June 16 Budd Ave & Oak Street, Maple Plain. A vehicle was approaching a driveway near Budd Ave. when a cube van backed out of the
West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, July 25, 2016

Suspicious Activity

June 28 At 12:16 a.m. WHPS officer observed a van backed up to the rear entrance to a restaurant in the 200 block of Co Rd 92, Independence. Investigation found a crew performing maintenance on the kitchen and found not to be nefarious.

Domestic Arrest

June 28 WHPS and Hennepin County Sheriffs Office responded to the 5000 block of Sunset Lane, Independence for a domestic. A father tried to take the pick-ax from his 30 year old daughter and ended up wrestling over it. The female was arrested and transported to Hennepin County Jail for Domestic Assault.

Possession of Pornography

June 28 2000 block of South Lakeshore Drive, Independence. Reported child pornography was on a computer. The case is under investigation.

Missing Person

June 28 At 11:21 p.m. reported by Vinland National Center a missing male who was ot found in the staff’s final check of residents. The 25 year old male from Burnsville was entered in NCIC – National Crime Information Center as a missing person. He was located on July 30th and removed from NCIC.

Agency Assist

June 29 AT 12:40 a.m. WHPS officer checking the area for missing person, observed a vehicle parked after hours near a ball field in the 700 block of Medina Street, Loretto. Two persons were inside the vehicle and heavy smoke coming from interior of vehicle. Contact was made with driver, who had an e-cig in hand. He had just got off work, and was hanging out with his sister. No criminal activity found.


June 29 2800 block of Becker Rd, Independence a male reported he was feeling ill. Maple Plain Fire assisted treating the male. North Memorial Ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Misc. Assist

June 29 Reported an unoccupied residence in the 3000 block of Independence Road, Independence that has not had any repairs for many years. He was advised to call the city of independence.

Stalled Car

June 30 WHPS officer observed a vehicle with its hazard lights on in the 4800 block of Perkinsville Rd, Independence. The driver said he had ran out fo gas. He was given a ride to the Holiday Gas Station and borrowed a gas can to purchase gas and was brought back to this vehicle. WHPS officer returned the borrowed gas can to the Holiday Gas Station

911 Hang Up

June 30 911 hang up in the 5600 block of Pioneer Creek Drive, Maple Plain. The business was updating new phones and called to cancel police response.


June 30 Caller reported a noise complaint froma the night before in the 1500 lbock of Howard Avenue, Maple Plain. The caller stated she could not sleep and had to try and sleep in her car for a period of the night. She was advised that law enforcement needs to hear the noise to be able to cite anyone for a noise disturbance.


June 30 Caller erported in the 2900 block of Hitsman Lane, Independence a friend was trying to pick up his horse on the property and was not allowed to. The caller was going to attempt to contact all involved persons to work out the details.

Gas Oder

June 30 Gas odor in the 5000 block of Main Street, Maple Plain. Maple Plain Fire responded and cleared the residence. No gas was found inside the residence.

Safety Check

June 30 Caller reported a stated a small child on a dirt bike rode out on the road at Kutz & Nelson Rd, Independence. The caller he almost hit the girl with his vehicle and this was the second time this week. WHPS officer esponded to the contact was made with the homeowner who was made aware of the incident.

Internet Scam

July 1 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive, Maple Plain. Victim reported she bought a Honda Odyssey off of Craig’s List that advertised that the vehicle was also listed on EBay. The buyer wanted her to send the money using a gift card in the amount of $3,000.00. The card was sent and victim did not hear back on the vehicle. It was found it was a common scam on Craigslist and used in similar phone scams.

4th Degree DWI

July 2 AT 12:07 a.m. a vehicle westbound on Excelsior Blvd, Excelsior did not have its headlights on. Driver Tara Charlotte Houdek, 44 from Minnetonka submitted a breath sample which resulted in .17 % alcohol concentration. Houdek was arrested for 4th Degree DWI.

Vehicle Stall

July 2 WHPS Officer assisted driver with a vehicle that had a flat tire at Highway 12 and Co Rd 92, Independence with removing the lug nuts to change the tire.

3rd Degree DWI

July 2 At 8:40 p.m. reported a vehicle was driven all over the road and blew through a stop sign at Co Rd 110 and Co Rd 6, Independence. The vehicle was located and the driver Caitlin Michelle Berry, 26 from Bloomington submitted a breath sample which resulted in .19% alcohol concentration. Berry was arrested for 3rd Degree DWI and transported to Hennepin County Jail.

