Mustang airplane replicas

Flying Vanes

Ever wish you had your own fighter plane? A one-fifth-scale replica from Mustangs Unlimited is an affordable way to make that dream come true. Since 1988, we have constructed hundreds of high-quality airplane weather vanes for aviation enthusiasts throughout the US.

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Replica Warbird Weather Vane

Propelled for perfection

All planes from Mustangs Unlimited have a propeller that actually turns in the wind. They make excellent weather vanes, and each purchase includes a pole with hardware for mounting.

Add lift to their day

If you know a pilot, military veteran, model airplane collector, or WWII history buff, chances are they'd love an aviation weather vane from Mustangs Unlimited. We offer the P-51 Mustang, P-51 Mustang "Big Beautiful Doll," P-51 Mustang "E2-C," Air Tractor, Spitfire, Corsair, and P-38 Lightning "Ruff Stuff."

Honor that special person with a gift they'll always treasure. Call Mustangs Unlimited today for details.

Flying colors for warbird weather vanes

Our weather vane warbirds are crafted with fine detail and precision, ensuring a strong, beautiful finished product. Constructed of durable fiberglass, the planes are designed to withstand snow, rain, and wind. Most of our 1/5-scale replicas weigh about 30 pounds, with a 7-foot wingspan and 6-foot fuselage. (The P-38 has an 11-foot wingspan and 8-foot fuselage).

More than hangar art

A small-scale plane from Mustangs Unlimited makes an eye-catching addition to any aircraft hanger, but that's not the only place they'll soar.

Our durable weather vanes are at home mounted on top of sheds, barns, and other buildings, and also look amazing on their own. Customers often place them on poles as part of an impressive outdoor landscape, or display them suspended from an indoor ceiling. Contact us today to learn more about making Mustangs Unlimited replica airplanes part of your home or business decor.

Blue skies coming your way

At Mustangs Unlimited, we proudly stand behind all our workmanship, and hope that your flying weather vane warbird will bring you enjoyment for years to come.

To purchase a plane and discuss paint schemes, final pricing, and availability, call Alan Kremer at (612) 860-3717.