West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, March 16, 2018

March 1 - Domestic - Call received of a rolling domestic eastbound Hwy 12 near Budd Ave, Maple Plain. No plate obtained by R/P and the only description was that it was a small white car. Police checked the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.

March 1 - DUI/Narcotics - Hwy 12/Halgren Rd, Maple Plain. A traffic complaint was received of a vehicle all over the road and at one point had hit the center median. The vehicle was located on Hwy 12 and Budd Ave. and a traffic stop was initiated at Hwy 12 and Halgren Rd after the officer observed the vehicle cross the fog line 3 times. The driver, Bryce Mckinley Swanson, 21, of Minneapolis, showed signs of impairment but PBT’d .000 BAC. Swanson was arrested for suspected narcotics DUI. A search warrant was obtained for a blood test. Swanson consented to a blood test and was released pending results of the test.

March 1 - 3rd Degree DWI - CR 50/Roy Road, Independence. A vehicle was observed to cross over the white line and drive on the shoulder. The vehicle was stopped and while speaking with the driver a strong odor of alcohol was detected. The driver, Benjamin Craig Mattson, 40, of Rockford, failed roadside field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for DWI. At WHPS office Mattson blew .17 BAC, was booked for 3rd Degree DWI and transported to Hennepin County Jail.

March 2 - Pain - 5100 block Main St, Maple Plain. Police responded to a male with a possible blood clot in his leg. Maple Plain Fire rendered care to the victim and he was transported to the hospital.

March 2 - Harassment - 4100 block Woodhill Dr, Independence. A report was taken of numerous harassing phone calls. Police made contact with the suspect and was told to stop calling the other party.

March 2 - Civil Matter - 7900 block CR 6, Independence. Police responded to a civil matter in which a vehicle was taken by an employee and not returned. The owner admitted to allowing the employee to drive it in the past but he’d not given permission this time and he couldn’t reach the employee to tell him to bring it back. The owner refused to sign a stolen vehicle report. Information taken and the officer cleared.

March 2 - Stalled Vehicle -Halgren Rd/Hwy 12, Maple Plain. While on routine patrol police came upon an occupied, stalled vehicle. Contact was made with the occupants who advised they were on the way to the hospital because one of the occupants was in labor when their car died. They denied an ambulance as they already had a tow on the way for their vehicle and ride on the way to get them to the hospital.

March 2 - Possession of Alcohol Under 21 - CR 110/Moline Rd, Independence. A vehicle was stopped for speed. While speaking with the driver and three juveniles inside the vehicle, the smell of Marijuana was detected. A search of the vehicle was conducted and Marijuana, a pipe and a bottle of Vodka were found. Three of the occupants admitted who the items belonged to and that juvenile was cited for possession of Marijuana and alcohol. They were then released and contact was made with their parents.

March 3 - Heart - 5200 block Bryant St, Maple Plain. Police responded to a report of a female having chest pain. She was transported to Waconia Hospital.

March 3 - Suspicious Act - 5400 block Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Police responded to a local business of a suspicious person at the loading dock. Contact was made with the party who was an employee fixing something on the loading dock. No criminal activity found.

March 3 - Facebook Scam Attempt -5900 block Three Oaks Ave, Maple Plain. Police spoke to a party who’d received a suspicious message on Facebook from a party she did not know. She was advised it was a possible scam attempt to gain her personal information and not to respond to the message, file a report with the FTC and keep an eye on her credit score and bank accounts.

March 3 - Pickup/Warrant - 6200 block Hwy 12, Independence. While on routine patrol a vehicle was observed at a local business. The registered owner had a confirmed revoked license and warrants. The vehicle was stopped and the driver arrested and transported to Hennepin County Jail.

March 4 - Narcotics Hwy - 12/Valley Rd, Independence. A traffic stop was initiated on a vehicle for illegally displaying six set of lights on the front. Driver stated he wasn’t aware it was illegal. In further speaking with the driver, he admitted to having Marijuana in his vehicle. He consented to a search of his vehicle that resulted in the officer finding a small amount of Marijuana and narcotic paraphernalia. The driver was cited and released.

March 4 - Suspicious Act - Northside Park, Maple Plain. While on routine patrol, a male and female in the park were observe to be looking through a trash bin. Contact was made with the parties who said they were just out for a walk. They were advised of the park hours and released.

March 5 - Slumper -Town Line Rd/CR 6, Independence. Police were called to a parked vehicle occupied by a female who was too ill to drive so she’d pulled over and was waiting for a ride to bring her home.

March 5 - Vehicle in Ditch -5500 block Pagenkopf Rd, Independence. A vehicle westbound on Pagenkopf Road slid off the road and into the ditch, sustaining a broken passenger side mirror and scratches from trees it was resting against. No injuries.

March 6 - Vehicle in Ditch -1400 block CR 92, Independence. Call received a vehicle in the ditch and damage to a fence. The driver advised he’d swerved to avoid hitting a horse. No injuries reported. Police and horse owner looked for loose horse but were unable to locate it.

March 6 - Vehicle in Ditch - 7400 block Hwy 12, Independence. While on routine patrol police came across a vehicle in the ditch on the south side of Highway 12. Driver said she slid off the roadway. Her license was revoked and she was issued a citation for DAR. No injuries.

March 6 - Theft -1800 Budd Ave, Maple Plain. Police took a report of a stolen tablet from a residence. The owner believed it was set in the front entryway of the residence and the front door was left unlocked. No leads at this time.

March 6 - Medical - Howard Ave./Main St E, Maple Plain. Police were flagged down to a vehicle with a female driver possibly having a diabetic problem. The officer observed cookies in her vehicle and had her eat one. Maple Plain Fire arrived and administered glucose. North Ambulance responded and was able to get her blood sugar up. Her husband arrived on scene and brought her home.

March 6 - Fight - 3600 block Ihduhapi Trail, Independence. Police responded to a fight between three residents. They were separated. None wanted charges pressed.

March 7 - Property Damage - 2800 block CR 92 N, Independence. Police were called to local business to speak with a semi driver who had attempted to back up into a residential driveway in order to turn around. In doing so the resident’s mailbox and post were knocked down and broken.

March 7 - Unwanted Person - Civil -2000 block Lakeshore Dr, Independence. A call was received of an unwanted person on private property. The unwanted person was located and given a trespass notice.

March 7 - 400 block Rainbow Ave, Maple Plain. Police were dispatched to a residence for suspicious activity. Upon arrival the officer was shown camera footage of male getting out of a vehicle at the end of a residential driveway, walk behind the garage and a few minutes later get back in the vehicle and leave. Footprints were found behind the garage and leading to the neighbor’s back door but nothing was missing. No criminal activity found.

March 7 - Unwanted Person -4000 block Hwy. 12, Maple Plain. Police were called to a business for three parties who were being loud and disruptive to other patrons and refused to leave. A ride for them was waiting outside. They were trespassed and left without further incident.