Medina.

Sept. 3 - Employees misdialed while placing a call outside of country or state. 2100 block Highway 55, Medina.

Sept. 4 - Resident reported finding a black zippered case that contained 71 children’s DVDs. One of the DVDs had the name “Kate” written on it and had recordings from the 2009-2010 1st grade school year in Ms. Hannigan’s class at Sts. Peter & Paul School. Will be kept for safekeeping until the owner is located. County Road 19 and County Road 11, Medina.

Sept. 4 - Missing horses. Horses were located. 2000 block Chestnut Road, Medina.

Sept. 4 - Trespassing complaint; officer was cancelled upon arrival. The 4-wheelers on the property were neighbors searching for eight missing horses. 2100 block Chestnut Road, Medina.

Sept. 5 - Received an anonymous complaint of a trailer that has been parked on the street for the past week. Officer advised the trailer could be a potential hazard if it were to come loose and roll down the street. Trailer will be removed. 2600 block Keller Road, Medina.

Sept. 5 - Reported that the crossing arms were down blocking the road. CP Rail was advised to respond. Officer directed traffic until CP arrived. Medina Street N at the railroad crossing, Loretto.

Sept. 5 - Officer responded to a vehicle lockout where a three year old child was locked inside. Vehicle was unlocked with no damage. 400 block Navajo Road, Medina.

Sept. 5 - Locked out/in. Vehicle was unlocked without incident. 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

Sept. 6 - Resident reports a purse, cologne, and watch were taken from her home. 100 block Sunrise Court, Medina.

Sept. 6 - Officer responded to a report of a missing five year old child who had been missing for approximately 45 minutes. As officers arrived, the child had been located by his parents. Child had been sleeping in a downstairs closet and was fine. 4600 block Bluebell Trail N, Medina.

Sept. 6 - Reported that two males were providing alcohol to an underage female inside the establishment. All three were trespassed from the establishment. 500 block Highway 55, Medina.

Sept. 7 - Resident reported hearing 10-15 shots in the area. Officer arrived; however, did not hear any further shots. The early goose season did start; but no hunters were located in the immediate area. 2300 block Highway 55, Medina.

Sept. 7 - Homeowner reported finding some screens removed from some windows after returning home. Nothing was reported disturbed or missing. It is possible that the pins were not secured 100% and the wind blew them in. 100 block Meadowview Lane, Medina.