West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, May 2, 2016

Safety Check

April 15 Reported traffic hazard at Co Rd 92 and Highway 12, Independence. A truck with a flashing yellow light bar was parked in the bypass lane. The vehicle was gone upon officer arrival.

Suspicious Act

April 15 Reported a suspicious male walking around a residence in the 6000 block of Rachel Ridge Cr, Independence. Upon officer arrival the male was gone. Further investigation found the resident’s husband had requested service for water testing and his wife was unaware of it.

Misc. Assist

April 15 WHPS officer stopped to assist a male who was standing alongside of the intersection of Highway 12 and Co Rd 90, Independence. The male was waiting for a ride from a friend to the park and ride parking lot in Maple Plain.


April 15 Two vehicle property damage at Co Rd 11 and Co rd. 92, Independence. Motorist stated as he drove he heard a loud noise and realized his rear driver’s side tire had come off striking an oncoming vehicle. The driver of the struck vehicle heard and felt the impact of the tire and saw the tire fly over his hood as his airbag deployed. The driver was ok and did not require medical attention. The struck vehicle was towed from the scene.


April 15 Trespassing complaint in the 2000 block of Co Rd 92, Independence. Two horseback riders were riding on the back part of a resident’s property. They were trespassing and became rude when the homeowner asked them to leave. The riders were located and apologized and would not ride on the property without permission. The homeowner was advised of the findings.

Crash / Personal Injury

April 15 Truck southbound on Co Rd 90 was crossing Highway 12 at the intersection, Independence when an eastbound vehicle on Highway12 struck the right rear passenger side of the truck. The eastbound vehicle spun out, rolled over and ended in the eastbound ditch of the intersection. The driver of the vehicle was trapped in his vehicle and Maple Plain Fire extricated him from his vehicle. Ridgeview Ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Damaged Mailbox

Sept 16 Damaged mailbox in the 6200 block of Pagenkopf Rd, Independence. The mailbox was completely destroyed and mail scattered throughout the ditch. WHPS officer picked up the mail and brought it to the residence house. Unknown who did the damage.


April 16 3000 block of Ihduhapi Trail, Independence reported the night before at 10 p.m. a boy approximately 10 – 12 years old, from the surrounding area entered one of the occupied cabins at the YMCA Camp property, began going through other people’s items inside and threw pop cans at the other kids inside the cabin. Some of the kids staying at the camp went down to the lake with the boy and pushed him into the water. The boy got out of the water and ran home. No injuries.

Traffic Altercation

April 16 WHPS officer responded to a property damage crash. The driver stated he was driving on Highway 12 behind the other vehicle and he was being “brake checked”. He then gave the other driver the middle finger at the intersection of Highway 12 and Halgren. In the 6000 block of Highway 12, he was brake checked again and lightly hit the vehicle in front of him. The driver was warned that ‘brake checking” people is careless driving and spoke to both drivers on their behavior. Both parties admitted to negative driving conduct. Both drivers stated they will be better drivers in the future and understood their negative driving conduct. Both drivers shook hands and apologized. There was no damage to either vehicle. No citations were issued and both parties were satisfied with the situation.

Litter / Dumping

April 16 Reported in the 1100 block of Copeland Rd for a dumping complaint. A small pile of scrap wood and metal were on the side of the road. Unknown who dumped it. The City of Independence Public Works was notified of the scrap pile and picked it up.

Suspicious Act

April 16 Reported suspicious activity of a vehicle at an abandoned house and person walking around the property in the 6200 block of Co Rd 11, Independence. A male was looking around for his dog that broke off his leash. The male left and shortly after a pit bull matching the description of the dog was found by the officer. The dog was transported to the dog owners residence.

Sick Raccoon

April 17 A resident in the 7000 block of Pagenkopf Rd, Independence reported a sick raccoon. An officer shot the sick raccoon and put it in a plastic bag.

Grass Fire

April 17 Co Rd 11 and Lake Sarah Rd, Independence reported smoke in the north side of the ditch. No smoke or fire was found.

Traffic Complaint

April 18 WHPS Officer responded to a traffic complaint of a vehicle that was varying speeds and crossing the fog and center line at Highway 12 and Co Rd 90, Independence. The driver was stopped, said she was on her way to Delano for a job that a placement company was sending her to. She did not know where it was and was talking to her employer and trying to follow the GPS on her phone but was not sure if the address was correct. She was verbally warned for not staying in her lane of traffic.

