West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, June 27, 2016


June 10 At the Vinland Center, a male was having extreme pancreatic pain and lower back. He was transported to the hospital by North Memorial Ambulance.

Stalled Vehicle

June 10 WHPS Officer assisted with a stalled vehicle on Highway 12 / Halgren Road, Maple Plain. The driver stated his vehicle died and has AAA on the way to tow. All was okay.


June 10 1800 Budd Ave., Maple Plain. Resident reported she had a company remotely fix her computer that was not working. They were not able to fix the computer and took her money without doing anything. She was going to file a report with the Better Business Bureau who said part of the process is to report it to the police.


June 10 5400 block of Industrial Street, Maple Plain a business reported theft of funds paid for remodeling repairs. The check had been deposited into a personal account instead of the business account. The case is under investigation.


June 10 Female at 1800 block of Budd Ave was reported unconscious. Upon WHPS arrival she was conscious, had rib pain and was in extreme pain. North Memorial Ambulance transported her to the hospital.

Traffic Complaint

June 10 At 10:36 p.m. a vehicle on westbound on Highway 12 and Baker Park Road, Maple Plain was driven very slow in the turn lane. The driver stated she was eating in the car while driving and going to visit her brother who was at the motel. The driver was not impaired and was given a warning on her driving conduct.

Vehicle in Ditch

June 11 County Road 11 & Town Line Road, Independence a driver did not see the stop sign because of the thick fog and continued to drive down into the ditch at the “T” intersection. The driver had some chest pain from her seatbelt but did not need an ambulance to respond. No alcohol or drug use was found and her parents arrived to give her a ride home.

Suspicious Activity

June 11 At 7:09 a.m. at Highway 12 and Baker Park Rd, Maple Plain a male was walking around the parking lot of a business. He stated his girlfriend dropped him off at the bus stop this morning on her way to the airport and he did not know that a bus does not come on the weekends. He contacted a friend for ride but it was too early and that his friend is not up yet. He was given a ride to the bus stop in Wayzata to wait for his friend.

Neighbor Trouble

June 11 Reported at the 4000 block of Main Street E, Maple Plain a resident that shares a duplex was rude and disrespectful when he is in the communal parts of the building. The landowner was going to take care of the problem.

Sign/Signal Problem

June 11 Reported at county line road / railroad crossing, Independence the railroad stop arms were malfunctioning. Burlington Northern SantéFe Railroad was notified to respond.

Stalled Vehicle

June 11 Reported a possible slumper at Co Rd 6 and Co Rd 92, Independence. Contact was made with the driver who stated his vehicle just quit working. He was able to get his vehicle started and thought it was because of the high temperatures and his gas tank was low that it quit.

Welfare Check

June 12 5200 block of Bryantwood Dr, Maple Plain, at midnight a male was not feeling well and having some struggles. He was transported to the hospital.

Vehicle in the Ditch

June 12 6000 block of Highway 12, Independence a vehicle was in the ditch and sliding further down into the ditch. The driver stated she was turning around and drove onto the grass a little too much. Every time she would let off on the brakes the car would slide down the hill. An Independence business owner stopped by to help, had a tow rope and was able to pull her vehicle back onto the driveway.


June 12 Reported at Vinland Center a male stated staff was accusing him of having alcohol in a diet Coke can. He provided a breath sample that resulted in .03% alcohol concentration. Staff dealt with the issue.

Welfare Check

June 12 1500 block of Howard Ave., Maple Plain for a male asking for help. His vitals were taken and found his heart rate was high. He admitted he had snorted and drank methamphetamines either two or three days ago. North Memorial Ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Burglary / Theft

June 12 Reported in the 1200 block of Co Rd 90, Independence a generator was stolen and a motorhome broken into. The case is under investigation.


June 12 Reported at Vinland Center a female was slapped by another female. Both females and witnesses were spoken to and it was found no crime had occurred other than pushing. No arrests were made.

