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Well-rounded pregnancy care in the Hutchinson, Dassel-Cokato & surrounding areas

Are you expecting?

HealthPartners - Hutchinson’s caring professionals in the field of obstetrics and gynecology will be with you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth – and beyond. We offer comprehensive care for mothers-to-be, including pregnancy testing, prenatal appointments, delivery, and postpartum care.

Preconception care

Seeing a doctor at HealthPartners - Hutchinson before you become pregnant is a helpful way to identify any risk factors and treat pre-existing medical conditions. Your physician will also provide guidance for exercise, nutrition, weight gain, vitamin supplements, and lifestyle choices. Make sure you’re physically and emotionally prepared for a healthy pregnancy, and make an appointment with HealthPartners - Hutchinson.

Pregnancy myths and facts

Whether this is your first – or fifth – pregnancy, you’ll probably have a few questions. HealthPartners - Hutchinson’s OB/GYN practitioners are happy to listen to your concerns, and offer recommendations to help make the upcoming months safe and enjoyable.

Struggling with infertility

Sometimes, couples are not able to conceive after more than a year of trying. Infertility has many causes, and a gynecologist at HealthPartners - Hutchinson can help determine possible reasons. Call today to schedule a comprehensive infertility examination.

HealthPartners - Hutchinson welcomes you and your baby

HealthPartners - Hutchinson is excited to serve you and your growing family. Call today to schedule an appointment with a member of our dedicated OB/GYN team.

320-234-3290 or 800-944-2690

Delivering excellence close to home

HealthPartners - Hutchinson is looking forward to welcoming your new little one. If you live in Hutchinson, Dassel, Cokato, Silver Lake, Glencoe, Litchfield, or the surrounding area, Hutchinson Health is a close-to-home clinic you can count on.

And that's just the beginning

In addition to pregnancy care, HealthPartners - Hutchinson provides a broad range of health care services for men, women, and children of all ages. Located at 3 Century Avenue SE in Hutchinson, HealthPartners - Hutchinson is one of the few remaining independent medical practices in the state of Minnesota. We are a physician-owned clinic with more than 150 staff members and 31 health care providers. We are proud to offer a small, hometown feel while utilizing the latest technology to care for patients and their families. To learn more about HealthPartners - Hutchinson, go to, call 320-234-3290, or call toll-free, 800-944-2690.


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