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Rodney Allan Soderberg

Rodney Allan Soderberg, age 80, of Colorado, formerly of Dassel, died Monday, May 5, 2008, at Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, Colo. He was surrounded in body and spirit by the love of his local family and his extended family in Minnesota.

Rodney was born Aug. 18, 1927, in Dassel, one of 13 children, and a twin to his brother, Robert.

He was drafted into the US Army in 1948, and served in the army for 11 months and 26 days. Then, because his time was just short of a year, he was drafted again in 1950.

Back in civilian life, Rodney embarked on his real career, 35 years at Paper Calmenson, a company in St. Paul that fabricated steel for bridges and grader blades.

He married Lenora “Norie” Hanson in 1954, at a church in Minneapolis. They had much in common: her background was Swedish, while his was Norwegian, and she was also one of 13 children.

In 1958, Rodney and Norie celebrated the birth of their son, Craig Rodney. They also had many other “extended” children in their numerous nieces and nephews.

Rodney was deeply loved and cherished by his large family, a testimony to his loving nature, mischievous dry humor, “greatest generation” stoicism, and his remarkable unconditional love for his family.

He was an extraordinary music lover and devoted sports fan.

Rodney’s beloved wife, Norie, died Nov. 25, 2003, after 49 years of marriage.

Craig and his wife, Alden, then urged Rodney to live with them in Boulder, Colo. Courageously uprooting his lifelong residence, Rodney moved to the Lodge at Balfour in Louisville, Colo.

Splitting his time between the Lodge at Balfour and Alden and Craig’s home, Rodney spent his final three years becoming a “third parent” to his two young grandchildren, Liam and Finn. The mutual love between Rodney and his grandchildren was extraordinary to witness, and will never be forgotten.

Funeral services have been held.