West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, July 21, 2014

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June 10 - Reported someone put glass beer bottles on the lift station at 5085 Fern Drive it, and then shot them off. Broken glass was all around the lift station and bullet dents in the lift station. 19 year old male from Loretto admitted and took responsibility of the damage, apologized and cleaned up the area. Also involved was a 20 year old male from Delano. Independence

June 10 - 25 year old male from Cokato arrested for Domestic Assault. 1800 block of Newport Street.

June 11 - Jeffrey Carl Ritter, 39 of Delano. 3rd Degree DWI, .13 BAC. Vehicle pending forfeiture. WHPS received a call at 9:07 p.m. of a vehicle that was all over the road crossing the center line. Officer observed the vehicle cross the center line and swerve in the traffic lane and cross the fog line. Ritter was stopped and found under the influence of alcohol. Ritter was transported to Hennepin County Jail. Co Rd 11 / County Line Road

June 12 - Theft of equipment five Stihl chain saws, models: TO1, T200, S440, M250, MS360 or 390 chainsaw l. Footprints were found in the mud where the equipment was stolen from. Hennepin County Crime Lab processed evidence at the scene. Case under investigation. 5000 block of County Road 11

June 13 - Joseph Anthony Davis, 19 of Chisago City. 4th Degree DWI, Underage Drinking and Driving. Davis vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed, 67 / 55 mph. Davis was stopped and found driving under the influence of alcohol. Co Rd 92 & Highway 12

June 13 - Gas line was struck in the 5700 block of Main Street W, Maple Plain. Center Point Energy crew arrived and fixed the gas line.

June 13 - Reported a domestic at the Maple Plain Motel. Officer found male and female were arguing about the female going downtown with friends. Both parties agreed to separate for the night.

June 13 - Responded to a 911 hang-up in the 5400 block of Clayton Drive, Maple Plain. Home owner was advised of the 911 hang up. He stated he had just gotten home, everything was okay, he apologized stating he must have pocket dialed the 911 call.

June 14 - 4th Degree DWI, Jeffrey Vernon Olson, 53 of Mound. a .11 BAC. WHPS was assisting Minnetrista PD to locate registered owner of a vehicle in the ditch at 4:30 a.m. Olson in a different vehicle, drove by the squad car, was stopped and found under the influence of alcohol. Kingswood Road / Minnetrista

June 14 - Reported a possible dryer outlet fire in the 7800 block of Pioneer Creek Rd, Independence. The dryer outlet had malfunctioned and Maple Plain Fire Dept. arrived and monitored the temperature of the outlet.

June 15 - Caller reported unwanted male at the Maple Plain Motel. A 28 year old male from Minnetrista reported he used the fire extinguisher to spray a male who tried to break into his room. Amanda Leah Garlock, 25 from Minnetrista had a Hennepin County Felony warrant. There was damage to the room and charges are pending until the cost of property damage has been determined. Transported Amanda Garlock to Hennepin County Jail on her felony warrant, a male and female to the Salvation Army, and released one male to a friend.

June 15 - A passenger in a vehicle was having trouble breathing. Vehicle was south of Co Rd 6 on Co Rd 92 in Independence. Maple Plain Fire Dept assisted and monitored vitals. 49 year old female from Silver Lake was transported by North Memorial Ambulance to Waconia Hospital.

June 16 - Found two German Shepherds hanging around the 1100 block of Townline Road, Independence. The dogs were taken into custody and the dog owner was located on Wolverton in Orono.

June 16 - Vehicle with a horse trailer stalled on Hwy 12 at Co Rd 92 S, Independence. The driver could not get his truck started and thought it was his battery cables. The officer assisted by beating on the cable posts while he tried to start it, and got it running. The party was very thankful as he was in a horrible location

June 17 - Abandoned vehicle left in a parking lot of 4800 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain. Registered owner was contacted who stated his car broke down and he is working on moving it today.

June 18 - Reported theft of scrap wire from a business in the 510 block of Industrial Street in Maple Plain. Someone jumped the fence and emptied out two barrels that had scrap copper wire in them, approximately 150-200lbs of scrap wire. Business video being checked for suspect information.

June 18 - Reported a mailbox in the 4900 block of Co Rd 6 was damaged by the crew working on Co Rd 6. Hennepin County was out putting gravel down on the shoulders of Co 6 and were notified of the mailbox damage. Independence

June 18 - Reported a suspicious person, female carrying a cooler was looking in a residence window on the back side of the Maple Terrace Apartments. Fresh tracks were found in the mud and appeared someone may have cut behind the building and continued walking. Maple Plain

June 18 - A large piece of tire was in the west bound lane of Hwy 12 and Valley Road that was causing traffic to stop and move onto the shoulder. Tire was removed from the lane of traffic. Independence

June 18 - Caller stated she was riding her horse and five cows and a calf were outside their fencing. Caller stated the cows looked like they would come after her. Animal owner was verbally warned of the city ordinance for animal at large.

