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HH Fabrication & Repair: The best skid-steer attachments around

By Starrla Cray, Staff Writer

When HH Fabrication & Repair owner Harlan Hecksel started manufacturing skid-steer attachments, his aim was to make an affordable, quality product he’d enjoy using on his own Winsted farm.

“We started with just two attachments – a pallet fork and a bale spear,” he said. “Now, we have over 40 different skid-steer attachments.”

From snow pushers to rock buckets to hydraulic tree/root pullers, there’s an attachment to make many kinds of outdoor work safer and faster.

“At first I thought it would be tough to be a little company competing with the big brands, but it’s turned out to be a benefit,” Hecksel said. “People like it, because if they have a problem, they can talk directly to me.”

The “HH” in HH Fabrication & Repair stands for “Harlan Hecksel,” and since 1998, customers around the world have come to know and trust his name.

“We can compete with anyone for quality, and still do it at a lower cost than the big boys,” Hecksel said.

Hecksel’s family is instrumental to the success of his business. His wife, Pauline, serves as office manager, and his oldest daughter, Trish Hirsch, has been the company’s office administrator for the past 10 years. His other daughter, Amy Hecksel, joined the team two months ago as advertising/marketing director.

“We also have a great shop foreman – Brad Hoese,” Hecksel said. “He’s very good. I tell people he can fix anything but a broken heart.”

Hecksel said it’s been exciting to watch HH Fabrication & Repair grow and adapt the past two decades. During Hurricane Katrina, for example, he remembers selling 86 root grapples to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help with cleanup.

“We were watching the news, and all of a sudden I see the HH Fabrication sticker,” he said.

Like Winsted’s other successful small businesses, Hecksel is grateful for the opportunities he’s been given.

“We are so blessed to have so much industry in a small town,” he said.

HH Fabrication & Repair is located at 19150 County Road 20 in Winsted. To learn more, call (320) 485-2341, e-mail or go to

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