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Vinyl flooring-serving Delano, Watertown, and Eden Prairie

The right flooring for your kitchen

At Bergmann Interiors, we offer a large selection of vinyl flooring to match your decor. Our beautiful linoleum floors are durable and easy to maintain. Not only is our vynil flooring easy to clean, but it is also resistant to scratches. Serving the cities of Watertown, Eden Prairie, and Delano, Bergmann Interiors offers quality flooring to you at an affordable price.

You'll be 'floored' by the selection

When it comes to vinyle flooring, Bergmann Interiors offers a huge selection. We will even bring some of our vinyl floor samples to your home, including solid vinyl tile, rubber tile floors, inlaid vinyl sheet, and rubber sheet flooring, to name a few. We also carry the finest brands of vinyl flooring like Armstrong Vinyl, Mannington Vinyl, Nafco Vinyl, and other brands of flooring vinyl. Our linoleum floors will be sure to give your home the look you want.

vinyl flooring, Delano, MN

Unique colors and patterns

At Bergmann Interiors, we carry hundreds of colors and patterns when it comes to kitchen flooring. Our wide selection of vinyl flooring will allow you to find linoleum flooring to match your home decor. Our designers will help you choose the vinyle flooring that will work best for you and your family.

The benefits of linoleum flooring

Some vynil flooring is hard to distinguish from ceramic tile and wood. With flooring vinyl, you get the same great look without the high price. If you’re looking for a stylish and durable floor without all the added costs, vinyl flooring is the way to go.

Linoleum is environmentally-friendly

Because it is made solely from natural products like linseed oil, linoleum floors are eco-friendly. Linoleum can be produced solely by nature and from renewable raw materials. This makes flooring vinyl an environmentally-friendly and sustainable choice for kitchen flooring. Linoleum is made by mixing oxidized linseed oil and rosin with other raw materials. To make vinyl flooring for your home, this mixture is pressed into sheets and then hung up to dry.

Installing your new kitchen flooring

The materials that are used to make linoleum cause vynil flooring to be both flexible and resilient. This allows linoleum to be easy to install in your home. To install your kitchen flooring, you can use adhesives that are solvent-free. Another bonus of flooring vinyl is its durability and easy maintenance. Serving the cities of Watertown, Eden Prairie, and Delano, Bergmann Interiors will come to your home and install your new laminate flooring for you.

No matter how you spell it: vinyl flooring, vynil flooring, or vinyle flooring, Bergmann Interiors will offer you the best selection of durable linoleum flooring. Serving the cities of Eden Prairie, Delano, and Watertown, Bergmann Interiors will give you a free in-home design consultation.

vinyl flooring, Eden Prairie, MN

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