West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Aug. 04, 2014

None at this time

July 5 - Fireworks complaint of someone firing bottle rockets. The area was checked and did not find fireworks or smoke. 4800 block of Independence Street Independence.

July 5 - Male party who was arrested in April for Domestic Assault with a Firearm, requested police escort back to the residence to remove his belongings in the 1500 block Rainbow Avenue Maple Plain. Male is not allowed on the property without a police escort.

July 5 - Reported a person was hanging out of the door of a minivan traveling eastbound on Highway 12 and Co Rd 90, Independence. Vehicle was not found.

July 6 - Driver stopped for speeding, 81/55. Grant Nelson Prinsen, 18 from Maple Plain, 4th Degree DWI .13 BAC / Co Rd 11 / Lake Haughey Road Independence.

July 8 - The porta potty satellite in the Pioneer Creek Community Park was burned to the ground. The Xcel Energy electrical box was charred and a post burned. Approximate damage over $2,000.00. Case under investigation.

July 8 - Officer heard a large explosion and observed smoke in the Pioneer Creek Community Park in Independence. Two vehicles were exiting the park at a very high rate of speed. A 16 year old juvenile male driver from Independence was stopped and found he had a mortar tube used for shooting off aerial fireworks and a backpack of fireworks inside his vehicle. He was cited for possession of fireworks and verbally warned on the careless driving / speeding in the park to the drivers. The driver of the second vehicle was a 16 year old juvenile male from Long Lake who was verbally warned on careless driving / speeding in the park.

July 9 - Officer responded to a burglary in progress in the 3700 block of Co Rd 92, Independence. The homeowner, his wife and son were sleeping and he was woken up to a noise in the house. Homeowner found a female inside his house. The female was extremely intoxicated. Stated to the officer that she was just trying to go home, did not know where she was, friends dropped her off and thought she was at her boyfriend’s house. The female was issued a citation for Disorderly Conduct, removed from the house and transported home.

July 9 - Caller reported he wanted to pick up his last paycheck and some of his tools at his old boss’s residence in the 2500 block of Nelson Road, Independence. The boss wanted to meet him in St. Bonifacius to give him his property. The caller stated that did not work for him. The caller was advised to meet in St Bonifacius. If his boss did not want him on his property he could not go there.

July 9 - Kaw Htoo, 48 from St. Paul, 4th Degree DWI .08 BAC. Two driving complaints were reported on a vehicle that was swerving all over the road at Hwy 12 and Co Rd 83 Maple Plain.

July 9 - Call of a property owner that has an Order for Protection that does not allow him to have guns or ammunition in the house and hand guns were found in the residence in the 7800 block of Turner Road, Independence. The guns were removed by the caller and the property owner was upset his guns were missing and wanted to know where they are. Case Pending.

July 10 - The clerk at Olson’s Market reported a male drove off without paying for gas in Maple Plain. The clerk recognized the male. The driver was located, thought he had pre-paid, drove back to Olson’s and paid for the gas.

July 10 - Resident reported her husband’s girlfriend is making threats to her kids; they are afraid of her and she wants a restraining order against the girlfriend. 7900 block of Co Rd 6 Independence.

July 10 - Caller stated he was threatened by his neighbor in the 5400 block of Clayton Drive, Maple Plain. Caller stated he was on his porch; his neighbor was mowing his lawn and yelled out that he was going to kill him. The neighbor stated that he just got a new lawn mower, was not very happy with it and yelled and cursed at the lawn mower. After he yelled he noticed that his neighbor threw his arms up and went inside.

July 10 - A female resident was upset, screaming and swearing at the landlord when notice was given to her that her lease was not going to be renewed in the 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive, Maple Plain. The apartment complex was searched for the female and she was not found. While searching for the female; she called Hennepin County Dispatch to report harassment on the landlord but would not answer her cell phone or talk to the officer about it.

July 11 - Abandoned boat in the 5500 block of Pioneer Creek Drive parking lot in Maple Plain. The boat trailer has a flat tire, the registration is scratched off; boat registration was ground off and the license plate had been removed from the trailer. The boat was towed and case under investigation.

July 11 - Vehicle stalled in the 1800 block of Co Rd 92, Independence. The driver stated his vehicle would not start. The 33 year old male from Crystal had a felony warrant out of Hennepin County. He was arrested and transported to Hennepin County Jail.

July 12 - Received a call to a physical domestic of a male trying to drill his way into his locked residence in the 4500 block of Shady Beach Circle, Independence. It was a verbal domestic between the husband and wife who refused to open unlock the door. Both had been drinking and the husband agreed to leave and go to his parents’ house.

July 14 - Reported clothes stolen from dryer on a second floor laundry room in the 5200 block of Manchester Drive., Maple Plain. Victim stated she returned to the laundry room when the timed drying was done and someone else’s clothes were in the dryer. Approximate loss of $150 to $200. Stolen were “Jem Technical” shirts, work shirts, and other clothing items.

July 14 - Reported on July 12th, between the hours of 1 p.m. and 7:15 a.m. someone struck her vehicle which was parked on Parkview Road, north of Amy Lane, Maple Plain. The vehicle had scrapes and dents on the driver’s side passenger door. Case under investigation.

July 15 - Off-Duty Three Rivers Park Police Officer reported someone had thrown eggs at his vehicle at Highway 12 and County Line Road in Independence. The egg throwers took off running and were caught by Three Rivers Police Officer and Wright County Sheriff’s Deputy. The three juvenile suspects, 15 & 14 year old males from Delano and 15 year old male from Loretto were released to the custody of their parents. Charges pending for curfew violation, damage to property, and flee an officer on foot.

July 15 - Officer requested to do a welfare check at 3100 block of Lake Sarah Road. Caller stated an elderly couple lives there and their mailbox is always full. Caller stated that she knows this is an ongoing issue at this residence and the police have responded there for welfare checks in the past. Further investigation by WHPS officer and all parties were fine.

July 15 - Vinland National Center staff called reporting a psych issue with a female who felt someone was following her and the female might be combative to the police. The female was cooperative and voluntarily went in the ambulance and was transported to Abbott Northwestern.

July 15 - 50 year old female from Maple Plain fell off her horse and was knocked unconscious in the 7800 block of Pioneer Creek Rd. North Memorial Ambulance transported her to North Memorial Care Center.

July 16 - Officer responded to the M & M Wine and Spirit on a male party trying to purchase two bottles of vodka and a case of beer with an out of state Ohio driver’s license. Clerk called 911 to have the male party identified and the male party left. WHPS officers were able to locate the suspect at his home. Joshua Allen Overturf, 19 of Maple Plain admitted he tried purchasing alcohol with a fake ID. Overture was issued a citation for possession of a fake ID and falsifying his age to purchase alcohol.

July 16 - Received a welfare check in the 5600 block of Main Street, Maple Plain. Male sent a text photo of a hand gun and a noose. Upon officer arrival, male party was located in the back yard with several friends. The officer was able to remove the handgun from the male. North ambulance arrived and transported him.