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The Weekly Writer’s Handbook is the largest selling manual for beginning reporters and writers on weekly newspapers in the United States. The book is designed for people starting out on weeklies without any formal journalism training. It assumes only that they have a command of the English language and a desire to be a reporter.

Ray Laakaniemi

Professional advice

Weekly Writer’s Handbook author Ray Laakaniemi has edited weeklies, worked on dailies of 40,000 and 200,000 circulation, operated two college news bureaus and taught journalism at major universities for 30 years. He has a journalism degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s and doctorate from Ohio University in Athens. Ray’s writing style is thorough, accurate, and conversational, making his book enjoyable as well as educational.

A tool of the trade

Among the 38 chapters in the second edition of the Weekly Writer’s Handbook are those on writing for weeklies, the basics of reporting, introductory legal considerations, covering meetings, developing and writing feature stories and a new chapter on writing for newspaper websites. The 230-page book demystifies the reporting process, breaking down information in a concise, easy-to-read format.

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Indispensable insight

From budget hearings and court procedures to high school sports and community events, journalists at weekly newspapers are called to report on a multitude of topics. The Weekly Writer’s Handbook provides insight into each aspect of the reporting process. Find out what to say (and what not to say) when interviewing sources, learn about the “inverted pyramid” and other structural formulas, and study tips on organization and editing.

Written for writers

The Weekly Writer’s Handbook is perfect for college journalism students and new reporters seeking to avoid beginner mistakes. It’s also a useful resource for experienced weekly newspaper writers who want to continually improve their skills. Learn how to formulate better story ideas, write stronger headlines, and listen more effectively. Editor information, such as how to successfully coach writers and develop editorials, is also included.

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