June 19 - Received a 911 hang up at Camp Ihduhapi, no answer on call back. All was fine; one of the campers had the phone in their back pocket and it accidentally dialed. All ok no problems. Independence

June 19 - Reported a tree was down on Hwy 12 west of Co Rd 90 blocking the west bound lane. Upon officer arrival the tree had been moved to the north shoulder and into the ditch ditch. MNDOT was notified to remove the tree at a later time.

June 19 - Town Line Road just north of the railroad tracks had about a 25 yard long section that was flooded on both sides of the road. City of Independence Public Works were notified.

June 19 - Resident reported there are two street drains on Clayton Drive and she has three times pulled debris away from the drains to keep water flowing. William Drive intersects with Clayton Drive, it’s flooded and draining onto Clayton Drive’s cul-de-sac. City of Maple Plain Public Works were contacted and reported they were on the scene. June 19 - 8 - 10 inches of water was flowing across County Road 90 at Turner Road. Hennepin County Public Works was contacted to shut down Northbound Co Rd 90. WHPS placed safety orange cones out until the county could respond. IndependenceJune 19 - Quaas Cut Off was flooded across the road and road damage by Pioneer Creek Road. Coned off by City of Independence Public Works.June 19 - Copeland Road North of County Road 6 was flooded over. City of Independence Public Works set cones around flooding. June 19 - Road was flooded over near the 200 block of Ingerson Road. Independence Public Works posted and set cones around flooding.

June 19 - Due to heavy rains the washout from the farm field southwest of Lake Haughey Road and County Road 11 was washing away the gravel road. Three loads of gravel were placed in this location over the past two weeks and another load will be needed. Independence.

June 19 - Resident reported water was coming up from the basement floor drain in the 5900 block of Main Street, Maple Plain. City of Maple Plain Public works will be stopping by and checking on the issue.

June 19 - Resident reported a large white and caramel colored cat was in their garage that did not belong to them in the 4800 block of Main Street, Maple Plain. Before officer arrival the cat had left. No collar was on the cat.

June 20 - 20 year old male from Delano traveling westbound on Highway 12 and Valley Road, stated he was lighting a cigarette, didn’t realize his turn was so close, drove straight into the ditch instead of trying to turn because there were signs that he might hit. No injuries. Independence

June 20 - Residence requested officer help for a pelican with goose wire wrapped around it. Wire was removed, freeing the pelican. The pelican swam off and appeared to be okay. 5600 block of Lake Sarah Heights Drive, Independence.

June 20 - Road flooded over at Copeland Road and Pioneer Creek. Cones and barricades set up by Independence Public Works. City of Independence

June 20 - Reported 100 block of County Road 92 S, just South of Lyndale, will be flooded over by Saturday afternoon into early Sunday morning and the road would be closed. Hennepin County Public Works planned to close the road when the flooding occurred. city of Independence

June 20 - Stalled vehicle that was eastbound on Hwy 12 and CO Rd 92 in Independence. A co-worker was picking up a new battery.

June 20 - 19 year old female from Mound attempted to use an Ohio driver’s license with her name and photo on it. The clerk stated she was going to call the police to confirm her driver’s license. The female ran out of the store and drove away. The female was issued a citation for Display of Driver’s License of Another. 4900 block of Maple Plain

June 21 - Attempt to purchase alcohol in the 4900 block of Highway 12. 20 year old male from Orono presented an Illinois driver’s license. Clerk stated she needed to call the police to verify driver’s license and the male took off and left the business. The male was cited for Under aged Purchase of Alcohol; possess Alcohol Under 21 and Falsify Age to Purchase Alcohol in the 4900 block of Highway 12 / Maple Plain.

June 21 - Reported someone possibly burning garbage in the 5200 block of Bryantwood Dr MP. No garbage burning located.

June 21 - 3rd Degree DWI and Careless Driving: Luke Thomas Anderson, 21 of Independence. .32 BAC. Anderson’s vehicle was observed and clocked at a high rate of speed, 95/55 mph. Officer caught up to the vehicle and observed the vehicle cross over the fog line and almost hit the guard rail on the south side of Highway 12. Anderson was stopped and found driving under the influence of alcohol. Anderson was transported to Hennepin County Jail. Co Rd 92 & Lake Sarah Independence.

During June 6th - 21st, WHPS had 301 police contacts. 113 traffic stops resulting in 32 citations, 75 verbal warnings and 6 written warning.