West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, April 27, 2015

Fraudulent Activity

April 10 A resident in the 200 block of Co Rd 92 in Independence reported a fraudulent attempt to transfer money from his financial account. The transfers did not go through, they were blocked.

Scam Attempt

April 10 A resident in the 200 block of Co Rd 92 in Independence reported 2 weeks ago receiving a phone call from someone with a foreign accent named “Adam Smith” about a charge and purchase he had authorized for $99. The resident stated the charge was not authorized and the caller offered to refund the money onto his debit card. The resident did not give his debit card number. The resident was advised the two incidents were related and do not give out any information.

Misc. Assist

April 10 A resident in the 5300 block of Bryant Street in Maple Plain inquired if a tractor trailer could be parked in their driveway. The tractor trailer was over the allowed road weight limit and was parked at another place.

9-1-1 Hang Up

April 11 WHPS responded to the 4500 block of Shady Beach Circle, Independence for a 911 hang-up. It was found to be a mis-dial and everything was all right.


April 11 WHPS responded to the 1600 block of Pioneer Avenue in Maple Plain for a juvenile male who had fallen off of his bicycle and was injured. The victim had road rash abrasions to his forehead, nose, hands, arms and legs. He was bicycling with a friend when he ran into the back of his friend’s bike. WHPS officer gave him a ride to his house.

Fireworks Complaint

April 11 WHPS responded to the 2000 block of Co Rd 90, Independence for fireworks lit in the tall grass. WHPS officer found four males were launching off small model rockets. Due to it being dry out and the DNR has a burning restriction on, they four stated they would stop and wait until get more rain.

Safety Check

April 11 WHPS responded to Copeland Road and Highway 12 in Independence for a complaint of a male walking along the highway and appeared to be heavily intoxicated. The male was located, PBT .25 % and was transported to his house in Maple Plain.

Lock Out

April 12 WHPS responded to the 4900 block of Main Street in Maple Plain for a vehicle that was locked with the keys inside. The vehicle was unlocked and the keys retrieved for the driver. The driver stated he was very Thankful for WHPS and their service.


April 12 WHPS assisted with a male wanting to pick up his property at the 4900 block of Klaers Drive in Independence. The male had been evicted and had left some property behind. Arrangements were made to pick up the property.

Stop Sign down

April 12 WHPS officer observed the stop sign at Bryantwood Dr and Co Rd 19 in Maple Plain was down. Maple Plain Public Works advised to set the stop sign back up.

Solicitor Complaint

April 13 A resident in the 5700 block of Clayton Drive in Maple Plain reported he had some tree work done and felt taken advantage of. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious Act

April 13 WHPS officer observed a vehicle parked in the back of Lewis Cemetery in Independence. Contact was made with the driver who stated he goes there to get away as it is quiet. Everything was fine.

Stolen Mail

April 14 WHPS Investigator was advised of numerous mailboxes in the cities of Maple Plain and Independence had mail stolen from them. The case is under investigation. Victims of stolen mail will be contacted by the U.S. Postal Inspector.

Found Credit Card

April 14 A credit card was found at the Blackwater Café and Coffee in Maple Plain. The owner was located, it was confirmed it was his and he would stop at WHPS to pick up the card.

Dog Bite

April 14 WHPS responded to the 4900 block of Main Street in Maple Plain for a juvenile that was bit by a dog. The dog is dark in color, possible lab type. The dog was not located. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious Act

April 15 WHPS responded to the 1500 block of Howard Avenue in Maple Plain for a complaint that a male was on the property that he was not to be there. After checking the property, the male was not there and everything was fine.

Found Property

April 15 A cell phone was found on Pagenkopf Road in Independence. The owner info was found on the phone. The phone was returned to the owner.

Suspicious Activity

April 15 WHPS responded to a report of two males hiding behind a barn in the 8500 block of Co Rd 6 in Independence. The owner told the males to leave. A syringe was found on the property after the males had left. The males were not located as the owner contact was a couple hours previous to calling the police.

Grass Fire

April 15 WHPS responded to County Line Road and Nelson Road in Independence for traffic control. A controlled grass burn in the 2000 block of County Line Road was spreading throughout the property. Maple Plain Fire responded and assisted Delano Fire in extinguishing the fire.

Complaint of Game and Fish Over Limits

April 15 Caller in the 2900 block of Lindgren Lane in Independence reported 2 males and 2 females fishing in a boat were taking over their limit of fish from the lake. Contact was made with the persons and they were turned over to the Hennepin County Water Patrol unit

Welfare Check

April 15 WHPS officer observed a male walking away Vinland Center in 3675 Ihduhapi Trail in Independence. The male stated the center was not what he was expecting and did not want to be there anymore. The male was not court ordered to Vinland and was allowed to leave.