West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Sept. 29, 2014

Sept 13 Complainant reported a male driver was driving recklessly from Delano to Maple Plain on Highway 12, passing multiple vehicles several times in no passing zones and at Co Rd 90; Independence forced oncoming traffic onto the shoulder. A 19 year old male was cited for Passing in No Passing Zone.

Agency Assist

Sept 13 Agency Assisted Minnetrista PD with a motorcycle fatality on Co. Rd. 26 and North Branch Road, Minnetrista.


Sept 13 Someone entered a garage in the 5700 block of Lake Sarah Heights Drive, Independence and stole fishing rods and reels, tackle boxes and tackle. Case under investigation

Suspicious Activity

Sept 13 Resident in the 4800 block of Broadmoor Drive, Independence, reported someone rang their doorbell several times then ran away. The juveniles were located and their parents and would be handling the discipline.

Hunting Complaint

Sept 14 Observed three males dressed in camouflage with orange rifles and shotguns at Co. Rd. 92 South and Highway 12; one was standing with binoculars. The hunter reported he was looking for the 4th hunter who was lost. The 4th hunter showed up and everything was fine.

Trespassing Complaint

Sept 14 Reported a pickup truck was in a field and the driver with two children were flying remote control air planes in the 8800 block of Co Rd 11, Independence. The caller confronted the driver who stated he didn’t know it was a farmer’s field, private property. The driver packed up and left. No contact with the driver.

House Fire

Sept 14 Reported flames seen from the chimney of a house in the 6400 block of Fogelman Road Independence. Homeowner reported everyone was out of the house, flames could be seen from Co Rd 90, and then the flames slowly went out and just turned to smoke. Maple Plain Fire Dept checked the house everything was okay.


Sept 14 A female was approached by an older male who asked for her ID in the 5300 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain. When asked why the male stated, never mind, forget this happened and then left. The male was not located.

Traffic Complaint

Sept 15 A caller reported a pickup with no tail lights and flashing headlights turned off of Highway unto Valley Road in Independence. The truck was not located.

Suspicious Activity

Sept 16 The driver of a vehicle sitting at the stop sign at Co Rd 11 and Co Rd 92 in Independence would not drive through the intersection and was waving traffic through. The driver stated she had spilled her coffee and was trying to clean it up.


Sept 16 Copper wire and two 3-ft steel doors stolen from a business being remodeled in the 5000 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain. Case under investigation

Disorderly Conduct

Sept 16 An intoxicated male inside a store in the 5800 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain was talking to himself, banging his hands on the counter and causing a disturbance. The male was placed in the back seat of the squad car where he started yelling, screaming and kicking the inside of the vehicle. 46 year old male from Minnetrista ignored repeated commands to stop; the Taser was used for the officers to hobble his legs. The male was transported to Hennepin County Jail and booked on charges of Disorderly Conduct.

Gas Line Cut

Sept 17 A gas line was cut in the 4700 Co Rd 92, Independence. Vice grips were used to close the gas line until Centerpoint Energy arrived. Delano Fire Department stood by until Center Point arrived.

Lock Out

Sept 17 Keys locked inside a vehicle in the 18 Golf Walk, Independence. Vehicle was unlocked.

Business Alarm

Sept 17 A business alarm reported in the 5100 block of Industrial Street, Maple Plain. The officers found an open door and located an employee who stated he was dropping off a package. The building was checked, found clear and everything okay.

Traffic Complaint

Sept 18 Caller reported a vehicle was all over the roadway at Highway 12 and Co Rd 92, Independence. The caller was not following the vehicle. The vehicle was not located.

Hit and Run Crash

Sept 18 Someone struck a vehicle parked in the 4800 block of Independence Street, Maple Plain. Damage was on the driver’s side of a red Jeep and white scrape marks were left on the vehicle.

Suspicious Act

Sept 18 Caller reported he saw a Yellow Taxi Cab sitting on Co Rd 6 by the Lyndale Lutheran Church, Independence. He continued on to Watertown and saw another Yellow Taxi Cab. The caller thought it was unusual to see a Yellow Taxi Cab this far out of the city at 2:15 in the afternoon. The cab was not located.


Sept 18 Vehicle eastbound on Highway 12 and Co Rd. 92N driven by a 60 year old male from Osceola, WI rear-ended a vehicle driven by 34 year old male from Watertown. The vehicle was stopped, with its left turn signal on, waiting for traffic to clear when rear-ended. No injuries.


Sept 18 Property owner in the 900 block of Co Rd 19, Independence reported his neighbor cut some branches from his tree and damaged his fence when the branch was cut. The neighbor thought the tree was going to be cut down and the fence removed. The property owner stated the fence was not going to be removed.

Crash / Personal Injury

Sept 19 A westbound vehicle driven by a 51 year old male from St. Paul, rolled his vehicle at Highway 12 and Co Rd 92S, Independence. The driver stated he was following a vehicle in front of him and it passed a vehicle in a right passing lane. The driver didn’t realize that there was a truck making a left hand turn, he tried to avoid hitting the truck, over corrected which caused his vehicle to roll. Witness stated the vehicle rolled over at least 4 times. The driver was extricated; had neck pain, minor cuts to his hands, face and was place on a backboard. North Memorial Ambulance transported him to the hospital.


Sept 19 Property owner in the 7800 block of Co Rd 11, Independence reported theft of Stihl Chain Saws, Poulan Pro Pole Saw, Craftsman drill, circular saw and miter saw. Case under investigation.


Sept 19 Reported 61 year old male from Coon Rapids was having trouble breathing at Vinland National Center, Independence. North Memorial Ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Safety Check

Sept 19 Caller reported a child was walking around the intersection of Highway 12 and Budd Avenue, Maple Plain. 7 year old boy from Maple Plain was located who stated he was at a friend’s house and decided to walk home. The mother was contacted who stated he has walked home alone. The mother was advised it is unacceptable for a 7yoa to be unsupervised and crossing Highway 12 himself. The 7 yoa was left in the care of his Grandfather.

Agency Assist / DWI Arrest

Sept 19 Agency assisted Orono PD with a 4th Degree DWI at Wayzata Blvd and Old Crystal Bay Road, Orono.

Traffic Complaint

Sept 20 Caller reported a silver Altima was going about 20 mph and was swerving into the other lane of traffic and on the shoulder Baker Park Road and Highway 12. Vehicle was not located at time of call. 20 min later was located at Co Rd 6 and Highway 12 in Orono.

Agency Assist Orono PD with 2nd Degree DWI

Sept 20 Caller reported a vehicle was on the exit ramp from Highway 12 to Co Rd 6 in Orono. The driver was all over the road, the vehicle was on the exit ramp and stopped and started to back up on the off ramp. Peter Miranda, 32 of Orono, 2nd Degree DWI, .21 AC. Miranda was transported to and booked into Hennepin County Jail.


Sept 20 Complaint of ATV traveling up and down the street in the 4700 block of Lake Sarah Heights Circle in Independence. The ATV was not located.


Sept 20 Complaint of noise from two mini bikes in the 5800 block of Pagenkopf Road, Independence. Caller was advised of the city of Independence noise ordinance and to meet with the neighbors and express their concerns with the loud noise coming from the mini bikes.

Missing Person

Sept 20 Vinland National Center, Independence reported a 29 year old female left the center. The female was entered into National Crime Information Center (NCIC) as a missing person. The female was later located in Mille Lacs County on 9/22/14. She was removed from NCIC missing person.