West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, April 21, 2014

March 16 - Barking dog complaint in the 5200 block of Pagenkopf Road. Dog owners were contacted and they were taking steps to keep the dog from barking and in their yard.

March 16 - Emilio Flores Ruiz, 35 of Cokato, 4th Degree DWI DMT .13 at Co Rd 19 / Independence Street.

March 18 - Drive off, no pay for gas at Olson’s Market. The total loss was 12.821 gallons of unleaded gasoline valued at $46.14. Case under investigation.

March 19 - Reported theft from a business in the 5100 block of Industrial Street. Someone climbed over the fenced in yard, stole bundles of scrap wire and metal. Footprints were left in the snow. Video from the 2 cameras are being reviewed. Case under investigation

March 20 - Reported a dog barking for the last two hours in the 1500 block of Rainbow Avenue. Officer found the dog barking. The dog owner was not home, a message was left to call the police.

March 20 - Complaint of loud music in the 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive. Officer entered the main door of the apartment complex and could hear music coming from the apartment. The renter was told to turn down the music which she did.

March 21 - License plates stolen off a vehicle in the 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive.

March 21 - Renter in the 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive wanted to know who is calling and complaining about her loud music. She does not have her music up loud, this is harassment and she can play her music as loud as she well pleases. The officer advised there is an ordinance against loud music and she needs to keep it down to a reasonable level for living in apartment complex. That she would be cited if it happened in the future.

March 21 - Complainant stated she saw a male outside of a white SUV parked on Pioneer Creek Rd near where the sharp curve is by Quaas Cutoff and he was letting several adult cats out to run away. Complainant stopped and confronted him, who admitted that they were his mothers cats and were unwanted. She told him that he could re-home them by several different means. He said he agreed, that it was a good idea and he was going to pick them up.

March 23 - Call of a barking dog in the 1500 block of Rainbow Avenue. Officer found the dog, barking, was outside in a fenced off area in the back yard. The owner was not home and a message was left for him to call.

March 24 - Reported a stalled vehicle blocking the road in the 7300 block of Co Rd 11. The driver stated he was driving to work when the ball joint broke on the passenger side and his tire fell off. A tow company was en-route.

March 25 - Reported a suspicious vehicle at the Discovery Center. The driver of the vehicle explained that he had stopped to listen to a good song on his radio.

March 25 - Complaint of a barking dog in the 1500 block of Rainbow Avenue. Complainant was advised the officer was responding to another complaint for the same barking dog.

March 25 - Complaint of a dog barking for the last 2 hours straight and the dog owners are always putting their dog outside during the day and it constantly barks in the 1500 block of Rainbow Avenue. Dog owner was warned, advised of several complaints received on his dog. The dog owner asked the officer to put the dog in the garage as he was not going to be home until later.

March 26 - Reported needing assistance with a cat that has been at her house for a few days in the 4800 block of Independence Street. The resident had fed the cat and it continued to come to her home. She was advised that the cat looked well cared for, to let the cat go, stop feeding it, and it will go home.

March 27 - David Palmer Ramstad, 50 of Delano, DMT .14 arrested for 4th Degree DWI. Highway 12 / Hitsman Lane.

March 27 - Resident received a call from phone number 212-777-8457. The heavily accented sounding caller stated he was from Microsoft and that they were calling to help him with some sort of computer issue that was on his Microsoft computer. They wanted him to get into a computer file “eventvwr” and follow their instructions. He called them out on it and hung up on them. Resident wanted WHPS to be aware of the scam and was concerned if they reached kids at a resident they would do something to compromise their security. 3200 block of Brei Kessel Road

March 27 - Complaint of receiving several calls on his cell phone. Who ever was calling would not leave a message and if answered no one was on the line in the 4900 block of Klaers Drive. Complainant had texted the number back stating not to call him but that didn’t work either. WHPS Officer called the number, it went to Wells Fargo and was advised this particular number was tied to an automatic dialer. Wells Fargo would not tell the officer why the automated dialer was calling him as he was not the customer. Complainant was told him to contact his local Wells Fargo representative and ask what it was about.

March 28 - Complaint of harassing text messages from an unknown person in the 1600 block of Perkins Lane.

March 28 - Reported fraudulent charges on a credit card in the 1600 block of Nelson Road.

March 31 - Complaint of shoulder and road damage in the 2600 block of Valley Rd. Officer observed vehicle tracks coming from a driveway; vehicle had been driven on the shoulder, continued further down into the ditch and all the way down Valley Rd damaging the shoulder and road. Homeowner was warned that further damage would result in a citation. The homeowner stated she would speak with her daughter on her driving.

During March 16 -31, WHPS had 317 police contacts. 119 traffic stops resulting in 49 citations, 63 verbal warnings and 7 written warning.