West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Feb. 20, 2017

Allergic Reaction

Feb 2 400 Game Farm Rd, Independence. Reported a male was having an allergic reaction to a medication prescribed. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Breach of Contract

Feb 2 5600 Highway 12, Maple Plain. A business reported a person rented equipment, stopped making payments and the equipment was in another state. Demand letters for non-payment were sent and unsuccessful. It was determined it is not a theft and it is a civil contract issue.

Suspicious Act

Feb 2 Reported person soliciting without a license in the 7000 Pagenkopf Rd, Independence. Citation was issued for ‘Solicit without a Permit’.

No Pay

Feb 2 4800 Perkinsville Rd, Independence. Taxi cab driver reported she had picked up a fare and brought him to the 4800 block of Perkinsville Rd, Independence. He refused to pay the $52.00 fare, got out of the cab and walked into his house. Police advised the male his refusal to pay is a theft. The male knew when he called for the taxi cab; he did not have the funds to pay and admitted his guilt. He was issued a citation for ‘Misdemeanor Theft’.

Traffic Complaint

Feb 3 3:34 p.m. Caller reported a vehicle crossed the yellow center line, white fog line, drove on the rumble strips and is weaving at Highway 12 / Halgren Rd, Maple Plain. Police observed the same driving conduct. Contact with the driver who thought she was driving fine, didn’t realize there was a problem and indicated the sun was in her eyes. The 59 year old female from Maple Plain was verbally warned on her driving conduct.

Gas Odor

Feb 3 11:26 p.m. 6800 Rachel Ridge Ct, Independence, Police responded to a report of a gas odor and while enroute was updated a fireplace would not shut off, not a gas odor. Contact was made with the homeowner who showed Police the fireplace. Loretto Fire arrived and corrected the issue.

Motorist Assist

Feb 4 1:03 a.m. Police assisted a motorist requesting a jump start with his stalled vehicle at the Delano Holiday station. The vehicle started after assistance with the jump start.


Feb 5 5000 Main Street, Maple Plain. Police responded to an interior motion sensor alarm. The building was dark, all doors were locked and no vehicles in the driveway. The perimeter was checked and did not find signs of forced entry or criminal activity.

911 Hang-up

Feb 5 8500 Hitsman Lane, Independence. Police responded to a 911 hang-up. Police contact with the homeowner who advised his grandson was playing with the phone, all was ok.

Found Pigs

Feb 5 1100 Co Rd 92, Independence. Caller reported 3 pigs were in his backyard. Police arrival, the pigs were gone, the area was searched and they were not found, unknown who they belonged to.

Head Injury

Feb 5 6600 Highway 12, Independence. A male fell against a step ladder in his garage, cutting his head, face and hands. He refused treatment and did not want to go to the hospital.

Traffic Complaint

Feb 6 Caller reported traffic complaint of a vehicle on Highway 12 swerving and driving 5 – 10 mph. The caller was no longer following the vehicle. The area was checked and the vehicle was not located.

Welfare Check

Feb 7 1500 Howard Ave., Maple Plain. Requested a welfare check on a male who was agitated, threatening and uncooperative. The male was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Suspicious Activity

Feb 7 3400 Lake Haughey Rd, Independence. Resident reported he did not answer a call received on Feb 4th at midnight as he did not recognize the number and a message was not left from the caller. A few minutes later a vehicle stopped at the top of his driveway and sat there. He turned off his outside light and the vehicle took off. Requested Extra Patrol for his area.


Feb 8 6300 Warren Way, Independence. Police dispatched for a male who was unconscious and while enroute was update the male was conscious. The male had passed out, striking his head causing lacerations. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.