West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Oct. 20, 2014

None at this time

Missing Trailer

Sept 21 Reported a construction trailer was left in the 5400 block of Main Street W in Maple Plain over the weekend. The owner arrived to pick it up and it was gone. The owner checked with his partners and found they had moved the trailer. Everything was ok.

Rolling Domestic

Sept 21 Caller reported he saw a male outside of a vehicle banging on the window that a female was driving on Independence Road and Budd Avenue, Maple Plain. The vehicle stopped and the male caught up to the vehicle, opened the door and threw objects out the door. The caller followed the vehicle and the male passenger hung out the window and threw what he thought were rocks at his car. The vehicle was not located.

Suspicious Activity

Sept 21 Caller reported two males parked at the end of a driveway in the 8700 block of Pioneer Creek Road, Independence, walked in and started shooting on the property. Property owner advised everything was ok.

Shots Fired

Sept 21 Caller reported he heard about 30 gun shots in a row coming across the lake at Co Rd 92 and Highway 12, Independence. The Burlington Northern RR frontage road was checked and two boxes of large fireworks were found. The fireworks were freshly set off. No one was found.

Property Damage Crash

Sept 22 Driver stated she was exiting from Blackwater Coffee & Café in Maple Plain when she struck a vehicle parked on Oak Street. The driver stated her car was brand new, her windshield was hard to see through with the dew/moisture along with the rising sun, and she couldn’t see and struck the vehicle. The air bags had deployed, no injuries.

Suspicious Activity

Sept 22 Reported a male purchased items from a garage sale in the 1700 block of Howard Avenue, Maple Plain a week ago and paid for the items with a gold coin. The male was argumentative stating the gold coin was the gold dollar coin. The victim did not take the time to look at it until later and found the coin was a quarter with gold ‘craft like’ paint on it. No description of the male.

Agency Assist Traffic Complaint

Sept 22 Complaint of vehicle all over the road and involved in two accidents Highway 12 and Baker Park Rd, Medina. The driver was located by Medina Police. The vehicle was also involved in a hit and run in Wayzata. The driver was found to have a medical issue.

Suspicious Act

Sept 22 Caller reported a vehicle parked on Oak Street in Maple Plain appeared to have recent damage to it and concerned someone hit it and then left. Caller was advised it was involved in an accident earlier and WHPS aware of it.

Suspicious Act

Sept 22 Two occupants in a vehicle were parked behind a business in the 6500 block of Highway 12, Independence. The driver was not feeling well and they were switching places. Everything was ok.

Lost Property

Sept 23 Caller lost her license plate after being involved in a minor accident at Highway 12 and Co Rd 29, Maple Plain. WHPS officer found the plate and made arrangements for it to be picked up.

Suspicious Activity

Sept 23 Caller reported two vehicles pulled into his driveway and parked in the 2800 block of Co Rd. 92, Independence. A female driver got out of an extremely old and beat up vehicle pulling a horse trailer and was walking around with a riding helmet in her hand. The second vehicle had a male driver that did not get out of his vehicle. The female stated she was there to pick up a hay feeder. She was advised she had the wrong address. The female called someone on her cell, and then apologized and she and the male left.

Warrant Arrest

Sept 23 Driver stopped by a WHPS Officer at Co Rd 83 and Joyce Street, Maple Plain had a Hennepin County Warrant for Misdemeanor DWI. The driver paid the $78.00 bail and was issued a court date.


Sept 23 Male was seeing men in the trees calling out to him, taunting him and pointing sniper rifles at him in the 4200 block of Town Line Road, Independence. No men were in the trees or with sniper rifles. The officers were called back again. Male admitted to using meth over the weekend and was put on a health and welfare hold.

Traffic Complaint

Sept 23 Caller reported a vehicle almost went off the road three times at Howard Avenue and Highway 12, Maple Plain. The vehicle was located. The driver did not think her driving was that bad and asked if one of her friends called her in as a joke.

