West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, March 17, 2023

March 2 - Medical - 5100 block of Broadmoor Drive, Independence. Officer was dispatched to a medical where CPR was being administered. Officer arrived on scene with MPFD and removed the patient from the bed. Reporting party stated the patient is a drug user and was currently recovering from a spinal infection. Officer and MPFD continued medical care until ambulance arrived on scene and transported the patient to the hospital.
March 3 - Suspicious Activity - 5000 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain. Officer was on routine patrol in the area when a vehicle pulled into a business that was currently under construction. Officer observed the license plate information while passing. Officer attempted to turn around and catch up to the vehicle, but the vehicle was gone. Officer checked the business and found it to be secured. No criminal activity or damage was observed.
March 4 - Suspicious Activity - Intersection of Highway 12 and Boundary Avenue, Maple Plain. Officer was dispatched to a suspicious person in the area. The subject was carrying a pallet away from multiple closed businesses. Officer arrived in the area and did not observe anyone matching the description provided.
March 5 - Medical - 2800 block of Lindgren Lane, Independence. Officer was dispatched to a five-year-old having trouble breathing. Officer arrived on scene and made contact with the parents who advised their child was sleeping, woke up coughing, and couldn’t catch his breath. Officer provided care and checked vitals, which all looked good. North Memorial Paramedics also assessed the patient and ultimately cleared him. Advised the parents they could take him into the doctor in the morning.
March 6 - Suspicious Activity - 1400 block of Meadow Lane, Maple Plain. Officer was dispatched to suspicious activity. Reporting party advised someone has been tapping on the window in the middle of the night for some time. She also advised there has been a male subject standing in the road staring at the house at all hours of the night. Officer provided multiple suggestions and advised to call back if the subject returns.
March 7 - False Alarm - 9000 block of County Road 11, Independence. Officers were dispatched to a burglary in-progress. This was called in by the homeowner who received information from the alarm company advising there was a male that made entry into his home through the garage. With assistance from neighboring agencies, they cleared the house and did not locate the male. Ultimately, the alarm company determined they accidentally cross-referenced video from another alarm. No burglary occurred.
March 9 - Suspicious Activity - 1400 block of Meadow Lane, Maple Plain. Officer was dispatched to a report of someone pounding on the door of the residence. Officer arrived on scene and spoke with the reporting party who advised she has been hearing noses. Officer checked the residence to make sure it was secure and did not observe fresh footprints in the snow.
March 9 - House Fire - 5200 block of Manchester Drive, Maple Plain. Officer was dispatched to report of a garage fire at a four-plex. Officer arrived on scene with the fire department and observed heavy smoke in the living area of the residence. It was confirmed all parties were evacuated. Firefighters were able to cut a hole in the garage door to extinguish the fire.