West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Dec. 5, 2016

None reported at this time

Traffic Citation

Nov 11 At1 2:18 a.m. Highway 12 / Co Rd 92, Independence. WHPS Officer observed a vehicle towing with a tow strap a SUV that had no tail lights. The SUV was weaving within the traffic lane; the tow strap would go from tight to dragging on the ground, traveling approximately 53 mph. The vehicles pulled to the right to stop, tires squealed and had difficulty stopping. The driver of the SUV, 47 year old male from Willmar said he traveling coming from Chicago, broke down in Minneapolis and they were trying to get to Willmar. A tow truck was ordered to pick up the SUV. Both drivers were issued citations for Failing to Drive with Due Care and Use of Headlights / Taillights Required.

Welfare Check

Nov 11 Highway 12 and Main Street E, Maple Plain, WHPS dispatched by radio to a welfare check of a male who was yelling at cars and waving his arms in the air at them. Contact was made with the male who had been up all night because his best friend told him that he was sleeping with his girlfriend and he was emotional. He was released to a cousin.

Suspicious Vehicle

Nov 11 Highway 12 / Co Rd 92, Independence. Caller reported while on her way to work there was a red Saturn Ion in front of her that had Arizona plates that appeared to have sprayed painted numbers. She thought it was odd and suspicious and wanted WHPS aware of it.

Stalled Vehicle

Nov 11 Highway 12 / Co Rd 92S, Independence. Patrol stopped to assist motorist start his truck with the jump pack. Unsuccessful to start the truck and the vehicle was towed.

Welfare Check

Nov 11 4600 block of Lake Sarah Dr, Independence. Caller requested assistance with her mother who was having memory problems and was upset as she did not recognize family members. She was transported to the hospital.


Nov 11 5500 Lake Sarah Heights Dr, Independence. Patrol responded to call of a male unconscious. Upon arrival found the male was conscious and able to walk. North Memorial Ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Traffic Complaint

Nov 11 Highway 12 / Baker Park Rd, Maple Plain. 911 caller reported a vehicle weaving in the lane, crossing the white fog line and driving slow. Patrol located the vehicle and observed the same driving conduct. Vehicle was stopped and the driver stated she was talking to her passenger and wasn’t paying attention to her driving. No impairment found and she was warned on her driving conduct.

Suspicious Act

Nov 12 12:36 a.m. River Canoe Launch, Independence. Patrol found a vehicle parked back in the far west corner of the lot. The driver said he had been kicked out of his home and needed a place to spend the night. The driver was informed the park was closed and he would need to find another location to spend the night.

3rd Degree DWI

Nov 12 1:22 a.m. Highway 12 / Valley Rd, Independence. Vehicle stopped for speed, had crossed the fog line and a white light was showing to the rear of the vehicle. The driver John Edward Ulstad, 25 from Monticello submitted a breath sample which resulted in .06 Breath Alcohol Concentration. Charges pending for Gross Misdemeanor Driving while Impaired and Misdemeanor Open Bottle in Motor Vehicle.

Shots Heard

Nov 12 Reported in the area of Fox Ridge Circle gun shots were heard around 10:30 PM the night prior. Caller was concerned there may be people illegally hunting at night. Unknown where it is happening.

Warrant Arrest

Nov 12 5200 block of Manchester Dr, Maple Plain. 39 year old female resident had a Hennepin County Warrant for Driving after Revocation. She paid the $78.00 bail, was given a court date and released.

Theft - Unfounded

Nov 12 1500 Howard Ave, Maple Plain. Resident reported she went outside to let her dog out and someone stole her apartment keys and hacked her computer. Keys were not located and determined possibly misplaced her keys somewhere.

House Fire

Nov 12 2600 block of Providence Court, Independence. Patrol dispatched for a car on fire inside of a garage with flames seen. Officer arrived and observed flames coming out of the open garage door and the fire was spreading fast by the winds. No one was inside. The fire destroyed the entire garage, two vehicles inside the garage, extensive damage to the roof and house and multiple items inside. Multiple fire departments responded to assist the Maple Plain Fire Department in putting out the fire.

