West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Oct. 27, 2014

Lift Assist

Oct 12 A 92 year old female had fallen and needed help getting up in the 5500 block of Bryant Street, Maple Plain. WHPS officers assisted helping her back up.


Oct 12 A female reported she was feeling ill and unable to get up in the 500 block of Co. Rd. 110, Independence. WHPS officers assisted in helping her and she was transported to the hospital.

Agency Assist

Oct 12 Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office requested WHPS to assist with a felony stop of a vehicle at Bridge Street and Main Street, Rockford as all other officers were out of position. The vehicle was located and a 24 year old male from Greenfield was taken in custody.

Mailbox Vandalism

Oct 13 Someone threw a pumpkin at a mailbox in the 5700 and 5800 block of Lake Sarah Heights Drive, Independence. At the time of release, cost unknown to replace the mailbox. The case is under investigation.

Mailbox Damage

Oct 13 Resident reported something struck his mailbox hard enough that the post was knocked out of the ground and the mailbox flew a couple feet from the post in the 900 block of Co Rd 19, Independence. The case is under investigation.

Abandoned Vehicle

Oct 13 A resident returned home to find a skid loader parked in his driveway in the 1100 block of Co Rd 19. The skid loader owner was located who stated his trailer had a flat tire and he was going to pick it up later. The resident was glad to know it was not a stolen loader. He knew the loader owner and said it was fine that it was left there.

Suspicious Activity

Oct 13 A homeowner returned home to find her door was unlocked and thought a burglar was inside her apartment in the 1500 block of Howard Ave. Maple Plain. No one was in the apartment.

Parking Complaint

Oct 14 A complaint was received of a vehicle that has been parked in front of a residence for an extended period of time in the 5900 block of W. Main Street, Maple Plain. The vehicle was not found. There was another vehicle that was legally parked across the street.

Civil Matter

Oct 14 A female wanted the police to escort her to the 5900 block of Three Oaks Avenue, Maple Plain to pick up her 16 year old son. Her parents would not let her pick him up. The son was picked up, no problems.

Misc. Assist

Oct 14 A resident wanted to know if there was a kit she could purchase to test her drinking water for drugs in the 1500 block of Howard Ave. Maple Plain.

Suspicious Vehicle

Oct 14 It was a reported a vehicle was parked on the side of the road of County Road 90 and Quass Cutoff in Independence. Contact was made with the driver and passenger who were looking at the Northern lights because there were not street lights and they could easily see them. Everything was fine.


Oct 15 A snowmobile trailer with two snowmobiles was stolen on September 27th from the 8700 block of Highway 12, Independence. The trailer is an aluminum snowmobile trailer with a wood deck. The snowmobiles are a 1998 Yamaha 600 and a 2003 Artic Cat 660 Touring 2Up. The case is under investigation.

Property Damage Crash / Deer

Oct 16 A deer ran out into the road and struck a vehicle on the driver side of the door at Highway 12 and Halgren Road, Maple Plain. The driver’s side window and mirror were broken and a large dent in the door prevented the door from being opened. The female driver and her son were not injured.

Suspicious Vehicle

Oct 16 It was reported possible prowlers in a beat up vehicle at Co Rd 6 and Co Rd 19, Independence. The vehicle was not located.

Road Debris

Oct 16 It was reported a large tree branch was blocking the eastbound lane of Highway 12 near Co. Rd. 92N, Independence. The officer removed the tree branch from the roadway.

Suspicious Act

Oct 16 WHPS officer observed a vehicle pull into the back parking lot of a business in the 5000 block of Highway 12 in Maple Plain. The driver was located and found he was a son of an employee and was working on his vehicle that had been stored on the lot. Everything was fine.

Misc. Assist

Oct 17 A male was reclined back in his vehicle parked on the side of the road at Eagle Ridge Road and Town Line, Independence. The driver was trying to take a nap before his next appointment that was close by. Everything was okay.

Utility Problem

Oct 17 A telephone wire was knocked down at the 5200 block of Main Street in Maple Plain. WHPS officer removed the wire from the roadway and Frontier responded to repair it.

Misc. Assist

Oct 18 A resident received an unpleasant voice message from her ex-husband in the 5100 block of Co Rd 11, Independence and wanted it documented that he called.

4th Degree DWI / B-Card Violation

Oct 19 Michael Shane Pieper, 46 from Burnsville was driving his vehicle over the speed limit and crossing over the center line and fog line in the 6000 block of Highway 12, Independence. Pieper was found under the influence of alcohol, BAC .19%. Pieper was arrested for 4th Degree DWI and violation of a B-Card driving with a restricted driver’s license.

Misc Assist

Oct 19 A female called stating that she keeps seeing a black lab dog that looks underfed around her apartment in the 5200 block of Manchester Drive, Maple Plain. She did not have the dog when she called but next time she sees it will hold onto it and take it to a humane shelter.

Misc Assist

Oct 19 An employee arrived early to work and found an ex-employee inside of the business who stated he had worked out a deal with the owner and walked out of the store without paying for approximately $400.00 worth of merchandise in the 5200 block of Independence Street in Maple Plain. The ex-employee was called to return the merchandise and has not The case is under investigation.

Littering / Illegal Dumping

Oct 19 Several bags of trash, some carpeting, styrofoam and miscellaneous garbage was dumped in a ravine in the 4900 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain. A 43 year old male from Wayzata admitted to dumping the garbage and he was going to make a waterfall in the weeds but had to leave for California. The male returned and cleaned up the property the next day.

Traffic Complaint

Oct 20 Officers received a report of a traffic complaint westbound on Hwy 12 from County Road 6. A truck pulling a trailer was reported to be speeding and passing other vehicles. The vehicle was located on Hwy 12 at Co Rd 90 in Independence and observed to be tailgating. The driver was cited for following too close.