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Ceramic tile flooring-serving Eden Prairie, Watertown, and Delano

Make your floors say 'welcome home'

Ceramic tile flooring is elegant, trendy, and tough. At Bergmann Interiors, we carry a variety of porcelain floor tiles, including stone tile, marble tile, and granite tile. If you need flooring for your home, our kitchen tile is a great choice because of its timeless look and durability. There is more than just bathroom tiles and kitchen tile. Serving the cities of Eden Prairie, Watertown, and Delano, we even do home installations.

The timeless look of floor tile

Porcelain floor tiles are unbeatable when it comes to stone tile, marble tile, and granite tile that is creative and practical. Ceramic tile flooring is stylish and comes in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. Bergmann Interiors also offers glass tiles to give your room a classy look. You can also add glass trim to floor tile and take style to new levels.

ceramic tile flooring, Eden Prairie, MN

A cinch to clean

Ceramic tile flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean. Usually just a little wiping cleans up spills on stone tile, marble tile, and granite tile. Ceramic tile flooring is environmentally safe and lasts much longer than other flooring materials. This is why people turn to porcelain floor tiles time after time for their flooring needs. Cleaning your bathroom tiles or kitchen tile once a week is the best way to maintain tile floor. Consistent maintenance of floor tile will ensure your glass tiles look new for years to come.

Want to see some samples?

At Bergmann Interiors, we bring porcelain floor tile samples to your home. Some of the stone tile, marble tile, and granite tile samples that we offer are bathroom tiles, kitchen tile, porcelain floor tiles, and decorative tile. We carry some of the finest brands of ceramic tile flooring, including Mannington Porcelain Tile, Florida Tile, American Olean, and other brands of porcelain floor tiles. Serving the cities of Watertown, Delano, and Eden Prairie, our designers are happy to help you.

Maintain your tile floor

Be sure to allow your ceramic tile flooring and grout to dry for 72 hours after installation. Sweeping or vacuuming your bathroom tiles or kitchen tile before mopping will maintain your tile floor. When using cleaners for your stone tile, marble tile, or granite tile, you want to ensure that the product is compatible with grout. After cleaning your porcelain floor tiles, be sure to rinse off the floor tile to make sure no residue is left behind.

Floor tile is safe for the environment

The ceramic tile flooring at Bergmann Interiors is made from natural products, so bathrooms tiles and kitchen tile are environmentally friendly. The stone tile, marble tile, and granite tile at Bergmann Interiors is made with recycled material that is safe for the environment. Serving the cities of Eden Prairie, Watertown, and Delano, Bergmann Interiors supplies sustainable flooring material that is both stylish and durable.

ceramic tile flooring, Delano

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