Winsted City Center and Lakefront Promenade

Winsted City Center

Within Winsted’s city limits, you’ll discover a small town with a lot to offer

Whether you’re a lifelong resident, newly relocated or just visiting, we welcome you to our thriving community. With our caring people, exceptional schools, strong business district and new city center, it’s easy to see why we take pride in our town.

Winsted City Hall


Give your children a bright future with Winsted’s schools. Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, which operates Winsted Elementary, is our public school system. The Catholic schools in Winsted include Holy Trinity High School, Holy Trinity Elementary School and Tiny Trojans preschool. At all our educational facilities, you’ll find dedicated teachers and small class sizes.

City center: From dream to reality

Imagine stepping out of a brand new city hall and finding yourself in a gorgeous lakefront setting, where you can watch a live outdoor concert, walk along a landscaped trail or meet with friends at a scenic plaza. Thanks to years of planning and hard work, these visions are becoming a reality for the city of Winsted.

Old city hall

Winsted’s former city hall was proposed in 1892. It was called Village Hall, but the purpose was the same. After it’s public dedication in 1896, the building served as Winsted’s meeting place for more than 100 years.

Check out Winsted’s new improvements!

Call the city of Winsted for details about the new city hall and lakefront promenade!

City of Winsted: (320) 485-2366

New Improvements

Now, Winsted residents are once again seeing a city hall building take shape. The spacious city center, which opened July 22, features magnificent views with huge windows overlooking Winsted Lake. The center has plenty of space for the police department, administration and council chambers. For city hall rental space, the beautiful community room is a perfect location for group gatherings.

Lakes and Trails

If you’re an outdoorsy type, our lakeside town is sure to please. The bank of Winsted Lake has been restored, and sumac trees and other plants will soon be added. The promenade is still under construction, but it promises to attract attention with its mini-amphitheatre, trails and plazas. The city also plans to implement a trail system, giving residents and visitors an appealing place to walk, bike or rollerblade. First priority is a link along the east side of Kingsley Street South from the Luce Line Trail to Mill Reserve Park and the lakefront promenade. A trail link along the north side of Main Avenue West from Third Street North to County Road 1 is also planned.

Claiming your Space

Enjoy proximity to schools and businesses or make your home on the lake. Whether you prefer apartments, townhomes or houses, Winsted has something to suit your needs.

Close to Twin Cities

Conveniently located on newly updated County Road 1, Winsted is near Highway 7 and Highway 12. We’re only about 40 miles from Minneapolis, making travel to Minnesota’s metro area easy. | 183 Main Ave. W, PO Box 126, Winsted, MN 55395 | (320) 485-2366 | fax (320) 485-2858