Verbal Domestic

Nov 12 10:05 P.M. Responded to a reported domestic at the Maple Plain Motel. Daughter arrived to find her mother was in an argument with a resident. The daughter got involved and the argument escalated. The daughter was trespassed from the property for causing the argument to escalate.

Warrant Arrest / Suspicious Act

Nov 12 10:22 p.m. Male called stating he was lost. Patrol found someone standing at the intersection of Pagenkopf Road and County Road 90, Independence shinning a large spot light at traffic. The 33 year old male from New Hope said he was the one who had called for assistance, his car had broken down and he was trying to walk back to Crystal and had gotten lost. The male was identified and found had an Anoka Warrant. He was arrested and found inside his backpack a spot light, pry bar, and a can of WD-40. He was transported to Hennepin County Jail.

Written Warnings – Seasonal Parking

Nov 13 Maple Plain. Several vehicles are receiving written notices – seasonal parking tickets on their vehicles for residents to be aware of the MP Snow Parking Ordinance. There is no parking on Maple Plain streets during the hours of 1am to 7am from November 1st to April 15th. Vehicles violating this could receive a ticket and / or be towed from the street.

Hit Deer

Nov 13 The caller found a hit deer hit deer in the area of Co Rd 6 and Co Rd 92S, Independence. He did not hit the deer and just wanted WHPS to know in case there was a charity that could take the deer.


Nov 13 Dispatched to 3300 Lake Haughey Rd for an alarm covering the garage door. Patrol observed a vehicle in the driveway with a male walking away from it with a hunting rifle. The male was identified as the brother of the resident who is out of town and he had permission to target shoot practice. He did not know the alarm was on when he arrived but was able to disarm it with the code.

Shots Heard

Nov 13 Reported people target shooting in the area of 3800 Lake Haughey Rd. The caller was advised that the people target shooting had permission to shoot in the area. The caller was very upset because he was going to be deer hunting the land next door with his 3 friends and the shooting that has been going on for 2 hours is scaring the deer away. It was inconsiderate that people were shooting clays and target shooting during hunting season.

Hunting Complaint

Nov 13 3400 Independence Rd, Independence. Caller concerned for her kids possibly getting shot while outside in the woods. The hunter was located who stated that the property he was hunting on was his. He knew the spot he was hunting was right on the property line but stated it was his property.


Nov 13 Patrol dispatched by radio to a loud “boom” heard in the area of 1800 Baker Park Rd. The reporting party stated it sounded like a cannon going off, it did not sound like a gunshot it was much louder, Unable to locate where the boom came from and no explosion was found.


Nov 13 Reported people arguing outside of 5300 Main St. E. Maple Plain. A male was waiting in the parking lot, said his girlfriend was intoxicated, had been yelling at him so he went outside. No physical fighting and both agreed they would keep things civil for the rest of the evening.

Difficulty Breathing

Nov 11 3800 Lake Haughey Rd, Independence. Male had difficulty breathing was transported by ambulance to the hospital.


Nov 14 Resident dropped off a personal donation for WHPS Reserves to help purchase candy for the View Santa program on December 3rd.


Nov 14 5500 Pioneer Creek Dr, Maple Plain, Reported an ex-husband was at a gymnastics event and she could smell alcohol on his breath. The male nor his vehicle was located.

Traffic Complaint

Nov 14 Highway 12 / Valley Rd, Independence Received a traffic complaint of a car with “wings” on it that is unable to stay in the lane. The vehicle was westbound on Highway 12 and had crossed into Wright County. The complaint was passed on to Wright County.


Nov 15 7900 block of Co Rd 11, Independence, resident reported someone stole his sign from his front yard that said ‘Hillary for Prison, 2016 to Life’. Approximate loss $50.00.


Nov 15 Reported a male fell in the 3300 block of Lake Sarah Rd, Independence and broke his wrist. The male did not have a broken wrist but his side was hurting from hitting a bucket when he fell. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.


