West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Sept 15, 2014


Sept 1 Reported an alarm sounding in the 4100 block of Townline Road in Independence. Officer found the house secured and appeared ok.


Sept 2 Assisted with an eviction notice in the 5800 block of Drake Drive, Independence. Officers stood by while evicted party removed his property.


Sept 2 Received an alarm in the 7400 block of Maple Ponds Trail, Independence. Officer received information they alarm trip was due to the dog inside the house. The officer found the house secure and observed a dog inside running around.

Misc. Assist

Sept 2 Road construction on Main Street and Rainbow Avenue in Maple Plain; residents requested a squad car drive down the streets once per day to make sure that emergency vehicles can get to the homes on those streets if necessary.

Suspicious Person

Sept 2 Reported a driver in a vehicle parked on the service road next to the railroad tracks in Independence, the driver looked like he was ducking down. Officer located the truck and driver who stated he was on his lunch break, his normal service vehicle was broke down and he has been in a rental vehicle for about a month. The driver stated that he started work at 0430 and was on a lunch break. He was wearing an orange worker’s vest that had Burlington Northern Santé Fe written on it and provided his BNSF ID card.


Sept 2 Assisted with a vehicle lock out in the 5700 block of Main Street East, Maple Plain. Officer unlocked the vehicle.

Agency Assist Orono Police Department

Sept 3 Assisted Orono Police Department with a Domestic Assault in the 4400 block of Lamberton Road, Mound.

Misc. Information

Sept 3 Caller stated if WHPS gets a call of a possible water main break in the 4800 block of Drake Street, Maple Plain, it is him draining his in-ground pool. Every Fall when he drains it, someone thinks a water main broke and the police show up at his place.

Traffic Complaint

Sept 3 Caller was walking his dog on the side of the road on Nelson Road and Co Rd 6, Independence when he observed a white Jeep type vehicle come off Co Rd 6 onto Nelson Rd at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was sliding sideways, speeding as it approached him. He thought they were going to hit his dog as they weaved around him on the road. As the vehicle passed, they gunned it and kept on going. The caller noted the license plate. Case under investigation

Suspicious Vehicle

Sept 3 Train engineer reported a vehicle on the north side of the railroad tracks at Hitsman Lane and Highway 12 in Independence. Vehicle was not found.

Suspicious Activity

Sept 3 Property owner reported a pair of shoes that do not belong to anyone in his household, by the lower back door to his house in the 2100 block of Budd Street, Maple Plain. Also reported fresh pry marks on the back door. Case under investigation.


Sept 4 Theft of two spools of wire missing from a company truck in the 5100 block of Industrial Street, Maple Plain. Stolen were #12 submersible wire- 3 wires braided together about 200 feet weighing around 80 -90 pounds, cost-$400; #12 UF wire- Flat gray wire, about 700 feet weighing around 200 pounds, cost $1120. Security surveillance cameras are being downloaded to check for suspects. Case under investigation.

Signal Problem

Sept 4 Complaint of the signal light not working at Co Rd 83 and Highway 12, Maple Plain. Excel Energy was on site, stated a blown fuse was being replaced.


Sept 4 Motorist vehicle was rear-ended when she was stopped at the cross walk at Highway 12 / Budd Avenue, Maple Plain waiting for a pedestrian to cross. The 17 year old driver stated that he was traveling 15-20 mph when he tried to stop but his brakes failed, and he crashed into the rear of the car in front of him. The driver stated he had a similar problem last week and had recently replaced his brakes. The driver was issued a written warning for inadequate brakes and his father stated they will make sure the vehicle is fixed before they drive it again. No injuries.

Suspicious Act

Sept 4 Officer observed vehicle tail lights and someone with a flashlight at a business in the 4900 block of Industrial Street, Maple Plain. An employee was unlocking the gate entrance, stated he was there to work

Agency Assist Missing Llama

Sept 4 Caller stated she is helping a neighbor who lives on Co Rd 26 in Minnetrista find her missing Llama. ‘Fred’ is dark colored and has a lead rope on him. On 9/7/14 a resident in the 400 block of Co Rd 92N called stating she found a Llama in her soybean field. Fred was reunited with his owner, everything was okay.

Found Property

Sept 4 Small BMX bike in the 5100 block of Industrial Street, Maple Plain was found. The bike is at WHPS for safe keeping until owner calls to claim it.

Traffic Complaint

Sept 5 Caller reported a white SUV was all over the road and forced him off the road at Co Rd 19 and Co Rd 6, Independence. Vehicle was not located.

Animal Complaint

Sept 5 Reported two cats were left in a house for sale in the 5800 block of Drake Drive, Independence. Caller was advised to take them to a Humane Society.

Traffic Complaint

Sept 5 Reported a vehicle westbound on Highway 12 and Baker Park Road, Maple Plain was crossing the center line and running over the rumble strips on the fog line. The driver was located who stated he was tired; he had worked a lot of hours this week and didn’t think he was driving that bad. The driver was verbally warned for not staying in his lane of traffic.

Safety Check

Sept 5 Reported a construction trailer was blocking the road at 6500 block of Co Rd 11, Independence. Trailer was not located.

Fire/Welfare Check

Sept 5 Caller stated that earlier in the day she had put her cigarette out on her wood deck railing; left for a while and returned to find the railing smoldering but not on fire in the 5200 block of Main Street, Maple Plain. She poured water on it, successfully put it out and then left again. Caller wanted an officer to check the railing. Officer found everything was fine.

Suspicious Act

Sept 5 Officer observed a vehicle leaving a business that was closed late at night in the 5600 block of Highway 12. The driver stated he washes trucks.

Misc. Assist

Sept 6 Caller stated every time he walks outside or is in the parking lot of 5300 block of Highway 12, Maple Plain, cop cars are driving by. He was advised that Maple Plain is a small town and Highway 12 goes right by the place and he could feel extra safe by the patrols during his stay there.

Suspicious Act

Sept 6 A port-a-potty was alongside the road at Co Rd 110 and Moline Road, Independence. It was found a marathon route went past this location and it was set there for the race.


Sept 6 Horseback rider reported the renter of the property in the 7500 block of Turner Road, Independence drove her vehicle to the road, yelling at the rider that she has her on camera. The rider stated she has permission from the property owner to ride and has never had issues with this. The rider was advised to call the property owner, that it might be a miscommunication.

Rolling Domestic

Sept 6 Caller stated he witnessed a driver of a vehicle punching and hitting something in a vehicle at Highway 12 and Co Rd 90, Independence. The caller could not see a passenger and was unknown if a child was in the passenger seat. The driver was located, stated he was searching for his brother who had been missing for two weeks and was upset in his vehicle. The driver was advised of the reason for the stop. The driver stated he was on his way home to get his medication. No domestic occurred.

Welfare Check

Sept 6 A male and female were crossing Highway 12 at Oak Street in Maple Plain were stumbling and having trouble walking. Both stated they were drinking at the bar, were walking back to the motel and did not need help. The female appeared to be ok and the male moderately intoxicated. Both were released and advised to be safe walking.