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Pit Stop Tire and Auto – a one-stop shop for car care needs and a bite to eat

By Jennifer Kotila, Staff Writer

Pit Stop Tire and Auto Repair is a locally owned auto shop and convenience store in Howard Lake.

The convenience store opened around Thanksgiving 2001, and the tire shop opened Sept. 1, 2004.

The business employs 12 local residents, three of them full time.

“We have a great group of employees in a friendly, clean environment,” said convenience store manager Julie Workman.

Everything needed for one’s automobile can be found in one stop at the Pit Stop, from gas to diesel and non-oxygenated gas, to oil and any other fluids the car may need.

The Pit Stop also has an automatic car wash to help maintain an automobile’s shiny exterior.

Any repairs needed can be completed in the tire and auto repair shop, located behind the convenience store.

Each May and October, the tire shop offers specials on new tires.

“I offer specials in October to get everybody’s tires checked and in safe condition for winter,” said Pit Stop owner Brad Miller.

Miller recommends having winter tires on a vehicle to be safest in the winter.

“All-weather tires are OK, but winter tires are much better,” he noted.

Having summer tires on a car in the winter would be very bad, Miller said.

Although some people find it difficult to part with the money needed to invest in a good set of tires, Miller noted most insurance deductibles are at least $500, about the same cost as a good set of tires.

People can either spend the money on the new tires up front; or pay the deductible and to have their car fixed after they crash, and still need a new set of tires.

Not only can one take care of their automobile needs at the Pit Stop, but they can also fill their hungry bellies in the convenience store, which offers a full menu.

Offered daily for lunch and dinner are pizzas, tacos, burgers, subs, wraps, and monthly lunch specials.

There are also plenty of sweets or breakfast items to choose from, such as cappuccino, donuts, cookies, and bars.

There is plenty of parking, and an area inside the store to sit and enjoy lunch.

Specials being offered

The Pit Stop will be offering several specials between now and Small Business Saturday. Look for them each week in the Herald Journal.

Some of the specials that will be offered are:

• a free small one-topping pizza with the order of a large three-topping pizza.

• a free oil change with the purchase of four tires.

• a free tire rotation with synthetic oil change and brake inspection.

• free installation with any battery purchase.

• a free 6-inch sub with the purchase of two 12-inch subs.

• 15 percent off labor charges for any repair more than $495.

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