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Using fertilizers with no harmful toxins in Waconia, Hutchinson, and the western metro market

A natural alternative

Nothing beats the feel of soft, thick grass beneath bare feet in the summertime, especially when it is cared for by Green Earth Lawn Care, Inc., in Hutchinson, Waconia and the western metro market, a company using natural fertilizer that contains no harmful toxins. Called Earthsoils, the fertilizer is a safe, alternative way to care for grass and other plants without the use of toxic chemicals.

Vibrant from root to tip

Green Earth Lawn Care, Inc. takes a different approach to lawn care than traditional custom applicators. Instead of forcing grass to grow, Earthsoils lawn products help eliminate soil compaction and give plants the necessary nutrients for vibrant color, healthy roots and shoots, and overall vigor. One healthy shoot naturally produces about seven more shoots, resulting in a thick, lush lawn.

Have a healthy home

Jamie Scharfencamp began Green Earth Lawn Care in 2005 as a way to bring an environmentally responsible, non-toxic lawn care option to Hutchinson and the surrounding area. In addition to liquid lawn fertilizing and tree and shrub fertilizing, Green Earth Lawn Care also provides core aeration, over seeding, custom mowing, trimming, spot spray weed control, crabgrass control, and landscape maintenance.

Long-term lushness

Many lawns with chemical treatments eventually look much worse than untreated lawns because the chemicals start to build up in the soil, hardening the ground. This shuts down biological activity, making the lawn look increasingly thin. However, when Green Earth Lawn Care uses Earthsoils fertilizer, plants are nourished, and grass, flowers, gardens, shrubs, and trees glow with health year after year.

Growing near you

From golf courses and universities to town homes and individual residences, Green Earth Lawn Care provides commercial and residential lawn mowing and lawn fertilizing services to Waconia, Litchfield, Winsted, Lester Prairie, Hutchinson, Glencoe, Silver Lake, Cokato, Dassel, Howard Lake, Waverly, Montrose, Delano, and the western metro market. Contact Green Earth Lawn Care to learn how you can create a healthy environment for your soil and plants today!