Suspicious Act

July 2 At 10:35 p.m. WHPS Officer observed a vehicle parked in front of a closed business in the 5000 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain. Two persons were outside the vehicle by the front door who stated they stated they were getting cigarette butts from the ash tray as they cannot afford to buy cigarettes. They had a plastic bin in the vehicle and appeared to have stopped and grabbed some from other ash trays from businesses. They were told to stop and leave the area.


July 3 Reported a male was unconscious in the 800 block of Copeland Rd, Independence. The male was walking and then went down hard on the pavement. The male was air lifted to the hospital.


July 4 Female was having a heart issue in the 2000 block of Nelson Rd, Independence. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Mailbox Damage

July 4 Mailbox damaged in the 6000 block of Fox Ridge Court, Independence. Approximate loss $100.00.

Crash/ Personal Injury

July 4 A vehicle driven by a 30 year old female from Delano was Eastbound on Co Rd 11, turned Northbound on Lake Sarah Drive South in front of a westbound vehicle on Co Rd 11, driven by 50 year old female from Brooklyn Park. All drivers and passengers had their seatbelts on. One was transported to the hospital. Both vehicles were towed from the scene. 30 year old female was issued a citation for Fail to Yield.

Suspicious Act

July 4 Caller in the 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive, Maple Plain reported her friend that lives in Africa saw a post on Facebook that had her first and last name and the message stated she was going to kill a bunch of people in Minnesota. Caller said it was not her and she would not do that. Caller was going to send Facebook a message and report the user’s names for the offensive message.


July 4 5000 block of Amy Lane, Maple Plain at 10:07 people a male was yelling profanities at neighbors stating he had to work in the morning. The male was not located.

IRS Attempted Scam

July 5 Caller in the 5000 block of Drake Driver, independence reported someone called claiming to be the IRS. He was advised it is a scam and not to respond.

IRS Attempted Scam

July 5 Message left on caller’s phone in the 5000 block of Main Street, Maple Plain they were from the IRS and were filing charges against them and they needed to call right away. Caller reported she knew it was a scam and wanted WHPS to know about it.

Check Burn

July 5 Caller reported a possible grass fire near Highway 12 and Co Rd 92S, Independence. It was found a controlled fire burn and the homeowner was monitoring it.

Attempted Scam

July 6 Caller reported in the 9000 block of Maria Rd, Independence received a call from a male who stated he had half a million dollars and a Mercedes car to give her. The male wanted her to go to Walmart in Buffalo and get a $100.00 Western Union Check and meet him there. She would give him the money and he would give her the Mercedes and the $500,000. Caller knew it was a scam and did not go to Walmart. The male called back several times. WHPS officer called the phone number, a male answered who was very hostile and hung up as soon as he was advised the Police were calling.

Suspicious Activity

July 6 Reported a male and three females were sitting in front of restaurant smoking marijuana in the 5000 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain. Contact was made and they were not smoking any types of substances. The caller was advised of this.

Noise Complaint

July 7 At 10:57 p.m. reported loud noises, possible domestic in the 5000 block of Main Street, Maple Plain. The area was checked and did not hear any loud people or noises. Contact was made with a homeowner standing outside of her house who stated there was no domestic and that it was loud people walking through her yard on their way home from the bar.

Suspicious Act

July 8 12:36 a.m. a vehicle was parked on the south side of the Maple Plain Fire Station, Maple Plain. Contact was made with the driver who stated he was locked out of his house on and that he was just hanging out there because he and his girlfriend got into an argument a short time ago and he needed to leave the house to “cool down”.

IRS Attempted Scam

July 8 Caller in the 2000 block of Valley Road, independence reported someone called claiming to be the IRS and this is his final notice and the next step in a law suit. Caller knew it was a scam and wanted to confirm with WHPS it is a scam. He was advised it is a scam and not to respond.

Safety Check

July 8 Caller reported a Bobcat was driven down the road at Independence and Pagenkopf, Independence with kids riding in the bucket. The Bobcat was driven by a 12 year old juvenile boy and his brother, age 10 and his sister age 8 were riding in the bucket. Contact was made with the father who knew what they were doing and thought it was ok. He was the 12 year old does not have a drivers’ license and cannot operate the Bobcat on public street and endangering the two kids riding in the bucket. The father apologized and said it would not allow it to happen again.