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When it comes to making your business look professional, all signs point to Millerbernd Design & Fabrication. Teamed with Herald Journal’s Sign & Graphics department, Millerbernd gives you high quality stainless steel signs with UV protected translucent vinyl or printed graphics. Stainless Steel Signs

Significant Experience

For eye-catching, custom Solid State Lighting signs Millerbernd Lighting is the place to go. Part of Millerbernd Design and Fabrication (MDF) family of businesses since 1933, we have been a leader in stainless steel design and fabrication by remaining committed to innovation and excellence.

Signature Signs

Made of 100 percent 12 gauge, series 304 stainless steel, our signs are designed to last for hundreds of years. Stainless steel’s attractive luster, corrosion resistance, and relatively low cost make it a wise choice for your signage needs.

Laser Precision

Communicate your message clearly, precisely. Our laser cutting technology allows us to program the image and lettering, ensuring that signs are uniform and exact. No matter how intricate of a design you require, our computer controlled software allows us to cut fine detail with ease.

Logo Design

Not sure what you want your sign to look like? We have teamed up with Herald Journal to help you through the creative process.  We’ll design a look that complements your organization’s identity and message.

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Finishing Touches

Choose from a variety of finishes, including bead blasted, polished, brushed and satin. We have a wide array of colors to match any company palette. The signs can also be painted to match your company colors. Select the sign’s size, shape and mounting system. We can place it on a building or on sturdy stainless steel poles.

Expressive Entrances

Give guests a grand first impression as they come into your city, school, home or business. We’ve recently installed four of our signs for the city of Winsted. The 4’ by 8’ oval signs are large enough to be easily seen from the road. At night, the light up logo welcomes visitors to the city.

Illuminate the Night

Our signs come with SSL lighting to help people find your business, day or night. Strong and long lasting, SSL technology uses less energy than a regular 100-watt light bulb. And, unlike compact fluorescent lighting (CFL),SSLs are recyclable and do not contain mercury.
Stainless Steel Signs

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Order your unique, custom-built stainless steel sign today. It takes about 8-10 weeks to create. Whether you’re in Wright, Meeker, McLeod, or Carver County, including Dassel, Cokato, Howard Lake, Waverly, Montrose, Delano, Winsted, Watertown, Lester Prairie, New Germany, Mayer, Litchfield, Darwin, Kingston, St. Cloud, or Hutchinson, we’re ready to go to work for you right now! | | 330 6th Street South | PO Box 37 | Winsted, MN 55395
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