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Hardwood flooring-serving Delano, Watertown, and Eden Prairie

Make a distinctive statement

Because we offer the best hardwood floors at Bergmann Interiors, your home will look rich and inviting when you choose to install our wood floors. For families whose floors undergo much traffic, laminate hardwood floors are the best. Our hardwood flooring is designed to look good for years to come with a minimum amount of maintenance. Serving the cities of Eden Prairie, Delano, and Watertown, Bergmann Interiors has the great selection of oak hardwood floors around.

An elegant choice for any room

When choosing hardwood flooring, the color, character, and construction type are important factors to consider. At Bergmann Interiors, you will have a selection of the best hardwood floors to choose from. The color of laminate hardwood floors ranges from light to dark, and we carry them all. Light wood floors work well in contemporary rooms, and darker hardwood floors are typically used in traditional rooms. With a wide variety of grain variations, you will be more than satisfied with the oak hardwood floors at Bergmann Interiors.

hardwood flooring, Delano, MN

Types of laminate hardwood floors

The two basic choices when it comes to wood floors are solid or engineered. Solid planks are made with a single piece of wood and create the best hardwood floors because they last for years. Engineered planks are made from several layers of wood and create oak hardwood floors that can withstand high humidity. This means that laminate hardwood floors can be installed in rooms most solid floors can’t.

How do I maintain hardwood flooring?

To keep your oak hardwood floors looking new, vacuum or dust mop regularly. Cushioned bottom protectors on chairs will keep your wood floors from getting scratched and help them last longer.

Installation of laminate hardwood floors

Serving the cities of Eden Prairie, Watertown, and Delano, Bergmann Interiors brings samples of the best hardwood floors directly to your home. You’ll be able to walk on your oak hardwood floors immediately after they are installed, allowing you to beautify your home in a matter of days with the best hardwood floors.

hardwood flooring, Watertown, MN

hardwood flooring, Eden Prairie, MN

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