West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, Jan. 15, 2021

Jan. 1 - Crash - Hwy. 12/CR 90, Independence. Motorist was trying to clean his windshield with his wipers and his vehicle veered to the center striking the crash cushion on the guard rail. Motorist vehicle landed on top of the guardrail. No impairment was found, and the motorist was transported to Ridgedale to meet his ride. Vehicle was towed off the guardrail.

Jan. 1 - Medical - 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, Independence. Loretto Fire Dept. was treating a patient who had a medical bleed. North Memorial EMS transported him to the hospital.

Jan. 1 - Attempt to locate - Hwy. 12/ County Line Rd., Independence. Reported a possible domestic in a vehicle. No license plate or known destination was given. Vehicle was last seen was eastbound on Hwy. 12 in Delano. The area was checked, and the vehicle was not located.

Jan. 2 - 911 hangup - 2100 block Heritage Trail, Independence. Officer responded to a 911 hangup near Heritage Trail. Nothing was said or heard. Officer contact with the homeowner, who stated his young son accidently dialed, there were no issues and apologized.

Jan. 3 - Crash - CR 110/Robert Rd., Independence. Driver one and driver two were northbound on County Road 110/Robert Road. Driver two began to pass, driver one swerved, and was struck by driver two. After passing, driver two, pressed his brakes and was rear-ended by driver one. Both vehicles had passenger side, rear, and front damage. Driver two was cited for passing in a no passing.

Jan. 4 - Death investigation - 5300 block Clayton Dr., Independence. Officer, MPFD, and North Memorial EMS responded to call of a female lying outside in the snow, and not breathing. Fifty-five-year-old female was deceased, and MPFD and North Memorial EMS were canceled. Family member was contacted, and advised of officer findings. Preliminary death investigation, nothing criminal was found.

Jan. 4 - Domestic - 5000 block Main Street E., Maple Plain. Officer responded to 911 physical domestic call. Upon arrival, a female was heard screaming. Statements were taken, and Elijah Alan Foss, 41, of Maple Plain was arrested, transported, and booked, into Hennepin County Jail for gross misdemeanor domestic assault, and gross misdemeanor interfere with 911 emergency call.

Jan. 5 - Theft - 4000 block Lake Sarah Dr., Independence. Resident ordered a Menards gift card for $325 that was to be received before Christmas. Resident contacted Menards on the gift card status, and found it was already redeemed at Menards in Buffalo Dec. 26. Case under investigation.

Jan. 6 - Trespassing- 3675 Ihduhapi Trl., Independence. Vinland Center reported their security cameras recorded vehicles and persons driving by their no-trespassing signs to enter their property. Vehicles were parked on their private property to access their lake point property. Officer contacted three persons by phone and verbally warned them for trespassing. Persons apologized stating they would not go on the property again.

Jan. 6 - Check forgery- 5100 block Oak Street, Maple Plain. Manager reported a forged/fake check was passed at their business, and the persons had left. Business had contacted the bank who advised the routing number is not real on the check. Approx. loss over $400. Case under investigation.

Jan. 6 - Pain - 1500 block Howard Ave., Maple Plain. Male reported he had severe pain in his lower extremities due to his poly neuropathy, and realized he is out of his pain meds. North Memorial EMS arrived and transported him to the hospital.

Thirty-one contacts of citations, and verbal and written warnings were issued for traffic and equipment violations.