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Pets are family at Paws Inn Resort in New Germany

When planning ways to make the holidays special this season, don’t forget about the furriest members of your family.

Paws Inn Resort in New Germany is a pet’s paradise – offering boarding, training, pet supplies, treats, puppy classes, and more.

“When pets stay with us, they become part of our family, too. We know all their little quirks, and we enjoy having them around,” said Jodi Theis, who owns Paws Inn Resort with her husband, Rick.

Most of the animals at Paws Inn are cats and dogs, but the resort is open to a variety of creatures.

“We’ve had sugar gliders, birds, rats, and chinchillas,” Theis said. “We don’t discriminate against any pets.”

Care is tailored to each pet’s individual personality and needs. Social animals, for example, are given plenty of opportunities to make friends; while shy ones are placed in a calming environment where they won’t feel intimidated.

Many people take their pets to Paws Inn year after year, and Theis has enjoyed getting to know each pet and its family.

Jodi and Rick opened Paws Inn in 1998. Their children, Madison, Hayden, Marissa, and Mitchell, also have fun helping with the family business.

Learning with your pet

In addition to boarding, Paws Inn offers a variety of educational opportunities for pets and their owners.

“One of our newest classes is called Tween Agility,” Theis said. “It’s a fun class that introduces younger dogs to agility training.”

Other agility classes include beginning agility (1, 2, and 3), course work, and competition. The facility has both an indoor and outdoor course for year-round training.

Paws Inn has a pet expo each May, with tours, demos, a silent auction, prizes, food, samples, and exhibits. This year, the event raised money for Save-A-Vet, an organization that helps disabled human and canine veterans live and heal together.

Paws Inn is committed to community service, providing classes that train dogs to be useful in therapy settings. Therapy dogs provide affection and comfort in places such as schools and retirement homes.

“We’re always looking for people who want to do therapy with their pets,” Theis said.

Registered therapy dogs and their owners have the opportunity to become a Reading Education Assistance Dog (READ). For this program, trained dogs go into classrooms and sit with children as they read out loud.

“That way, students aren’t worried about being pressured,” Theis said. “It’s building confidence in their reading abilities.”

Paws Inn will have several items on sale Saturday, Nov. 30, in honor of Small Business Saturday. To learn more, go to

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