West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Jan. 9, 2017

Snowmobiling Complaint

Dec 21 Co Rd 90 / Quass Cut Off Independence. Property owner reported snowmobilers were driving back and forth across his alfalfa field and not following the snowmobile trail along the ditch of his field. 3 snowmobilers were found riding off the trail who did not realize they could not ride in the field. They were advised they needed to stay on the posted and marked trail and that riding on the alfalfa field with the small amount of snow could damage the crop for the next season. All three drivers were apologetic.

Mail Theft

Dec 21 4900 Highway 12, Maple Plain. Reported possible mail theft. A credit statement that was mailed on Dec 4th had not been received. She did not find fraudulent charges on her cc or bank account.

Panic Alarm

Dec 21 WHPS and assisting Police Departments responded to a silent panic alarm at the Bank of Maple Plain. Management walked outside to the Police advising everything was okay. A new employee had accidently pulled the alarm and set it off.

Motorist Aid

Dec 21 Reported at Co Rd 11 / Lake Haughey Rd, Independence a motorist was changing a tire in a bad spot. The area was checked and the vehicle was gone.

Texting While Driving

Dec 21 17 year old female driver from Independence was texting on her phone while stopped for the stop light at Baker Park Rd / Highway 12, Maple Plain. Officer stepped out of his squad car, walked over to the passenger’s door of her car and stood there and watched her texting. She did not see the Officer and was startled when she looked up and saw him standing there. Officer told her that once the light turned green, to pull thru the intersection and stop on the roadside. She did; squad car was behind her vehicle with the red lights activated. The Officer walked up to her car and waited for her to roll down her window as she was talking on her phone. She lowered the phone, did not disconnect the phone call and the Officer asked her to hang it up. The driver stated at the stop light she was sending a message to her friend and was “snapchatting”. The texting law was explained to her and she was issued a citation for “Provisional license violations-use of cell phone while driving”. Her father was contacted and Officer explained the situation to him and that she would be getting a ticket.

Suspicious Activity

Dec 22 5500 block of Joyce Street, Maple Plain. Resident reported during the night someone went through her husband’s unlocked truck. Nothing was taken from the truck but the clothes inside and the items from the glovebox were thrown around and it was obvious that someone was looking for something.

Theft from Auto

Dec 22 2900 Lindgren Lane, Independence. Resident reported overnight someone had stolen items from their two vehicles that were unlocked and parked in their driveway. Stolen: money, a package, a black Gerber folding knife that was also a money clip. The case is under investigation.

Theft from Auto

Dec 22 2800 Lindgren Lane, Independence. Resident reported theft from an unlocked truck that occurred during the night. Stolen: Wallet, Credit Card, Cash, a black backpack with yellow piping around the edges, silver dog tag with the name “Oakley” engraved with the resident’s phone number and a small black leather bag containing shaving items. A neighbor found the wallet, credit cards and ID cards in the middle of a cul-de-sac. No suspects, the case is under investigation.


Dec 22 Co Rd 92 S / Highway 12, Independence. Vehicle pulled out into the intersection did not see the westbound vehicle and was struck in the rear passenger side of the vehicle. Motorist admitted fault to causing the crash and not seeing the vehicle. No injuries and both vehicles were drivable.

4th Degree DWI

Dec 22 Co Rd 110 / Co Rd 6, Independence. Vehicle stopped for loud muffler and improper functioning lights. The driver William Todd Sincheff, 63 from Mound submitted a breath test that resulted in .08% Breath Alcohol Concentration. Sincheff was arrested for 4th Degree DWI, Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Passenger John Steven Moot, 57 from Maple Plain was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

3rd Degree DWI /

Dec 23 6400 Hillstrom Rd, Independence. Reported a vehicle was parked at the end of a driveway for the last 5 minutes. Officer located a male standing in the yard looking at the camper next to the house because he thought it was for sale. The camper was not for sale nor was it parked in a place indicating it would be for sale. The male had a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from him and handed his driver’s license to the Officer when requested for it. The male then took off in his vehicle and would not stop for approximately 3 miles with the squad and its red lights and siren on in pursuit. Neal Alan Prior, 56 from Minneapolis submitted a breath sample which resulted in .20% Breath Alcohol Concentration. Prior was arrested, charged and booked into Hennepin County Jail for “Felony Flee in Motor Vehicle and 3rd Degree DWI.


Dec 24 Vinland National Center, 3576 Ihduhapi Trail, Independence. Reported a male was unconscious. Loretto Fire and North Memorial Ambulance Paramedics assisted and the male was transported to the hospital.

Child Dispute

Dec 24 5200 Manchester Dr, Maple Plain. Reported a child custody dispute the ex-husband did not drop off their child and it was her weekend per the child custody agreement. Arrangements were made to drop off the child.