Nov 16 Caller reported at Co Rd 6 / Co Rd 92, Independence Caller reported someone slumped in a vehicle. Officer found a female walking around her vehicle; she was cutting flowers off of a bush that was in the ditch. No assistance needed.


Nov 16 1500 Wyman Ave., Maple Plain. Reported a 58 year old female was yelling profanities and is having some sort of issue. Officer found she appeared to be very angry and disturbed and continuously yelled profanities to the officer and began to throw and kick items that were on countertops and end tables. She was restrained and North Memorial Ambulance transported her to the hospital.

PI Crash

Nov 16 Budd Ave./ Highway 12, Maple Plain. Patrol dispatched for a Personal Injury crash involving cement truck vs a car. The 19 year old male driver from Montrose stated he fell asleep and struck a cement truck head on. The cement truck was stopped eastbound on Highway 12 in the center lane waiting to turn north on Budd Ave. The driver of the cement truck 49 year old male driver from Howard Lake was not injured. The driver of the vehicle was checked by North Memorial Ambulance and transported to Buffalo Hospital. Charges pending for Driving under the Influence.


Nov 16 1500 Howard Ave. Maple Plain. Caller reported she was in the hospital and her neighbor called telling her that management was in her apartment. She wanted management to stay out of her apartment.

Road Debris

Nov 16 8400 Co Rd 11, Independence. Caller reported a pallet had fallen off a vehicle, did not know what vehicle or when. A passerby had removed it from the road. The caller just wanted someone to know.

Suspicious Act

Nov 16 2400 block of Co Rd 90,Independence. Reported a suspicious vehicle and people were walking around a house that was being remodeled. Contact was made with a male who was the property owner and was removing water tanks due to the impending colder weather.

Check Burn

Nov 17 2000 block of Co Rd 90, Independence, Received a call to check a possible fire, flames were seen behind the resident’s house. The resident had a valid burn permit, a brush pile was being burned and the fire was under control. He was trying to burn before the wind picked up later today.

Animal Complaint

Nov 17 Ingerson Road and Luce Line, Independence. Reported a cow was loose. Patrol located the cow out in an unfenced field. They followed the cow back to the fenced area where it came from and it went back inside.


Nov 18 At 1:13 p.m. Highway 12 / Co Rd 92, Independence. WHPS Officer responded to a two car crash. 33 year old driver, Bradley Mausel from Minneapolis was eastbound on Highway 12, lost control of his vehicle, spun out, and turned backwards into oncoming traffic, striking a vehicle in its lane of traffic which caused it to go down a steep embankment and into the ditch. Mausel was issued a citation for No Insurance on Motor Vehicle and Fail to Drive with Due Care.

Lost Cat

Nov 18 5200 block of Clayton Drive, Maple Plain. Resident requested Officers to keep an eye out for her missing cat that must have run out the door when it was blocked open for moving furniture into the house. A short time later the resident called back canceling the call as the cat was found up in their house rafters. Everything was good.

Fire Alarm

Nov 18 5050 Independence Street, Maple Plain. Discovery Center had a small fire in the kitchen. Maple Plain Fire extinguished the fire and assisted with ventilation.

Vehicle in Ditch

Nov 18 Pagenkopf Rd and Independence Rd, Independence. Reported an eastbound vehicle had spun out, crossed over into the westbound lane and went into the ditch. The vehicle was unoccupied and the two front tires appeared to have an insufficient and illegal tread depth. A letter was mailed to registered owner about the tires.

Utility Check

Nov 18 Caller stated they thought an electrical transformer blew up near the intersection of Bryantwood Drive and Budd Avenue, Maple Plain. The area was checked and did not find a problem. No power outage was called in.

Assist with Passenger Door

Nov 18 5500 block of Main Street, Maple Plain. Caller requested assistance in getting the passenger door of her van shut. The locking latch had closed while the door was open and WHPS Officer assisted getting the door to close properly. Officer showed the caller how to fix the door.

