Florence Mahon

Florence Mahon, age 65 of Bloomington and formerly of Winsted, died Friday, April 2, 1999, after a long battle with cancer, diabetes and leukemia.

"She was a tremendously upbeat person," said family friend Cy Carpenter.

Mahon and her husband, former state Rep. Mark Mahon, were honored at a DFL Party tribute last month.

"She was very energetic and without a complaint," Carpenter said of visiting with her at the tribute.

Florence Mahon was active in numerous community affairs, such as helping to plan the annual Kaiser Roll race, which benefits charity.

She received many awards and honors for her efforts, including several for her work with the Kaiser Roll. In 1985, she was named Outstanding Bloomington Woman of the Year by the Bloomington Jaycees Women for her work over the preceding 20 years.

Florence shared an interest in community service with her husband, who was a former Bloomington City Council members, as well as a state representative in District 40A, which includes east Bloomington and a portion of Richfield.

She was active in DFL politics and worked on numerous campaigns, including her husband's.

Florence Mahon also worked at the state Capitol as secretary to then-Sen. Mike Freeman of Richfield for a number of years.

"No matter what it was, a political cause or a church function or a neighborhood issue, Flo always brought a bundle of energy to any project and always made sure it got done," said state Rep. Dan Larson, DFL-Bloomington, who now holds the seat Mark Mahon once did.

"She was the kind of person who, if somebody needed something hauled, she'd find somebody with a truck," Larson said. "If somebody had snow in their driveway, she'd find somebody to move it.

"Everybody really loved Flo," he said.

Son Steve Mahon, in a eulogy, cited his mother's seemingly boundless courage and compassion who "never let us down" despite work and volunteer commitments.

"Outside of family and friends, our mom was also intimately tied to the larger community," he said. "She helped organize and run countless political, social, church and volunteer efforts.

". . . Her actions behind the scenes helped improve the lives of many people," he said.

Steve Mahon recalled how his mother remained active and involved despite recurring illnesses that most would consider devastating. She kept on driving for the Meals on Wheels program, for example, after losing a leg to cancer in 1973.

"Yet through it all, after each long and painful battle, nothing ever weakened her spirit, her will to live or her seemingly endless compassion and drive to help those in need," Steve Mahon said.

The former Florence Mochinske was born April 20, 1933, in Winsted.

In addition to her husband, survivors include her parents, George and Helen Mochinske; four sons and their spouses, Kevin and Mary, Steve and Claudia, Paul and Lisa, and Mark and Michelle; a brother, Clarence Mochinske; and eight grandchildren.

Services were Monday, April 5, 1999 at St. Bonaventure Church, Bloomington. The Rev. Ambrose Mahon, Mark Mahon's cousin, officiated. Burial followed in Holy Trinity Cemetery.

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