Animal Complaint

Dec 24 1000 Polo Club Rd, Independence. Resident reported a stray cat has been hanging around their house and bothering their dog. No homeowners in the immediate area stated the cat was theirs and did not recognize it. The cat did not have tags and appeared to be a barn cat.

Lock Out

Dec 24 5300 Joyce Street, Maple Plain, Resident had dropped their key in their garage and could not find it. Police assisted and found it under the stairs.

Vehicle in the Ditch

Dec 25 3:44 a.m. Copeland Rd / Highway 12, Independence. Reported a vehicle in the ditch, no damage was found. The driver had a tow responding and did not need further assistance. No injuries.

Vehicle in the Ditch

Dec 25 4:26 a.m. Vehicle in the ditch at Co Rd 92 / Lake Sarah Rd, Independence. The driver had a tow coming and did not need further assistance. A small paint scratch on the passenger side of the vehicle from a street sign. No injuries.


Dec 25 7:57 a.m. reported flames seen across the lake in the Fern Drive area, Independence. Police found a small recreational fire coming from the residence of 5200 Sunset Ln. The homeowner was tending the fire and stated he was burning some small sticks and everything was under control. Loretto Fire Department was canceled.


Dec 25 5100 Independence Street, Independence. Reported possible heart, the victim was light headed and cold. North Memorial transported him to the hospital.

Suspicious Activity

Dec 26 12:56 a.m. Officer found a vehicle in the cemetery in the SE corner of Co Rd 90/HWY 12 Independence. The driver Alex Howard Stark, 18 from Maple Plain was issued a citation for “Small Amount Marijuana in Motor Vehicle” and “Possession of Drug Paraphernalia”. Passenger was a 16 year old female juvenile from Mound. Her parents were called and they were unaware their daughter was out of the house. The juvenile was transported to WHPS office, issued a citation for “Curfew Violation”. And was released to her parents.

Wire Down

Dec 26 Main Street / Maple, Maple Plain. Reported a garbage truck had snagged a power line and the lines were sparking. XCEL was notified and responded. MPFD was assisted by coning off the area. It appeared the power line had been brought down by a tree branch during the storm the night before and was across the road.

Road Conditions

Dec 26 Reported 3400 Lake Haughey Rd, Independence a resident reported his two vehicles slid off the road. They did not need assistance; they were going to call a tow truck when the sand truck goes through.

Vehicle in Ditch

Dec 26 2400 Copeland Rd, Independence. Unoccupied vehicle in the ditch, down in the steep ravine area. No damage reported.

Road Conditions

Dec 26 Reported a plugged storm drain at Highway 12/ Baker Park Rd, Maple Plain that was backed up and causing ice on the roadway. MN DOT was contacted and heavily salted the intersection.

Suspicious Act

Dec 26 5000 Main Street, Maple Plain. 11:26 p.m. Vehicle parked darked out alongside the church. Contact was made with the driver who was playing Pokémon.

Welfare Check

Dec 27 1800 Newport Street, Maple Plain. Requested a welfare check on a co-worker that had not shown up for work. Access to the apartment found the 64 year old female was deceased. Nothing suspicious was found in the apartment. Medical Examiner responded and will complete an autopsy.


Dec 27 Driver was stopped at the stop sign for northbound Budd Ave at Highway 12. The driver attempted to cross Highway 12, suddenly stopped in the middle of the eastbound lane as she noticed she was pulling out in front of a westbound vehicle. In a panic to get out of the eastbound lane she put her car in reverse without noticing a vehicle had pulled in behind her, striking the vehicle. No injuries.

Neighbor Complaint

Dec 27 2900 Copeland Rd, Independence. Snow was pushed under the neighbor’s fence damaging it. The resident admitted he should not have piled the snow that close and would not do it anymore.

Stop Sign

Dec 27 The stop sign at Joyce Street and Bryant Street was facing the wrong direction. The stop sign had slid down the pole and was now facing traffic on Bryant Street instead of Joyce Street. Public Works notified to fix the sign.

Suspicious Act

Dec 28 1800 Newport Street, Maple Plain. Reported a resident let two people inside the building and a short time after they kicked the door in to an apartment. Two males in the apartment had permission to be in there. They had accidently broken the key off inside the lock of the door and they ended up having to kick the door in. The property manager was with them and stated it was OK to break the door.


Dec 28 Copeland Rd / Highway 12, Independence. Driver was traveling east on Highway 12 and traffic began to slow fast in front of him. He was just about stopped when the truck behind him, swerved to the left and side swiping the driver’s side of his car leaving scratches and ripping the mirror off. No injuries.