West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, May 25, 2015

Public Nuisance

May 8 WHPS responded to 1885 Newport Street, Maple Plain Apartments in Maple Plain for a complaint of trash not being picked up. WHPS officer found couches, chairs, mattresses, coolers, book cases, household furniture stacked next to a dumpster. The owner of the property was contacted and told to clean it up or he would be cited for public nuisance.

Suspicious Act

May 8 WHPS received a call of a suspicious person wandering on the railroad tracks near the utility box at Budd Avenue and the Railroad tracks in Maple Plain. Contact was made with a 60 year old male from Onamia who stated he looks for scrap to recycle. The male was advised he was on private property and to leave.

Traffic Stop

May 9 WHPS Officer had contact with a motorist at 5200 block of Highway 12 in Maple Plain. The license plate on his Ford pickup truck came back to a Toyota minivan. It was found the motorist was given the incorrect license plates by the dealer.

2nd Degree DWI / Vehicle Forfeiture

May 9 John Colville Smith, 62 of Maple Plain was arrested for 2nd Degree DWI in the 5300 block of Joyce Street in Maple Plain. BAC .28%. His vehicle is pending forfeiture.

Suspicious Act

May 9 At 11:53 p.m. WHPS responded to the 1100 block of Polo Club Road in Independence for a report of someone ringing a door bell. The area was searched and no one was located


May 10 WHPS responded to 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, Vinland National Center in Independence for a male with a stomach pain. The male was transported to the hospital.


May 10 WHPS responded to the 6700 block of Turner Road, Twin Cities Polo field in Independence for a female that was unconscious. Maple Plain Fire and North Memorial Ambulance Paramedics assisted and the female was transported to the hospital.

Railroad Crossing Arms – Malfunction

May 10 WHPS responded to Budd Avenue and Railroad tracks in Maple Plain for a complaint of the rail road crossing arms were lowering every 5 minutes. Burlington Northern Santé Fe Railroad was notified and responded to repair.

Damage to Property

May 11 WHPS responded to the 5200 block of Lake Sarah Heights Drive in Independence for mailbox damage. WHPS officer observed tire tracks indicating a vehicle was travelling east and crossed over onto the wrong side of the road, struck the mailbox with the left front part of the vehicle, and then left the scene. The mailbox and post were damaged. Several car parts with identifying numbers on them were left at the scene. The hit and run vehicle will have some bumper damage and vehicle paint transfer on the post appeared to be black paint with a grey primer.

Animal Complaint

May 11 WHPS received a complaint in the 5800 block of Main Street in Maple Plain of a pig running around. The pig was caught and put back in its fencing.

Theft by Swindle

May 11 WHPS responded to the 5800 block of Henry Street in Maple Plain for tree trimming service that did not complete the services they stated they would. The resident had verbally contracted with A-A-A Tree Care & Landscaping to remove trees and grind tree stumps and the stumps were not ground. Another neighbor reported her trees were cut and the stumps were not ground up as promised. The case is under investigation and pending charges.

Burning Odor Complaint

May 11 WHPS responded to the 2700 block of Nelson Road, Independence for report of a caustic plastic burn smell in the air. No odor or smoke was found in the area. It is unknown the location of where the odor was coming from.

Gas Odor

May 11 WHPS responded to the 5000 block of South Lake Shore Drive in Independence for a report of a gas odor. Maple Plain Fire and CenterPoint responded and assisted WHPS officer.

Business Complaint

May 11 WHPS responded to the 1500 block of Meadow Lane, Maple Plain for complaint of tree work done at resident’s back yard by A-A-A Tree Care & Landscaping. A $60.00 fee was charged for using a credit card for payment and the resident felt that was dishonest. The case is civil between the resident and the tree trimming company.

Suicide Threat

May 11 WHPS responded to the 5300 block of Highway in Maple Plain for a male that was threatening suicide by jumping in front of a car on Highway 12. The male was located, stated he was depressed and had thoughts of hurting himself and other ways to commit suicide. The male was transported to the hospital.

Suspicious Activity

May 12 WHPS responded to the 3700 block of Co Rd 92N, Independence for a suspicious vehicle parked in the driveway and two people were walking around. The vehicle was located and the occupants had been picking asparagus from the ditch area.

Suspicious Vehicle

May 12 WHPS responded to the 4700 block of South Lake Sarah Drive, Independence for a suspicious vehicle that was driven slowly around the neighborhood and to resident’s houses. The passenger would jump out and go up to the house. WHPS officer located the vehicle and the occupants were delivering phone books.

Theft of Mail

May 12 Theft of mail from the 1000 block of Co Rd 19, Independence. The case is under investigation.

Stuck Puppy

May 13 A resident in the 1600 block of Marsh Avenue, Maple Plain reported her small puppy fell 15 feet down into a floor heat vent and was stuck. WHPS officer found the puppy was standing on its hind legs, unable to get up the vent. WHPS Officer tied a slip knot in a rope and fished it down the hole, hooking it around the puppy and he was pulled up and out of the vent. The puppy was happy, healthy and glad to be with his owner.

Parking Complaint

May 13 Caller inquired if parking is allowed on both sides of Main Street W in Maple Plain. Maple Plain Public Works is going to post no parking signs on one side of the road, once that is in place parking will be on one side only.

Suspicious Act

May 13 Caller stated there were suspicious vehicles by the Burlington Northern Santé Fe Railroad tracks at Highway 12 and Co Rd 92, Independence. WHPS officer observed BNSF vehicles working on the railroad tracks.

Suspicious Activity

May 14 WHPS responded to the 2500 block of Nelson Road, Independence of a complaint of solicitors without a city permit. A resident asked them if they had a permit and they showed him a permit from Minneapolis. They were told this is not Minneapolis and needed a city permit. WHPS officer located the solicitors, confirmed they were representing the company and were advised they needed a city permit and had to stop soliciting.

Welfare Check

May 14 Caller requested WHPS Officer to do a welfare check at 1500 block of Howard Avenue in Maple Plain. The caller stated she has left several messages and the resident has not replied. WHPS Officer made contact with the resident who had been sleeping.

Suspicious Activity

May 14 WHPS responded to the 4500 block of Co Rd 92, Independence for a suspicious truck that was driving around the business parking lot. The truck was not located.