2015 Columns

Mutual funds: The good, the bad and the fine print; part II, 3/30/15

Mutual funds: The good, the bad and the fine print, 3/23/15

Increasing long-term care costs are a problem, 3/9/15

Do you have a retirement annuity yet?, 3/2/15

Ethics and your advisor, 2/23/15

Tax rules for 2014-2015, 2/16/15

10 reasons to have a will and estate plan, 2/9/15

Are you sure you will have enough money? 2/2/15

Don’t even try to predict the future, 1/19/15

2014 financial planning black eyes, 1/12/15

2014 Top 10 naughty list, 1/5/15

2014 Columns

What the 12 days of Christmas will cost you, 12/29/14

Is timing everything?, 12/22/14

Powerball retirement planning, 12/15/14

Do you really understand your mutual funds?, 12/8/14

The adage; sell in May and go away, 11/17/14

The LTC elephant in the room, 11/10/14

Michigan governor gets it wrong, 11/3/14

Is a reverse mortgage right for you?, 10/27/14

Is your golden goose protected?, 10/20/14

Everything may not be what it seems, 10/13/14

What's up with Wells Fargo?, 10/6/14

What is the Rule of 100?, 9/29/14

Social Security Administration changes its mind, 9/22/14

Is college really the right choice?, 9/15/14

Would you relocate to save money?, 9/8/14

IRS publication and tax court don’t see eye-to-eye, 8/25/14

A great big thank you, 8/11/14

The 4 percent rule, 8/4/14

Grandparents have it, and you need it, 7/28/14

Can you trust your advisor's advice?, 7/21/14

A very simple $400,000 mistake, 7/14/14

It's a win for everyone, 6/30/14

When do you want to retire?, 6/23/14

Life insurance as a charitable gift, 6/9/14

Will the greed ever end?, 6/2/14

How is your financial literacy?, 5/26/14

Golfing and taxation of Social Security benefits, 5/19/14

How to run out of money in retirement, 5/12/14

Is the US stock market rigged?, 5/5/14

Social Security: Spousal options at full retirement age, 4/28/14

Now that's a strange tax law, 4/21/14

IRS goofs up and it can cost you big, 4/14/14

Thanks for the confusion, 4/7/14

Will your retirement mistakes repeat?, 3/31/14

Should I have a Roth IRA?, 3/24/14

Are tax rates going up?, 3/17/14

Can you afford to wait?, 3/10/14

Are we there yet?, 3/3/14

Why MyRA shouldn’t be YourRA, 2/24/14

A supreme thought, 2/17/14

Social Security can be tricky?, 2/10/14

Is it time to get out yet?, 2/3/14

Seven things people often misunderstand about IRAs, 1/20/14

My 2014 predictions, 1/13/14

Should you consider a reverse mortgage?, 1/6/14

2013 Columns

Who said that?, 12/23/13

Seven big financial mistakes in retirement planning, 12/16/13

Real life strategies, 12/9/13

The 4 percent rule no longer rules, 12/2/13

Blockbuster closes; what that means to you, 11/18/13

Rain or shine, you should be protected, 11/11/13

Calling on all financial advisors, 11/4/13

Math is hard, retirement is harder, 10/28/13

Are you making the right Social Security choices for you?, 10/21/13

Can I use my IRA to start a business?, 10/14/13

How healthy is your public employee pension plan?, 10/7/13

What government over-spending means to you, 9/30/13

Are you prepared for the next market correction?, 9/23/13

What do you do with your liquid money?, 9/16/13

Investors are leaving the market, 9/9/13

We made the top-10, 9/2/13

Federal Mortgage Program a bust?, 8/26/13

Why your retirement plans might disappoint you, 8/19/13

Detroit declares bankruptcy, 8/5/13

Another "ethically challenged" advisor strikes again, 7/29/13

Dumb and dumber, 7/22/13

What to do with your stock or bond money?, 7/15/13

Spoiled children and spoiled markets, 7/1/13

The winds of change are blowing now, 6/24/13

The government wants to change your retirement plan - part 2, 6/17/13

The government wants to change your retirement plan - part 1, 6/10/13

Do we have a stock market bubble?, 6/3/13

Why your intestments shouldn't trust those foreigners, 5/27/13

Beneficiary designation errors, 5/20/13

Identity theft on your tax return, 5/13/13

Professional designations mean very little, 5/6/13

Insider trading and gold prices, 4/29/13

If you don't care . . . you're fine, 4/22/13

Politics and stock market baloney, 4/15/13

New taxes for the 1 percent and the 99 percent, 4/8/13

We interrupt this program, 4/1/13

The joke's on you, 3/25/13

The money in cash myth, 3/18/13

What's the deal with sequestration?, 3/11/13

Don't you want to KISS?, 3/4/13

IRA and Roth IRA contributions made simple, 2/25/13

Yes . . . your fees are too high, 2/18/13

The stock market is up. . . , 2/11/13

How good is your tax preparer?, 2/4/13

Social Security changes in 2013, 1/28/13

Nothin says 'I love you' like a big tax bill, 1/21/13

What about your 'fiscal cliff?', 1/14/13

Dogs, Playboy Bunnies, or me?, 1/7/13

On My Mind
Brian Wolf
Wolf Tax & Financial Group


2012 Columns

Are you financially ready for 2013?, 12/31/12

So what the heck is a 'fiscal cliff'?, 12/24/12

Three reason to make changes now, 12/17/12

How to win at playing the lottery, 12/3/12

'Tis the season to be a pessimist?, 11/26/12

Have you heard these retirement income lies? PT2, 11/19/12

Have you heard these retirement income lies?, 11/12/12

Forget the markets; base your retirement on math, 11/5/12

So who won the Presidential debates?, 10/29/12

I can't believe my will and trust didn't work, 10/22/12

Facebook hits 1 billion users, 10/15/12

Give unto Ceasar part II, 10/8/12

Give unto Ceasar, 10/1/12

Republican, Democrat, or other?, 9/24/12

What happens to your 'qualified' money at death?, 9/17/12

Buffet gets out of muni-bonds, 9/03/12

Variable annuity companies make odd offer, 8/27/12

A lesson from the Olympics, 8/20/12

Public pension plans, shot $4.6 trillion?, 8/13/12

Oh great, here we go again, 7/30/12

Don't we just love our taxes?, 7/23/12

Brother, can you spare a dime?, 7/16/12

Who in their right mind would buy LTC insurance?, 7/9/12

Should you roll a retirement plan into an IRA?, 7/2/12

Honey I love you, but what's mine is mine, 6/11/12

Ethics in an unethical world, 6/4/12

The greatest product you've never heard of, 4/23/12

Who wants for 'Get rich quick?', 4/16/12

So what's up at The Hartford?, 4/9/12

I'm not falling for your silly blimp, 3/26/12

The big gamble; can you realy afford it?, 3/19/12

Should I roll my 401(k) to an IRA?, 3/12/12

Is your investment plan a lemon?, 3/5/12

Retirement time can mean tax traps, 2/27/12

How safe are your municipal bonds?, 2/20/12

When is a B+ better than an A+, 2/13/12

Your advisor's interests vs. your interests, 2/6/12

Brian . . . you can't tell them that, 1/30/12

Why you don't need long-term care insurance, 1/23/12

Four reasons you'll need more money to retire, 1/09/12

We interupt this program . . ., 1/02/12

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