West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Aug. 25, 2014

Traffic Complaint:
Aug. 2 - Officer responded to a traffic complaint of a PT Cruiser all over the road on Hwy 12 in Maple Plain. Officer was not able to locate the vehicle

Agency Assist to Orono PD – Fight:
Aug. 2 - West Hennepin responded to Mound to assist Orono Officers with a fight in the 2100 block of Commerce. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the suspect.

Agency Assist to Wright County – Search:
Aug. 2 - West Hennepin assisted Wright County Sheriff’s Office in locating suspects who’d just vandalized a church in Delano. West Hennepin Officer assisted with a perimeter search and case under investigation by Wright County Sheriff’s Office.

Tour De Tonka:
Aug. 2 - West Hennepin Officers and Reserve Officers officers performed traffic control for the Tour De Tonka bike ride at the intersections of County Roads 6/19 and County Roads 6/110 in Independence.

Theft From Auto:
Aug. 2 - Officers respond to a theft from auto that occurred on Ihduhapi Trail in Independence. Unknown suspect entered an unlocked vehicle and stole a radio/CD player out of it. Case under investigation.

Personal Injury Accident:
Aug. 2 - West Hennepin Officers and Maple Plain Fire responded to a personal injury crash at Highway 12 and County Road 92 in Independence. Crash involved two vehicles and officers found one vehicle blocking the eastbound lane and the other in the center of Highway 12 just west of County Road 92 N. One person was transported by ambulance to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Both vehicles were towed from the scene. This was a right angle crash due to failure to yield right of way.

Shots Heard:
Aug. 2 - A call was received of shots heard in the area of Hwy 12 and County Road 92 in Independence. Officers responded and were unable to locate anyone shooting or noise issues.

Court Order Violation:
Aug. 2 - 58 year old female reported receiving an Order for Protection violations via 3rd party text messages in the 7800 block of Turner Road, Independence. Case currently under investigation.

Parking Complaint:
Aug. 2 - Officers responded to a complaint of too many vehicles parked in front of a residence in the 5800 block of Main Street Maple Plain. Main street is under construction and very muddy. Contact was made with the homeowner, who said that her son was having a graduation party. She was told to have the guests move their cars and park them on paved side streets.

Welfare Check:
Aug. 2 - Officers responded to a medical call in the 4800 block of Bradford Street, Maple Plain. Victim was not acting normal after a change in prescription. Victim was transported to the hospital to have her medication checked.

Neighbor Issue:
Aug. 3 - Officers responded to a complaint that a neighbor filled in and plugged the drain tile next to his neighbors’ properties in the 6000 block of Drake Drive. The drain tile hole had been filled with black dirt and a large rock was sitting on top of the tile line. Case forwarded to City of Independence building inspector. Case is under investigation.

Safety Check:
Aug. 3 - Officer was dispatched to a call of a young child, possibly 2 year old, riding a bike at Town Line Road and Eagle Ridge Road in Independence. The child was not near any homes and the reporting party didn’t know what house the child lived at. Offices were unable to locate the child. A person outside of their residence told the officer that he saw the child’s older brother pick him up and bring him home but he didn’t know which house it was. The child’s home could not be located so the officer cleared.

Aug. 3 - Officers responded to a medical in the 5300 block of Bryant Street, Maple Plain. Person was unable to stand, having difficulty breathing and in pain. An officer administered oxygen while Maple Plain Fire Department took the person’s vitals. An ambulance arrived on scene and took over treatment.

Traffic Complaint:
Aug. 3 - Officers responded to a traffic complaint on Hwy 12 and Delano Ave in Maple Plain. The vehicle was varying speeds and driving all over the road. Vehicle was located and stopped for traffic violations. The driver was 16 years old, driving on his learner’s permit, and his parent was teaching his son to drive to prepare for his driver’s license test.

Aug. 4 - Officer learned information that Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office had evicted two residents from an address in the 7800 block of Turner Road on August 1, 2014. One of the people was seen moving her personal property onto a neighbor’s property on July 31st. It was learned that the neighbor had given her permission to do so.

Trespassing Complaint:
Aug. 4 - West Hennepin Officers spoke to a homeowner in the 1000 block of County Road 92 who had allowed an evicted woman to move her personal property onto the homeowner’s property. An officer responded to the property and observed a large amount of personal property in a storage building that is not a residence. The woman told the officer that she’s living out of her car but it was evident to the officer that she’s living out of the storage building. Case forwarded to the City of Independence Building Inspector.

Nite to Unite:
Aug. 4 - West Hennepin Officers, Reserve Officers, and Maple Plain Fire Department stopped and visited at eleven Nite to Unite parties in the cities of Maple Plain and Independence. It was a great event evening to to celebrate Night to Unite and thanks to all who participated in the event.

