West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Sept. 7 - Illegal Dumping - 1270 Poplar Ave. Maple Plain. City of Maple Plain Public Works reported employees of a landscaping company were illegally dumping at the compost site in Maple Plain. Chief spoke with the owner of the company explaining his activity was illegal, and his landscape company is unable to dump any material at the compost site. The compost site is for citizens of Maple Plain to drop of compost. He understood, and will no longer do it. He had been previously advised of this activity and the next time it is a citation for illegal dumping. He disagreed but understood.

Sept. 8 - Welfare Check - Hwy 12/ Valley Road, Independence. Caller stated he was westbound on Hwy 12 and noticed a vehicle pulled over on the shoulder with a female lying on the ground. He stopped to see if he could help and found a male and female, both were intoxicated. The male stated the female was throwing up on the side of the road. The caller got into his vehicle, called 911, and left the scene. Officer responded to the area checking from Hwy 12 and Co Rd 90 to Co Line Rd and did not locate anyone on the road or the described vehicle. Medina PD and Orono PD also checked the areas.

Sept. 9 -Electrical Fire - Several callers reporting a transformer on fire, heavy smoke near Co Rd 90/Hwy 12, Independence. Officer arrival found there was heavy smoke going across the Hwy. Maple Plain Fire and Xcel Energy responded and assisted. Reserve Officer stood by to minimize the 911 calls.

Sept. 8 - Disturbance - 3675 Ihduhapi Trail Independence. Received call of a male being confrontational with Vinland Center staff, who was ejecting the male from their facility due to his behavior:yelling at staff, punching holes in walls and doors. The male apologized; believed there may be something off with his meds, as he knew he reacted poorly. Unable to reach family members, a Reserve Officer transported the male to Buffalo. A family member later called and stated he was picking up the male.

Sept. 8 - Property Damage - 5200 Manchester Dr, Maple Plain. Property Owner reported an arrow was stuck in the side of the building she owns. The arrow penetrated the siding; no one knew where the arrow could have come from. No suspects or witnesses at this time.

Sept. 8 - Safety Check - 11:08 p.m. 4800 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Caller reported there were several drunken people whom he believed were going to fight in the bar, and requested a parking lot drive through. Officers drove through the lot several times, nothing occurred.

Sept. 8 - Missing Person - 12:18 a.m. 4800 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Boyfriend reported while he was paying his bill, his girlfriend left on foot. She left her car, was not answering her phone, and was not familiar with the area or people. Multiple police agencies assisted in searching for the female. A phone ping was done, and an approximate location was found. The female was located at a house in the 5400 block of Bryant Street, Maple Plain. The female stated she was fine, and at the house of her own free will. The boyfriend was called and advised she was found and staying with a friend.

Sept. 9 - PI Crash - 9000 CR 6, Independence. Vehicle # 1 westbound on CR 6 slowed down to make a left hand turn, and was rear-ended by Vehicle # 2. Driver of Vehicle #2 stated he was traveling westbound, with his cruise control activated at 53mph, did see Vehicle #1 ahead put on their left blinker, but believed the vehicle was pulling to the right shoulder. He attempted to overtake the vehicle on the left side, when he then collided with the vehicle as it turned left. Vehicle #2 driver cited for failure to drive with due care.

Sept. 9 - Medical – Poison - 1800 Newport St, Maple Plain. Dispatched for a child consuming tub/tile cleaner. Upon arrival, patient was being treated by MPFD. While enroute contact was made with MN Poison Control. North EMS responded and took over treatment of patient. Unknown if child was transported to the hospital.

Sept. 10 - Stalled Vehicle on RR Tracks - RR Tracks / Valley Rd, Independence. Dispatched to RR crossing arms which were coming down, and a vehicle was stalled on the tracks. Officer notified Burlington Northern of a stalled vehicle on the RR tracks. Motorist had gotten lost going to Buffalo, stopped in the middle of Valley Road to look at her map, as there was no traffic. Motorist quickly tried to pull off the road to not block an approaching car, her vehicle got hung up on the RR tracks and the crossing arms started to come down. Two bystanders advised the driver to get out of her car as a train was coming and the driver did, but then got back into the car to try and get it off the tracks. The two bystanders helped and pushed the vehicle out of the path of the oncoming train. Burlington Northern was advised the tracks had been cleared. No damage to the crossing was observed, and the driver’s vehicle had minor damage to the front bumper.

Sept. 11 - Accident / Crash - Hwy 12/ Halgren Rd, Maple Plain. Driver #1 was stopped in traffic and Driver #2 rear ended his trailer/vehicle, causing damage. Driver #2 was digging under his seat trying to re obtain a lighter he had dropped, and rear-ended Driver #1’s vehicle. No injuries, seat belts were used by all. Citation was issued to Driver #2 for follow too close.

Sept. 11 - Theft of Signs - CR 6 / CR 17, Independence. Two signs stolen: ‘Delano Octoberfest’ and ‘St. Peter Meet Your Maker’, each 10’ x 3’ tall and valued at $100.

Sept. 12 - Found Owl - 4000 Windmill Drive, Independence. Caller reported a dead owl on the shoulder of the road, and asked if the police do anything with dead wild birds, hawks, or owls in case it has a band on its leg. The caller was advised to call the DNR.

Sept. 12 - Hit and Run - Baker Park Rd / Hwy 12, Independence. Motorist reported she was eastbound on Hwy 12, turning north on Baker Park from Hwy 12, and was rear-ended by a green SUV driven by a white male, 30 to 40 years old, short, brown curly hair wearing aviator sunglasses. Motorist thought the vehicle was going to pull over, but it then continued on and went east on Co. Rd. 19. Motorist continued on to her residence and called the police to report the hit and run. Motorist vehicle had moderate damage to the rear bumper and had green paint on it. SUV was not located.