Vehicle in Ditch

Nov 19 Patrol observed a vehicle in the ditch. Vehicle tracks indicated the vehicle was eastbound Elm Ave, went through the intersection, crossing both lanes of traffic and launching down the embankment. The vehicle was unoccupied. Officer stopped at the residents’ house, no answer. The vehicle was towed on Nov 20th as the owner had not removed the vehicle.

House Fire Alarm

Nov 19 3300 Brei Kessel Rd, Independence. Reported house fire alarm and all occupants were outside the house. Maple Plain Fire assisted and did not find any signs of smoke or fire. A fire detector had a red light flashing and it was recommended to the homeowner to replace all detectors because of the age.

Crash / Property Damage

Nov 19 5:59 p.m. Driver was traveling westbound on Highway 12 near Delano Ave. rear-ended a vehicle stopped in traffic. The driver stated she saw vehicles had stopped up ahead; thought they had moved, was distracted by digging in her purse and did not see the vehicles were still stopped. She was issued a citation for Failure to Drive with Due Care.


Nov 19 Co Rd 6 / Co Rd 17, Independence. Vehicle stopped for high speed, 62 mph in 50 mph zone. The driver stated he was trying to get to his home for his house arrest. He had an active Felony warrant and was arrested and transported to jail. A citation was issued for Speed.

Speed / Fogged Windows

Nov 19 9:38 p.m. Highway 12 / Delano Ave., Maple Plain. Vehicle stopped for high rate of speed; 45 mph in 35 mph zone and all windows including the windshield were frosted / steamed over. The driver stated he was unaware of his speed and every time he turns the heat on, it fogs over. A citation was issued for Obstructed Windshield.

Behavior Problem

Nov 19 11:36 p.m. Client was upset he was at Vinland National Center, Independence, wanted to leave and go to the hospital. He claimed staff was trying to kill him, tore off his oxygen and was trying to remove his catheter. He armed himself with a scissors and took a defensive posture. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Possession of MJ and Drug Paraphernalia

Nov 20 2:54 a.m. A vehicle failed to dim high beams and the driver turned onto Halgren Rd into a commercial district, then pulled into a residence on Manchester and stayed momentarily w/o anyone getting out or into the vehicle. The vehicle then left quickly turned on Pioneer Creek Trail, then Halgren Rd w/o stopping for the stop sign and was traveling at approximately 5-8 mph. 18 year old female driver from Cokato said she was unaware of the stop sign. She denied drinking or having marijuana despite the odor of alcohol on her breath and the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Preliminary Breath Test resulted in .078% breath alcohol concentration. She admitted to drinking 3 vodka sodas and to having marijuana and drug paraphernalia in car. A citation was issued for Not a Drop, Possession of Small Marijuana in Motor Vehicle and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. The driver was released to a sober adult.

Landlord / Tenant

Nov 21 1500 Howard Ave. Maple Plain. A tenant overheard management state she wanted to go in and search an apartment. Tenant reported this to the resident who did not want anyone going into her apartment. Management was going to discuss with the resident why they needed to go into her apartment.


Nov 21 Hennepin County Public Works crew were picking up signs from Co Rd 11 by East Lake Rebecca Road, Independence .The 2 ton Super duty MTC truck was pulling a trailer with the truck and trailer hazard and strobe lights on flashing, started to make a turn when a vehicle coming up from behind tried pass. 43 year old female driver from Winsted stated she saw the vehicle might turn, she hit the brakes to avoid a collision and her vehicle swerved into the ditch. She was advised that even though it’s a passing zone, she needs to use caution and question why construction vehicles are travelling slow and have hazard/warning signs flashing. She agreed. No injuries.


Nov 21 7:07 p.m. 5700 Co Rd 6, Independence. Vehicle stopped for speeding. Driver was unaware of speed and was apologetic stating her dog needed to go potty.

Public Assist / Forgery Report

Nov 21 700 Co Rd 92, Independence. Resident had an altercation on the phone with his credit card company and was seeking advice how to handle the issue with them. He was advised to speak with the credit company during business hours and request to speak with a supervisor if he had trouble with the call taker.