Aug. 4 - Officer were called to a medical in 5800 block Lake Sarah Heights Drive, Independence. Loretto Fire responded and issued medical care to patient who was later transported to the hospital.

Suspicious Act:
Aug. 4 - Officers responded to the 5200 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain regarding two suspicious females hanging out at a Maple Plain business. The females were located and said they’d been kicked out of their stepmother’s house and were waiting for a ride.

Property Damage Crash:
Aug. 5 - An officer responded to the area of Pioneer Creek Road and County Road 92 were a woman reported that she hit a tree at 5:30 a.m. that had fallen across her road. A tree was found to be completely blocking the road. Independence Public Works was called to remove it

Warrant Pickup:
Aug. 5 - While on patrol in the area of Country Road 11 and Country Road 92 a WHPS officer recognized a driver who had a warrant out for his arrest. The officer turned around to follow the vehicle, when the driver pulled into a residential driveway and stopped at the residence. The homeowners came out and told the officer they didn’t know the driver and he had no business being there. The driver was arrested on outstanding warrant and transported to jail.

Property Damage Report:
Aug. 5 - An officer discovered damage to the gate at the Maple Plain compost site. Case under investiation.

Parking Complaint:
Aug. 5 - Complaint of a van parked in front of two mailboxes in the 5300 block of Bryant Street, Maple Plain. Van’s owner was located and told to move it. Owner moved his van.

Aug. 5 - Officers responded to a medical call in hospital. 2400 block of County Road 90, Independence, MN . Party was transported to the hospital

Aug. 6 - Officers responded to a call of a possible heart attack in the 2400 block of County Road 90, Independence . The victim was reported to be weak and having difficulty breathing with a rapid and slow pulse. Officer treated the patient until Paramedics arrived. Patient was transported to the hospital.

Harassment Report:
Aug. 6 - A woman filed a harassment report against a neighbor for smearing food on the wall next to her apartment door. Incident occurred in the 1500 block of Howard Ave. in Maple Plain.

No Pay:
Aug. 6 - Officer were dispatched to a gas drive off 5200 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain. Driver was located and returned to the store and paid for the fuel.

Noise Complaint:
Aug. 7 - Officer was called to a call of noise complaint in the 3300 block of Lake Haughey Road, Independence. Property owner was upset as “bird sounds” were coming from his neighbor’s property. Officer responded and spoke to a neighbor who was found to be using birds of prey sounds from a sound system around the Vineyard to protect his harvest. This is within agricultural guidelines and party was advised same.

Traffic Complaint:
Aug. 7 - Officer were dispatched to County Road 110 and County Road 6, Independence as a golf ball was thrown out of a moving vehicle. Vehicle was unable to be located.

Property Damage Crash:
Aug. 8 - A property damage crash occurred involving two vehicles at Howard Avenue and Highway 12 in Maple Plain

Dumping Complaint:
August 8 Officers took a report of illegal dumping in the 1200 Poplar Avenue, Maple Plain . The suspect was located and spoken to.

Property Damage Crash:
Aug. 8 - Officers responded to a property damage crash involving two vehicles, no injuries. Howard Avenue and Hwy 12, Maple Plain

Neighbor/Trespassing Complaint:
Aug. 8 - Officers were called to a neighbor going onto another’s property and mowing down trees in the 800 block of Co Rd 19 in Independence. Officers responded to suspect neighbor’s residence and were advised that the husband was not home but would be told not to mow that area anymore.

Citation/Minor Consumption/Drug Paraphernalia:
Aug. 9 - A vehicle was stopped for turning without using its turn signal at County Road 92 and Hwy 12. The officer observed drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. One passenger was cited for underage drinking, possession of paraphernalia and possession of alcohol. Another passenger was cited for underage drinking.

Call for Help/Fall/Pick Up:
Aug. 9 - An officer responded to a residence and assisted a female get up who’d fallen out of bed the night before. No medical attention was needed. A baggie of marijuana and drug paraphernalia were observed on her night stand. 1500 block Howard Avenue, Maple Plain

Agency Assist/Orono PD – Unconscious:
Aug. 9 - West Hennepin was asked to assist Orono PD on a medical of one unconscious. Officers arrived and found the victim to not have a pulse. CPR was started. The West Hennepin officer obtained the victim’s medical information and passed it along to Long Lake Fire Department and the ambulance. Resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. 4000 block of Dahl Road, Orono

Aug. 9 - Received a call of a female who fell and hurt her arm. Officers arrived on scene, helped the female up and observed a baggie of marijuana. She was transported to the hospital. 1500 block of Howard Avenue, Maple Plain

