West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, May 23, 2016

Misc. Assist

May 5 A resident in the 1800 block of Baker Park Rd, Maple Plain asked for information on forms of protection while he goes for walks in the park. He has noticed there are more coyotes and wanted to be prepared in case one approaches him.


May 5 WHPS Officer responded to the 5000 block of Clayton Drive, Maple Plain for a female that was having chest pains and elevated blood pressure. Maple Plain Rescue and North Memorial Ambulance assisted. The female was transported to the hospital.

Fire / Smoke

May 5 WHPS Officer was dispatched to the area of Lake Sarah Drive and Dylan Lane for smoke in the area and a possible fire. Upon arrival found a controlled burn at 6000 block of Lake Sarah Drive, Independence. The homeowner had the burn under control and a valid burn permit for the controlled fire.


May 5 WHPS Officer responded to the 5000 block of Joyce Street, Maple Plain for a male feeling ill. The male was in severe pain and North Memorial Ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Welfare Check

May 6 At 6:02 a.m. WHPS Officer responded to the 5200 block of Bryantwood Dr, Maple Plain for a female found in a stairwell of an apartment building. WHPS Officer located an 84 year old female sitting on the steps in the hallway; she was trying to get to her apartment, was confused and was on the wrong floor to her apartment. North Memorial Ambulance responded and assisted in assessing the female and transported her to the hospital.


May 6 WHPS Officer responded to the 5000 block of County Road 11, Independence for theft of a boat motor. Approximate loss $1,500.00. The case is under investigation.


May 6 WHPS Officer responded to the 5000 block of Pioneer Creek Dr, Maple Plain for a female feeling dizzy and faint. Maple Plain Rescue and North Memorial Ambulance assisted and the 38 year old female was transported to the hospital.

Misc. Assist

May 6 Caller requested information on equipment requirements for pulling a boat trailer in the 1400 block of Budd Ave., Maple Plain. He was advised of the MN Statute requirements and the use of safety chains on his trailer.

Tree Down

May 6 Reported a tree was down partially blocking the road on Co Rd 90 between Co Rd 6 and Highway 12, Independence. WHPS officer located the tree and removed it from the roadway.

Suspicious Act

May 6 Caller reported someone was removing vehicles from the 2000 block of Copeland Rd, Independence. The caller had contracted with a company to remove scrap metal and trucks. WHPS officer responded and found the contracted company was doing the work. The caller was advised of the findings.

Suspicious Activity

May 7 At 6:40 a.m. WHPS Officer observed the driver of a vehicle open his car door and throw items into the weeds in the parking lot at the Luce Line / Co Rd 110, Independence. The 17 year old driver from Orono was stopped as he was getting ready to leave. The driver and his 18 year old female passenger from Independence had stopped there before she was going home just up the street. The driver picked up the items that were thrown before he left.

Traffic Complaint

May 7 Received a driving complaint of a green SUV driving over the center line and weaving in the lane of traffic on Highway 12. The vehicle was stopped at Co Rd 90 / Highway 12, Independence. The driver stated he had woken up about 1hr prior and he was taking some antibiotics for an inner ear infection. He stated he was not tired but felt wore down and not himself. The driver was warned of his driving conduct and advised until he is feeling better to consider not driving if he believed that was affecting his driving.

Suspicious Activity

May 7 Homeowner reported in the 100 Block of Ingerson Rd, Independence a vehicle drove up to his detached garage; he only saw one individual in the vehicle. Officers responded to the residence and were unable to locate any suspect vehicles. The homeowner checked his garage and did not see anything missing. The homeowner was advised to call back if anyone returns or he determines something was stolen.

Traffic Complaint

May 7 Driving complaint received of a vehicle speeding with its alarm sounding southbound on Nelson Road from Highway 12, Independence. The vehicle was not located.

Traffic Complaint

May 7 Received a driving complaint of a vehicle driving erratically, crossing over the fog line and driving on the center line; westbound on Highway 12 near Baker Park Rd, Maple Plain. The driver was located at her residence. The driver was upset, crying, stated she had an argument with her girlfriend in St Louis Park and left after the argument very upset. She was spoken to on her driving conduct and advised to not drive until she was not so upset.

House Fire

May 7 At 8:36 p.m. a caller reported a house fire, large flames and black smoke at Genaker Way and Lake Sarah Rd, Independence. Loretto Fire Dept. was enroute when the caller called back stating it was a bon fire and everyone could cancel.


