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Horizon to Horizon Solar Tracking System

Making Your Day Brighter

Let DH Solar shed some light on energy independence with our innovative Horizon-to-Horizon sun tracking system. Featuring high-quality Suntech panels and our durable mounting structure, the solar system tracks the arc of the sun throughout the day.

horizon to horizon solar tracking

We Really Hit The Spot

We’ve developed a special tracking mechanism that follows the sun’s path during the day, even when it’s cloudy. The three-channel digital controller returns the panels to their starting position each night. Systems that use a sensor to locate light can be ineffective if the sensor is blocked by dirt or clouds. Our design provides maximum efficiency, adjusting to the variation in daylight hours throughout the year. It always locks in on the exact location of the sun, even if the sun isn’t visible.

Tracking the Light

Our Horizon-to-Horizon sun tracking system beats the daylight out of stationary solar panels. In fact, people have reported power outputs up to 40 percent higher, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). And the system doesn’t have to be placed on your roof. We can place it anywhere it will receive sun exposure.

Get Your Solar System Today!

Call DH Solar to find out more about our unique solar tracking system.

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Bright Benefits

When you purchase our system, you’ll receive a federal tax credit of about $2,000. Individual states also give incentives, such as Wisconsin’s “Focus On Energy” program, which funds up to 25 percent of the system’s cost. Equipment purchased for solar systems is exempt from Minnesota sales tax, and Iowa has a credit per watt that can total up to $10,000. In some states, power companies also have allowances up to $.25 per KW generated for 10 years.

Golden Opportunity

Want your electric meter to run backward? When the solar system is connected to your electrical power panel, you can sell excess electricity back to the power company. The meter will actually spin the other way when you generate more power than you consume. It’s like running a mini power plant!

Preserving Our Planet

Get your energy the clean, sustainable way with solar photovoltaic (PV) energy. Unlike traditional energy sources, solar produces no carbon dioxide emissions. Horizon-to-Horizon solar tracking systems are a smart, affordable way to meet increasing energy demands. We offer a variety of sizes to meet your needs for home or business.

Shining Everywhere

We are happy to do on-site delivery and installation of our tracking systems anywhere in the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri. Call today to discover how a DH Solar tracking system can brighten your future!

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