Agency Assist Minnetrista / Personal Injury Accident:
Aug. 9 - Minnetrista PD requested West Hennepin to assist with a personal injury motorcycle crash, unknown injuries. When officers arrived the motorcyclist was gone. The reporting party said the driver got up, brushed off and left. 9400 block of County Road 26, Minnetrista

DWI Arrest:
Aug. 9 - Officers received a call of a drunk driver leaving the grocery store in Maple Plain. A driver’s description was given and the vehicle was reported to have left west on Highway 12 and then south on County Road 19. The vehicle was located in a neighborhood south of Highway 12. The driver admitted drinking. She failed standardized field sobriety tests and a PBT test. She was arrested for DWI. Her vehicle is under possible forfeiture. Joy Lynn Rux, female, age 53 of Maple Plain, BAC .22. 1500 Howard Avenue, Maple Plain

Property Damage Accident:
Aug. 9 - Officers responded to a three vehicle property damage accident in a restaurant parking lot. There were no injuries and all vehicles were able to be driven away. 200 block of County Road 92 N, Independence

Animal Complaint:
Aug. 10 - A loose horse call was received from the property where homeowners had recently been evicted from. The caller stated she was able to get the horse back in the fence. The owner was contacted and responded to fix the fence. 7800 block of Turner Road, Independence.

Agency Assist DNR – Subject Stop:
Aug. 10 - The DNR requested a West Hennepin officer assist him at Lake Haughey as he made contact with a party coming off the lake. The West Hennepin officer stood by as the DNR officer spoke to the party, then cleared. Lake Haughey Road, Independence.

Utility Check:
Aug. 10 - A water main broke in the roadway of Rainbow Avenue. Officers notified Maple Plain Public Works, and then waited on scene until Public Works arrived. 1400 block of Rainbow Avenue, Maple Plain

Agency Assist Minnetrista PD – Drunk Problem:
Aug. 10 - Minnetrista PD requested West Hennepin and Orono PD to assist with a severely intoxicated male. His parents wanted him transported to the hospital. The male was uncooperative and had to be restrained on the stretcher. He was then transported to the hospital. 800 block of Jennings Cove Road, Minnetrista.

Aug. 10 - While attempting to get a computer desk out of her vehicle, a female fell in her apartment building parking lot, hit her head and couldn’t get up. She was back up on her feet when officers and Maple Plain Fire Department arrived. She refused medical attention. Officers escorted her inside while firefighters carried her computer desk inside for her. 1500 Howard Avenue, Maple Plain

Aug. 10 - Officers responded to a call of a fall. They and Maple Plain Fire department arrived on scene. Victim was treated for a nose bleed and trauma to her left eye. She was transported to the hospital. 5500 block of Bryant Street, Maple Plain.

Traffic Complaint:
Aug. 11 - Complaint of a young male driving his vehicle on Rainbow Avenue in Maple Plain and mud is flying up on vehicles, garbage cans and mailboxes. Driver stated his tires are bare and he has to keep moving fast or he would get stuck in the mud. Driver warned if continues he would be issued a citation for damage to property.

Aug. 11 - Reported dirt being moved and possible property line dispute in the 5000 block of Highway 12 in Maple Plain. Property Owner was paving a portion of his back lot of his property.

Civil Dispute:
Aug. 11 - Male reported since July he has tried to retrieve his property from 5200 block of Manchester Drive in Maple Plain. Male had a verbal agreement for renting and it was a civil issue between him and his friend.

Animal Complaint:
Aug. 11 - Reported resident has too many animals living in a house in the 1400 block of Three Oaks Avenue in Maple Plain. Feces and urine from the animals are not being cleaned up. Case under investigation for violation of animal ordinance.

Fraud Complaint:
Aug. 12 - Reported a collection agency mailed resident in the 1800 block of Newport Street, Maple Plain a notice that she owes a past due amount of $382.00 for a Verizon account she does not have.

Agency Assist Three Rivers Park Police:
Aug. 13 - Assisted Three Rivers Park Police at the Baker Park Campground for underage drinking party. Two were charged for underage consumption and one was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Aug. 13 - Officers responded to a house alarm in the 6900 block of Co Rd 6, Independence. House exterior was searched, no tampering or forced entry found. Male was found in the barn who stated he was watering the flowers around the house and heard the alarm beeping. All was secure

Damage to Property:
Aug. 13 - Reporting party heard a loud scraping noise, observed a semi with a lowboy trailer loaded with equipment driving away. A pipe that looked like part of an access sleeve for a gas shut off was broken off. Centerpoint Energy responded to the 1500 block Halgren Road Maple Plain.