Noise Complaint

June 12 3200 block of Lake Haughey Rd, Independence reported there were underage drinking and kids on the lake. The area was checked and did not find anyone in the park and did not hear any loud noises.

Civil Matter

June 12 5200 block of Manchester Dr, Maple Plain. An ex-roommate wanted to pick up items from an apartment. The renter did not want the ex-roommate to come over as it was 11:17 p.m. The renter wanted WHPS to know in case the ex-roommate shows up.


June 13 Reported a black BMW 3-series went off the road and crashed into a tree at Windsong Golf Course, Independence. Contact was made with the driver who was found had a suspended driver’s license; he had been texting and driving and had no proof of insurance. North Memorial Ambulance responded and checked the driver. The driver was issued citations for DAS, text and drive, drive with due care, and no proof of insurance.


June 13 3400 block of Ihduhapi Trail, Independence. A makeshift campsite with a sleeping bag and a couple of blankets were found on private property. The property owner left printed signs notifying anyone who returns they are trespassing and asking for their property to be removed in 48 hours otherwise it would be disposed of.

Drunk Problem

June 13 At 11:23 p.m. reported an intoxicated male called stating he was intoxicated and was walking near Maple Plain Family Center. While enroute the caller told dispatch they were going to lie down and were near Maple Plain Bank. The male was located found lying on the ground in the parking lot of Collision Corner with the phone to his ear and did not appear in distress. As he was approached he got up and stated he was “drunk” and needed a ride. He had been drinking at a friends and was trying to walk home. He was transported to his residence and left in the care of his father who stated he would take care of him.


June 13 While on patrol, WHPS officer discovered a speed limit sign defaced. The sign is located on the east side of Copeland Rd south of Dean Ln. Independence Public works notified of the vandalism.

Suspicious Act

June 14 While on patrol, WHPS officer observed saw a black Jeep pull off into the ditch on the south side of County 6 /Nelson Rd, Independence. The driver said he was checking the grass at a cemetery along County 6.


June 14 Business in the 6500 block of Highway 12, Independence reported theft of a trailer. A homemade 6 1⁄2 ft. X 12 ft. trailer, black in color with a rear mesh gate and side mesh gate used to load four wheelers unto the trailer was stolen. The trailer was entered into NCIC and the case under investigation.


June 14 Reported at Vinland Center a male was having a psychotic break down but was somewhat cooperative. He voluntarily had North Memorial Ambulance transport him to the hospital.

Stalled Car

June 15 Baker Park Rd / Highway 12, Maple Plain a driver reported he was having mechanical issues and his vehicle was no longer operable. He could not get a tow until the morning. WHPS Officer assisted in getting his vehicle moved to the furthest edge of the roadway out of the lane of travel and provided the driver and passenger transportation to their residence.

Attempted Scam

June 15 5000 block of Co rd. 11, Independence, a resident reported received a phone message stating her son was in jail and needed money. The callers had also called the grandmother asking for money. The son called soon after receiving the call stating he was on his way home and when questioned stated he was not in jail, nor had he been in jail.


June 15 2000 block of County Line Rd, Independence. Resident reported he had a kicker hay rack stolen. It was 9’x18’ Meyer’s Industry rusty red with regular sized car tires on it. The case is under investigation.


June 15 2000 block of Lindgren Lane, Independence. A resident reported her neighbor came over to her residence earlier in the day and began yelling at landscapers doing work on her driveway. The resident wanted the neighbor contacted to tell her not to bother her.

Civil Matter

June 15 Caller reported he and his girlfriend broke up and wanted to get his horse and boat off the property at 2000 block of Hitsman Ln, Independence. He was advised to have his paperwork in order showing his ownership and as a courtesy to notify his ex-girlfriend that he will be coming over to pick up his property.

Suspicious Act

June 15 at 11:43 p.m. reported an occupied vehicle at Pioneer Creek Community Park after hours. Contact was made with three juveniles who were just ‘hanging out and looking at the stars’. They were advised the park was closed, they are out past their curfew and they needed to go home. The juveniles left and the officer followed them home.