Suspicious Act

April 18 Reported yesterday and again today a vehicle was parked in the woods at the neighboring property in the 7000 block of Co Rd 6, Independence. The vehicle was located and found it was occupied. The driver had recently become homeless when his girlfriend kicked him out and he was trying to find a place to live. He was given names of places he could be housed at.

Traffic Stop

April 18 At Co Rd 11 and Co Rd 92N Independence a vehicle following behind WHPS squad car was observed crossing over the center line and into oncoming traffic. The driver’s head was bobbing up and down looking at something in his lap, then his eyes would go back onto the road obviously using a mobile device to text, read, or view electronic messages. The vehicle was stopped and the 17 year old male was advised of his driving conduct. He was not aware he had driven over the center line. He was issued a citation for Drive over Centerline. Contact was made with his mother advising of the stop.

Traffic Complaint

April 18 Complaint of a sanitation truck driven on the wrong side of the street every Monday morning in the 5000 block of Main Street, Maple Plain. Contact was made with the sanitation driver’s manager who said it will be corrected and the driver will drive the correct way.

Unwanted Person

April 18 WHPS Officer responded to the 4000 block of Main Street, Maple Plain for an unwanted male. WHPS officer found the ex-boyfriend wanting to say goodbye before he moved to California. The male was told to leave and not communicate with the female. The male agreed to stop and left.

Road Debris

April 19 Highway 12 and Valley Rd, Independence, WHPS officer removed a large steel tube approximately 11’ 2x6” from the center of the roadway.

Suspicious Activity

April 19 Reported a vehicle that parks in the back of a church parking lot in the 3900 block of County Line Rd, Independence. The driver was located who stated he plays an online game called “ingress” where he has to open up portals at certain churches to expand and keep his territory. You have to go to the churches to make it work. He showed the officer the app/game.

Allergic Reaction

April 19 WHPS responded to the 1000 block of Co Rd 92, Independence for an allergic reaction that caused an asthma attack. Maple Plain Fire assisted and North Memorial Ambulance transported the female to the hospital.

Vehicle Safety Check

April 20 Received a traffic complaint of a vehicle with an unsafe tire at County Line Road and Highway 12, Independence. WHPS officer located the vehicle and observed the front passenger tire was wobbling. The driver stated he had the vehicle scheduled for repair and the wobble occurs at highway speeds intermittently. The driver was advised the vehicle was unsafe to operate on the highway and to return the vehicle home or to the shop and not drive it.

Lost Keys

April 20 Caller reported he lost a set of keys, 5 – 6 keys and a FOB with 3 buttons, they were set on the top of his pickup topper and drove Rainbow Ave., Main Street, Halgren Road and Highway 12 west. No keys had been turned into the PD.

Welfare Check

April 20 Caller reported a possible medical/welfare situation at the pull off area on the north side of Hwy 12 near Halgren Rd, Maple Plain. A woman was inside the truck and a man was in the bed of the truck lying down. The caller spoke to the man who said he did not need anything and asked him to leave. Upon Officer arrival the vehicle was gone.


April 20 Reported a catalytic converter was cut off of a vehicle in the 5000 block of Industrial Street, Maple Plain. The case is under investigation.


April 20 Female reported she was short of breath and wanted to go to the hospital in the 2000 block of Heritage Trail, Independence. Maple Plain Fire assisted and North Memorial Ambulance transported her to the hospital.

Welfare Check

April 20 Reported a female appeared to be hitchhiking and walking into the lane of traffic at Highway 12 and Lake Haughey Rd, Independence. The female from Howard Lake was trying to get to Crystal. WHPS officer transported her to the Park and Ride Stop in Golden Valley.

Road Debris

April 20 Caller reported a road sign that came from a center island median was in the middle of the road at Highway 12 and Oak Street, Maple Plain. He had set the sign on the shoulder of the road and wanted WHPS to know a sign had been knocked over.

Suspicious Activity

April 21 Caller reported to the Independence Public Works that she found dead puppies in the lake at Lake Rebecca, Co Rd 50 and Rebecca Park Entrance. Public Works investigated the area and found it was 7 raccoons.