May 7 WHPS responded to a 9 year old boy who was cut by a lawn mower in the 3000 block of Nelson Rd, Independence. Delano Fire and North Memorial Ambulance arrived and assisted. The juvenile’s foot was cut by the lawn mower and he was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Hit Deer

May 8 Motorist reported three deer ran across Highway 12 near Hitsman Road, Independence. He was unable to avoid hitting one of the deer. The struck deer was deceased and over $1,000.00 of damage to his vehicle.

Driving Complaint

May 8 A resident reported he was waiting to turn into his driveway in the 4500 block of Town Line Road, Independence when he saw a ‘box’ type car come up behind him at a very high rate of speed; the car swerved to the oncoming lane, unto the shoulder of the road, left the roadway and ended on top of some sapling trees. The resident got out to check the driver and the female driver quickly backed the vehicle up onto the roadway and sped off. Approximately an hour later WHPS officer located the vehicle and spoke to the driver who was unsure of the route she traveled but indicated it was in the area of the complaint. The case is under investigation.

3rd Degree DWI

May 8 Traffic complaint of a vehicle weaving back and forth at Highway12 and Baker Park Rd, Maple Plain. The vehicle was located and the driver stated he did not have a valid driver’s license. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol and provided a breath sample which resulted in .15% breath alcohol concentration. Jon Eric Brown, 30 from New Hope was arrested for 3rd Degree DWI.

Shots Heard - Fire works

May 8 Caller reported he thought he heard 2 gunshots about 5 minutes ago at Co Rd 92 and Turner Road, Independence. He saw 2 vehicles near the intersection and his fish house is parked in a field right on the corner and he thought they might be shooting at it. The area was checked and the vehicles were not found and no damage done to the fish house. The caller later stated he thinks that it was only fire crackers not guns. He was told to call back if he heard it again or saw people in the area.

Traffic Complaint

May 9 Caller reported the sanitation truck was again driving down the one way street the wrong way on Main Street W, Maple Plain. A second call reported the recycling truck also drove the wrong way. A previous complaint had been filed on April 18th and company management had stated they would correct this. Management was called again and stated he would handle the problem.

Scam Attempt

May 9 Caller reported received a voice message from a person stating the IRS has issued a warrant for physical property and will begin legal prosecution if a call is not returned. The caller was advised to not call back, it was a scammer. The IRS does not call, they send letters.

Fraudulent Debit Card Use

May 9 A resident reported someone fraudulently used his debit card on line in the 7800 block of Pioneer Creek Rd, Independence. The card was not stolen; someone had used it for on line services. He was advised to report the use to his local police and his bank is going to reimburse his losses.

Welfare Check

May 9 An Arizona resident requested a welfare check on her uncle who lives in the 5000 block of Broadmoor Dr., Independence. The caller was given a phone number to call to check on her Uncle.

Civil Matter

May 9 Caller reported he is in assisted living and his wife recently went in to the hospital and they were not able to move out of their residence when their lease was up in the 1000 block of Wyman Ave, Maple Plain. The landlord replaced the locks, won’t let anyone in and is charging a daily fee. Several options were discussed in contacting places to ask for assistance.

Vehicle Damage

May 10 Motorist reported at Co Rd 11 and Lake Rebecca Rd, Independence a turkey had flown into the side of his pickup and the side mirror was broken off. He thought the turkey was still alive. The turkey was located who was found dead.

Animal Assist

May 10 A resident in the 1400 block of Meadow Lane, Maple Plain reported they had just bought a kitten and when they tried to exit the car at home, it went underneath the car seat and they were unable to get it out. WHPS Officer was eventually able to get the kitten out and into the house. The mother and her children were very thankful.

Check Fraud

May 10 A resident in Maple Grove reported someone had fraudulently created checks with her bank account number and used a check in the 5000 block of Highway 12 in Maple Plain. The case is under investigation.

3rd Degree DWI

May 11 A vehicle was stopped for 55 mph in 40 mph on Co Rd 83 / Drake Drive, Independence. The driver had two children in the vehicle with her and was found driving under the influence of alcohol. Abigail Irene Mobley, 36 from Maple Plain gave a breath sample which resulted in .14% breath alcohol concentration. Mobley was arrested for 3rd Degree DWI and a friend was called to pick up her two children.

Welfare Check

May 11 Caller requested a welfare check at 3200 block of County Line Road, Independence for a female who was thought to have fallen out of her chair. The female was found to be fine and able to take care of herself. No further assistance was needed.

Neighbor Trouble

May 11 Resident reported a male possibly from the 6000 block of Genaker Way, Independence who appeared to be intoxicated, came over to her house and wanted to come in and when refused wanted to speak with her kids and was again refused. The male has previously exhibited inappropriate gestures. The resident was advised he could be trespassed from her property and if she sees him outside again and feels threatened by his actions to call 9-1-1.