Suspicious Vehicle

Sept 24 Caller reported at 8:30 a.m. that a vehicle was parked at the Luce Line Trail off of Ingerson Road, Independence since 8 p.m. the previous night. Officers searched the area and located a female who was lying on the ground off of the trail. She saw the police, immediately took pills and drank beer from a bottle. The female wanted to end her life and was placed on a health and welfare hold.

Criminal Damage to Property

Sept 25 Someone slashed tires on a vehicle in the 5300 block of Bryantwood Drive, Maple Plain. Case under investigation

Curfew Violation

Sept 26 Vehicle was stopped for no tail lights, Highway 12 and Co Rd 92N, Independence. Juvenile male driver was cited for curfew violation and his mother was contacted regarding the stop.

Property Damage Crash

Sept 26 64 year old male driver from Delano was stopped at Co Rd 11 and Co Rd 92 N, Independence, started through the intersection and struck a vehicle. While writing the crash report, WHPS officer received a complaint of the 64 year old driver that he was either texting or distracted as he was observed weaving and hitting the shoulder of the road. Driver was cited for Failing to Yield Right of Way.

Traffic Complaint

Sept 26 Complainant reported vehicles speeding up and down Perkinsville Road from Budd Avenue to Co Rd 19, Independence and not stopping at the stop sign. Extra patrol requested.

Suspicious Act

Sept 26 Resident reported a scruffy looking male wearing shorts and tropical shirt knocked on their front door in the 5300 block of Sunset Lane, Independence and asked questions regarding their status. The resident noted the license plate of the male and called 9-1-1. The license plate was aired in the call to WHPS and Medina PD was looking for the vehicle and located it at Highway 55 and Co Rd 19. Cris Lerae Jaspersen, 44 from Minneapolis stated he works for a company that has him drive around and check homes for possible foreclosure and if people are currently living in the homes. Jasperson was found and cited for Driving after Suspension and No Proof of Insurance. Case under investigation.

Parking Complaint

Sept 26 Received a parking complaint of a truck with a trailer parked close to a stop sign causing a traffic hazard at Budd Ave and Oak Street Maple Plain. The construction worker was asked to move the truck.

Found Property

Sept 27 A phone was found in the grass in the 1700 block of Budd Avenue, Maple Plain. The owner was located and the phone was picked up.

Traffic Complaint

Sept 27 Caller reported a vehicle drove into the ditch, in the wrong lane of traffic, extremely dangerous driving on Co Rd 11 and Co Rd 92, Independence. The registered was owner contacted.

Agency Assist Weapons Recovered

Sept 27 Agency assisted Wright County Sheriff’s Office with a shooting complaint in Delano. WCSO found males shooting two rifles in a driveway. The rifles were stolen from a burglary reported to West Hennepin Public Safety. Arrests pending.

Forgery Report - Unfounded

Sept 27 Caller from California called West Hennepin Public Safety to report a forgery. It was found the suspect lives in China and the forgery did not happen in WHPS jurisdiction.

Agency Assist

Sept 28 Wright County Sheriff’s Officer reported a vehicle was involved in a hit and run crash in Delano. Vehicle description was given, the vehicle was not located.

Burn Complaint

Sept 28 Reported someone was burning leaves in the 2800 block of Nelson Road, Independence. The homeowner was found burning a pile of leaves. He was advised he could not burn the leaves; compost or disposal were his choices.

2nd Degree DWI

Sept 28 Squad vehicle turned off of Highway 12 unto Lake Haughey Road, Independence. A vehicle was northbound on Lake Haughey Road and suddenly braked; went into reverse and starting backing up in the turn lane towards the squad car. The vehicle then stopped and pulled ahead. The driver Guadalupe J Castro, 40 of Delano was arrested for 2nd Degree DWI, .23 BAC. Vehicle pending forfeiture.

Suspicious Vehicle

Sept 28 Reported a suspicious vehicle parked at the end of a driveway in the 2800 block of Becker Rd, Independence. Vehicle was gone, did not locate it.