West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, July 27, 2015

Crash / Property Damage

July 9 At 4:03 p.m. WHPS responded to a vehicle crash at County Road 11 and Townline Road Independence. A vehicle was stopped waiting for traffic to clear to make his turn when his vehicle was rear-ended. The driver, 21 year old male from Delano was issued a citation for Fail to Drive with Due Care. No injuries.

Crash / Personal Injury

July 9 At 4:51 p.m. WHPS responded to Highway 12 and County Line Road, Independence for a vehicle crash. Westbound traffic had stopped and the 17 year old male driver from Delano was unable to stop and rear-ended the vehicle. The driver was issued a citation for Fail to Drive with Due Care. One was injured and transported to the hospital.

Crash / Personal Injury

July 9 At 6:16 p.m. WHPS responded to a call that persons were injured in a vehicle that was struck in the intersection of Highway 12 and Halgren Road, Maple Plain. A 32 year old female driver from Montrose struck a vehicle in the intersection driven by a 49 year old male from Orono. The female had injuries and was transported. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Abandoned Vehicle

July 10 At 7:37 a.m. a caller reported an unoccupied vehicle was parked in front of the bank in the 4900 block of Highway12, Maple Plain and no one was around. The bank was checked and all was ok. The registered owner a 71 year old female from St. Louis Park had parked her van there because she had to borrow a friend’s vehicle and she thought that would be a safe place. She was told to remove her vehicle.


July 10 WHPS responded to the 4800 block of Bradford Street, Maple Plain for a male that was ill. The male was transported to the hospital.

Traffic Complaint

July 10 A complaint of a driver slamming on their brakes and the vehicle was weaving driven westbound on Highway 12 into Maple Plain. The vehicle was located and the driver was advised of the complaint. The driver had no idea what had happened and what the complainant was talking about. He was warned for his driving conduct.


July 10 WHPS responded to the 3000 block of Lake Sarah Road, Independence for a female in pain. The female was transported to the hospital.

Warrant Arrest

July 10 WHPS officer’s responded to the 1800 block of Budd Avenue, Maple Plain for a Hennepin County 5th Degree Controlled Substance Felony Warrant. The 49 year old male from Maple Plain was arrested and transported to Hennepin County Jail.


July 10 WHPS responded at 10:22 p.m. to a closed business in the 1500 block of Howard Ave, Maple Plain for a male who was banging on the front door trying to get into the building. WHPS officer made contact with the male who wanted to return a sandwich he bought from the store. He was mad because the sandwich was labeled turkey and the sandwich was ham. He was told to come back tomorrow when the store is open.

Disturbance / Loud Music

July 11 At 1:38 a.m. WHPS responded to a loud music complaint in the 5700 block of Providence Curve, Independence. Contact was made with the homeowner who did not realize his new music system was as loud as it was and apologized and turned it down.

Hay Dumped

July 11 Reported a partial loud of hay was dumped on the road in the 5700 block of Co Rd 11, Independence. The driver removed the hay from the roadway and returned with a truck to pick up the bales.

Fall / Injuries

July 11 WHPS responded to a male who fell while walking and injured himself in the 1500 block of Wyman Ave. Maple Plain. The male was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Warrant Arrest

July 11 Caller reported he wanted to turn himself in to the police in the 5100 block of Main Street, Maple Plain. The male had moved back to Minnesota and wanted to straighten his life out by turning himself in for his Hennepin County Warrants. The male was transported to Hennepin County Jail.

Damage to Vehicle

July 12 A resident reported damage to his vehicle in the 540 block of Timber Trail, Independence. The tire had been punctured causing it to go flat and two LED lumens flood beam lights were stolen. The case is under investigation.

Stalled Vehicle

July 12 WHPS officer assisted a motorist in changing his vehicle tire in the 6000 block of Highway 12, Independence. The motorist stated his car started to make a loud noise; he pulled over and found black marks around his tire and a piece of metal sticking out of it.

Lock Out

July 12 Motorist requested assistance in unlocking his vehicle at Co Rd 6 and Co Rd 83, Independence. He had locked himself out of his car while he was trying to fix his GPS. The vehicle was unlocked by WHPS officer.

Wires Down

July 13 A caller reported that a tree was down across the road along with broken wires in the 1600 block of Marsh Ave. Maple Plain. No smoke or fire. Xcel was notified to respond and fix the wires.

Found Wallet

July 13 A motorist dropped off a wallet that was found at Pioneer Creek Road and Copeland Road, Independence. Identification cards and information were inside the wallet. The case is under investigation to find the owner of the wallet.

Possible Sick Raccoon

July 13 Caller reported a sick raccoon in the ditch of 6500 Fogelman Road, Independence. WHPS officer found a dead raccoon in the ditch with flies around it; it had been deceased for a while.

Unwanted Person

July 13 Caller reported a person had been sitting at a picnic table for hours in the 5200 block of Highway 12. WHPS officer found the male had interviewed at a business in town and was waiting for his ride to pick him up. Everything was ok.

Ordinance Violation

July 13 Reported a resident in the 1400 block of Three Oaks, Maple Plain is in violation of city ordinance with unlawful animals on their property. The case is under investigation for removal of the animals.

Wire Down

July 14 Two trees were blown over in the storm and were resting on power lines in the 5100 block of Klaers Drive. Xcel Energy was contacted to respond and remove the trees and check the wires.

Vehicle Property Damage Crash

July 15 A motorist had stopped at the 4-way stop intersection at Co Rd 83 and Co Rd 6, Independence then proceeded into the intersection striking another vehicle. Both vehicles were damaged and no injuries.

Scam Email

July 15 A business in the 5100 block of Industrial Street, Independence reported receiving an email from someone trying to scam them and convince the business to accept a credit card payment for air conditioning service. The business blocked the email.


July 15 Reported a male was heart problems at 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, Independence. Loretto Fire Rescue and North Paramedics assisted WHPS officer.


July 15 WHPS responded to a person in pain from a trampoline accident in the 5000 block of Pioneer Creek Drive, Maple Plain. The 12 year old victim had numbness and tingling in her legs and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.


July 16 A female in the 500 block of Co Rd 110, Independence reported she was feeling ill. The female was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Stalled Vehicle

July 16 A caller reported a vehicle was stalled on the side of the road at Highway 12 and Co Rd 92, Independence and the vehicles trunk is open and a bunch of stuff from the trunk is on the shoulder of the road. WHPS found the driver had a flat tire and AAA was enroute.


July 16 Responded for a female who was ill in the 6000 block of Rachel Ridge Ct, Independence. The female was transported by ambulance to the hospital.